Dear Federals: Heroic, Corrupt, & Undecideds Alike (my response to SniffyHitler)

Sirs & Madams:

First, respect.

Second, I am sorry about what you are experiencing. If I could fix it, I would.

About a year ago I wrote a letter to you: “Zen & the Art of Being a Federal”. In it, I told a story from the book Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance concerning a small town minister whose sermons start to bother his own board of trustees. They put pressure on him to change his tone. He realizes that though they sign his paycheck, they are not He for whom a minister really works. His ethical choice is to stick to his principles, and let them release him if they will. I suggested that the same analysis applied to you, because the day you took the job and swore an oath to the Constitution, you made the decision for whom you work (and like that small town minister, it was someone other than whoever signs your paycheck). That day, when We the People conferred on you the awesome powers we did under the Constitution, it was in return for the pledge you made to us that day regarding our compact.

Heroic federal agents are now making choices that show they do remember these oaths. And thankfully, they know that the last thing they can do is leave their posts right now (and we the citizenry implore them to refrain from doing so). Instead, at least 20 whistleblowers from numerous agencies have gone to Congress and let them know of massive corruption going on at or near the top of the FBI and other agencies. I believe I have substantial knowledge about what has happened to force these 20 federal agents from numerous agencies to decide it was time they bypass all methods of redress within their home agencies, and take their concerns directly to the people’s elected representatives: Congress.

News Over teh wee4kend suggest that after SniffyHitler’s performance last Thursday night in Philadeliphia, “several dozen” more agents were walking over to Congress on Friday as well. In fact, I hear that including the 20 who were already known about last Monday, with these4 new “several dozen” that the total is approaching 100.

I know how crazy difficult that choice may have been, and I applaud you.

Two years ago I was told that my decision in the summer of 2019 to go public in a limited way was discussed around “all the three-letter agencies, Byrne. Half of the people think you did the right thing, half of them think you are Edward Snowden but so stupid you have not flee the country.”

Around last November I was told that my support across those same agencies was up to 65%.

Earlier this summer I was told that about 80% were on the side that, for want of a better expression, I will call “the Constitutional side”. Even a significant fraction of previous “true believers” had become cognizant of what was going on. I was also told that the rift did not run strictly along the split between SES and the rank-and-file, but that a non-negligible part of the SES and substantial majority of the non-SES were supportive of my efforts, and that a specific faction within the SES was intent on defining me as the enemy.

Now I hear that within the DHS a leadership faction is telling people to suspect me as Domestic Extremist #1. And that not only is their internal audience not believing it, it has come to suspect those DHS leaders who trying to convince them so hard are in fact the problem (or so I have been told).

Oy. What a meshugas.

So I am in the semi-strange position of knowing that right now there is a bit of interest in me from our government. It would normally be flattering, of course, but not so much these days. Federals are looking me up-down-and-sidewise, I suspect, in an effort to figure out if they should believe what their SES are trying to sell them.

This is where I am supposed to tell you whether I am a good guy or a Domestic Extremist intent on undermining our Constitution.

I would rather your esteemed selves figure it out for yourselves. With humble desire to aid you in making an informed decision, however, and on the off-chance that what you are being told about me includes lies and/or deliberate omissions (the lingua franca of the day and the more likely choice), I have made this meager video at the top of this blog. Coincidentally, over the years and even more in the last 18 months I have given a number of talks into which I wove aspects of my history, such as it is (truly “a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing”). I will tell the requisite story as briefly as possible in this video, leaving links as well to places where you may, should you have the unfortunate urge to know my story in more detail, dive deeper.

If one wishes to hear the one time I told my cancer story publicly, here is that barrel of laughs:

To read of my 2005-2008 battle with corruption on Wall Street, read this:

To read the story of my attempts “to investigate and disrupt systemic corruption infiltrating the federal institutions of our nation’s government” view this:

To read how I view the events through which we are living (in sum: it’s all a psyop), view this:

  1. Your solution sounds so simple; a flat tax and supplemental credit for the poor and needy. I suppose that could be enacted by decree quickly if more patriotic Men in Black expose the Leftist Traitors for whom they are at the same time convincing the Elite, right, left or middle, that this is the only way for their Sovereignty to remain before China takes it from them without any choices. But what about all the mfg. and production that has left us in favor of China and elsewhere? You have made me very sad tonight, Dr. Byrne. I am similar to you hoping for peace, but the picture you paint doesn’t seem like something that can or will end peacefully when pondering the “complexities” of all the different parties along with their unwillingness to understand or “sacrifice” what must be sacrificed to keep America, at least in the condition that you and I grew up in. Thank you for your work, and personal sacrifices. It must weigh 1000 times more on your shoulders versus my own when knowing intimately what you know regarding the universal forces seeking to topple America.

  2. I know how my old friend, Mr. Burrell, might be feeling about this Tyranny taking place in our nation today. I keep thinking about your peaceful recommendations and minor optimisim without being able to fathom it being possible still. Here’s a hope and prayer, Hail Mary though. Hopefully, those more patriotic Men In Black you have identified as seeing the light after that Hitler Rant by Biden just past, will embark upon something more Valkyrie like for restoring law and order along with financial discipline in our nation today. It will require great courage, leadership and superior intelligence to put America on the right track again, including a military or “intelligence” coup internally, so I will go back to praying for such a just outcome now. God Speed, Patrick!

  3. I have many Questions for Our Paid Government Employees.
    The election was flawed I do believe stolen . The Government also stole Patrick’s life and pursuit of happiness . His Noble Promise he has kept even through the accusations and falsehoods of his endeavors that was asked of him .He gave up his future his company and risked his health now are you trying to draw his Blood ? Yes I couldn’t bear listening without tears as Patrick is loved by me and countless others worldwide for being a True American Patriot Hero and a positive Mentor to many . I would like to ask you The FBI DOJ etc will you give up your pursuit of true happiness , will you invest your income to save USA ? Will you risk your life for The Constitution? Will you expose the truth? I along with many proudly know someone who has his name is Patrick Michael Byrne .
    I as an American Citazen who has on countless occasions represented Our country overseas with Dignity Compassion & Love . I am now more than ashamed at the current dismissal of Our Constitution our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. These truths I held dearly in my heart as I watched and listened to other people in other nations dream to have them as their laws and rights .I have seen so much death, destruction and pain in the pursuit of freedom . I bequeath you to listen to Our Patriot Patrick and form a conscientious decision on the Oathe you all took that we The US Citizens entrusted in you to prevail .
    May Heaven guide and Bless all of us and what little dignity is left in our beloved country .
    Many died a horrible death for the plight of freedom . What my eyes have seen .What my nose has smelled. What my ears have listened to & heard. What I have touched.What my lips have kissed goodbye…..for freedom Ask Why?????

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