How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 4: The Christmas Doldrums (December 23- noon January 6)

Flynn and Sidney left DC to their own worlds for a few days, but I was staying around in DC for the next several days. Before Mike left we had a conversation. I use this opportunity to share a bit more about Mike Flynn.

I knew from people who had worked in the field what Flynn had done to make himself an enemy of the Swamp. When he arrived in Iraq, materials gained in raids were being bundled up in bags, shipped back to Virgina to be “exploited” and analyzed and, a month or two later, useful information sent back to the troops on the front lines. Flynn sees the world like an entrepreneur, and set about to redesign the process, so that exploitation and analysis was done on-base in Iraq, the loop condensed into 18 hours, so that the next night when people went out raiding, they already had the benefit of insights gained from the previous night’s work. Eventually the loop was so tightened that a raid early in the evening in one location was generating materials that were studied through the night, and informing raids that were still being conducted at dawn. People I knew and trusted in the field were telling me that this guy Flynn had his admirers, but he had detractors as well, primarily those comfortable with the ol’ boy approach, disgruntled at the way he was shaking things up and bringing modern ideas into the Intelligence Community’s comfortable way of doing things. As his career progressed Flynn’s divisiveness to the Establishment became legendary, but in my experience, men and women I knew who seemed like bright, chipper, mission-oriented federal employees spoke well of Flynn, and the Mediocrities were the ones who seemed to hate him.

But being with Mike Flynn all those weeks, I learned things about him that were new to me. For example, Mike 61, was a lifelong Democrat, in an Irish Catholic south-of-Boston north-of Providence Jack Kennedy kind of way (not in a modern Lefty, “Let’s shred the Constitution!” kind of way). He is a deep reader of the Constitution, and is one of the few people I know (besides myself) who cites The Federalist Papers by number in conversation. When discussing America’s modern wars, he sounded almost Chomskyan, telling me that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should have ended 15 years ago, but so many hundreds of billions and (eventually) trillions of dollars got flowing to the corporations that supported the wars, and the firms benefiting from that flow of funds had grown so fat, and hired so many lobbyists, that they fought in DC to keep the wars going so that the spigot would stay turned on. We joked to each other that the war was just “another Washington, DC self-licking ice cream cone.”

In other words, “capture”. As happens with my from time to time, I meet someone from a completely different background who has come to recognize the issue that underlies so many of our problems as a nation. That problem is that powerful elites have captured the decision-making cycles of our government, and turned it towards their private ends. The fact that from our different backgrounds and different lifetimes of experience, we had arrived at the same fundamental analysis of what is wrong with our country, told me that I my new trail-buddy was the right guy.

And again, we had a number of conversations along the lines of, “General, what the fuck are we doing here?”

I was to be alone in DC over Christmas, but the day before Christmas I got a call from someone in Trump-orbit. The caller told me that I should get down to Florida, to somewhere near Mar-o-Lago, and it was being arranged that I could have another short meeting with Trump, maybe as little as 10 minutes. Because I was by then thoroughly convinced he was not listening to sound people and was missing the Big Picture in some ways, I seized the invitation, and went from DC to Florida to a hotel just a few miles away from Mar-a-Lago. I checked in, and awaited contact.

Soon I received a call from a reasonably well-known person who is publicly associated with Trump, although I do not know how tight they actually are. With him on the call was a colleague of his, and they were telling me to get over to Mar-a-Lago and ask for “Eileen” (name changed to protect the innocent). I asked for her last name, and was told, “Just get there and ask for Eileen.” I asked for Eileen’s position, or even what area she worked in. I was told, “Just get to Mar-a-Lago as soon as you can, and ask for Eileen.” I replied that I really do not like working that way, that I wanted to know more before I went. Again the reply was adamantly, “Get over to Mar-a-Lago, go to the gate, and ask for Eileen. It has all been arranged.”

With trepidation I got dressed in my best yoga clothes (my others having been sent out for a rare cleaning) to set out for Mar-a-Lago. I called an Uber, and the ride was e a tinny, beat-up Toyota Corolla of some years’ vintage.

