How Donald J. Trump Lost the White House, Preface (1.1)


I had a ringside seat to election events from November 3, 2020 to January 6, 2021, and feel a duty to explain to the world what really happened. I will not be regurgitating the headline events anyone can read, but will aim to explain what was going on behind the scenes, and give my best account of why things played out as they did.

Out of an interest in not letting the public suffer any longer from my procrastination and weakness (I tested negative today after a 13-day bout with Covid) , I will be writing and publishing this story in installments, reserving  the right to re-edit as I go. Once complete and final, I will let the public know that it is final. Thus, you might think of this exercise as an odd one, where I am drafting a long magazine article for the world but doing so publicly, that the public need not wait to begin having its understandable curiosity addressed.

It will be natural for the reader to question my motives, my background, to wonder if I have some ax to grind or might wish to accomplish something in writing this other than what I claim (that I simply feel a duty to my country and to history to give an honest account of what I saw over those nine weeks).  So I will close this preface with four statements that clarify my philosophical orientation here.

  1. My own family’s history is one of the Horatio Alger dream.  My folks were of working class Irish roots from New Jersey (Bridgeport, Paterson, Atlantic City, Wildwood, and Cape May). My Pop was Rutgers ’52 (Air Force ROTC), and my folks were living poor as church-mice on the GI Bill at University of  Michigan, my Pop studying actuarial math, when their three sons began popping into existence. I was the youngest, born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, in 1962.  We grew up bouncing around New England as my father changed life insurance jobs nearly every year. Passed over in 1976 in Hartford for a promotion at Travelers Insurance that he thought he deserved, my Pop took a job at a broken and nearly insolvent auto insurer in the South: a month later an odd fellow from Omaha showed up on our doorstep, met my dad, and began investing heavily in his new employer. That same day, my Pop cancelled his order for our family’s first new car (a station wagon) and sunk it into stock in his new friend’s firm. My dad’s new employer, GEICO, went on to big things, and my dad’s investment in the stock of his new Omaha friend, Warren Buffett, also worked out immensely well for our family. Most importantly, Buffett became my great tutor in life. As  the years went by my family grew wealthy (by the time I was 16 my parents were millionaires, and by the time I finished college they were millionaires many times over), and Buffett grew into a billionaire and then into the mythical figure he has since become. All along the way, a continual topic of conversation among Buffett, myself, and my parents, the most continual conversation, was the role of the rich in society, their proper behavior, their duties to other citizens and to the country (unlike lots of other rich guys, both Buffett and my Pop were always intensely patriotic men). Stylistically, Donald J. Trump is the living embodiment of everything I was raised to understand was wrong about rich people in America. After JFK, my parents never voted anything but Republican, but my mother did not vote for Trump in 2016, and by January 6 of this year was adamant that Trump leave the White House. My father died in 2013, but I don’t know if he would have voted for Trump in 2016, and I doubt he would have in 2020. So if you wish an honest account of the intellectual milieu from which I hail, that would be it.
  2. I have always voted Libertarian for President. So voting for Trump was never really a consideration for me, one way or the other.
    • On the other hand, I agree with about 75% of Trump’s policy positions. Our nation is supposed to embody “consent of the governed,” and I do not remember “the governed” ever agreeing to disbanding our borders, or outsourcing our middle class to China, or signing up for forever-wars. I remember our elites doing that, but not the governed. So I agree with a lot of Trump’s policy direction, but still fault him for one big thing: he should have made ethnic relations more central to his presidency. And I am not sure that he did not, on occasion, tickle sentiments that should not be tickled (e.g., discussing how “Mexico is sending us their rapists” is bringing up an issue worthy of discussion, but can be brought up in a less disrespectful way).
    • While I have tried to maintain a position of being Left-friendly in life, and was even at times Left-curious, I confess that at this point I find the overwhelming majority of activist Democrats to be intellectually dishonest phonies, lacking in the most fundamental understanding of what made our republic work and how to fix it, and I am disgusted by the Goonism they have embraced as a political creed. In my eyes, most Left Democrats are one step above loathsome, and not a big step.
  3. Having been inside this election fraud issue for months, having gotten to know the best brains in it, professors and technologists and computer scientists, the best estimate that I have heard comes from one of them, an esteemed government scientist (think “rocket science” but I may be being metaphorical to some degree). This scientist and some of his buddies from an esteemed government laboratory have been making a hobby of th study of election fraud for a couple decades. The final estimate of this scientist is that Donald Trump probably got around 79 million votes and Joe Biden got 53-68 million votes. Through chicanery, Trump ended up with 74 million, Biden with 80 million. The professor in question may not be exactly right, but his numbers convey my rough sense of the magnitude of the theft of this rigged election.
  4. This election steal should have been child’s play to reveal and reverse. On December 23, President Trump and I spent 4.5 hours together, and I let him know I believed that defeating it was a 3-foot putt (I’ve never golfed a hole in my life, but I guessed the metaphor might speak to him). His team was pursuing a 40-foot shot from the sand trap that they needed to sink, but if he would just listen to Flynn, Sidney, and me, there was an easy 3-foot putt he was not seeing. Somehow over the course of that 4+ hour meeting there came a moment that I felt something much different for Donald J. Trump than I had expected I would feel, something that made me want to go put an arm around the man and give him a long squeeze of reassurance. What was it I felt? I’m still not sure: Commiseration for a broken man? A kind of love? Or just deep sadness, that I could see he understood he was failing on the most colossal of scales, he was losing, but he could not put the pieces together. Yet it was child’s play to defeat. I wanted to scold him and weep for him at the same time. And I did not even vote for the guy.

So that is where I am coming from.  Enjoy the story. I won’t enjoy writing it, but I think I owe it to you.

Your humble servant,

Patrick M. Byrne


Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 & What I Learned Because I Was (1.3)

Chapter 1: All the President’s Teams (11/3 – 12/17)

Chapter 2: Was Foreign Interference in the Election? You Make the Call

Chapter 3: Crashing the White House (December 18-22)

Chapter 4: The Christmas Doldrums (December 23- noon January 6)

Chapter 5: Agitation & Chaos (January 6 – 20)

The Aftermath

    1. Mr Byrne please help our president as much as you can for what is in the government mostly is SATANIC they must go and go soon I look forward to the rest of your story

      1. Vote with your hyperbolic emotions instead of a proven record and this is what you get. A nightmarish fascistic/globalist system that will make this country unrecognizable in just a few short years.

        The US economy will magically open very soon. This will give people a false sense of hope and normalcy.

        The general public has no idea about the level of soul crushing taxes that will be hitting next year and the middle class will feel it the most.

        The Dems will blame the covid aftermath for which they and the media and the globalists helped to create. The shutdown never had to happen. It was a man made crisis hyped up to be the next great plague with a 2% death rate and all to hurt Trump and his re-election efforts.

        On top of that, they will put government spending into overdrive in order to cause taxes to go even higher. Their goal is to spend as much as they can on social programs and any liberal cause they can think of to shrink the middle class as much as possible. Lower income people will get more in terms of welfare and low wage job assistance to make it look as though the Dems are the caring ones when what they are knowingly doing is making the American dream out of reach for most people.

        Higher paying jobs are likely to be government sector jobs which are not necessarily needed and will just expand the size of government and cause higher taxes to pay for it. Open discrimination against whites will become even more prevalent especially in the workforce causing more division amongst races which is another goal for the Left.

        Ilegals will be pouring in again who will receive free services or take jobs and drive down wages. Good jobs will become ever more scarce. Guns and drugs will once again be coming through the border causing more crime and gang violence. Higher taxes will be needed to pay for that as well. Totally avoidable, but again, the Dems are not out to help America. Not only will they destroy the middle class through high taxation and wage suppression (along with high inflation from government spending and printing money) but get ready for more foreign wars to enrich their globalist friends to bring on more debt for America. Terrorism will also rise significantly both domestic and abroad. We spent over 10 TRILLION dollars on senseless wars in the Middle East over the last 20 years. Not all of them happened under a Democrat president but all were done under a globalist – owned president. No new wars were started under the Trump administration. Just one of his many campaign promises he kept to the American people. Our biggest enemies such as China and Iran will get enriched by the Biden administration through unfair trade deals once again and the sale of weapons thus putting the safety of all Americans in great jeopardy.

        This is just the beginning unless there is some military plan in the works. Say your prayers and hold on.

        1. i agree w/ you on everything except when you said “Our biggest enemies such as China and Iran “. our biggest enemy is not china russia or iran. it’s the british. wake the fck up please. why bc english ppl look like us and we came from there, and bc these chinese ppl w/ flat face slanted eyes were never really our friends that we naturally consider english our friends? plz do some research and know who our true enemy is. for starters, listen to lyndon larouche and read some articles from btw, covid is not a china virus. it’s a deepstate virus created by the new world order. why? to eventually enlsave humanity under their dictatorial control called the new world order(one world gov). please tell the whole truth nothing but the truth. same w/ trump and patrick w/ whom i agree mostly except their anti-china divisive rhetoric. we the U.S. must get along w/ russia and china and even w/ iran. it’s 99% of ppl vs..01% elite or the new world order. not against any particular country.

        2. That says it all, Madison. I’m praying for the military intervention – especially, since they’re all inside the perimeter, right now!! I’d love to know what the significance is to Charles Flynn (younger brother of Gen. Michael Flynn) receiving his fourth star recently – since the election. Does anyone know if that’s good news or bad news?

      2. You are “right on the mark” Mr Strickland! 80 million people agree and the rest of the “sheeple” have a huge opportunity to awaken to the Truth and shake off the “programming” which has stifled the truth for eons! Please help Trump all you can! I send out prayers and surround all of you in God’s protective LIGHT! “EARTH MISSION’ is God’s decree and Trump was the chosen one to bring it into fruition! Thank you!

      3. I’m Not Sure why I can’t reply directly to author Mr. Byrne. Hopefully he’ll see.

        So I see A post about a 9000 word follow up to 1.1. Interested in what happened when they stormed the Whitehouse. Unbelievable story. I feel I’ve had my head in the clouds. Devastated and feeling like nothing AMERICAN PATRIOTS can do. Hoping GOD is not so disgusted with us that he even wants to rescue us. I’m joining the rest of the world in prayer. If anymore wants to advise me on how to read the Whitehouse storming I’d appreciate it. New to Telegram.

    2. I have never been a fan of politics because I don’t believe in finding out what the people want to hear and then campaigning on those needs with no intent on delivering. From where I come from, and based on what God teaches, that’s lying and is WRONG! So is everything that is going on in the world. I am still very, very disappointed of being led on by a number of individuals that Trump really would win in the end (not by vote counts but by “behind the scene happenings) and have followed a lot of podcasts and people trying to find some truth. I pray all the time. Lin Wood says it plain and simple. Use common sense. If it walks and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. What I personally don’t need is another rich person, one who grew up in wealth, telling me please listen to me because “I know” and wealth means brains. A whole bunch of other “patriots” have said the same thing.

      1. The problem is…. failure to follow politics will not lesson the effects. Freedom dies without being protected for today and future generations. Freedom carries not only the right but the obligation to openly discuss our differences…….. yet big media wants to silence opposing opinions. Just like the CCP in China

    3. Thank you Patrick for exposing the fraud and helping our country. I was born at Parkview hospital in 1962 in Ft Wayne also. Hoosier born good God fearing people.

  1. Patrick, Thank you for everything you’re doing. I’m glad you’re feeling better, too. Tell us, are you working with DJT?

      1. I have followed you through this and have often wondered if you have considered whether or not the effort was never really to expose the truth of the election fraud, but rather to fully expose the swamp. I recall your acknowledging in an interview that many think there is a plan in place, but that there is, in fact, no plan. How are you so certain? It appears as though inaction has been action and much has been exposed to the public.

        1. Trump has invoked resurrection act and declared the U.S. new Republic – no longer a corporation – true? Or just a rumor?

          Trump is still our president and/or will be re-elected on
          March 4? Rumor or true?

          Biden’s inauguration is fake?
          Trump is working with Q? Rumors or true?

          Please help me understand, for I just don’t see Trump walking away from over 80 million supporters.

          1. Sorry guys, I think almost everything that comes from Q is BS. It feels like it’s some third party (Russia?) is spreading disinfo under Q name to keep all sides agitated. And look, they feed that information to all those people who are already into all sorts of crazy stuff, like aliens, quantum computers, etc. because those are more likely to spread it to others without any critical thinking.

          2. I have heard all arguments about the “Q” movement and I just have one question… If Q was used by the opposition to mislead, why did President Trump never publicly state that it was fake? He had no problem stating news is fake, so why let his supporters believe in Q? I just don’t get it. If he knew in fact that it was a game being played on us, and he did not warn us, then I am sorry but he misled us. Someone help me out here, please. This question is driving me crazy.

          3. As someone who has followed Q from the beginning, consider this post and THINK. Trump has enormous powers given him from Patriot Act and other means that he did NOT use. He and Flynn let everything play out. The Mueller Investigation, the Impeachment and the Election fraud. Is this why?

            Did ‘Mueller’ open the door to Ukraine?
            Did ‘Mueller’ open the door to FISA [illegal]?
            How do you introduce evidence legally?
            Did ‘Impeachment’ provide a platform to discuss findings of Ukraine?
            How do you introduce evidence legally?
            Did ‘Impeachment’ harm or help POTUS [public]?
            How do you introduce [D]s high crimes [corruption] to the public?
            Why didn’t POTUS remove [Hussein] holdovers from NSC?
            Do you really believe that POTUS & team trusted [Hussein] holdovers to remain within the admin and work to enact POTUS’ agenda w/o bias or confrontation?
            How do you ‘awaken’ the ‘induced coma’ public [FAKE NEWS control] from their long sleep?
            Sometimes allowing your enemies to [openly] attack…….
            Logical thinking.

        2. How could Trump possibly drain the swamp if some 80% people working in his administration were swamp creatures?

      2. I don’t understand? You met with DJT with Flynn, Powell…..why are u no longer working with them?? Your background, seems you would be well suited to help with whatever may still be ongoing(unless everyone has given up???)

        1. So Mr. Byrne you are saying that President Trump walked away from his Constitutional Duty to Protect and Defend The Constitution, by Not Involving the Military? He didn’t sign The Insurrection Act? Figures. All you Freemasons and your bull! Only Jesus will destroy THE WHORE of BABYLON, that is DC.

      3. Trump, loved the President, not pleased with the man, but what you saw was what you got. History will eventually ring true. Enjoy your writings, this was something I’ve been looking for. Great first step to this particular journey, a firm foundation to launch from. Unfortunately this past year has turned me into a binger, but good things come to those who wait. Thank you.

      4. intelligence report DNI
        Neo communism = Fraud and Betrayal:

        COVID = CCP 🇨🇳 = WHO + FAUCI + CDC + Media + Pharma + Big Tech + World Economic Forum + Democratic Party + BLM + ANTIFA + Traitors = Fraud # Election2020
        EO 13848

        Globalism and the Democratic Party mutated Neo communism into NAZI Progressism.

      5. Patrick after reading all your deepcapture adventures and knowing you are clearly blessed with a significant amount of cognitive ability and have had to manipulate and create narratives for the majority of your adult life I have a question. Would a person have the right to use their own discernment , after hours of listening and reading information from every aspect of this disaster from you and many others , and come to the conclusion that Donald Trump was not inclined to overturn or prove he won ? That he had another agenda ? I believe there are many people that have the intellectual ability to understand the boundaries that Donald Trump feels he does or doesn’t have and of those people we will never believe he would not have used the military , when he had more than a right to , even an obligation to US , without there being another driving force that was more important. I doubt you’ll reply to this but it wouldn’t change my perception anyway. I enjoy your stories Patrick , thanks.

          1. Replying here because I couldn’t figure out how to reply to the original thread.
            I saw exactly what you saw on Trumps face after your meeting. It was what I can only describe as the confused look of defeat after battlefield commanders assured victory.
            I don’t know if he really wanted to be President when he first ran. But I always felt that once he became the Nominee he put his soul into it. I can’t imagine finally figuring out that 98% of the entire system is actively working against you. I truly believe that he thought that once he got in there, and started working for the people, that at a minimum, the republicans would support him, and even some democrats. What he didn’t count on is the depth of the water he jumped into. DC is like Sparta. Kill or be killed. Defend Sparta at all costs. Nothing is more important than Sparta. Dishonor Sparta, fall on your sword, or be run thru with one.
            My bet? For what it’s worth, once he figured out that he was on an island, he put everything into helping the people. I think he did a good job of that, but in doing so, he exposed the underbelly of the Beast. Politics is theater, and he turned the lights on and raised the curtain in the middle of act 1.
            What I don’t think anyone expected is the vote totals.
            Unprecedented is an understatement. You can’t hide that kinda thing, especially when everyone starts talking. They (everybody) just acted like nothing happened. The more evidence that came forward, the quieter they got. They just kept moving on.
            We didn’t help ourselves by “Trusting the plan” or waiting for someone else, anybody else to “make it happen”.
            The less they said, the deeper the rabbit hole became for people.
            As a retired Army Warrant Officer and Scout pilot, rule number 1 is always, “When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging”
            It didn’t help that there were 6 different fronts going on and no unity of effort.
            Lawyers from every place, claiming they had the answer. Everything from
            1. Dominion ballot flipping
            2. Ballot box stuffing
            3. Servers captured
            4. State legislatures
            5. SCOTUS
            6. The Kraken.
            No unity of effort, and I believe that was by design.
            For those wondering if there is a secret plan, and is anything going to be done. The answer is NO. Not because we don’t want something done, but because they don’t want something done.
            Trump tried to correct 100 years of constant corruption in 4 years. You don’t do that without either ruffling feathers or knowing where the bodies.
            Trump just didn’t know where the bodies were.
            Whoever does know, won this fight. And will win future fights.