When I arrived at the gates of Mar-a-Lago I sent the Corolla on its way. When I approached the Secret Service detail and told them that I was there to see, “Eileen,” the federal agents all looked at each other and shrugged. “Eileen who?” They asked. “I don’t know,” I told them, “I was just told to ask for Eileen.” They again looked at each other with a raised eye. “OK, but Eileen who?” I replied, “I am to have some kind of short meeting with the President, and I was called and told to get here and ask for ‘Eileen’.” Again, they said, “Well whose Eileen?” Again I had to tell them I did not know. The conversation spiraled downhill from there, through no fault of the Secret Service agents. I perhaps did not help the situation when I, noticing that one of the female agents had a light Chinese accent, in an attempt to calm the situation and establish some rapport, began rapping with her in Mandarin. We spoke for a few minutes but it only seemed to increase the nervousness of the other agents. Around that time I began to think it would probably be best simply to disengage and get away, and try to work things out by telephone, but the agents did not seem to like that idea.

Eventually the supervising agent came over. He was one of those fellows whom one meets and knows immediately he is not a guy with whom to screw in any way. Still proper but with a fair bit of aggression, he said, “Back up. Start again. We want to know your story. Who are you and what are you doing here?”

Not knowing where to start, I began this way: “20 years ago I started a company called, my name is -.” He interrupted with a snort, “Yeah right you’re Patrick Byrne.” Suddenly I got it: the shitty Toyota Corolla, my yoga clothes, the Chinese…. I showed my license, and this time it all clicked. And it clicked for me, too, how the activities of Flynn, Sidney and I were drawing attention. I was not fully appreciating until then how much attention there was on what we were doing, but it made sense.

In any case, the Secret Service agents remained cordial, nodded to me, and several said, “Thanks for what you are doing,” as they permitted me to walk off the property, cross a bridge, and get another Uber.

I hung out an additional few days, waiting for things to be cleared up. They never were. But over those days, I was there on the periphery of the Mar-a-Largo crowd and the hundreds of Republican Pooh-Bah families that were down together for the holidays occupying most of the surrounding hotels. Swimming as I was on the periphery of the Republican Party bigwigs and its movers-and-shakers, I got a sense for the gestalt of it all. There were some terrific young people, intellectuals who could have deep conversations about ideas as well as events. There was a woman of my age or slightly older, a retired executive from a Fortune 50 company, who was exceedingly strong, capable, and intelligent. Then as far as I could tell, the rest were riff-raff. Rich riff-raff, no doubt: shiny-car riff-raff, loud and obnoxious riff-raff, self-centered riff-raff, dilettantes and poseurs and grifters of one variety or another, with Plastic Fantastic wives and husbands and doily children wining publicly about whatever subject or thing they felt deprived. People for the most part I would not be inclined to piss on if they were on fire. What I did not see were believers, people who had vision…. or a plan.

The day before New Year’s Eve I got a call from Our Man in Georgia. We already knew that in Fulton County (in which Atlanta rests) there was a County Election operation operating out of what was called, “the English Street warehouse”. An Antifa-looking woman had accepted $500 to infiltrate the warehouse, take a bunch of photos, and seize blank ballots from different stacks. Those ballots could be tested forensically.


I lined up two federally-certified forensic document examiners (old-timers in the field) who were willing to work New Year’s Day, and got to Georgia on New Year’s Eve.

In Georgia, I stayed at the home of some people who were involved in this effort. That is when I first met Jovan Pulitzer (though there had been communication for weeks between my cyber-colleagues and Jovan). Also present was a senior corporate security expert, the man who had found the situation in a counting operation in Savannah, Georgia: a tabulating machine turned out to have a wireless card in it, on the wall there was a Smart Thermostat, and that thermostat had connected wirelessly to the counting machine. Further research had confirmed that someone from China Telecom had come through the Internet onto the Smart Thermostat in order to connect to the machine. The cybersecurity expert spent the rest of the evening telling us about the shocking vulnerabilities in the election machines, their tendency to run on Operating System software that was 10-15 years old, and in general, how the technology was Swiss Cheese. We sat up past midnight discussing vulnerabilities.

At 3 AM on New Year’s Day I received a text from General Flynn. He was still up working as well. He sent me photos that were then flashing around social media: down in Mar-a-Lago, Rudy and others from the entourage had rung in the New Year with a bang. Photos of Rudy, Don Jr., and Kimberly Gilfoyle drinking champagne, dancing, and Partying Like It’s 1999 were circulating through social media.

Again, Flynn and I shared a moment of exasperated silence.