          2. Patrick-
            I believe Ivanka and Jarred – especially Jarred had a lot to do with Trumps inability to make the hard decisions.
            And obviously his WH staff was not supportive in making those type of decisions.
            Perhaps a shortcoming in Trumps ability?

          3. And? Lol. I’ll have to trust my own perception for now, but I am very interested in yours. Thank you, your team, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and General Flynn for the excellent work and kind education. I have enjoyed the privilege of freedom without engaging in or assuming much responsibility for the ethical running of our country. That was for others to deal with. Never again. I am optimistic for the opportunity to right my course. Thank you for opening my eyes.

          4. Perhaps BUT I never did the Q stuff. When I peeked at it I knew it was of design to make people simply not do a thing. However I think that all of this listed
            1. Dominion ballot flipping
            2. Ballot box stuffing
            3. Servers captured
            4. State legislatures
            5. SCOTUS
            6. The Kraken.
            did occur and was well coordinated. The only man in that cabinet who had balls was Peter Navarro. He was the key and who Trump should have listened to as well as you, Flynn and Sidney. Something doesn’t add up

          5. We want to know if all of these theories about Trump coming back are true. We are starting to look kind of loony following a trail of crumbs.

          6. And to me. And to many thinking souls who fled communist regime, became proud citizens and know history.

          7. Hi Patrick, I’ve been following your journey since your appearance on Fox Business about stepping down from Overstock.. I remember thinking this is going to be the leading story on all the news outlets , .. Watched the news that night and nothing, … no follow up..I was shocked no mention of these incredible events, my first realization of the dishonest media protecting the Elites and misleading the Public.. Now there’s no going back for me, I’m all in and feel strong Patriotism for my country .. A country that when I was in college thought to be bourgeois.. I had to grow up to realize we have such freedom of choice and freedom of speech that’s now in jeopardy… I watch my college age children being indoctrinated with Marxist ideas to the tune of 50k a yr.. Its excruciating to watch our educational institutions brain wash our young adults w such propaganda that doesn’t go anywhere much less make sense… Its just alot of catch phrases and empty statements with no real intellect behind any of it.. Wish. They could be lucky enough to have Victor David Hanson or Thomas Sowell teaching them something of real substance
            Please keep up with your website and I enjoy hearing you speak in any videos .. I hope you know your reaching many people. I wanted to ask you is your Telegram page yours? You posted a few comments that seem to be deleted.. One of which was a post 1776-2020.. I realized that night that we arent living in a Republic.. You also posted something to the effect about Your meeting w Trump and I believe the military intel mtg didn’t go as planned.. I wondered if the original plan wasn’t implemented because they couldn’t afford to have Trump in the picture and make this about him… Or is the military that he entrusted bagged on him in the eleventh hour..
            I too am a Libertarian and appreciate your voice,, im certain you take great risks and I find this to be a Nobel cause.Your very brave and I appreciate the time an effort you put into informing and guiding the public ..
            If your ever in South Florida, doing public lectures Id love to hear you speak in person.. ..
            Have you considered running for office?
            Im sorry to hear you tested positive for C19, hoping your getting the rest you need to recover ..My 90 yr old physician father worked in his later years at Battelle Institute as the physician to the staff in the event they were exposed to things like Anthrax, various bioweapons they were testing in the lab ect.. He was a flight surgeon in the Airforce( aerospace medicine) and later worked for NASA on the Apollo mission’s.. I’ve had many discussions about C19 being used as a bioweapon.. He had an exposure and I flew home to take care of him , he almost died .. I never tested positive even after caring for him for that month..
            Hope your recovering and getting your strength back.. Again appreciate all your efforts XO..
            If your on Instagram or fb feel free to follow me
            Suzanne Savic☺

          8. This is what occurred to me while reading your first installment as well. And – thank you so much! Several things finally make sense after reading your adventures. Jaw was dropping every paragraph…I foresee a movie someday.

          9. Is there not a response from Trump below this from T. Sounds like him. If true sounds like it may not be over

        1. I’ve questioned this. Did Trump give up and at what point? Seems he was concerned about doing certain actions. Did DS have something on him or were there threats to his life or life of his family? He took a beating for 4+ years – so I have a hard time blaming him if at some point he decided he needed to throw in towel. But when this was is the question. After events of 1/6? I hope this blog answers some of these questions – even if indirectly.

      6. I would love to start a multi state educational system.
        Traveling to every county possible and holding town meetings to explain the constitional Republic that are founding fathers left to us. How would you get funding to accomplish such as that?
        I wish to dedicate my life to ensuring that our grandchildren will be aware of our commitment to their future.

      7. From the outside, it felt almost exactly the way you described it. My heart breaks thinking about how President Trump had been betrayed so many times. After a while, you don’t know who to believe. I’ve always chosen to believe people who have lived inside that life (government), and either been screwed, or taken them on without fear. That makes General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and You what I would consider the dream team! I’ve noticed that even some of his true allies, have the thrill of the fight, more a priority than President Trump cleaning this mess up. I pray that he reaches out to you again, or that he is still in touch with General Flynn – I think that man has proven his loyalty to our President – more importantly to our Nation. With the three of you working together, I think you could move mountains! I’ll be looking forward to the next installment! It will be easier to digest in installments – then sit down and take it in, in its entirety, when complete. Thank you so much for making this a priority. Frustration and anger is not a good combination!!

      8. Patrick been following you after the election. Always had hope watching what you were doing and thank you. We need or how can we get all this evidence out to a 150 Million people. What an we do or eventually like Mike Lindell says it will all come out?

        1. Pat,
          I cannot describe how utterly confusing, frustrating and disappointing it is to hear you tell us to continue to fight as weak people without power, just after you and everyone that previously had all the power in the world to put an end to this horror show, and y’all just hung it up and walked away and now you’re telling us to just take it up the ass and keep fighting? Fighting against a pure evil that now has total power?

          I was one that wholeheartedly believed every single word you, Flynn, Sidney, Lin wood and trump preached to us for up to 4yrs of just how corrupt and evil this cabal is and has been for decades. But knowing that and believing it 1,000% to my core, to your core, answer these 2 simple questions for me- 1) give me 1 good reason why you and the Trump team gave up and failed to use every single power and authority y’all had available if those crimes committed had any truth and evidence to support it as y’all claimed?

          2) why should I continue to listen to you and anyone on that team (same folks mentioned above) now after y’all just allowed our country to be controlled totally by nothing but pure evil?

          I am not sitting here pouting. I am not one of those that’s going to call Trump names and turn on him. You will not find a more staunch supporter of Trump and his vision than I. But you will also not find a more confused patriot that I am right now. Any clarity you can offer would be appreciated as I currently no longer believe anything I see or read on the web from anyone. What I cannot touch taste feel or smell is fake until further notice and I believe 100million patriots are cross eyed just as I am. Clear that up if you have the courage

        2. Pat,
          I cannot describe how utterly confusing, frustrating and disappointing it is to hear you tell us to continue to fight as weak people without power, just after you and everyone that previously had all the power in the world to put an end to this horror show, just hung it up and walked away and now you’re telling us to just take it up the ass and keep fighting? Fighting against a pure evil that now has total power, who is violent and criminal and just throwing it in our face while you tell us we cannot be violent? While Trump tells us to stand down, go home?

          I was one that wholeheartedly believed every single word you, Flynn, Sidney, Lin wood and trump preached to us for up to 4yrs of just how corrupt and evil this cabal is and has been for decades. But knowing that and believing it 1,000% to my core, to your core, answer these 2 simple questions for me- 1) give me 1 good reason why you and the Trump team gave up and failed to use every single power and authority y’all had available if those crimes committed had any truth and evidence to support it as y’all claimed?

          2) why should I continue to listen to you and anyone on that team (same folks mentioned above) now after y’all just allowed our country to be controlled totally by nothing but pure evil?

          I am not sitting here pouting. I am not one of those that’s going to call Trump names and turn on him. You will not find a more staunch supporter of Trump and his vision than I. But you will also not find a more confused patriot that I am right now. Any clarity you can offer would be appreciated as I currently no longer believe anything I see or read on the web from anyone. What I cannot touch taste feel or smell is fake until further notice and I believe 100million patriots are cross eyed just as I am. Clear that up if you have the courage

          1. Trust but verify.

            Imo, many people are impressed with their own intellect. I don’t care at all how “smart” someone may appear. Bill Clinton showed his intelligence when he asked, “That depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” He was completely- and horrifyingly- correct.

            Patrick Byrne, I hope you do well in the future.

            I do not believe you that DJT seemed defeated.

            And that is my prerogative.

            If this nation is done, it isn’t Trump’s fault.

            It is my fault. And your fault. And our parent’s fault. Also our grandparent’s fault.

            DJT is not the Messiah. He is a form of one, showing us potential. But I do not, and will not worship him.

      9. Im sure you won’t, he took his balless ass home to golf with elite pedophiles while handing us over to communist China. I hope he burns in hell.

        1. You will regret that comment. If anyone thinks a man like president Trump takes all the horrors done to him and his family then walks away, they are a terrible judge of character and don’t understand what a man is.
          Your parents named you correctly

          1. Beautiful retort.
            Hey I may be a fool but I still TRUST TRUMP AND THE PLAN. And if I’m wrong, I feel no shame because I fought for and stood for a better world. Trumps not done.

            Though I’ve always been someone who never quits something important to me. I find a way.
            As I’m sure 45=19 is doing.

          2. Exactly! Everyone needs to calm the F down. I respect Mr. Byrne but this is complete bull. No f’ing way. This is not over by a long shot. All you rats jumping ship are just that. Rats! If Byrne hasn’t spoken to Trump then he doesn’t know anything outside of that one day. No offense to you Mr. Byrne.

            If I’m wrong I will admit it later. What I won’t do is turn my back and quit now. I’ve gone to far to turn back now. I’m down for the long haul on this one. Those of you jumping off now and talking all that stuff now better remember your statements when it flips. If you weren’t strong enough to stay the course and hold the line you need to stay on that side when it comes.

        2. Butt hurt much Karen? Im not even American and no one is allowed to put down the greatest leader I have ever seen in my house. I sit at home and when he comes on Facebook TV I salute him. Seriously I hope you feel the shame you should be feeling. Your acting like a teenager who didn’t get her way.
          The man fought for you don’t you dare EVER put him down. I assume you voted for him because you know the other half is evil so why would you stab him??? It’s not over Karen BUT sadly you are one flakey thinker. If you vote for someone like Trump don’t you dare drop the oars.
          Stand for you vote enough sooking. What can you do? You can educate others a positive affirmative stand is needed here NOT BLAME of THE GREATEST LEADER IN MODERN HISTORY

        3. I think he did all he could, just dont understand why he didn’t take Pat’s advice on the solution that would have worked? AND DID PAT EXPLAIN TO US THAT PLAN?

          1. I’m calling BULLSHIT !!! NONE of this adds up. If Trump knowingly allowed a communist compromised traiter to take power he is guilty of TREASON and the same goes for all of our military, TREASON !!!

          2. In the end Trump only had so much control . It wasnt enough to get military arrests in motion. The military or FEMA cant take down that Cabal under a Trump administration .. Hes just not the figurehead to lead that charge.. I wish that wasn’t the reality.. I wonder if they misled Trump to think there would be a takedown while he was in office.. Trust the plan? Plans change .. And in the end All the world is a stage … Im just disgusted with the media takeover most of all.. You cant get informed wout digging and who has the time.. Life is to be lived, not in front of a computer searching for truths

      10. So, not one military general would stand with the President to stand up for US?
        Says a lot.
        However, it would be a piece of cake for US to surround WDC, capture all of Congress and really drain the swamp.
        We would only need a million or two people. Guns would help.

      11. I have followed you very closely and at times been very unsure about whose side you were really on but determined one thing, I didn’t see where you personally had anything to gain by your contribution and had far much more to lose. The election fraud has been easy to see and anyone who has 2oz of common sense could see the discrepancies, roadblocks, deceptions and stonewalling taking place at the highest levels of government to throw this election. You almost have to be a barely functioning zombie to have not seen it. So I will be looking forward to any new revelations you May have besides the fraud that has been more obvious. As someone who voted Republican since 1980…I am ashamed now that I wasn’t paying closer attention past the rhetoric of God, Guns and Family Values and Country they espoused. This election has been a major eye-opener. I believe you were right with your criticism of the president regarding race relations. I’ve always felt that good people, regardless of their race, hold certain values to be true. While President Trump made some inroads and notable effort, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain reaching out with his message to Black, Hispanic and Asian votes. It is the one thing I have always disliked about the republican party. While I am not from a wealthy family, I was raised in and around Hollywood with members of my immediate family being wealthy. I learned a long time ago that wealth does not give you any form of higher standard of living if you have no integrity. If a man has lots of money, yet beats his wife or children, why should I envy him. The Bible says, “To whom much is given, much is required.” The bottom line is there is only ONE righteous judge and each and every one of us will stand before HIM to give an account of the choices we made and the way we lived our lives. HiS is the one and the only ruling that will matter.

      12. Mr Byrne, I followed it, your interview after the White House meeting, Sydney’s, General Flynns and last but not least Mike Lindell… He’s blowing you all off… Which raises the question, WHAT ON EARTH is going on. Trump does NOT walk away from a fight… And he sure as hell wouldn’t leave his base hanging to go figure it out all by themselves without at least saying ” Sorry, I failed, I tried, the swamp is too deep”. I’m sorry, not buying it. He might be a better actor than we think. Something is off. I recently checked the EO from Joe Biden, his signature changed, Not a little, it went from Joe Biden to Joe R Biden Jr… who changes their signature when they are in their 70’s… Something is up… Things do NOT make sense. Mike Pence was supposed to send the dueling electoral votes back to the states to figure it out. He did not. AZ just gave the ok to view the ballots on jan 20 (too convenient) and now is backpedaling again. Every judge, even appointed by Trump threw out the court cases without viewing any of the evidence. We get one win thanks to Jovan Pulitzer and Boom, tossed out. He stated someone actually broke in to the dominion server during the Georgia elections also. The evidence was watched live, they were caught red handed. Jovan also said give me 500,000 ballots and 2 hours and I can tell you real from fake… No Trump didn’t loose, and yes there is enough evidence… Something is up, and either you’re not telling us or you weren’t told. No the last part I could understand, but again, Trump would never walk away without at least telling his 74 (at least) million voters “I tried, the swamp was too deep, I failed, I’m sorry..”

        1. I think that Trump, Powell, Giuliani, and Flynn were assassinated by the CCP and the farewell speech and his going to Florida were body doubles. Those four people literally dropped off the face of the earth and anything you see publicly is just hearsay, someone saying that they interviewed them and they said this or they said that but there’s no photo or recording of them saying those things. The CCP owns and controls all of the media and the Internet so they are feeding people false information continuing the intense PSYOPS. Those four people were the only road blocks between the CCP and controlling the United States and the world. Now the CCP is controlling everything that mindless Biden is doing. It would probably be very easy to find communications between Biden and the CCP right now because they are likely behind all of those executive orders that he signed already and will in the future. Biden’s mind is gone and he was bought by the CCP so they are controlling him. The CCP just won the United States. We will be full blown communism and it will be scary. Those camps are real. The CCP are killers. Billionaires in China disappear in the same way. Our FBI and CIA are all crooked from top to bottom so they would never even tell anyone if those assassinations did happen and they wouldn’t investigate them either. Either that or Trump had to walk away in order to save his and his family’s lives but that doesn’t really make sense because the CCP would not keep their word and they would kill them anyway. They are crazy ruthless evil killers.

          1. I totally agree with you. Donald Trump is a fighter and if he did have to give up he would have told his supporters. But at this point he knows too much!! He and his family’s life would always be in danger. And it’s hard to run a construction company or any other business when banks won’t work with you and you don’t have access to social media. But this is a worldwide issue – not just taking out a few RINOs. It may take time but I do believe that the Trump card will be played!!

          2. I agree… Trump and the key players could have been assassinated… taken out and replaced with doubles, or DeepFake AI. The tech to do this is real.
            Very sad if that is the case.
            And it means we Americans are truly on our own against the globalists, who have promised our beautiful country to the CCP.
            China, whose land mass is nearly identical to the USA, has 1.3 billion people living on the same footprint as we do with 330 million. They have destroyed their soil, water, and air, and highly covet our rich resources to have for their own.
            Only to destroy our home, too.
            I don’t think Trump would have gone so very far as he did, just to let down our Nation without an explanation!
            I can only assume, as do you, he may no longer be among the living.
            Heartbreaking to see what evil can be unleashed by money, power, and greed.

      13. I don’t understand this at all. Why would you say you doubt you will? What did I miss? What about Sidney and Gen. Flynn? Are you all still in touch?

      14. Q is just a game derived from cicare. It has been in different hands and never meant to be a secret board getting coded Intelligence from the Military or anybody in the WH. Patrck, heard you mention that they may be getting some source of information but garbled. I followed them for a while but found their coded messages was nonsense as well well as their predictions. I follow you and Sidney and others for the truth. Even tho they have been wrong, I find that people are still following Q. I like to follow the followers. They’re the ones that go deep with very interesting links. Now waiting for the next round of the story on President Trump. When will that be? Thanks for hanging with us. Right now, we really need you. Btw: Not My President!!

      15. Thankyou Patrick . I was in absolute shock of the level of corruption. Most people cannot even believe the depths of evil , and wrong doing they will go. But I do think it is important to know the truth . Linwood said he has contacted the secret service , based on testimony of the whistleblower. Will anything come of that.

  2. Greatly looking forward to what I can only imagine is a labor of love, for your County. We appreciate you Patrick.

      1. I have been following your journey through all of this until now. I appreciate you standing shoulder to shoulder with General Flynn fighting for what is right and for Trump. Your dedication to finding the truth is admirable. Thank you for being you, Julie
        PS, A book of your life story would be fascinating down the road. Before you run off into the sunset.

      2. When this is complete I will post a copy to IPFS and tie it to a Ravencoin asset. We can then send it out or have people request a copy so that this history can never be taken down.

        You may want to pickup the asset name for you site. If you don’t, in a few days I will grab it for safe keeping.

      3. Curious as to why you have not joined Gab? Do you know something we do not? Are you through with politics? Thank you for all you have done sir….from us here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey. Hahaha

      4. I follow you as well, I remember you saying there was 2 big things you had to say. You only told about 1. Setting up killery with a bribe , but you never told us about the second huge thing. Do you think you will ever tell us.
        Also it’s very clear trump sold out his base like Bernie did. You are a class
        Act and just don’t want to say it. So I said it for u

  3. You leave me hanging!!!😞😞😞 Lol. I wanted more! So much more! You write very well too.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you for being there for our president. Especially when it seems like everyone else is against him (except the millions of patriots who support and/or love him!)

    1. Sorry, but would you rather I waited a couple weeks until I got the whole thing finished, and then published all at once? If not, then you are going to have to put up with this writing-as-I-go approach.

      1. Patrick I am so happy I found this. Your story is so fascinating. My parents live down the street from Warren’s sister Roberta in Carmel! I am looking forward to your newest story. Praying for God to reveal everything Are you in contact with Sidney and General Flynn and still working on exposing everything?

        1. Patrick I believe Trump does have a plan before he ever got involved in politics. Jerome corsi has alluded to that. I also believe that Trump understood overturning the fraudulent election isn’t enough. The swamp of DC can’t be fixed. Has to be completely decimated. Dissolving the corporation. Removing us from the grip of the central banks is part of that process. No way Trump just walked away with keys to victory in his hand

          1. 1. Patrick knows this, but this is not part of how Patrick came to understand that the elections was stolen.
            He is focusing ONLY on his personal experience and the people he directly has been exposed to. And of course the many indirectly.
            What you are mentioning is not part of “stealing the elections.”
            2. I understand that you are telling Patrick that Trump was not broken, lost, weak, etc as Patrick mentioned he thought he was/is.
            I personally believe that Patrick says so as part of saying he was not a Trump supporter, and did not care about the man until then. Patrick says that he has been studying the Deepstate since 2004, and he is highly intelligent therefore he knows more than he will ever tell us or the Deepstate will come after him

          2. 3. Patrick is not going to name the many “capo di tuti capi” in our country at this time because this MAFIA is still in control.
            Remember how they went on purging the opposition after they killed president JFK? Not Only in the US, but around the world.
            So, Patrick is not going to tell us that Warren Buffett is deepstate. What he shared in this blog is enough.
            As any one of us witnessed Warren Buffet speaking positively/negatively of Trump, or lying about/defending Trump?
            I have been studying the Deepstate since I came to the US in the late 80s and within days discovered “Fake News.” As an outsider, within days of being in the US I understood that most of it all was being fabricated. When I lived outside the US the news from the US was totally different from what I was seeing from inside the US. And the News from where I came from, and the rest of the world was mostly lies.
            No one believed or understood me when I would say the news is fake. It took Trump in 2016 for people to finally understand the news is fake.

      2. Well written! Can’t wait to read the rest. Also, you might want to change the year from Nov 3, 2019 to 2020.

      3. Patrick: I met you when you got involved in the PanMass Challenge…your generosity to the PMC and your support of Billy Starr’s unbelievable fundraising skills was both very touching and very astonishing…it was merely happenstance that I was riding that year…2013 I think….but when you surfaced in the public eye with the whole Spygate thing, my past knowledge of you, and my confidence that you were the real deal due to your PMC credentials, enabled me to listen to you and understand the role you played (at least to the extent you revealed it) in “helping” the scum at the FBI. Anyway, I just want you to know that I greatly admire your sticking your neck out to expose the theft of the 2020 election. The leftist forces leveraging power in this country have got to be stopped, but many people would run away from this. Your courage is to be commended and I sincerely admire what you are doing and hope you remain safe. Perhaps our paths will cross again some day at the PMC. If they do, I’ll shake your hand and thank you in person for your patriotism.

          1. Patrick I really am glad you are better! Did you hear about the supposed recently formed lg. group of former*ntel that are going to work on everything? Article says four hundred.

          2. Please explain how you have given us all this information on Hillary and she is not in jail? I have a sadness stemming from nothing coming to fruition like millions of others and if DJT had circumstances to prevent a different outcome I have to believe that but I need some of these bad folks, Obama’s, Biden’s Clinton’s and any other criminals to face consequences or what are we teaching our kids ? Actions Have To have consequences!

      1. You are living the American dream; your Pop worked hard, followed opportunities and had a little luck thrown in. I read only gratitude in your history with a desire to continue to serve our country so others may prosper as well.

      2. You always come off as exactly who you are – a sincere and down-to-earth man of conscience. There is no one else like you, Patrick Byrne. I look forward to reading everything, as you publish it.

        I realize our elections are fake now and that no honest person will likely ever be elected president again. But could you please try? Maybe you and Flynn together in 2024?

        You said to Reason in 2018 that things were going to have to get “even worse” before you would consider a presidential campaign. Well, things are much, much worse. I fear we will not recognize this country in 8 years.

      3. First: congrats for beating Covid. Glad you’re alive and well.

        Second, on race relations: I suggest to drop the term ‚race‘ entirely. The word has become so poisonous that nothing good can come from a conversation that comprises it. I suggest to replace it with ‚populations‘ or ‚people of different ancestry’ or ‚ethnicity’ or such.

        That way you get rig of all the bad associations that get triggered in peoples minds as soon as you use the poisonous word ‚race‘.

        Thank you.

        1. I completely agree with your suggestion. It’s the first thing I thought as I read.

          If there was more context to defend the assertion, that could help ward off negative reactions. But on its own, it’s definitely a trigger point for most.

          So good overall though!

      4. Your take on DJT seems right to me.
        Abrasive and lovable at the same time, like Muhammed Ali.
        You’re not abrasive, but you sound like a regular person too.
        I like the work in progress approach.

        1. I remember you from years ago. A dozen years or so, right? Thanks for checking back in. I remember you as a bright and independent thinker, at a time there were few of them (Do you remember when my accusing the SEC of being in the pocket of Wall Street was considered a, “conspiracy theory“😂🤣😂🤣😅).

          1. I sent your comment to Richard Grove on Discord (Discord is the name of an online server where the University of Reason meets to discuss current events, history, etc. The University of Reason was started by Richard Grove if you’re not familiar with it and that’s where I met Richard after being familiar with his work. My name is Michael Pendergast and I’m a medical school student as of right now.). You could probably come on and talk to the students at the University of Reason on Zoom if you wanted to. It would be a good way to get your work more expansion.

          2. Yes, a long time back. I’ve been down and out for a long time..but limping back. Not a day without people going after Overstock’s finances…and trashing your employees.. and all this from documented criminals in the pay of hedge funds…and some guy from the Crazy Eddie case too.
            What happened to Ed Manfredonia, by the way? He was brave/
            You know what PDJT is up against, better than anyone. I posted a video of Dinesh D’Souza on my blog suggesting Trump get his own network.


            You should be part of it. None better qualified.

          3. Ok. I passed on this conversation to the University of Reason. They already know me there and I’ll leave it up to them to move forward and get in touch now. Thanks!

      5. I first heard you on the Peace Revolution Podcast episode 5 with Richard Grove.

        Here is a Celtic myth for all people to remember:

        at the mountain at the end of the world, where the sun bids farewell to the land and to the day before he presses on to the land of the rising sun. There, a whole nation guards the gate they call a window. It is the last earthly entrance to that unmani- fested world from which we come forth as travelers into our mothers’ wombs. It is also said to be the window through which we pass after our sojourn in this illusion of time. That nation is called Ixtlan and they remember that all men are brothers past all pretense and arrogance. They are the “people of the window” to the present that is aeternal.

          1. ????? The author of that book passed away years ago. I have no “book”. Can you simply, please, appreciate the words about Ixtlan in the passage? “Gratitude to the One whose fullness we receive makes the world go round and takes awa away all of its problems.”

  4. I can’t wait to read the whole series. Thank you for providing us peasants a glimpse into the world of the rich and powerful.

  5. I want to work for you!!please??? Mom of 4, RN, home finishing raising kids, citizen detective, Covid myth, town FB agitator, fighting to show my husband truth! Buffet his idol, so now I hope I can make him read your posts. Would be easier if you were my boss? Lol. Kind of.

  6. I had an overwhelming rush of sadness come over me as I read your introduction and first meeting with Trump. Maybe at that juncture Trump realized this is way bigger and badder then he could have ever imagined. Although I do not feel all is lost. Trump may have been feeling deflated but not defeated. I too believe The Best Is Yet To Come. Thank you.

    1. Audrey, I hope you are correct. I hope he has a plan. The constitution created many safeguards to the election fraud and states built more. In the critical swing states, each failed in turn. Right now we are all sitting here with baited breath waiting to see if the military safeguard is engaged in a plan to preserve the constitution and the republic.

      But the last safeguard is the people. Empowered by the 2nd amendment. The founders were not stupid. They have always provided the people the means to self determination. The declaration of independence and the constitution provide the way. The people need only the will to secure freedom for themselves and their children, and be willing to make the sacrifices necessary.

      80 million strong! Prepare. The last constitutional safeguard may need to be activated.

  7. I can’t wait for the rest of the story. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Millions of people are devastated this week, it will help to at least have an understanding of what went on behind the scenes.

    My eagle eye picked up on a typo, i’ll assume it will get picked up as you edit. 😋

    1. Thank you for this series. I am heartbroken still and anticipate remaining heartbroken for the near future. They stole the election from our president, and they are getting away with it, and that is fueling their fire. Stupifying. Please try to get in touch with DJT. He might need some guidance that only you–an objective outsider–can give.

    2. This will be a tough read. I’m interested to see if there really was/is was a way to beat the corruption at all levels from philly districts to SCOTUS.

  8. This makes Me Sad. Whatever it was that cld have Saved the Presidency and America absolutely cld not have been Worse than where we are Headed now….The Descent of America in just 2 Days.
    America was hoping for That Last Trump Card!!!

      1. The sadness I feel I cannot shake. I hoped and prayed for the “trump” card, I’m still baffled, I don’t know what happened except our country is gone!

    1. I believe President Trump worries about who he can and can’t trust. Many people who we thought were loyal are showing us how they only used him till the end. McConnell, McCarthy, Pence….so many turncoats what would we do differently?!

      1. That is ultimately what it was and id be willing to put my money where my mouth is on that. After all in the last weeks we were told aides were being told to tell Trump to concede. These people (aides in the WH) didn’t care about the election, or Trump. I do feel there were ultimately A LOT of threats being whispered in his ear as well by many and McConnell just for example. However I do not believe its over. I do not believe that he was so intimidated that he decided to just let it go. I do believe that this trial coming up is going to be VERY VERY revealing on Trumps end. How exactly its going to work out from there i cant say, BUT i am very confident this will be over turned and made right. No offense to Patrick or anyone else involved but i think there was already a plan in place that could not be spoken of. That likely led to a lot of aggravation on Trumps end. One more thing that in my own opinion went wrong was that there were to many people getting involved. He had to many people in his ear and to many people turning on him at the same time. Information should have been kept private regarding ANY plan because having 75 million people talking about it on Twitter, FB, etc. led to a MASSIVE panic in DC. We needed more fog to keep the left feeling like it was over and there was nothing that could over turn any results. At the same time we needed to exhaust them of all their cards before laying the hammer down, to ensure nothing could stop what’s coming and guarantee a win. I have put my heart and soul into this years election and I have spent days upon days, who am I kidding months upon months putting the pieces together and educating myself ahead of elections because we all knew what was going to happen and frankly I was never really into politics “pre-Trump”. It was when he took office that I really started to appreciate this country and embrace being an American, not that I was ever against it. I just didn’t get involved in political settings. But as we all know Trump wasn’t a politician and never will be, he was a wealthy American that stepped up because he was sick and tired of seeing the people struggle, and constantly being lied to by politicians all to benefit themselves when really their duty is the complete opposite and it needed to come to an end. He stepped up with nothing to gain and everything to lose, that’s where I realized that there really were serious issues with our government and an outsider to step in would be the fix. After spending probably about 75% of my life the last year or 2 digging and educating myself it has become me, and I still faith that this can and WILL be made right sometime the the VERY VERY NEAR future. Keep your heads up people this is not over, Trump is a fighter and not someone to backdown especially to people quite literally trying to make him disappear. I have a lot more I could talk about but i would be here far to long lol.

        1. Great post Christopher. Yes, many of us believe we are in the same shoes. Trump awakened Americans. I will not go back to sleep.
          This is all great, but more of the memoirs instead of what we do now.
          It is time for Americans to discuss what comes next to save our Republic from these demons.
          What people need to recognize is it’s the Government vs the People. Not Dems against Repub.
          our government works for themselves not us. Once we all realize this. We now need to come up with solutions

          1. I feel the same way. I always felt that there were people above our elected officials who were making the decisions about law and policies. Not to say all were complicate in being compromised, but probably 75% . So when President Trump came along a non politician I wasfelt as though he would be a breath of fresh air. Someone who didn’t take any payment. Someone who genuinely put America first. A message that was desperately needed. As a Middle class American struggling to get by , this was the message that was needed. Especially after the results from Nafta. I agree Trump was crude . But he was correct. I respect his honesty. I feel he was robbed of this election. No we the people were robbed of this election. I do agree we have to drop the terms white men, black men, ect. We are all people from different ethnic cultures. We all breathe the same air. We all bleed red. We all were created in the image of God. I would be remiss if I failed to mention as President Trump says we are all children of God born and Unborn.

        2. Christopher, every word you posted could have come from me as well. Anyone who wasn’t blinded by TDS could see how much he truly loves this country. It both hurt and angered me to watch the daily 24/7 attacks against him, but it didnt stop him. It must have cut like a knife to find out there were so many traitors in his camp towards the end..
          But even after all of this I dont believe for a minute that he’s going to let this slide and watch America be taken over by the evil that is communism. The 2016 election was nothing short of a divine intervention and because of that I don’t think God is going to allow this country, which was founded on Godly principles, to go down like this…I do believe the best is yet to come.

        3. I believe I’m correct in stating most of us know deep down inside that this is not how it ends BUT, I’ve not heard any mention of what I’m ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED IS GOING TO SAVE US & OUR BELOVED REPUBLIC!
          If you’ve all paid attention from 2015 thru present DJT’s faith, trust & glorification of GOD ALMIGHTY OUR LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST increased TREMENDOUSLY to the point in the last year or so that DJT invoked, gave glory to and praised The Lord in every significant speech, rally, etc. he gave! Trump even told the world that JESUS CHRIST was not only so much more famous than Trump but, that Jesus was so far above him it wasn’t even close! NONE OF OUR LEADERS HAVE EVER DONE THIS IN MODERN HISTORY!
          Take this and all the prophecies that have been spoken with great detail & specificity for over 2 decades that Trump was going to be POTUS starting in our 240th year as a Nation for two terms, that he would drain the swamp, appoint 3 Supreme Court justices bring the WALLS of protection & prosperity of this Country like never before as well as this time being that of the greatest outpouring of The Lords Spirit since the foundations of the Earth! There is so much precision in these prophecies I’m in awe. Numerous prophets have spoken this and continue to speak it even to this day where supposedly Biden is POTUS! These prophets will not back down from these prophecies! There is even a prophecy from I believe 2011 about “people saying we have 2 POTUS how can that be”. Praise God!
          Folks everyone needs to put all their faith & trust in GOD ALMIGHTY! Not any man! God Almighty will definitely do this and it will be done in such an awe inspiring way that NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO DENY THAT IT WAS GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF WHO DID THIS FOR US & THE WORLD! All Praise, Glory & Honor Always in the absolute highest to GOD ALMIGHTY THE MOST HIGH MY LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!
          Please have faith it’s not over!

    2. That’s what I want to know. Why did he choose Rudy & Jenna over Sydney Powell, General Flynn & Patrick Byrne? Why didn’t he use all the tools in his toolbox? Why didn’t he use the Insurrection Act? He had moves left to make, but folded & walked away instead. I want to shake the guy & wake him up!