On New Year’s Day I was in the laboratory of the federally certified forensic document examiner, and one of his colleagues who had driven through the night to be there. They were quiet, professional, and I left them to their work. After an hour they reported: two of the ballots were printed in one print shop, the other was printed in a different print shop using different paper, different ink, and a different printing method. It being unlikely that the county had ordered its ballots from two different print shops, this was indicative that at least one of the ballots was a counterfeit.

Our Man in Georgia had the warehouse in Atlanta under observation. Bums with telephoto lenses were filming. The Georgia Senate had demanded to inspect the contents of that warehouse on English Street. Hours later, rented Enterprise vans pulled up to the warehouse, and pallets of ballots were moved out.

The next day, a shredding company in a neighboring county got a phone call to pick up an assignment to shred. The truck pulled up, and loaded approximately 3,000 pounds of ballots. It has been confirmed to me that the order was paid for by someone with a credit card from “Dominion Voting”. The shredding truck pulled away. Through a mechanism I will not explain, that shredding truck was intercepted, its work stopped, and ultimately 10,000 pounds of shredded material was dumped out on the floor of a local police station, so there would be a chain-of-evidence. Roughly 3,000 pounds of the shredded material was the ballots (the other 7,000 was from prior customers). The shredding that had been order by the Dominion Voting employee had not been normal shredding (turning things into long strips); it had not been the special shredding (turning the material into confetti); it had been the super-duper military-grade shredding, where the ballots had been shredded then crushed down to spitballs.

An Atlanta DHS agent arrived and took command. A discovery was made: some of the shredded ballots had not been completely shredded. In fact, a few had stuck to the walls of the bin, and were whole. Also found, I was told, were receipts and shipping labels from the outside of the boxes that held the ballots: these receipts and shipping labels were from a Chinese print shop in the south of China. The DHS agent acquired all of these (and that particular agent is one with an expertise in matters Chinese, I am told).

Call that moment, “T = 0”. Based on the continuous reports I was receiving from Atlanta, here is how the next two days unfolded:

  • T + 6 hours: Rudy Giuliani was informed of what was going on;
  • T + 12 hours: Mark Meadows was informed of what was going on
  • T + 18 hours: FBI arrived on the scene to take over. DHS resisted.
  • T + 24 hours: I received a message that the DHS agent in question was uncomfortable with the political pressure he was receiving. If I understood correctly, he was saying that Mark Meadows himself (Chief of Staff of the White House) had called him and told him to back off the investigation. It was not clear to me whether I was receiving the message just as a bystander, or the DHS agent was deliberately causing that message to come to me, in the incorrect hope I could do something about it (e.g., get it to the President).
  • T + 36 hours: The FBI took control of the operation. They instructed the shredding company to come back, pick up the 10,000 pounds of material, complete the shredding, then continue with their normal procedures. That meant the shredded material was mixed with water and acid, melted, then reconstituted as recycled paper.

Various aspects of the story I told above are documented in photos and film.

Meanwhile, I had returned to DC. I was still trying to get another 10 minutes with Trump. I wanted to repeat to him again that if he waited until he lost on January 6 and then tried the plan that we had been proposing, it would be sore loserism. But we still had a few days left, and if he pulled the trigger, we could have an answer regarding those Problematic 6 counties. We could have it done before January 6, so that the Senate might make an informed choice, or buy us an extra week to do more work, or or or…

At this point I will insert one important sub-story. In those days of swimming around with people who were in various proximities to the President, I was told something by someone very much in Trump’s inner circle. What I was told was this: Melania had been warned by a government official that if Trump served another term he would be JFK’ed. It may even have been someone in the Secret Service itself, in a “We will not be able to protect him” sense. The threat included another family member as well, per the telling. I find it hard to believe that anyone in the Secret Service itself would ever say that, but the source of the information to me had otherwise been blemishless, and the claim was that whoever (perhaps Secret Service, perhaps someone else) had said this to Melania, it was someone from whom such a claim would be taken seriously. Melania was begging Donald not to fight, and simply to concede and get out of Washington with his family.

Flynn and I were together again in DC, watching the approaching January 6 date like frustrated hawks. I had done several interviews and even a public speech or two where I had insisted that, “We do not go violent, we are better than the other guys, if we go violent we lose.” I thought it was too obvious to dwell on.

I learned that I had been invited to speak on the morning of January 6, on the South Lawn, by the Women for Trump who had organized the rally. I prepared a talk to hit two points: how our system of consent of the governed relies on elections that are free, fair, and transparent (which our November election was not). Secondly, we do not use violence.

I was torn between two ways of making the point about non-violence:

  • Telling a story from Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead regarding non-violence (which I have written up on Deep Capture as:  Jerry Garcia on Confrontation & “The Main Asshole”).
  • Telling a story I told about Moldova. I had been there a few years earlier, and a barman had told me of the 2009 election. Election fraud had caused a pro-Putin man to be elected, but the people knew it and had risen up in protests. Putin had sent hundreds of men to drift into the capital of Chisinau, and they had a mission: every time there was a protest, these Putin-guys had infiltrated it with a goal of turning it violent, getting them not just to protest in front of government buildings, but to charge them, break windows, occupy them. The Moldovans had been too smart for the trick: they knew Putin understood that both sides were playing for an audience, the middle class of Moldova, and if the protesters were able to be provoked into actually storming government buildings it would turn off the middle class and they would lose the support of the masses. The Moldovans had stayed disciplined, refused to let themselves be led astray like that… and eventually the government had succumbed, a new, fair election was held, and the Putin crony lost big. I wrote that story up as well: “A Message to Militias Across America Regarding the Goon-Left and Agents Provocateurs [Not the Lingerie]”.

I was not sure which story I would use on the White House lawn. On the 5th, I decided that the crowd might not know who Jerry Garcia was, so I decided to write that story up online and tweet it out a couple times to the throngs who were arriving in DC, and rehearsed a concise explanation of the Moldova story to use on the morning of January 6 when I spoke.

Mike Flynn was going to be speaking too, we were informed, and Mike and I spoke about what we were going to say, what the crowd needed to hear. We recognized it as a unique historical opportunity: we would have perhaps 30 minutes to explain to the world the irregularities that had disrupted the election, and most likely had changed its outcome. We prepared to meet that challenge. We understood that some of the people with whom we had been working, the cyber-ninjas and scientists and such, were also preparing concise explanations, but the choice of who among them was going to be speaking was being handled by the organizers.

Mike Flynn and I thought that the morning of January 6 was going to run like this: there would be some speeches on the South Lawn of the White House. He would give a talk as “The People’s General” setting the moment in its historical context. I would talk about the fundamental significance of elections that were free, fair, and transparent, and then tell my Moldova story. Then we would switch to 2-3 of these cyber-ninjas and scientists, who would each talk for 5-10 minutes, explaining the irregularities that should trouble the conscience of citizens. I knew from experience that any one of them could speak for 5-10 minutes and cause any thinking person begin to have grave doubts about the November 2020 election, but I figured that with three of them speaking, 80% of the viewers around the world would understand why Election 2020 results had to be seriously discounted.

I got a phone call that evening from one of the scientists I expected to speak. He wanted to let me know that he was not coming to DC because he had learned that his speaking slot had been cancelled. I was perplexed, because this scientists was extremely soft-spoken and professorial, and I thought he would be convincing to anyone who listened with an open mind. I wondered whom they had found who could do a better job than he of convincing millions of viewers that they should be deeply skeptical of what happened during the week of November 3.

On the morning of January 6, Flynn and I and a dozen others walked over to the south side of the White House.  We were surprised that no special arrangements had been made for us, and we had to fight our way through the throngs. We were both given speakers’ badges, seated in a special section up front…. then learned that our speaking slots had been cancelled. We were perplexed, to put it mildly, wondering whom they could get that would possibly explain the situation as well as we could…

The show started, and soon Flynn and I were sinking into our seats in despair. One of Trump’s children got up and sang “Happy Birthday” to a girlfriend, or boyfriend. Rudy got up and spoke about Joe Frazier voting, again. Another lawyer got up and spoke. Don Jr. got up and with his chest puffed out, strode the stage talking about how the Republican brand was now the Trump brand, or the Trump brand was now the Republican brand, or something about branding. Around that time, Flynn and I caught eyes and shared looks of horror: it turned out later we were both asking if the other wanted to leave, but misunderstood each other. It was so bad that someone with some sense among the organizers had a change of heart, and came running over to ask General Flynn if he would take the stage: he refused. The shenanigans went on for an hour, then Trump appeared and spoke, much as he would at any campaign event or pep rally. In fact, the whole thing was more or less a “I was robbed” pep rally: no real effort was made to explain to the crowd, to the Senators who would begin voting in an hour, to the Americans watching at home, to the world that counts on America to be the leader of free, fair, and transparent elections, what went wrong with the November 2020 election, and why we believed there were deep irregularities demanding investigation. No significant effort at all.