      1. I agree..he chose Sidney, Mike Lindell, gen Flynn, Lin Wood to fight for him, then why didn’t he listen to them instead of the traitors?? He chose them!! If he’s smarter than that he shouldn’t havebt been shaken by the traitors. Ur right he never used his power, the options, maybe because he chose peace, but he knew if he let it go, we are going to the communist hands, so that should be more important! Idk if there is still a plan, too many times the goal posts were moved and it feels like we the people are our only hope left. If trump really gave up, I’d be very disappointed in him 🥺

      2. Guiliani would never have been my choice.. but he is a political animal and has the insider networks.
        Powell is an outsider in government. So is Byrne.
        Politics, oddly enough, is political.

  9. Thank you for writing this. I’m gobsmacked at how the obvious solution spiralled into no solution and here we are: 17 EOs and counting by the usurper in the WH proving America last; hello communism. In 4 years America will be Cuba & Venezuela combined.

  10. Thank you for posting this – most of America and the world is stunned that Trump’s landslide victory was stolen. Praying for a miracle that this theft of our election is reversed and the rightftful leader of our country will reside in the White House again.

  11. Do you buy into this whole idea that Trump did not want to be the President of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES and has plans to be the President of reinstate the government to its form before we were sold out?

  12. Thank you Mr. Byrne,
    Many months ago, I decided I had a little over a dozen friends from elementary school (50+ yrs) that I could tell *just knew* there was more to what they were hearing about the Deep State. I’d been a Q follower, but grew tired of the “decoder ring” nature, but certainly agreed with the Red Pill theory. I created a Messenger group (White Hat, Red Pill) and These few, I have managed to get them to take the red one. You appearance in this sordid operation, sealed the deal for them, that this is the way it is. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  13. The story needs to be told. The only logical idea I can come up with in regard to why Trump did not follow the advice of the ones like you, Powell, and Flynn is he was not willing to figuratively die for his country. If he pursued the right course of action in the face of evil, he would have been willing to lose everything and put his wife and children in harm’s way. In other words he would have had to follow in the footsteps of the founding fathers, but from the way it appears now, he did not have that courage. I hope there is some truth to the rumors the EO was signed and the military is acting on this authority to stop the steal by March 4th to mid April, but most likely this is just fantasy talk.

  14. I feel and see that ruling elite class took away honest voting right from ordinary people and thus make us ‘peasants’ class as in mid dark age in the history. They could not persuade us politically and therefore they stole the election. This means now that there will be no legitimate political process and it is manifested by free speech censorship participated by big techs. It is getting very close to the digital Leninism. Thank you Pat for your honest endeavors.

    133 Million registered voters. They say Trump got 74m and Biden 81m = 155 Million.
    22 Million MORE people voted, than were registered.
    Those who sit on the real data says Trump got 80 million votes and Biden 53 million.

    In the end, they gave Trump 74 million so 6 million Trump votes went “missing”.
    For Biden to jump from 53 million to 81 million, he got 28 million votes from thin air. Now subtract the 6 Milion missing Trump votes, and you are left with 22 million. The same as the number of votes more than were registered.
    So it appears as if 6 Million Trump votes were switched from Trump to Biden, and 22 Million fictitious (manufactured) Biden voted were pushed through.
    Ps. Thank you for your dedication to find the truth and make the world a better place.
    Greetings from South Africa

      1. 213M registered, 65% voted = 138.5 M votes
        Trump got 74M
        Biden only got 54.5
        That’s the math. I’ve seen the statistical analysis from numerous experts.
        Chump Biden got clobbered, but like they say, what’s important is who counts the votes.
        2020 is proof.

      2. 213M registered voters
        65% voted = 138.5M
        Trump got 74M.
        Biden only got 64.5 If Trump got 80M, then Biden only got 56.5M.
        Folks – this is 4th grade math. But America is full of nitwits and cheats.
        The axiom – it’s who counts the votes that matters.
        And they won.
        Asleep at the wheel, nitwits.

  16. Trump must have been compromised in some way or threatened.

    There was a number of things he could have done prior to the 20th, but chose to save his own skin seemingly.

    As a longtime libertarian, I could see most of the people around him were snakes from miles away, but people do not form their own opinions.

    Outside forces do it for them.

    1. Trump had one job to do. Covid. The great reset will greatly benefit his kind and enslave humanity for eternity. Well done!

      1. He tried to tell people it was fake. Basically a false flag. A real illness but used to the extreme. His job was to look out in as much as he could for the American public and as supreme commander of the military it is his job to also watch out for his troops first and foremost. He kept them as safe as possible and brought many of them home for he is not going to fight for the globalist NWO.

        It really is simple, choose not to be a slave. Refuse to do things that you know are wrong in the first place. Ask God to lead you where you need to be and what you need to do next. Life is not going to be easy here in this world because as humans we are continually learning and growing unless we give up on life. Live life and where you can learn and try to avoid supporting evil.

        Personally I am very happy with our president Trump. As a nation we’ve been very blessed to have him in charge.

  17. Thanks Patrick, looking forward to the rest of the story.

    Do you still have contact with Flynn, Powell, Pulitzer? How are they doing if so? Are they still trying to expose all this?

    And the golden question; Is it worth voting anymore after this fiasco?

    1. I have no clue what could still help us, but Mike Lindel seems to be very positive. Try to stay hopeful of something because this is all becoming so overwhelming for us. I have had a saying all my life ‘Trust your fellow Americans.’

  18. Thank you for this piece. I look forward to reading the next portion. It makes me so sad, seeing how much Pres. Trump has gone through, trying to help the American people while being under relentless attack from every direction. He probably reached a breaking point after finding out that those he trusted most were using him while simultaneously stabbing him in the back. I pray that our country survives this current faux Presidency. So glad you’re over Covid. BTW, I’m from Jersey City, Clifton, Freehold, & spent my summers down the shore. God speed.

  19. Patrick, I sincerely appreciate your attempts to help our country and President Trump. The thing that is nagging at me the most, is how President Trump just quietly walked away in the end. Is there something that we are missing? It seems very out of character for him to not exhaust every possible avenue. He spent years laying the groundwork with his EO’s, but then chose not to utilize them. Can you shed some light on this please? ~Jeff (RamblinAround)

    1. I have all those same questions! He fought fought fought, updated EO’S and did nothing! I feel abandoned… Like he dropped me in the middle of a warzone to fight alone. It’s just so out of character for him and he has been silence since.

      1. I feel the same. I have a theory on what was going on there. It ties in the FF at the capitol, the two strange videos in front of a green screen, the “hostage” video, and Pelosi’s rants about the nuclear codes & how Trump was dangerous etc. and her attempt to get her hands on the codes. Ask yourself, what could the deep state threaten Trump with that would be big enough to make him quit? It wouldn’t be threatening his family, he could deal with that. It had to be bigger than that. Much bigger. Remember, the left projects everything. The meme that Trump couldn’t be trusted with the nukes, is the tell.

        1. I think we are all wondering what happened. I wasn’t a die hard”Q” follower, but I did think that President Trump had a solid plan. I thought he had absolute proof of fraud. I thought he was surrounded by all the right people (advisors & legal team). I am saddened to know he was knowingly failing & didn’t reach out to those who could help him the most.
          I hope your story gets out. There are many still “trusting the plan” & they are looking for all the arrest to be made. Someone needs to put that whole Q plan to rest.

        2. Antiqueiron, would you expound upon your comments, please? I haven’t heard of anything you typed except for the part about Pelosi.

  20. Thank you for sharing this. I can not figure out why there was such hesitancy to play really hard ball because he had all the proof.

  21. Hey bud, helping to get the word out and looking forward to what you have left to come. Thanks for sharing. There could be a TON of Americans who can draw closure from what you plan to share. Thanks again Patrick, for everything.

    1. I actually wonder if Trump “chickened out” because he/a family member was threatened!? How come Trump & Melania returned to WH early (unscheduled) after Christmas looking anything but happy? Why did Trump care so much whether his actions made “the left” angry? Where was Barron during the departure ceremonies? We already have proof high ranking officials of “the left” have kidnapped children & adults for evil. So many things we do not know, but one thing is certain to me: Trump is anything but chicken!!!!

  22. Patrick,

    Good start on your autobiography! Interesting similarities to my family – New Jersey (there’s only one ‘T’ in Paterson, by the way), dad was stationed at McGuire AFB, Irish ancestry, poor, Catholic, used station wagons. May be more but I’ll have to wait for your next chapter…

    When you made disparaging remarks about Trump in the past, I was disappointed but knew you were brainwashed by the media. I’m so pleased you have now joined the millions globally who love DJT with open hearts. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. I heard that in India they believe he is the reincarnation of a great guru. Perhaps many of us who knew him then recognized him now.

    Unlike the Doubting Thomases and Debbie Downers, I feel a strange sense of peace. I’ve been watching a lot of youtube to see what others are experiencing and I’m clearly not alone. We all feel it and it’s not just wishful thinking. Trump may or may not come back as President but we may have a different form of government, as someone commented up thread.

    I’m glad you are setting the record straight. Future historians will need an accurate record.

    Buy more popcorn, patriots!

  23. I was fascinated with your Covid recovery story. I am wondering given your medical history if you took Hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic? If not why? I was thinking that maybe stress had a major roll in your Covid infection? I also had a bout with what seemed like Covid which lasted several weeks although at age 68 I was too lazy to get treatment I managed to pull through it using home remedies and lots of Vitamin D/C & Zinc.
    probably would have been much faster recovery had I been able to find a supplier for the Hydroxy/Zinc treatment. I am wondering what the monoclonal antibody therapy cost?

    1. I was taking hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic starting about a year ago but my access to it dried up and I ran out. Months ago. It’s funny, but when I was a Dartmouth kid and a class of us went off to Asia for the summer, and then I stayed another year and a half… Most of us were on hydroxy Clora Quinn. I remember being in a little village in the north of Thailand in the summer of 1984, at a dusty cross roads store, On the shelf they were bottles of aspirin and hydroxyCloreQuinn. You could buy them by the pill, five cents apiece. When one felt malarial symptoms coming on, one would buy them and start taking them. That’s how I use them, after I got malaria in July that summer.

      I understand that if one takes a daily dose for 10 years, one risks at 2% chance of developing an arrhythmia. But I suppose the same is true of aspirin: I’ve been of people take a daily dose for 10 years, some 2% of them are going to develop something, if only ulcers. In any case, prophylactic use against Covid … We’re talking about a fraction of that dose. Or for treatment, two doses a day for five days. So it seemed that whole “2% develop an arrhythmia” with a real red herring.

      I don’t know if it’s still true, but somewhere along the way the entire Israeli medical profession went on HCQ prophylactically.

      “And those men are DAWKtahs!”

      1. Repression of covid prophylactic treatments is one of the biggest travesties of the pandemic. My husband is a DAWKtah, and I can assure you many doctors had a personal prophylactic plan. When we read your covid saga, we were shocked that for a guy that sees trends, you didn’t have a plan! Oh well, you made it down the canyon and got treatment! 🤣

          1. If you run short of HCQ, stock up on the natural supplement Quercetin, which is available OTC in supplement stores and online.
            It is a zinc transporter, like HCQ, but easier to get, cheaper, and relatively safe.
            Check drug interactions if you’re on anything else.
            Glad you survived.

          2. I guess even superheroes get distracted/sick when saving the world. I am sorry if the tone of my comment was condescending. Now, back to writing for you!

          3. Tonic water which has the quinine in it just like HCQ, Quercitin Vit C, zinc, and macca green tea works as well as, or almost as well as the HCQ. In fact my husband is in the public all the time, and we don’t even do the tonic water very often except if we feel something coming on. But we do the VitC, zinc daily and green tea quite a bit.

          4. Next time you run out, Tonic water, Quercitin Vit C, and zinc just as good in our experience. Macca green tea also works loke the HCQ, tonic water and Quercitin which are all designed to drive the zinc in deeper for the virus cannot replicate.

        1. I agree Laura.It is outrageous that 2 cheap,safe,widely used drugs by millions of people for decades (Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin) have been prevented from being given to Covid patients,even though many doctors/epidemiologists have reported success in treating Covid patients with both for many months now.
          It’s difficult to not get angry when watching the 2 videos below.

  24. Relieved to know you are feeling better.
    The fraud committed with the 2020 election has left a hole in America and the patriotic heart. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for millions.
    The attacks on our president from all angles weighs heavy, I found it most upsetting and heart wrenching.
    I thank you for your insight, hard work and words from the heart. Bless you

  25. Who really is Trump?

    He never disavowed Q. Never made any arrests of deep state actors. Never left Twitter or Facebook or did anything to reign in Big Tech even as conservatives were being censored and algorithmed to death. Played along with the plandemic letting independent producers get decimated and cities burned to the ground ad arrests and manufactured racial tensions grew.

    Now with the voices of conservatives largely muted and many losing access to capital , he’s walking away to build a media empire and financial services firm. Hmmm does all this seem a bit too contrived?

    I’m beginning to think the new world technolocratic totalitarian order is the only plan and the only power that matters is the same small group that has run the world for centuries. The rest is simply window dressing.

    1. I keep asking myself, why would Trump fight harder than any president in our lifetime, sacrificing his wealth and safety, only to walk away in the end? He left because the Democrats and the corrupt media told him to?

      Why were we forced to play by the rules when the other side was constantly breaking them and flaunting it in our faces every chance they got?


      God help us all.

      1. We dont know the answers Madison. And I hear you as do most others. We cant figure it out. But please dont stop praying. Prayer does make a difference. We all know something seems not quit right – we just don’t know what it is…

    2. Jean,
      The President does not have the power to arrest anyone. Why would he disavow Q, which is freedom of speech? Why do you think Congress, however, DID seem afraid of “Q” and addressed it? Why would Trump leave Twitter and FB where the majority of the people would see his statements? Do you think that would have brought Big Tech down? Of course not. Trump was not a dictator yet so many are wishing he was. People seem to forget, or not know, that the States are mostly sovereign. The Feds do not tell the Governors and Mayors what to do. The corrupted state governments showed their corruption during the riots and subsequently the election. If Trump would have sent in the military to the states where rioting was happening, don’t you think that would have been worse? He certainly then would have been seen as a dictator. The states are responsible for themselves. He told us from the beginning the “pandemic” was nothing to worry about, yet Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, Brix, all of them keep whipping it up and we all know why. Now, anyone with two brain cells knows how deep the corruption is. Although I must say that I am amazed daily at the sheer number of people who still cannot see it!
      I, too, am very dismayed and frustrated at the apparent outcome of this entire situation. I waffle between there is still a plan, which may take years to complete, and we are on our own. Either way, it really is up to we the people, always has been and always will be. That is where the power lies. The Founding Fathers stated this explicitly and history as shown this to be true, even globally. I do not believe Trump just walked away and totally washed his hands of us. That’s not like him. This situation wasn’t created in 4 years and it certainly would be a feat to bring it down in that amount of time.
      Agree that the technocratic totalitarian order is the plan. It has been, and has been made public, for a very long time. It is still up to us to stop it but the time is quickly approaching where it may be too late to have a chance.

  26. Seems he thought he could beat this with the courts, especially after building up a conservative majority in the SCOTUS, but the enemies were prepared. The lawfare types gamed it out for months and knew he had no chance with that path. Any chance we get our hands on those ballots or machines in the next year?

  27. I have often wondered if you considered that his intention may have been to fully expose the depth and breadth of traitors in our institutions rather than to conventionally maintain the presidency. I recall an interview where you acknowledged that many people believed there was a plan, and you informed listeners that you didn’t want to disappoint them, but there was, in fact, no plan. Are you sure about that, or are you playing your part? Despite the current information blackout and absence of a claimed victory, it looks more like a masterful multiplanar game on of chess from the outside.

  28. So compelling..when do we get more? I am devastated!
    Glad you came out of the C19 intact! Stay well.


  29. Following this saga from Blighty. So looking forward to reading this tale. Something along the lines of mass printing of fake ballots in 6 swing states, realising the ‘flip ratios’ were enough so they stopped the count and hacked into the machines and updated the algorithm to increase the ratio sets.
    Question is, now that Donald Trump has left the club house, do you, Sydney and Flynn have any plans to take him out for another round of golf or is the game done?

  30. I am praying for you and for our beloved POTUS. The best really is yet to come. Xoxo @smartconsrvtive on twatter.

  31. I have been following your journey through all of this until now. I appreciate you standing shoulder to shoulder with General Flynn fighting for what is right and for Trump. Your dedication to finding the truth is admirable. Thank you for being you, Julie
    PS, A book of your life story would be fascinating down the road. Before you run off into the sunset.

  32. Thank you Patrick B for writing this for others to see what has transpired. Will there be any revelations about the bankruptcy of the United States Corporation and the renewal of the Original Constitution for the United States of America
    Thanks again and God Bless you and those on your team sir. B.A.

  33. Did you mean Nov 2020 in the first sentence (not 2019)? At any rate, thank you for taking the time to document all of this and sharing with us. I look forward to hearing more.

  34. Patrick,

    I’ve been following and promoting you since day one of this election nonsense. Now I’m redirecting my efforts into trying to obtain a long-range view of where we are heading as a divided society. I believe this is one of the best
    articless I’ve found to predict the future course of the current political climate. Please let me know what you think.

    (PDF of the article “NOW OUT OF NEVER – The Element of Surprise in the East European Revolution of 1989”).