Instead, it was a pep rally. That’s it. An “I was robbed” Trump pep rally.

The moment we could make a break from the front, Flynn and I and everyone with us made a dash for the exit. Flynn could barely contain his fury as we shared impressions: this had been the one last chance to explain the situation to the whole world, and instead Trump had used it as a pep rally. “He just does not get it,” we repeated to each other as we stormed through the crowd back towards the hotel. “He does not get that it is not about him. He put on a fucking pep rally. He does not understand that this is not about him,” we repeated over and over in anger and despair. In 15 minutes we were back at the hotel, both packing our bags, both sick to our stomachs, and did not leave to join the throngs moving towards the Capitol.

Next: Chapter 5: Agitation & Chaos (January 6 – 20)

    1. I agree very uninspiring speech…Do you remember at that speech Trump said “Luck that’s an interesting word” as if he knew something? I’m deeply disappointed if all this information is as it seems. Rudy Giuliani and Trump seem to not have any political intuition. I understand Rudy’s reason because of age and health. But Trump is known for his acuity🤷‍♀️

      1. Its not that he lacks political intuition its the fact that he lacked courage… I served my country proudly for 12 years i deployed more times then i can count on one hand… but i swore an oath and that was to the constitution of this United States not to a Donald Trump not to a George Bush not to a Obama but to the constitution of the United States Trump also took this oath… and in doing so you understand in defending that oath it may cost you your life.. and you know what.. i would gladly put my life on the line for YOU for my KIDS my FAMILY for GOD
        moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men -George S. Patton

          1. But can you READ the title of the story? There’s a big clue in the title, in ALL four chapter titles:

            How DJT Lost the White House

            If you’re from Rio Linda and have a hard time with clues, look at the word LOST. It’s past tense too.

          2. I’m back to re-read this segment of Patrick Byrne’s story (after skimming it — due to limited time — on Feb. 4), and I’m not sure if the paragraph about Melania and the JFK type threat was added after the initial draft, but it seems like it may have been. As other readers have noted, this type of threat would explain a great deal. The Deep State has been out to get DJT since before he was elected in 2016. Remember the idiotic Steele Dossier? It was totally fabricated and stupid beyond belief! And it was presented as “intelligence”! There is no lie too absurd for the Deep State to tell about DJT. Does anyone doubt that the Deep State would go with a JFK style plan if they couldn’t get rid of DJT in any other way? DJT has been a massive disruption to Deep State plans and goals.
            Of all the things that Patrick Byrne has shared with us, this one paragraph about a credible person close to the First Family, telling Patrick about the threat that was relayed to Melania, explains so much. THIS IS A HUGE AND PIVOTAL PART OF THE STORY!!! I’m really glad I came back to read this segment again. DJT is no saint, he’s just a man, but he’s fought for years against a corrupt bureaucracy, corrupt media, broken institutions. Some day, I predict, DJT will tell us what life was actually like in the White House, what he knew that we didn’t know, what he couldn’t tell us in 2020.
            Thank you, Patrick Byrne, for being a “first person” point of view journalist, and for sharing your fascinating experiences in Washington DC.

          3. After reading Patrick Byrne’s Telegram Channel, it’s clear that the paragraph about Melania and the threat against DJT’s life was added after the first rough draft of this segment.
            Does anyone actually believe that Melania should have said, “Oh well, hazard of the job,” and insisted that DJT should disregard information about CREDIBLE THREATS relayed by competent government sources?
            The whole world knows that there was widespread election fraud in the U.S. in 2020. The issue is not whether there was fraud. The problem is that the Democrat Corporate Media Complex in the U.S. and the Leftist Media Cabal worldwide were colluding to get DJT out of office.
            In regards to rumors that DJT may start some kind of media company, I have not followed that story, but if it’s true, he wouldn’t be doing that for his own entertainment. The U.S. needs a responsible, honest media company. OANN isn’t a big enough media outlet to influence the country as a whole.
            People have all kinds of opinions about DJT, but no serious person who has watched his presidency would conclude that he’s lacking in intelligence or courage or resolve. No rational person who has watched what DJT and his family have gone through in the past 5 years could actually believe that the family is simply self-serving. They’ve been accused of treason and colluding with Russia, they’ve been endlessly ridiculed and demeaned. Can we blame them if they decide they’d rather STAY ALIVE that become literal victims of the Deep State?
            I disagree with many things the Trump Family has done, but cowardice is not their major problem.

        1. Would you have put your wife or children’s or grand children’s lives on the line. You have no idea and neither does Patrick if there was a credible threat to his family. I mean they were breaking into the Capitol building not far from where he was speaking. Where were the SS. Or perhaps he was just keeping attention on him while a special force was moving into the Capitol with the intent to steal some laptops

          1. Trump is a Tweeting Coward and a Huge FRAUD
            Patriots are Suckers now we know it.
            The US military is Dumb and Owned by China
            America is Pathetic and Doomed

        2. If there is one thing with which I disagree with you it’s your contention he doesn’t have courage.
          How could you have watched that man who was fighting all of DC for over 4 years, perform as POTUS as he did with new jobs, new trade deals, new military policies, renewed hope in the U.S. all the while being bludgeoned with the lies of the Deep State, called every name in the book, yet still put in 16 hour days, relentless in his drive to make lives better for Americans, withstand everything unlawful and untrue thrown at him….and still perform like a champ….and you concluded he didn’t have courage.

          I think you don’t possess a logical mind.

          Wouldn’t we all like to know the reason….but I’d put money on it having nothing to do with not having courage.

          1. I agree 100%
            Maria. Things do not add up and whatever the explanation for why Trump walked away, I do not believe it was lack of courage.

        3. And I am sure you are a far better man than any politician, as many regular people are.
          But we work with what we get and as politicians at that level go, with all the pressures and temptations regular folks do not usually face, Trump is FAR AND AWAY THE BEST of recent ones.

        4. I get what you are saying BigM, but would you still defend that oath if your family was threatened by defending. I know personally, myself, I would but if my children were threatened, that’s a whole nother ball of wax. I’d have to think long and hard on that one.

          If you recall what Patrick said about the Secret Service and what Melania was told about Trump being “JFK’ed”. He also said a family member.

          So would you still take the oath and defend if, say, you were told if you continued your child would be killed??

        5. I get what you are saying BigM, but would you still defend that oath if your family was threatened by defending it? I know personally, myself, I would, but if my children were threatened, that’s a whole other ball of wax. I’d have to think long and hard on that one.

          If you recall what Patrick said about the Secret Service and what Melania was told about Trump being “JFK’ed”. He also said a family member.

          So would you still take the oath and defend if, say, you were told if you continued your child would be killed??

        6. BigM, maybe you would enjoy reading a different perspective on Trump, one that compares him to Coriolanus in Shakespeare’s play of the same name:

          “Coriolanus turns the impudence of his accusers back on them. They are the true betrayers of the republic who, by rights, should be expelled. Trump, in my opinion, should use this line: “I impeach you!”—and then spell out the details of the Democrats’ shameful conduct, which has undermined the Constitution.

          Let every feeble rumour shake your hearts!
          Your enemies, with nodding of their plumes,
          Fan you into despair!

          These lines—about the melodramatic cowardice of the accusers—seem especially appropriate in light of the hysterical overreaction to the events of January 6. The so-called insurrection is now being used to prepare public opinion for draconian new measures against “domestic terrorism,” and to justify a proposed wall around the Capitol complex reminiscent of a Third-World dictatorship. This, in spite of conflicting and uncertain accounts of what happened, as well as video evidence of Capitol police opening the doors to the protestors, and even engaging in friendly banter with the “Viking guy”—who hardly appears to be leading a murderous coup.

          Still your own foes, deliver you as most
          Abated captives to some nation
          That won you without blows!

          This means, “You idiots are just tools of our country’s enemies!” The mob is so consumed with partisan jealousy and bloodlust, they don’t even notice or care that they are weakening the nation, and making themselves patsies for foreign powers. (Of course, it’s possible they do notice, and don’t mind.) Consider, in this context, that the despots in Beijing are surely smiling right now at this spectacle of the United States destroying itself from within, while they don’t even have to lift a finger.