  35. I am intrigued by your background information and update of your involvement Nov.3 to Jan 6 in #StopTheSteal. You mention the metaphor of a 3 foot putt as opposed to a 40 ft sand trap shot.
    President Donald J. Trump knows something about the “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime.” Important lessons are learned through hard fought work. You have been privy to elite mentors, and are using your “time, talent, & treasure” to give back. For that I am grateful and find you endearing. We all need to remember we are One Nation Under God.

  36. I hope you’re feeling better brother, with the worst behind. Very much appreciate this work Patrick, as well as the rest of it. In a short time, you’ve grown into a bit of a hero of mine.

    The past few weeks have been an emotional ride, simultaneously the longest and shortest period of my life I think. It’s destroyed a few friendships. They would not see – or could not, or I couldn’t show them. I actually began making clipped videos, which I’ve never tried before – to try and show those close to me what I have seen, including your work here.

    I never want to spoonfeed people, I don’t think we can win that way – not that I’m one to know. If I can help people to start to ask questions and try and provide possible places for answers (like here for example), then maybe people like yourself can help them find the right questions to ask. That’s what happened to me. – Part 1 – Part 2
    Part 3 is in the works, as is the link list for Part 2.

    Thanks again, for everything.

  37. I too, have (had. They’ve both now passed) parents that canceled out each others votes. My mom was also one of those outspoken, harsh democrats, and my father, a timid closet conservative. He privately smiled knowing he was blocking her vote. I’m only a couple years older than you, so I understand what living with parents of the greatest generation was like. All I can contribute, is this: The American spirit has never been stretch to its limit, as far as it has with this fraud of an election. It was stolen from us. Our votes, thus our choice, had no meaning to the establishment that runs this planet. If in fact, there IS NO plan, and the military elite do nothing about this, then America, and all it’s ever stood for, will end up as an adjective in history’s story line. Nothing more than a victim of that same old adage: “history’s written by the victors”. All those things we’ve bragged about… our resolve being one, simply chaff in the winds of time. And we will all weep for her. I pray there IS a plan. Because not ever having a voice in another election will be the least of our worries. The current administration is broadcasting it as we speak, by canceling out all President Trumps accomplishments. No, history can not be written by this evil system. Not this time. It’s too important this time.

  38. Thank you for the beautiful background story about your parents. It takes a strong person to never give up and to keep fighting for your dreams. Thank you for everything you’ve done for all of us as well. We won’t forget.

    With all due respect, while I’m certain our President felt many emotions over the last 4 years and certainly since the election, I’m just not buying that he was defeated enough to quit fighting. He’s too smart, he’s been through too much, and giving up just doesn’t seem to be in his DNA.

    I also believe that President Trump would have, at the very least, given his 80M+ supporters clear closure if he was throwing in the “proverbial” towel. I know he gave a “farewell” speech, but did that sound like one to you?

    President Trump, in my opinion, would have made it very clear to us that it was over, if in fact that was the case. We all saw the genuine love for Americans and for our country through our President and he knew what the stakes were and still are. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I just don’t believe it. President Trump would have told us. There are millions of us who truly feel that more is going on behind the scenes and there may be information that we aren’t privy to. We haven’t given up and our President has given us no reason to. We are praying constantly for President Trump and his family.

    More than anything, I put my trust in God above, not in man and I know others do as well. God can move mountains and part seas if it is His will. God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people and I believe He is doing just that.

    If by chance you do get to speak with President Trump, please let him know that millions are praying for him and trusting that Good will prevail. God wins no matter what in the end so keep praying fellow patriots.

    * I feel the need to put this in here for some strange reason. I have never followed whoever Q is. I had never heard of Q until after the election and haven’t researched anything related to that. I’ve seen others tweet theories along with Q drops (I guess that’s what they’re called?), but that’s about it.

    God bless!

  39. Hey Patrick. Why not be a real man and allow someone to interview you to expose the truth about you, Trump, and all of the other minions?

  40. Thanks for writing – look forward to seeing more – I used to work for an insurance company that your father owned and have followed some of your Overstock history – please keep up the good work!

  41. Patrick, your life has been extraordinary in so many ways. There seems to be a massive drain of emotional energy taking place in our country since the election. While not very religous, I am a very spiritual person. As such, I am trying to hold on to the notion that all things happen for a reason, even if we cannot presently fathom what that reason is. I don’t know you, but certainly appreciate your willingness to share what you know. Seems you have defied the odds many ties over….you are here for a purpose. Each of us will then have more information to help chart our own purpose. Knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Hey, I claim “Real Pam” status having posted for years on this website. You’re going to have to be Pam #2. Only half kidding – comments section is set up badly, with dupe names and Anonymice.. Now I know why some names are red in the comments section – there is more than one. But we Pams seem to think alike! Welcome aboard!

  42. When will you release the next one? This is a really sad story. This is trumps biggest disappointment of his whole 4 years, not being able to overcome the elections fraud. I have so many unanswered questions about trumps last 60 days. It seems we are all disappointed because all we heard was Sydney Powell this and kraken that. None of it adds up… hope you can clarify a lot of this

  43. I am so sad, like so many, what they have done to our President, on top of all the slander and constant attacks, for years. Unbelievable. The love and devotion to this president is unprecedented.
    I have thought long and hard about why he was so passive over the years and also at the end… it is possible that he just couldn’t see himself doing something out of line, exhausting all legal options first when a more executive approach was called for. Maybe it was just inexperience and him not being clear on his power, or relying too much on the legal system and his appointees. Who could have believed the corruption at all levels?
    Another important point, Obama moved various people who were supporting his ideology from political appointed positions into the permanent bureaucracy, which assured that his policies would live on and ended up acting like a wall for President Trump, in short he didn’t have people on his side in his administration (various traitors and the Obama holdovers) and that showed in the end.
    I hope, he runs again and enforces change in the voting system before then. The Dems have done all the hard work, he just has to focus on the areas they focused on and get it done.

  44. Thank you Mr. Byrne for putting this into words and making it public, who else is doing this? Nobody. Keep up the good work, together with the rest of the “unveiling crew” like Sidney, Rudy, Jenna, Jovan etc…It is sad to see this, but keep standing up against these forces of evil and continue to do what you can. God’s speed and His blessing and protection be about you all!!!

  45. I know we all feel a bit disappointed & bewildered, yet I feel your noted sadness for this Pres as well. We can’t forget, even with his fight & 4D chest skills- his still merely human. He & his family hv been dodging arrows, corruption & betrayal from every angle. He, they all, have to be mentally & physically exhausted. To fight incoming 24/7 with so very few he could trust, has to be lonely, isolating, & even the most secure/confident leader would begin to question its toll, not to mention all the disinformation & incorrect options/guidance given to him repeatedly by so called experts. I think we all were clueless to the extent of the DC lies, swamp, & plain evil. So on a human scale, I can get his apprehension on the correct course of action and fatigue of systematic abuse. His is one man. A man who has awakened us all & reignited a sense of Patriotism again. I still find it hard to believe that he truly has just quit, yet understand if he did. My bigger concern, is our MILITARY. If it’s all true that our armed forces know of the domestic treason, financial sell outs/national security secrets, etc and Foreign interference/planned attacks etc AND they do NOT act——WHERE DO US MERE CITIZENS TURN TO SAVE OUR FREEDOMS & THIS GREAT COUNTRY??? Our military leadership is ok with a compromised President & the further deterioration of a free country???! It’s not just about Trump or this one election…. if allowed to stand, and no one domestically or internationally is held accountable, then this is the new norm…no concern from our legal or judicial branches, and now it appears the military is ok with these treasonous acts as well???? Law abiding, country loving, God fearing citizens appear to have no where to turn. Lawlessness is now excused, nationalism now condemned…. ? The DS, both sides, will continue to betray & sell Citizens out, as well as they are determined to destroy President Trump, civilian Trump, his family, his supporters & anyone associated w/him or the movement. I pray constantly for him, his family, our country, and us all…. what’s our options?? How do stop & reverse course??? Patriots are angry, sad, and feel hopeless. Voiceless. Thank you for all that you’ve done/continue to do… we must not allow this criminality to stand/be swept under the rug! Sorry for writing a book… sleepless, weary, and needing to vent… out of answers, looking for any wee bit of light.. any glimpse of hope that my country still stands for all that I was raised to believe.., eyes wide open. Thank you President Trump…

    1. We grew up believing in goodness. We know know that many took advantage of that. Our president Donald J. Trump was chosen to help bring all out of the slumber. Do not give that up. Good always rules over evil; please never forget that an that God has this under control as evil is exposed in this nation and around the globe.

      1. Well Mike Lindel seems positive. Lin Wood keeps telling us to trust Trump, Our Military and GOD. The people in the WH are foreigners and they are the same kind our Veterans have always told us that they hate us and our freedom. Maybe we will have an Isaiah or Daniel moment.

  46. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for all your devotion and sacrifice to save our country. Ive truly believed that Trump would act bold after meeting you, Sydney Powell, & Gen Flynn. It feels like something has not been clearly completed. I don’t know why but for sure, everybody felt that he did not do his best for us. Not blaming him but we are lost and we don’t know how long the darkness engulfs us. Thank you for sharing. It is heartbreaking to read meanwhile I want to have a clear view on behind the scenes.

  47. Ok I wrote a heartfelt, long introspective reply… does not show above? Is there an approval process?? Frustrating

  48. Not only are all your writings fascinating but the reactions even more so. I have always thought that a large majority of wealthy/famous folks look a bit lonely and required to be cautious of others and their intentions.

    Patrick, thank you for your honest accounts. Honestly IS a sign of true wealth. Do not loose faith in humanity. Prohibition days again could be fun! Faith is free but tough to hold.

    I hope you are writing on a sunny beach, always welcome here in Oz!


  49. Patrick: I am an editor. The following are minor corrections I would suggest. I wish I could do this in a more private way. BTW, very much enjoying your pubic writing. I like the concept of writing with option to update.

    After JFK my parents probably > After JFK, my parents probably

    Our nation is supposed to embody “consent of the governed”, > Our nation is supposed to embody “consent of the governed,”

    how to fix it, and am disgusted by the Goonism > how to fix it, and I am disgusted by the Goonism

    In my eyes most Left Democrats are > In my eyes, most Left Democrats are

    Through chicanery Trump ended up with 74 million, > Through chicanery, Trump ended up with 74 million,

    pursuing a 40 foot shot > pursuing a 40-foot shot

    if he would just listen to Flynn, Sidney, and me > if he would just listen to Flynn, Sidney, and me,

    there was an easy 3 foot putt he was not seeing > there was an easy 3-foot putt he was not seeing

    I won’t enjoy writing it but I owe it to you. > I won’t enjoy writing it, but I owe it to you.

    1. Serious? (or is it “Seriously?) Should I have used parentheses in that previous part? What about the quotes around the word seriously? I’ll bet you are fun at dinner parties.

      1. Hahaha, just now noticed it! Hilarious :).
        I am sitting here, crying while reading everyone’s comments. At least this has put a smile on my face.

    2. Really Kevin? This guy is an amazing patriot and poured his heart and soul out with more to come and you have the audacity to edit his writing. He’s not publishing a book for God sake and not a single person who commented after reading this beautiful script had a negative comment to make. If you need an editing job, go find one, unless you were asked by Patrick himself to edit his writing, which I doubt since that would have happened before he posted it. Not everyone gets concerned over where to put a comma or end a sentence, but no one needed that to understand his work.

      And by the way Kevin, the man who chose to edit Patrick’s writing unnecessarily — perhaps while you are editing someone’s work without permission, what about the blunder you made in the second line of your edit when you said “pubic” instead of “public”. Maybe it’s a sign that even you are not perfect!

      1. Clearly, I am not perfect. Thank you all for pointing out MY mistake. My intent was to help, and if Patrick cannot use the suggestions, he is more than welcome to erase my posts. Editors generally work in the background.

    3. Jesus Kevin, what part of ‘work in progress’ did you not understand? He could not have been more clear. You may think you’re an editor and if in fact you are, you need a proofreader. Or at least the common sense to proofread your own commentary when attempting to publicly school someone for something they have written. 🤦🏼‍♀️

      BTW, very much enjoying your pubic writing. > BTW, very much enjoying your public writing.

      1. Obviously a fallible one. Hope you all enjoyed the goof!

        I made the suggestions to make his writing better. I appreciate very much what he is sharing with us.

    4. Kevin,
      I appreciate it. I used to have that same schoolmarmish habit. But it is how I met tom Sowell. I wrote him a bunch of little typos for one of his books, he wrote me back….

      1. Please feel free to use or not AND to erase my comments after you have decided whether or not to use them. Editors usually work in the background.

    5. Kevin, I would like to add my two cents as well. I seemed to read somewhere in the thread that
      Mr. Byrne had said he would welcome comments. I am one who believes that structure is just as important as context for readability and achieving the highest level of clarity. I believe your motives were only to be helpful because I understand your world. After all, isn’t conveying our ideas effectively the goal? I am a court reporter, and that makes me a wordsmith too. It gets tedious making sure that every comma is where it should be, and the minutia we have to care about probably falls into the big “Who cares?” category for most. The truth is, most people underestimate the importance of good writing. Case in point: I told my 84-year-old neighbor about a wonderful video called, Eat, Fast, and Live Longer. She was thrilled until I told her there was a comma after the word, “Eat.” Also, I’d like to say that I did not read your corrections as any sort of criticism. I think those mocking comments you were on the receiving end of were coming from some who are just too easily offended. Pay no never-mind. There are still a few of us who appreciate good grammar and a well-written paragraph in this world of shorthand dit’s, dots, and dashes in text speech. So I wanted to say I’m so happy to see someone who really understands and appreciates the beauty of the English language and has a desire to keep up the standards. Thank you. P.S. And I hope you were able to laugh at yourself with the “public” boo-boo. I can get 5,000 words right, but one error slips by even the best of editors every now and then. You never get credit for the 5,000…but you sure get the dickens raised for the boo-boo. It’s funny…and human nature. I guess if we’re in the business of critiquing, we have to be willing to be critiqued as well. Godspeed.

      1. Jane, this is Jane. You didn’t make paragraphs, and you put a hard connect between Mr. and Byrne (trying to keep them together, as they should be on a line), and so when the margins changed, you dropped down a line. Whoops.

        If we can’t take constructive criticism, be self-critical, or take a joke, life is going to be way harder than it has to be….

        Live well, love well….and communicate well.

      2. Thanks, Jane.

        I am editing a book manuscript currently, and I am on the third pass. It is easy to miss a mistake–or to create one while editing. I took a break to read Patrick’s excellent preface to his work. I would have preferred to have sent the corrections privately.

        I understand the comments others have made. Generally, calling attention to such minor mistakes in a public forum is to find fault, so they likely read my list in that vein. Nevertheless, if the editor’s fopaux brought someone a chuckle, so much the better. 😉


  51. Patrick, thanks for sharing your perspective and participation in the events of this election.

    Whatever you write, we all know Trump “lost” and that outcome will not change. Could you include a few things in your work:
    -what’s next for America
    -How can you live successfully in communism
    – Would love to hear your thoughts on if we can ever get back to honest elections

  52. Before waking up on November 4th in this crazy, twilight zone episode, I honestly had never heard of Patrick Byrne. since then, I’ve come to truly appreciate his insights, peppered with his intelligent thoughts and fascinating life experiences. Patriotism looks good on him. I look forward to the next chapters of his story.

  53. Can you ask General Flynn why he endorsed the Q thing when he recorded himself “taking the oath”? This thing has messed up so many people. Now every whistleblower that comes forward against the deep state is going to be called a conspiracy theorist.

  54. Patrick, you are one of four that I pay attention to. Others are Flynn, Powell, and Pulitzer. I feel that our country was let down by those I thought were supposed to protect us. The people in communist countries know what they are dealing with. It will take time for me to fully accept the full predicament that the 2020 election has left us. Glad you have a platform that allows you to speak the truth. Looking forward to more installments.

    I have been invited to a phone-in town hall with my state’s US congressman and the subject is Election Security. I am so disgusted by what was allowed to happen right in the open that my brain is still scrambled. Right now I thing my only question will be how can he even walk into that place knowing that he will be destroyed if he even questions things we actually saw like the 10:30pm “last call” for 6 states and the video of the hidden ballots being fed into scanners. You can’t even talk about it.

  55. Thank you for giving us the truth! You are fascinating and courageous. I pray for you to stay healthy and safe! Still want to work for you!

  56. The “Aftermath” will hopefully headline the fact ballots cannot be shred & data from Dominion cannot be altered or destroyed for 22 months after the election.
    Knowing the Executive, Judicial and, for now, the Legislative branch will ignore and suppress the fact the election was rigged, only a grassroots effort on a local and state level will force a fair & honest forensic audit that will insure a fair & honest counting of votes before the coming election in 2022.
    Buyers Remorse will be the lynchpin that ignites the movement that will insure the will of the governed to choose their leaders. Your efforts will prove to be a major factor of that movement.

  57. Thanks, Mr. Byrne. The development of your opinions may help some who are stuck in a certain stage or pattern of thought. Sometimes a soliloquy provides more depth than the narrative.

  58. That was a great opening salvo, Patrick!

    Given the 3-foot putt metaphor, it is difficult for many like myself to think that Trump’s hands were tied as tightly as you allude.

    By one of your first-hand accounts, it appears he was not even aware of the emergency powers at his disposal nor what they implied. That account does not bode well in supporting the blind faith in his renowned intellect. Was he playing stupid, I wonder?