          Thus I turn my back: There is a world elsewhere.

          It’s not clear what Trump will do with his wealth and influence now that he is out of office. Rumors are circulating that he will start an alternate media empire. This is certainly a more measured response than what Coriolanus did: he joined up with his old war enemy to threaten an invasion of Rome. In the play, that conflict is resolved when Coriolanus’s mother helps to broker a peace. In our time, this farce may still lead to tragedy.

          The late professor of political philosophy Harry Jaffa explained that in Coriolanus, Shakespeare shows, “with all the poetic genius that only he could command . . . the inner connection between virtue and republics.” No political stunt can change that.

          Shakespeare’s deepest lesson, according to Jaffa, is “the inexorable and inescapable vindictive power of the moral universe.” With control of all three branches of the federal government, the Democrats may imagine there are no limits to their power. But they will never remake the human soul. It may be possible for a while to pretend that passion can replace virtue, and that ideology can replace truth—but this can’t last. Even Washington, D.C. cannot defeat the nature of reality.

          1. Wow, Lila –
            What a cool comment.. I have to come back and re-read it… love the thinking behind this post in particular.

            got to catch a plane (and bills to pay 😉 for now)
            Until later,

          2. Well said! I do believe that Trump’s hands were somewhat tied with collusion between the entire cabal of the government, big tech, corporate and media. Time magazine has even come out and brazenly admitted to this collusion to take him down! It’s entirely possible that his family was under threat from these very forces that harassed him during the four years of his presidency. What perplexes me is he held the rally in DC on Jan 6. I think it was extremely irresponsible of him, given that it was obvious it could be a golden opportunity to his detractors. It was clear as day that it would be a set up from the get go. It was a trap and he walked right into it. Jan 6 showed very poor judgement on his part. If only Jan 6 could be undone!

          3. I love this and this is the best internet post-comment I’ve ever read.

            you write better than most columnists

          4. Hey, glad that everyone liked the link and the CITATION…but just to be clear, that writing is NOT MINE, it’s from the article, which is a lengthy piece, not a blog comment.

            My articles are mostly linked on my website and it wouldn’t be seemly to quote them at length, although I do take the liberty to post links when appropriate, for which I thank Patrick, who is quite long-suffering, among his other notable qualities.

            But this was a lovely site that wasn’t joining in with the despair.

            Also, I am not paid to say this, working for them, or anything like that. Just passing on something positive, after all the negativity.


          5. Lila, thank you, for that eloquent insight. I really appreciate the Shakespeare quotes and especially your final paragraph. Are you a teacher? If you have published material, I would be interested in knowing about it.
            Looking forward to more from you.
            Thanks again,

          6. Yes, beautifully written about Coriolanus however I have a different take, with the same ending. A lesson from history that the mob ALWAYS turns on itself. It can’t help itself, for it MUST always stretch to find another greater tragedy, another greater violation, another greater catastrophe to champion as its cause with the next one being more outlandish and such a stretch of truth that finally the mob implodes on itself and starts destroying itself. I see it in little increments now – the only two to defy the mob was Stalin and Washington. Stalin destroyed the mob that brought Lenin to power (Lenin didn’t live long enough for the mob to attack him). And the American Revolutionary leaders had enough faith-based to keep the mob reigned in so that after the surrender at Yorktown, it was time for the warriors to go home and explore new lands to the west. But most revolutions end up revolting till they either kill themselves or there’s nothing left.

        7. Do you think maybe he was concerned about his family because of threats? Trump has bigger balls than most so I don’t think you’re right on that point.

        8. I think maybe it turned into lack of fighting due to the JFK threat and Melana could have convinced him not to fight

        9. Where is the military now when we need them the most??? The Generals seem to be in on this too and no one is stepping up. I agree Trump should have done whatever it took to control the situation but we have military also just looking the other way now. If this steal is not corrected the whole country will be changed forever. He could have saved it with his signature on an eo to just do a hand recount. This is unbelievable


      1. I’ve wondered about that. Maybe he felt he didn’t have any choice. If that’s the case, he really got played. It really irked me how he boasted about the vaccine so many of us don’t even want to take! An experimental vaccine no one knows the longterm effects of, when there were good and affordable treatments already from the start. At the very least he was seriously ill-advised.