    Either Trump pulled a PENCE and shirked his oath of office, or he was a part of what amounts to a World-Wide-Wrestling-Federation performance of the most egregious order.

    I trust that your subsequent installments will provide clarity as to which plausibility rings truest. I look forward to all of them. Thank you!

  59. That was a great opening salvo, Patrick!

    Given the 3-foot putt metaphor, it is difficult for many like myself to think that Trump’s hands were tied as tightly as you allude.

    By one of your first-hand accounts, it appears he was not even aware of the emergency powers at his disposal nor what they implied. That account does not bode well in supporting the blind faith in his renowned intellect. Was he playing stupid, I wonder?

    Either Trump pulled a PENCE and shirked his oath of office, or he was a part of what amounts to a World-Wide-Wrestling-Federation performance of the most egregious order.

    I trust that your subsequent installments will provide clarity as to which plausibility rings truest. I look forward to all of them. Thank you!

  60. Patrick:
    Given that you may have access to information not available to most of us, I would very much like to correlate your information with another line of thought which holds that Trump – and all politicians – are only figureheads – and not the real power. Obvious that Military power is the ultimate power. Are we now – effectively – under (temporary) Military Rule? From my (extremely limited) perspective, all of the paperwork was actually and deliberately put in place for this. This is ironic in that – as I write it – I am realizing “paperwork” is only necessary if those with the power respect the rule of law. If they didn’t, who would stand against them? If they respect the rule of law, (as I define it) then they would have my full support – not that it matters in the overall. For those with two working brain cells, I am just trying to gather data here. My “opinion” is not relevant.

  61. You have definitely captured my attention and will following. I believe the media and the left blew COVID way out of proportion with a goal in mind. I’m not saying it isn’t real because it is but it’s just another SARS virus. Once places began to shut down everyone had to follow suit. He couldn’t not stop it. Some people are so dark they saw an opportunity to steal an election, it worked. One day the world will all have to believe the truth.

  62. The fact that you began life in the middle class and still remember it, remember the life you lived then, the way the world looks from that place, is of tremendous significance.

    I don’t know if it’s still true that we all want to get where your parents managed to take your family. I’m just a little younger than you, began from a similar place, a home with patriotic, hard-working, never- whining parents. Neither parent finished high school. They ultimately began a small business and lifted us out of real poverty (dad once so desperate he was shoveling snow, painting water towers to support two babies at home). We never had a Warren Buffett moment, but came out miles ahead where we began and we’ve all managed to do pretty well.

    I used to think we all wanted to get where your family went. Where my family intuitively wanted to go. Something’s different now about our culture. We all could talk for hours about that.

    Tied-for-biggest question I have right now is WHY your mother didn’t like DJT at all (I’m kind of hoping it’s because she’s gotten very old and simply turns on the t.v. now, believes what they tell her…I’ve seen a LOT OF THAT in people with otherwise decent-enough minds).

    Sad to read that you are NOT in communication now with DJT. While trying to just get on with life and see where this goes, I’ve been holding out hope that something’s still brewing and was hoping you were part of it.

    I followed Bannon’s War Room quite a bit at first after the election, but came to a moment when I felt I was (and all) being ‘handled’. I began to think “OMG, what if they KNOW how this is gonna shake out, they know DJT is not going back to the WH, but they’re building up a gigantic base for some iteration of a ‘media empire’ (and we’re all just the goobers being led along. To this moment, I don’t know if I’m correct or if I’m just overwhelmed by all the crazy, so many people we thought we could trust no longer seeming trustworthy.

    I really enjoy the way you think and the way you write.

    P.s. Random, but I think you were really in love with that Russian girl (the redhead). 🙂 The way you spoke about her intelligence and education…it was wistful. I reckon it is hard for you to find someone that interesting, being pretty unusual yourself.


  63. Patrick,

    Thank you for doing this. Your insider perspective is a welcome one and sorely needed into today’s age of corporate media misinformation and disinformation.

    I look forward to reading more as you publish it.

    One point about Trump and his tickling of racist sentiments, deliberately or not. If, like me, you believe that actions speak louder than words, what Trump did for criminal justice reform by championing and signing the First Step Act goes far beyond what any other politician has done for racial justice since before Reagan, if not considerably longer.

    Trump rarely gets the credit he deserves for that, but then again, to do so would risk invalidating the elite media’s, “xenophobic, racist, white nationalist,” narrative of Trump that they have spent years building up; and they rarely like to admit being wrong.


  64. I appreciate your candor from the time I learned of your position in the battle way back around 10th. I am joining the fight locally, specifically around school choice. I started a group back in the summer to bring into the fight. We would love your help.

  65. Bravo!

    Nature abhors a vacuum and you, Flynn and Sydney gave us hope. Because of that I am still hopeful that something good will come from that. Byrne/Flynn 2024? Count me in! I’ll work on that campaign. I’ve given up on the RNC. How did they not know of the changes to election laws in the 50? Isn’t that their job? That is the question that has bugged me since the counting irregularities were revealed.

    I have been praying for you since learning of your CV19 diagnosis and am so glad to read that you are negative.

    Thank you,

  66. I still don’t believe this is over. The evidence will come out and the corruption will be exposed. People need to go to jail. Are you still in contact with Tore?

  67. Thank you Patrick! I hope that whatever proof of fraud might be available makes to the supreme court so this faux election can be set straight! Do you know if there are still any lawsuits in any of the courts? We need our rightful President in the Whitehouse. Biden is destroying our country! We can’t sit through four years of him or there’ll be nothing left to save. The truth has to come out and people need to be indicted!

  68. Do you have any thoughts on Bill Barr? Prior to the election he came out about the the huge potential for fraud with mail in ballots then following the election he maintained there was not enough fraud to move the election. Why do you think the DOJ FBI just ignored all the evidence? Was the corruption just too much to be revealed? Bill Barr recently had an interview where he said Trump surrounded himself with ‘Clownish’ lawyers which I found offensive. He did his best to discredit everyone by making it sound like the voice of reason. He certainly didn’t like it when Trump said DOJ was missing in action
    your thoughts?

  69. So many thoughts after just the background. I had no idea what your background was…thank you for sharing. I really just want to skip to the last chapter of where do we go from here….I am not sure I will like the chapter. For me…I knew the election was stolen on the morning of the 4th. Primaries won’t matter…they already know how to steal…I see no fix in primaries unless we fixed the biggest Coup attempt in our history & w/out reading all your chapters (& I will completely) now know that has not been done.
    I voted for DJT both times. For the first time in history we had someone running that wasn’t a “deep state” politician. People need to start realizing both sides are “deep state” career politicians & are not there to represent Americans but their own pockets. I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Pres. Trump allowed “deep state” to influence him over you, Flynn, Powell & Lindell? He is not a dumb man, so I am still out on what this is all about…looking forward to your view on it.
    Every day wasted looking back is one more day the window has closed on recovering our country. 80M who voted need to band together & “sit in” for a 24 hr period. No electronics, no shopping, no leaving your home, no working, nothing. It would halt our economy. It would send a message. We DO NOT need violence. We need a stand…once a week we “sit-in”.
    Thoughts Patrick?
    I don’t want to wait months to act…when we need to act now. Biden in a few days has dismantled so many good parts of our country. We know he has been bought & pd for by the CCP & others. Every American should be very concerned & focused on our country moving into a communist country quickly.
    Can we start the discussion of moving forward as we read your inside acct of what took place?
    Thank you again for doing this? We all need it.

    (voting wasn’t just stolen for the Presidential election, it was clearly stolen in state elections as well. In Chicago people came out to vote against Soros encumbant, Kim Foxx….no way did she win…she is still there)

  70. Hi Patrick,
    Thank you for putting this out to all of us searching for answers to still unanswered questions. Happy you beat COVID!
    Lifelong Republican who paid attention but not deeply. I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, in 2016 it was simply the lessor of the two in my opinion two evils. I have not regretted my vote at all. What I have witnessed is in my southern POV is a brash New Yorker who is smart beyond measure, a person who
    understands business and someone who is a true Patriot who loves this country and all of her gifts. He is rough around the edges and says exactly what he thinks, even when it was best unsaid!
    Reading your brief outline I sense President Trump couldn’t tell who to trust. The MSM makes it out to seem that he was trying to steal the election. Public opinion plays into his response no doubt. It has to be hard to live in a fishbowl where you are constantly attacked for everything even things you didn’t do.
    I like millions of Americans wish he had gone on national TV and put it all out for everyone to see. Maybe that would have been enough to win. Not sure what you, Powell and Flynn were proposing but soon we will know.
    Thank you for trying. We know here that there are two governments at work. Patriots are growing weary knowing the election was stolen and no one ever pays in DC for their crimes. It’s disgusting and we all
    Thought Trump was our last hope of turning this country around. Biden is already destroying lives by eliminating jobs. I fear the America I grew up in and love is not the one my children will live and cherish.
    Thanks again for speaking your truth.

  71. Patrick, aren’t you the guy who was refusing to allow people with credible evidence of fraud to even get a chance to meet Trump much less give him the evidence? You haven’t described Trump at all. You’ve described him as you wish he were. Imo, you’re a fraud and a liar just like all the democrats you want to be friends with and impress.

    1. 😂🤣😂🤣 Dude you sound like a nut job. “Aren’t you the guy was refusing to allow people with credible evidence of fraud to even get a chance to meet Trump much less give him the evidence?” Do you hear how silly that sounds? Like it’s up to me controlling who gets to meet Donald Trump and present him evidence? On December 23 Mike Flynn, Sydney, myself (and another junior lawyer who shall not be named) sort of snuck into the White House and ended up stealing 4 1/2 hours with the president. We had no appointment: we had bullshit and blarney and a couple very gutsy junior staffers Who God is part of the way. And a couple old phone numbers of people near the oval office. Things like that. And we caught things just right and intercepted the president as he crossed out of his oval office and suddenly we were with him, and it turned into 4 1/2 hours. But it’s not like we were running his social calendar there after. In fact, my understanding is that some heads roll because we were able to do it.

      1. Maybe Anon is confusing Patrick Byrne with White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. That’s the only context in which Anon’s comment makes any sense.

  72. Okay Patrick. You failed to convince DJT. That suggests that your objective did not sync with his.

    You claim to be a Libertarian. Most if us have no clue what they stand for. Nevertheless, what are the principles that guide your actions? I am not convinced that you are a good person to follow.

    1. I’d question his credibility. A never-Republican, never-Trumper, “liberalist” with ties to Warren Buffet, who spent time on wide broadcast programming espousing to be working with the Trump team. It makes no sense why suddenly Patrick Byrne shows up out of nowhere to be a hero. Just like it makes no sense why the FBI would select him to facilitate a bribe to HRC. He still hasn’t explained why him.

      Read through the rest of his story of Deep Capture with respect to the destruction of Overstock equities several years ago. The story takes a shot at Maria Bartiromo (the “money honey”) but just a few weeks ago he’s on Twitter describing her as “good” and a “truth giver” or something to that effect.

      And now he’s positioning himself to write a book, no doubt sensationalized, to profit from the malaise of the American Republic.

      Tread lightly with your faith in Patrick Byrne.

      1. I am looking forward to reading what you have to say. At this point it boggles the mind that the President Of The United States isn’t allowed to speak to whom ever he wishes when ever he wants. As a no one for no where, I’d have thought the most powerful man in the world had lots of power. Again, looking forward to what you have to share.

    2. The level of ignorance possessed by my fellow American’s never ceases to just blow the top of my head off. do a little reading

      The Libertarian party started back in the 70’s and has always been the party of small government and limited spending. It is the only 3rd party that has been consistently registered in all 50 states for more decades then I care to look up. It has been years since I have looked up the numbers but Libertarian consistently hold 1200+ elected positions around the country. If you take the time to learn about the party principals most Democrats and Republican find a surprising amount of similarities to their own. You would be doing your self a great favor to get more educated about the Libertarian Party. And I became a Libertarian back in ’87. Long before I ever heard about Patrick.

      I have been reading this blog since Patrick was in the middle of all the Naked Short Selling. EVERYONE here should take the time to go back and read all of Deep Capture. Not only is it great true life corruption history, it will give you a better idea of what motivates Patrick.

      My opinion only and I have not conversed with Patrick. He is not your leader and he is not looking for anyone to follow him. He does not want people to look at him that way. He was a business leader and if you are not in his employment then he is nothing more than a fellow citizen that happens to have a proper understanding of government philosophy. He has been bless with opportunities through out his life and a God send of a mother who taught him real right from wrong.

      If I sound like a PB shrill it is only because the circumstances of my life have lead me to follow the type of news and information Patrick has been giving us for years.

      I was in a pink sheet company and taking my pay in shares in the years that Patrick was eyes deep in the wall street swamp. I read everything he and his investigators wrote about the stock market. After that died down I did not hear about him for many years.

      I started to finally learn about crypto and heard about Ravencoin. Only from that community did I hear Patrick’s name again.

      A few months after that I learned he was a Libertarian and also had connections with FSP, an organization that I had been following for many years.

      Of course when he started Deep Emancipation I actively started reading him again.

      During all these years I have never gotten the impression that Patrick was after anything other then to help educate his fellow citizens on corruption. He has no monetary interest in doing this, he has never sought out fame or popularity. He has always conducted him self with the highest principals and owned up to everyone of his mistakes.

      If you want to talk about a flawed person, someone who is far less disserving to be anyone’s moral leader we can spend the next 6 weeks detailing the failures on every lever of bowl of mash potatoes on his head Don Trump. You would have had to just got your first TV and learned to read in 2015 to not know about the HORIFFIC things Donald J Trump has done through his life.

      The fact that all you God fearing people literally worship the orange man like a golden idol makes me think you need to go back to Sunday school.

      Donald J Trump is a horribly self corrupted man, so self corrupted that the swamp could not control him. He did a lot of good things and he may just have been the only person on this planet that could have made “Them” expose themselves as they have, but his motivations are very self serving. As bad of a person as Donald J Trump was, I believe he was the best disrupter on the planet and the only person for the job. I did not vote for him but I know he won this election.

      I also feel that the Donald that entered the White House is not the same person who left. I believe this has been a very humbling time for him.

      The best thing everyone here can do is to stop looking for others to tell you what to do. You can read, this is not rocket science and you don’t need to be a genius. Just take a few hours a week to dig and read. An 84 page senate report is not very long and is much easier to understand them most people think. Hell of a lot easier than razing kids or most of the other stuff we do day to day.

      How many people here have read Sidney’s 270 page report? How are you going to convince others if your not willing to take the time. There are buckets and buckets of water just sitting in front of you, but not Flynn, or Patrick or Jovan or Sidney or anyone else can make you drink.

      1. It never ceases to amaze me of the inability to apply what is known by an individual.

        For example, Amish have a piece of paper. On one side is the ten commandments and in the other is the local ordnung. Much of their time is spent hiding their inability to comply with either one. The physical paper may not exist for Libertarians, but there is something like it.

        I am fishing for Patrick’s perception of why he is qualified to lead anybody. So far those quals look like wealth, a relationship with Buffet, and the most ambiguous is hidden in the term Libertarian.

        You better loosen that valve on your deadheaded pump or you are going to blow a gasket.

        1. Byrne has a very long and extensive history of taking on on corruption and cyberfraud in the markets.

          That’s what Deep Capture is about. Before that, he was active in the politics around school choice, among many other things. He was a protege not only of Buffett but of Dr. Milton Friedman whose economic theories he promoted.

          If you are smart, very well trained, connected to some of the biggest influencers around, show a dedication to public issues, and have the resources and temperament to lead, people are going to follow. It’s natural.

          Maybe your comment is in good faith, but from here, it looks like you’re wearing a shade of green that doesn’t suit your complexion.

    1. My criticality alarm (ahoooogah) went off at the issue of the role of the rich. Elitism and experts so called got us into this mess.

      There is a rather thin line between the notions of the role of the rich and that of a slave owner.

  73. Thanks for writing and documenting the greatest steel in US history. People want to follow you on social media. Do you have any active accounts like Telegram, Gab or Clouthub?

    1. I recall comments on this very website when Patrick first revealed a bit of the Butina FBI debacle. People demanded he tell all immediately! Otherwise he was a liar and fantasist. I scolded them that information was on a need-to-know basis and they didn’t need to know! Trump’s strategy is on a need-to-know basis. You don’t need to know, but you DO need to trust that he knows what he is doing.

      To the moaners: If all is lost, why did Gen. Flynn on Dec. 31, tweet the George Washington quote begging his troops to hang on for thirty more days? Why did Mike Pompeo say there would be a smooth transition to a second Trump term? Is it within the realm of possibility that they know more than you do?

  74. Thanks for sharing this, but I am afraid that many people who were threats to the interest of the Chinese Communist Party got eliminated in many countries and they were publicly reported as strange accidents or commit suicides.
    I wonder whether it is really good idea that you planned to tell the story in step by step.
    Please be careful.

  75. Good people in the military (NSA) have the data. Trump knows the election was stolen with help from foreign actors. The DNI report confirms this. We can only hope enough of the anomalies (e.g. PA 200K more votes than voters) are reversed in some fashion. This isn’t over.

    1. I have a sick feeling that it is over, but hoping the truth can still come out. I agree that the military and intelligence agencies are in possession of the intel that would prove the steal, but if they were going to do anything about it they would have done so by now. The swamp is deep.

  76. Thank you Patrick. I worked for Jack (along with my late husband Paul, also an actuarial consultant) in connection with a project in which Jack was a principal while at White Mountains. I had so much respect for Jack, and by connection for you, and I found your work on the “steal” very persuasive. It’s also become increasingly obvious that much, if not most, of the MSM is at best opinion, and rarely unbiased fact. I so much admire your bravery, for surely you will be vilified, as were many others who dared to support President Trump in any way. I look forward to your continuing chapters. BTW, I also always voted Libertarian, except for 2020, when I found the only alternative to Trump too scary. After 3 days with President Biden, I see that I was right to be concerned.

  77. Perhaps the reason he didn’t listen to you is the same reason he didn’t go after clinton. Or the reason he didn’t declassify papers years ago and allowed the russian collusion narrative and the impeachment farce. Perhaps because he was bailed out years ago by soros. Or perhaps its because he is pro vaccine because big pharma owns him and he is invested with them. He knew not to surround himself with big government types and still did it. Lets see how honest you can be about the real donald trump not just the patriotic trump.

  78. Thank you for all you have done over the past months for our county. I appreciate your willingness to put your tropical island/winter skiing future on hold to communicate your behind the scenes knowledge. I have thought extensively regarding how you can get your story to a wider audience. In addition to your Deep Capture posts and video interviews which I know you’re sharing across top platforms that will allow them, I believe it would be advantageous for you to strategically book some speaking engagements as well. What about the Aspen Ideas Festival or similar? Yes, it is saturated with liberal panels/speakers, however they always add a few outside of the norm speakers to project diversity (it’s a joke). In 2017 I listened to a standing room only (mind you the elitists and local paper screamed no one would attend) discussion with Thomas Barrack. I don’t know what I enjoyed more, his insights on DJT, or watching the leftist Goons (yes I know it is your word) squirm because they knew what Thomas was speaking rang true. Anyway, given the current censorship climate, you need a multi-pronged approach to communicate your story. On a separate note, your covid escapades were hilarious! There is probably something wrong with me that I think as such (maybe it is your writing style).

  79. Thank you for who you are and how you tried to help Patrick. Looking forward to the next installment. I am sharing them as you do. Very glad to hear you are doing better. God Bless you.

  80. Thanks Patrick for this account! I look forward to reading more! My parents live down the street from Buffet’s sister Bertie in Carmel and across the street from her niece. Small world. Thank you for your honesty. Are you still working on the fraud with General Flynn and Sidney. Praying the swamp gets drained

  81. Love your story, passion and dedication to fighting for the truth and our country…can’t wait to hear the next chapter.

  82. Hello Mr.Byrne.

    One thing REALLY amazes me about the Big Steal.

    whilst I expected your RINOs /DOJ etc to acquiesce to the removal of a disruptor POTUS, the lack of support from your Military (especially MSA and MI) is very saddening and deeply disturbing.

    If people realize the US Military is now corrupt part of the oppressive aristocracy then who will join it and fight for America ?

  83. I a retired CPA and investigator for the private sector had time to look at many of the election steal sites and too came to the conclusion that the election was rigged. I want Byrne to understand that this was a massive conspiracy as conspiracies go and yet the swing states and about ten basic areas within those states that were the deciding difference. If the conspirators had not made a substantive error in estimating what Trump was gin to garner in votes they might not have been uncovered so readily.
    Statistically, the numbers form key areas were not possible unless you multiplied the odds on wining a lottery by a hundred fold albeit therefore the results were statistically impossible in several vote centers.
    More power to Byrne and my email address is available to Byrne if he so wants what I think are the ultimate clues to proof.

  84. Thank you for your perspective. Personally I don’t think it’s for certain 100% over. Where’s the will to overturn this travesty? Why are so many “leaders” on both sides willing to go along with this absolute attack on Americans? I also believe that probably coup plotter leaders on both sides of the aisle, those who collaborated to have a bottom up massive steal, have threatened Trump with ongoing impeachments and worse. I suspect that Obama, Harris and Pelosi engineered something like putting up Ghislaine Maxwell to lie and implicate Trump for a future high reward..something along these lines. The worst part of all this is that 1/2 our country is going along with this obvious corruption and blatant fraud, this crime against humanity, with a big wink wink. They went for the short term benefit. Long term they will lose big time as will we all if the crime of century is not punished. A third party emerging, (Patriot Party?) may seem counter productive on the face of it, or simply a device a boost to dems (New Fascist Left) hoping to divide the Dems. BUT I think a new party could succeed with Trump Family at the helm. The party could work if we have Hawley, Nunes, Taylor Greene, Jordan types. Many Democrats are also disgusted with Biden Harris and the election fraud and will join a new Trump based party but cannot commit to a Republican party. I fall in this category.

    Still I choose to believe we can push for a just resolution and the removal of the CCP China backed Biden Harris administration and the re-installment of President Trump. Where there’s a will there’s a way…especially when fighting for a just cause!

  85. How about an audio book.Just tell your story and get on with it. What is the point of delaying it while you write it down and edit it? Spit it out already. Every minute the truth is not out, is a minute too long.

  86. Do you believe bad advice kept President Trump from listening to your “3 foot putt” rationale? It is sad and surprising to think the President felt he was unable to put the pieces together at that point. We have envisioned him as always several steps of the game. Thank you so much for your efforts and for explaining how these last few weeks played out.

  87. Hi Patrick,

    I’ve read and watched most everything you have championed these last few months. At first I was elated you had decided to help with your expertise. However, I wrongfully assumed the overwhelming evidence of fraud you uncovered in short order would easily right the wrong. I became more frustrated daily as Giuliani and Ellis focused their attention on technicalities instead of the evidence you basically handed to them. I’ve never understood why they were so pressed to go that route when a cut and dried system of cheating was proven with hard facts. Seemed to me they were almost stalling to give time for the evidence to be carted or shredded away. Anyway I thank you whole heartedly for what you have done and pray it was not in vain. Wish there was something more I can do besides continuing my best to pass on the truth. If Biden had won fair and square, I wouldn’t be happy but I would accept it and try to compromise. Just like I did with my liberal counterparts when on local city council. But it’s obvious to me that my vote did not count, nor did yours. I don’t want to live in a country where my or my neighbor’s voice doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  88. Like so many I don’t understand how a man who loves this country and took so many punches just left without doing what he said he would do…”promises kept?” No Mr President you did not drain the swamp…it’s the reason I voted for you! I made sure to go to your rally in Hickory, NC to just get disappointed that this election was stolen from nearly 1M people. Now we are left with NEVER having a free and fair election again. Patrick, if you ever speak to him again please convey this msg from the ones that truly believed in him.

  89. Greatly looking forward to this. This has to get rectified in some adequate form. The state legislatures have to reassert their constitutional role and stop what happened in 2020 with the illegal changes in law or it will be the new standard of elections in America and we will be toast. The electronic and ballot manipulation, both foreign and domestic, I think perhaps scares people the most. How can we get this settled when no court will hear the evidence? They are literally afraid of the evidence. Or something else.

  90. Thank you Patrick Byrnes. I am a huge fan of yours and looking forward to the upcoming chapters. I still am holding out hope until April.

  91. Thank you so much Patrick! You know, people keep saying lights beat darkness. Apparently, that was not the case in this US election. Yet, what you are sharing here is the light! It’ll be great for people to know the truth.

    Wish you all the best! And look forward to all the things you have to tell!

  92. Call me paranoid but I’m saving your articles on my computer. Never know when a website might disappear. Godspeed.

  93. We know it was a stolen election. We know there is evidence. I just want someone to explain what happened and why it wasn’t brought forward? Why were they allowed to certify an illegal election? Why does it feel like the fight for the American people was abruptly stopped when I know Trump loves and fought for us and our Country? Did everyone give up on him? Trump will forever be the best President and he and Melania will forever be examples we teach our children of great loyal, Christian leadership.

  94. Dearest Mr Byrne, thank you for putting into words what so many have been wondering over the last 2 months, and for your deep commitment to saving our Republic. Having run then Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign in my county (St Johns County, FL) and founded the Trump Club of SJC in 2017 which boasts 5000 members, I have been researching and writing about President Trump and his agenda for our country for over four years now. I do not believe he has surrendered to the deep state globalists…not after he spent four years doing the impossible only to let them wash it away in just a few days. Yes, I believe President Trump is broken-hearted that this global cabal planned to take over the world through its tyranny-style government bringing America to her knees all for money and power. But why would he walk away? He had options before he left office, insurrection act, the 14th amendment and most importantly, his Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. I wrote about his EO in Sept. 2018. This gave him full power to take down those involved (Obama, Biden, Harris, other seep state players, China, Italy, Iran, etc) but when John Radcliffe wasn’t able to release his intel report within 45 days, he still had options.

    So maybe “the plan” was for the public to actually see the evil workings of the deep state before they could take them down, or the threat of civil war would have been too great. Trump is anti-war…I think he is trying to do the best for Americans. The Biden/Harris/Obama hour is just a show…the military will step in eventually…We must stop their great reset!!! God Bless you!! Diane Scherff

  95. You obviously know him better that I, but what I see is that DJT probably has latent Asperger’s – very smart, but unable to express himself properly, and susceptible to socially awkward mistakes. Trump is financially rich but not of the wealthy class; his dad was an outsider and he himself grew up with working-class people. He talks, dresses and acts like a construction worker who’s been forced to wear fancy clothes

    I’d say Trump went out of his way to make sure there were no issues with race. The left created racial divisions for political benefit; Obama took obscure local issues and created national angst by obscuring the truth. By not agreeing with their race-based rhetoric and use of Alinsky tactics, the media made him out to be racist. It was a ‘when did you stop beating your wife” type of conundrum. The media highlighted the fringe who chose Trump over HRC, but didn’t reflect his values.

    1. Patrick has told us he has Aspberger’s, which I find hard to believe. I don’t know if it’s self diagnosed. My uncle and cousin, highly educated and successful in their fields, are more socially awkward than Patrick. The psychology industry needs excuses to create new business, so everyone has a disorder or syndrome to be treated by an expensive pill. Not to minimize the truly mentally ill. My best friend in college was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

  96. You sound like a nice guy Patrick, but your understanding of libertarianism as a philosophy and what America as a republic is to offer to its citizen – at least compared to how the Founding Fathers intended it – is misguided. This in turn seems to lead you to wrong conclusions about Trump the man and politician and our current political reality. You clearly endorse a mild version of Marxism I believe unwittingly, as you think that rich people have some special and different responsibility for the republic as compared to poor people – they don’t – a classic example of bigotry of law expectations of which most people who espouse it are unaware however. Rich and poor have the same responsibilities and obligations to the republic which is the beauty of our system, and rich people don’t owe poor people nothing more than following the laws to which rich and poor are to be subjected equally and justly. Libertarianism on the other hand such as our Founders imagined it, is the protection of our God given rights against government’s infringement – the idea of wealth redistribution, affirmative action, forced health insurance purchase, welfare, food stamps, business regulation requiring racial, gender, etc. diversity – these are all anathema to the principles based on which our republic was established. This is just small part of your conflations, but I believe a good start for your to reflect on. I am looking forward to your next post, so that I can correct other possible misgivings and wrong conclusions on which you are basing your historical analysis of the situation we Americans find ourselves in.

    1. I thought what Patrick wrote was quite admirable! I never understand when people like you feel the need to post such critical comments, but then again, those posts are always ANONYMOUS. I wonder why… Does it make you feel better about yourself to write with such negativity while you hide behind your anonymous name? Perhaps you will think next time before you comment, as it is YOU who needs to reflect. You’re welcome!

      1. Dear Karen, I was merely pointing out to Patrick that his belief that “Donald J. Trump is the living embodiment of everything Patrick was raised to understand was wrong about rich people in America” is misguided as it is based on Patrick’s limited knowledge and familiarity as he admits, with president Trump. In addition, Patrick thinks that rich people have different standing in society than poor people – there is nothing libertarian about such stance – and it certainly isn’t how our justice system was meant to see and treat the citizens. These are important points he needs to get right if he is to claim usefulness for his story, and certainly, if he is to claim that his analysis and narrative represent America’s political reality as it actually is and not as he sees it. I am not attacking Patrick but simply helping him portray the events which took place correctly, given the information he possesses.

  97. Thank you so much Patrick! I enjoyed your writing and look forward to the future ones as well. I have been watching all of your interviews for months and reading all of your articles. I have been so impressed with your knowledge, your honesty and every bit of your patriotism poured out in every one! You are amazing and I very much look forward to continuing to get your insight in your next chapters! I am glad to hear you are feeling better!!

    This is a call out to Kevin Morgan who posted above somewhere. Really Kevin? Patrick is an amazing patriot & you have the audacity to ‘edit’ his writings. If you want an editing job go find a real job. This man poured out his heart and soul and not a single person reading it had anything to say about where a comma or a period went.

    One thing I will say – if you are going to be so obnoxious as to correct someone’s grammar, the best thing you can do is to make sure your own writing is correct, as in the 2nd line of your edit you wrote “pubic” instead of “public”. Perhaps this is a sign that not everyone is perfect.


  98. Hi Patrick, As you can see you have formed quite the following, and I too will be following along for the rest of your chapters. Glad you kicked Covid, and thank you for your bravery and patriotism. God Bless & be safe sir 🙏

  99. I don’t think 4.5 hours with President Trump means much especially since you have no knowledge of the security threats he had to deal with. We know what we heard and witnesses from President Trump for four years. Why he just walked away is very troubling and we may never know the truth about that. We can thank him for exposing all the Traitors that have been stealing their seats for the past decades.

  100. Brilliant start Patrick. Thank you. Can’t wait to fully understand what you were witnessing over these awful past several weeks.

  101. I dunno. It seems slightly insulting toward DJT, who has a job that none of us could handle thanks to the powers that be. In any event, I cannot wait to see how this ends. I have been deeply disappointed, I hope I can eventualy understand what is taking place in my parents’ new homeland.Stressed!

  102. Thank you Patrick, I have been following the Team for months now. I am also looking forward to your writings, I do not believe all of the hard work you all have done has been in vain. President Trump will return, he didn’t bring us this far to drop us to our knees. Trust Trump, Faith, Hope, freedom. Justice will prevail 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  103. Bravery, doesn’t come easy, loosing does. President Donald J. Trump presented us with a gift of darkness. Eyes do not see, what ears cannot hear. Not only America, but the World couldn’t help but notice how unconventional and refreshing listening as someone speaks from there heart and mind not from a prepared script by unknown sources. We were exposed to such erratic behavior by our Governing Officials, making one who curious why such vitriol? Why the nonstop condemnation of any human, much less a President of The United States? His beautiful Wife and his Family? Being raised in the hills of Southern Missouri, I can promise you, we were taught Respect, Honor, and Loyalty. So proud of Josh Hawley from the Show Me State! Once loyalty has been broken, trust must be earned. It’s so simple: He who has nothing to hide, hides nothing at all. We must not loose our faith, turn our backs, nor cast doubt. Whatever the eventual outcome, personally, faith in Humanity, God and Country, experienced a rebirth. As Patriots, we must never give up fighting for Children and Humanity. We’re all imperfect! However, any human capable of abusing or harming a child, should seek highest penalty deemed by law. We have been brought to the light for a reason. Good always wins. God Bless the United States of America, our Military and our President.

  104. Thank you
    I can only imagine what was said in that room.
    I surmise that President Trump wanted to do things his way even when surrounded by intelligent and thoughtful people. With that said, could he truly trust going forth the “Peaceful way.”

    Enjoy your much earned time on a tropical beach!

  105. Patrick-
    You have led quite a life!
    This initial recount leaves me sad if what you say is accurate.
    I am scared for the future of this country. The powers that be seem intent on destroying anything that is in their way.

  106. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell this story. There’s so many voices, saying so many things online right now, and most sounds downright crazy/evil/impossible. Yours is one of the few voices I trust.

    1. Bill Barr is the fraudster. Credible evidence of fraud. The Beth Page, New York USPO driver’s affidavit, Ruby Freeman’s Fulton County scanning, etc. Federal crimes are solely Federal jurisdiction. Barr’s law firm has a very large Chinese global practice. Kirkland & Ellis is the firm. This firm handled Epstein’s secret settlement agreement in Florida. The USDA was a former Kirkland partner. Barr refused to authorize DOJ to investigate. Connect the dots.

      1. As far as I remember, Bill Barr was a Bush family fixer and a good friend of Bob Muller. If I were to guess, he was a compromise reached with Bush family, he would end the Russia collusion hoax on one hand, and on the other hand he would guarantee that DOJ never digs into the crimes of those powerful families.

  107. Patrick,

    Thank you for sharing.

    In my opinion, Donald Trump did more good for our country and our people in four years than any President who came before him. I firmly believe that God answered our prayers and raised up a brilliant leader with the strength and fortitude to endure the daily fusillade of attacks that no one should have to endure, and he endured them valiantly while carrying our nation and our hopes on his shoulders. That’s a very heavy burden, which he willingly accepted.

    You may say there’s no plan, but you may not be privy to it. I believe that God has a plan, and I believe that Donald Trump never walks away from a fight when he knows he’s right, and while it’s still beneficial to be in it or he has achieved his goal. Our freedom and our future is still worth fighting for. And just exposing criminal activity and then walking away isn’t achieving a sensible goal – it’s poking a wasp nest and then handing the stick to your child and running for cover. All that does is put all of us and his own family for generations to come, in danger. Sorry, I don’t see Trump doing that.