        (BTW, all caps are like shouting and are seriously hard on the eyes when trying to read.)

        1. Many people want vaccines. I don’t but have friends and relatives who took the Covid vaccine. Look what happened when Trump mentioned HCQ? Unlike the dictatorial Dems, who might very well implement the German ID2020, Trump gave us a choice. You have no idea how lucky we were and hopefully will be again to have President Trump.

          1. Half my family gets it…due to my incessant proselytising. The other half suspects there is something amiss, but still tends to go along with received opinion.
            Some think there’s no harm in taking the vaccine and have done so..even though I’ve waved information in front of them for years. It’s the Astra Zeneca, so it’s not as bad as the others, they say. And these are people I’ve tried to talk to for years.
            Unless you get into the fight viscerally and on the ground, you have no idea of the level of organization and scheming behind this evil.
            Satanic is the only word that fits it.
            And that is why God…aka Truth…is the only banner under which you should fight.
            Anything less will not stay the course.
            Not preaching. Observing… from experience.

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      3. It didn’t matter what Trump did or didn’t do. It didn’t matter how many votes he got. The Democrats were going to manufacture as many votes as they needed and the MSM was going to do whatever they needed to cover for them.

        1. This is an important point. Very likely, there is nothing DJT could have done to change the outcome of the election. The Deep State was desperate to get rid of a President who was actively working to drain The Swamp.
          Patrick Byrne’s idea of counting the paper ballots in the 6 disputed counties or states is not a bad idea, in theory. It’s totally logical, in fact. We’ll never know what would have happened if DJT had asked General Flynn to help implement a plan to get an accurate count in the swing states. It seems likely to me, though, that there would have been an all out fracas. The people who aided and abetted the fraud would have gone into overdrive and gone really nuts. It would have been a circus, at best, or more likely an unholy war.

      4. And yet — with the plandemic closing the U.S. down — March 2020 was the FIRST MARCH in something like 10 years that DID NOT HAVE A SCHOOL SHOOTING! There is no ‘safe’ option; there is no way to fight this vicious war that does NOT involve people getting hurt and destroyed. (I’m a small biz owner…. ask me how I know!)

        The people were stampeded; and not entirely falsely: we did NOT know at the beginning that corona2 was NOT the next Black Death. The ONLY way to stop a stampede is to ride like hell to get out IN FRONT of the cattle; in their panic, the cattle will then blindly follow whatever is out in front, and the ‘cowboys’ out in front can then begin to slow and turn the stampede. If they get out in front and try to “immediately stop the cattle,” they will be immediately pounded to dust, and the stampede will continue. The God Emperor did a good job of getting out in front, and trying to balance the “run run run” (screaming LIES!) of Faux-ci and the Dem dictators; but the media was still pushing the panic…

        America was a communist state LONG before Trump decided to run!! And you never paid attention to the ‘medical laws’ the STATES all put into place: go read this guestbook post from 2003 and tremble! How many states between then and 2021 have arrogated to themselves the power to FORCE vaccines, at the risk of them confiscating your real property (house, money, cars…). So much for “secure in their persons and property.” (That’s from the Constitution, in case you don’t recognize it….)

      5. Trump did not shut down the country. The governors of each state did that. I don’t understand how you can come one here, 10 months later and say that. Wake the f..k up man, the president is not a king and does not have ultimate power. Its people like you that make me really worry about this country. You are clueless.

      6. DJT did NOT close down the country.

        He left that entirely to each state, as it should have. He allowed Fauci to have too much airtime, he’s your communist.

        1. Fauci has raised my hackles since day one. But he had a comrade and cohort in head-of-the-c19-task force, deep-stater VP Pence.

      7. Could not agree more about Mike DeWine and his complete usurpation of the laws of Ohio and the US Constitution. Sadly, Ohioans folded and blindly gave up their rights and freedoms. The Ohio legislature sat on its hands far too long.
        I am afraid the same lackadaisical response to the presidential election nationally has occurred. Most Americans continue to sit on their hands and accept whatever happens. Their mojo is lost. This country is screwed if a Third World War erupts. There is no greatest generation to step up and draw a line in the sand. Patriotism has been eliminated by the public education system.
        Now a $600 check placates the masses. Sad.

      8. That’s vastly over reading and over attributing agency. Trump did not close down the country. Only local authorities could. And some (many) did.