    Despite whatever may have transpired between you two (you said you don’t expect to hear from him again), I have to point out that, while they may be your feelings, the disparaging words used to describe him and left as a “cliffhanger” to linger in your readers’ minds seemed more like a cheap shot than a desire to reveal inside information about the steal. But that’s just how I read it. I elaborated in an email to you, if you choose to read it.

    Glad you’re feeling better.


    1. I do not believe there was anything disparaging, Patrick is only telling us the truth. We have to realize that Trump was surrounded by people who betrayed him and did not have the best interest of our nation at heart. And worse than that they were blocking access to Trump from the very people like Patrick, General Flynn, Sydney, Mike Lindell, and others who could have encouraged and helped Trump.

  108. Patrick,

    Love your writings! Very compelling and thoughtful! Tell me, are you still in contact with Gen Flynn and Sidney Powell? Do you see any hope in the future that the truth about the election fraud will be accepted? I feel the only reason this was buried and denied had to be because the Republican Elites were in on this fraud along with the Dems and Deep State. Your thoughts? Thanks!

  109. Hi Patrick, thanks for all you have contributed to your country in such a dark time. Do you think the peach preserves helped in you China virus recovery?

  110. Although I am miffed at you, I appreciate you so much and think you are one of the true trustworthy and sane purveyors of reason and hope. (I also like Rand Paul.) Oh, the reason I am miffed is I spent many hours to uncover the “throw the first bottle” Garcia clip for you, and then realized I had no way to directly contact you… so I posted the info all over social media. I see you finally posted about it; ofc others may have found it for you as well, but no thanks necessary; what you do (or try to do) is thanks enough, Sir.

    I am a (retired) duplicate bridge fanatic, so have great affection for (bridge player) Warren Buffet. I think you pointing out your comfortable financials is good, since it is often as hard to distinguish someone purveying hope for profit, from a real patriot or truthseeker; as it is to distinguish one believable rabbithole from a plant or crazy… then again, it seems a lot of crazy things are going on behind the scenes (that average American like me are privy to.) Hence, thanks for your ongoing “REVEAL”.

    I daresay the unfulfilled “booms” from Lin (reveal John Roberts) and Sidney (Get Crakkin) makes me wonder how danger and threats and others things may be in play behind those “Scenes”. Would you be so kind as to clarify in your ongoing REVEAL please to what extent you felt obliged to “rein in” certain matters for safety and sensibility, and to what extent you are able to speak freely (and same for Lin and Sidney.) Thanks again, Sir

  111. I think I represent many who desperately sought for an explanation of events that transpired in the White House between Nov. 3rd and the 6th of January. I hung on to hope till January 20th when all hope was lost. It has now come to light that President Trump sought to invoke his 2018 Executive Order but both Mark Meadows and Pat Cippolone advised him against it. Rumor has it that the entire Justice Department threatend to quit were he to invoke the order. It also appears that the military was not with him; thus, the President had his hands tied. Perhaps you can provide a different perspective. Thank you for reaching out to us. Much appreciated!

  112. You want to know what Trump will do? His interview with Charlie Rose (1992): “Some of the people that were most loyal to me were people that I didn’t think would be. Some of the people that were least loyal to me I think I would have treated them differently… I would have wiped the floor with the guys who weren’t loyal… I love getting even with people.” The entire clip is a little over a minute:

  113. The biggest question I have now and have had for 4 years…when will we hold people accountable for their actions? I understand it takes time, but if I went out and stole a car, or robbed a store, I would go to jail. BUT treason seems there is no penalty. The buildings in 911, Bush, Clinton, all of them, now election fraud, foreign interference…they all still get away with it. I have FAITH in Trump and in GOD, but the military now needs to do their duty. They must or WE THE PEOPLE will lose all faith

  114. Patrick, I said this on Twitter a couple months ago, and what you continue to do simply reinforce this thought in my mind: You are a patriot of the highest order – someone who truly has a desire to bring this country back to the freedom purchased by our forefathers, and is doing something about it at his own expense, just as they did, if it means losing his life, his fortune, his sacred honor. (if you don’t want to go that far, … well, just don’t tell me 😉 I am among the people who is curious as to whether we can take a mulligan on any of this, and if we will. While it doesn’t seem that there was any of the plan fed to us all this time, of an election sting, of insurrection act, of use of the EO from 2018 (or it’s extension as of a couple weeks ago), it just seems to me that there is still something going to happen. As someone said, “does it feel to anyone else like the teacher is on vacation and the substitute isn’t a good one?” Yes. That about voices how I feel about this, and it appears all realistic avenues for a realistic reversal have been exhausted. Still, that’s how others in world history must’ve felt: Moses @ the Red Sea, Jehoshaphat when Mount Seir came to attack, Mary & Martha when their brother died, and the disciples the night after Jesus was crucified. God specializes in bringing his plan to full fruition even when it’s already dead and rigor mortis is setting in. Patrick and all the rest of you who read this, we believe in a God of miracles. If this does not happen this instant or this instance, I will maintain my trust in God and that He will still keep me in the midst of the storm. As a matter of fact, I plan on resting with Jesus while the rest of the disciples are in full-panic mode. I don’t know how God will work, but His church is rising. They that wait on the Lord will renew their strength. So right now, waiting and trusting and going about our daily lives is all we can do.

    Thank you for what you’re doing, and God bless!
    – Joel, like the prophet

  115. Patrick,
    Have enjoyed following you.
    Question for you as you begin rolling this out…
    Would you address some of the rebuttals that the mainstream media and liberals are saying denying election fraud.
    I get a lot of comments that election fraud cases were brought before more than 30 courts and they were all thrown out….therefore there was no election fraud. Can you explain why these cases never progressed or were tried? Were they liberal judges? Did they get thrown out over technical issues or they were filed with the wrong court?
    Would like to hear how you would address main opposition comments from election fraud deniers.

  116. I will never understand why he did not listen to you. Sidney and many others that stuck their necks out including us. Who did he listen to that prevented it OR what dark force pulled the Black File to make him move on. I feel there are many layers. I wanted him to “Burn it all down” and I know that would be dangerous but we would have been with him. Btw I don’t mean a fire or violence.

  117. Patrick,
    Thank you for detailing your journey. We greatly appreciate your brilliant mind (memorizing a deck of cards within minutes with many distractions going on around you) and your recounting of what actually happened to our election and following.

    Great to hear you are over Covid and prayers you do not have any lasting effects.

    I am thrilled you were able to meet and converse with President Trump, even though he did not take your (and GenFlynn and Sidney’s) solution to bear. Hoping at some point you will know why. Something like this would bug me until I knew the answer.

    We will continue to have faith and remain strong in the face of adversity and hope there is a remedy for honest future voting.

    I feel like everyone is scattered, a bit on Gab, on telegram, on rumble, on bitchute, and hopefully once again, Parler. We really need an easy to use platform where all of us can gather. Trying to join 107Daily but having difficulty.

    All the very best to you Patrick and look forward to more of your story.

  118. I almost have PTSD after this election. I still wake up with a pit in my stomach thinking this man has a plan to take America out of the hands of the Global Cabal and give it back to we the people. One thing for sure is that we are seeing how evil and downright ugly his enemies are and his enemies are in congress!! We no longer live in a free country.

      1. If they have a plan, I hope it becomes apparent VERY SOON! I really fear there will be suicides. A lot of people are despondent right now.

  119. Hi from Austria,
    Waving across the ocean. Doing business in USA for past 20 years, it is of interest to follow up with the political pathes you country takes. Since election night ( and it was just clear how unusual this night was) I am following up with people that I believe are telling the other side of the story. I fell over you and a couple of others.

    Having also followed with the eye of unbelieve, that no courts took a look, no boards of supervisors acted correctly, no DOJ, no FBI on most obvious fraud. Dead people voting, fraudulent mail-in-votes etc…

    I was multiple times leaning back in my chair and thought – how could DJT sort this out. Even if he has the power to call an EO, that would backlash on him, his policy. You cannot do that if you have realiable team. DJT must trust on the 6th of Jan – the election in Congress. Pence betrayed him. That is clear.

    Now the power of his MAGA movement will come in. Patrick Byrne prooves it. Bobby Pitton prooves it. And all the others that stand up and have the means and power to explain. Iovan Pullitzer another one and many many more. All your voices are important, as truth and fact will beat the system. Not violence, not troops, not an EO in such a divided country.

    The power of the lower political levels / structures to make a bottom up cleaning will play out. They will place the right people into the right positions and elect them out again, if they do not comply with their promises.

    AZ had a good start. Other states will follow and it will be a tsunami going through all levels.

    Looking Forward to the next chapters

  120. Thank you! I want to know what the putt was. It’s interesting that his legal team was failing at every turn. History needs to be recorded. The President needs to tell his story as well.

  121. Now is the time to get close to God, read the bible for the promise of His Son.

    What God has planned for the near future is exciting for anyone calling themself an American patriot.

    Encourage yourself in the Lord. Trust Him.

    The Best is yet to come.

  122. Thank you for your work and involvement. Not many can say that they have sacrificed the way that you have for Pres Trump. I ski regularly at your brothers former resort. Just found out yesterday you were brothers.

  123. Thanks for sharing. Critical Americans learn what happened.

    But be sure to take care of yourself. Between covid and other perils you need to be careful.

  124. Thank you for this first installment Patrick, it was an enjoyable read until you got to the part about dealing with the President. I had a fantasy in my head that he & others had a plan to defeat this. That he would be confident & strong, not a broken man. I know that his supporters would have backed him 100% if he had stayed in the fight. I think this current administration are usurpers, illegal & treasonous against all Americans on both sides & to have just walked away & allowed this to happen makes me terrified for what’s to come. America will not survive this.

  125. Psalms 1. Blessed is the man who walks and lives not in the council of the ungodly, nor stands in the path where sinners walk, nor sits down where scornful gather. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates day and night. And he shall be like a tree firmly planted and tended by the streams of water, ready to bring forth it’s fruit in it’s due season; its leaf shall not wither.

    We are to dwell in the land and feast on his faithfulness. Hope in, trust in THE great I AM.

  126. I’m not clear why Trump had such decent patriots go to DC on Jan 6 & he didn’t see the set up? He & his family will be fine but those Christians/patriots now have targets on their backs.I never felt good about his calling patriots to DC on Jan6. Easy to see the antifa/BLM set up. It was such an easy call which makes me wonder why he did it if so brilliant? I’m devastated by this ending.

  127. I am captivated by your first draft! However President Trump’s story is told, my hope is that he is honored for the goodness of his intentions, the fight of his spirit and the heart behind the unpolished gruff exterior. President Trump fought long and hard for all of us with little recognition and enormous unwarranted criticism.

    In hindsight it is easy to say what shot he should have taken, but we all witnessed the numerous times her made the right shot, but it was delivered into the hands of corrupt, dishonest members who have sold their souls.

    President Trump consulted his God and spiritual advisors before making decisions that would effect many lives. With that being said, God is in charge and we are precisely where he wants us, for now!

    I look forward to your next chapter!

  128. Seems to me that if there was a master plan to arrest the major players to the tune of 220,000 sealed indictments, then might there have also been “enough” intelligence in place to overcome any last minute miscalculations of “dirty bomb” threats, or blackmail proclamations in order to proceed with this plan, even if it meant collateral damage?

    Everyone involved on the white hat’s side should have been willing to lay down not only their own lives, but the lives of all their families as well in order to achieve this total victory over the deep state. If it takes a million lives to be successful in stopping the globalists’ depopulation attempts to rid the world of billions of people, shouldn’t that have been considered worth it?? Yes is the correct answer btw.

    Patrick, do you have a take on what the problem might have been which caused the last minute foil on January 20th at 5:PM? As it sits now, I believe I would have pushed forward, threats be damned.

    We may never have another chance, as Lucifer has undoubtedly resumed laughing at us following that very close call.

  129. Patrick, I’ve followed you since you began investigating the election fraud in GA where I live. Thank you for ALL your efforts; I cannot thank you enough for the superb job you did uncovering the fraud and I pray with all my heart that President Trump and his legal team are still able and willing to continue to fight for truth and justice and can take our country back because we know that he won the election and we cannot allow the cabal to get away with their sinister plans to turn our country to communism.

    This is something that was shared with me and that needs to be looked into. Please, I beg of you to reach out to President Trump, to anyone who will do something about it because the DS and Bill Gates and CCP planned the release of the Corona virus, there is no doubt and as such, they are guilty and it is one more good reason why they need to go to jail. Listen and please, please share:

  130. Thank you Mr. Byrne- these insights really help me a great deal and will perhaps help inform the larger group of 79 Million Trump Voters the best way forward. Looking forward to “Chapters to Come” and keep up the great work. If you can think of a way to right this egregious wrong. please do not stay Silent! For example, if a thorough Forensic analysis of ballots in six counties below show Trump won, then Biden would be proven illegitimate once and for all. Can’t the SCOTUS intervene and re-install Trump as POTUS?

  131. I did not read all the comments however I have noticed many have not paid attention to what President Trump did before leaving the WH. The Constitution. Why does no one know about this? Yes the media! He saved us from the the United States as a corporation not as a Republic. In 1871 I believe this all changed from a Republic to a business entity. I will let you do the history. DC isn’t even part of the United States. But President Trump ended the US as a business entity on January 6 or about and then signed the 2nd Declaration of Independence of the United States the Republic taking us way back to when it was changed about 1871. Now follow for a second…. Joe Biden was sworn in under the business entity. I believe President Trump was sworn in privately as the President of the United States the Republic before he left on AF1. Never has a leaving President got to keep AF1 and get a 21 gun salute as they leave office. There is a lot of satanic rituals that have gone on in DC and in the WH. The Capitol will be built in a state inside the US. The current President of the United States the Republic is President Trump!! The real inauguration will be March 4, 2021. Joe Biden is not a real president. It’s all theatrics. The WH Oval Office scene with Biden signing EO’s was in a movie studio in California it’s called Castle Rock Entertainment. We will move thru this will the country is under the control of the US Military and I think they are in full control. They will follow the constitution and the republic’s power will be transferred back to our great President Donald J Trump! Sleep Well Patriots!

    1. How long does Biden need to be president or Donald Trump need to be gone before you stop believing this?

      Serious question, how long do we have to wait for all this and if it doesn’t happen by what date will we know it is just lost hope?

      1. Never.

        Because this is a deep-state psychological operation which has to be running for as long as necessary to keep the conservatives passive about politics.

        How else can they possibly discourage everyone from getting politically active and getting things done?

        How else can they kill the motivation for the conservatives to protest, organise, and voice their political demands?

        It’s actually very clever. Put them in an “Alternate Reality Game” in which everything is secretly going their way but it’s just that they don’t see it and if none of the prophesies ever come true is because some “plan has changed” because the “white hat” intel people managed it that way.

        And if all the wrong things happen in the reality, it’s also part of “this clandestine plan of the white-hat” to make it go wrong so that something better can happen later.

        All play pretend.

        Like seriously.

  132. Mr. Patrick Byrne your genius intellectual capacity is undeniable and your conversation is attractive. What is most impressive is your story, your integrity, your desire to share your truth as if it is owed. I’m not sure anyone can thank you enough for all that you have done and the sacrifices. To me it speaks volumes of you to simply feel your story is owed when in fact you sharing your story is a gift to all. Please be well and know that many of us will wait as long as you need to hear your truth. You have many fans and are a true hero. :)🇺🇸

  133. Hi Patrick,
    Here is a legal angle that is still possible:

    All federal election records are to be kept for 22 months.

    You can get the election information/machines/ballots/… from any state by another state.
    For example, Texas or Florida can access/request all election information/records from AZ, GA, WI, MI, PA, NV…

    US Constitution : Article IV Section 1
    “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.”
    No state or court can stop this. The state with the election records must comply.

    You should tell Sidney, Rudy, and the other lawyers. If they can work with the red states, they can get all the election records/information for forensic examination.

  134. What choice did he have? Every person betrayed him, he was threatened, harassed, friends had their lives ruined. I would have walked away to save my family and friends. But what if all those avenues to prove Election fraud and to follow the constitution and to leave the White House was to weed out all the traitors? How woke are you now? How woke have the American people become? What if we were supposed to witness the corruption we have been witnessing? What was the calm before the storm statement when the Generals were introduced at the beginning of his Presidency?
    Why did the troops not salute when Biden walked by? Why were there no staff to.let the Bidens into the White House? Why did the inauguration air 9 hours earlier in Spain? Why were so many National Guard called in? Why did the troops turn their back on the Motorcade when it drove by? Why did Trump offer his hotel to the DC police and military when they were sent to a parking garage? Why did he have his farewell speech at Andrews AFB, why not have it in DC? Why were there 17 flags behind him at his speech? Boy I have a lot of questions. Why did he write an EO regarding foreign influence in upcoming elections and asset seizures? He knew they were going to steal this election. Look at all the levels of corruption we the American People witnessed, we would never had known if this didn’t get played out. People are woke, look how we are watching the thieves and how they are being watched by the world. They are exposed on an unprecedented level. I believe that was on purpose. Now people see what liars they are, even the ones that voted for a senile old man. We now can stop the Election theft by demanding they get rid of those damn machines, by enacting new voting laws. Oh one more thing, did anyone realize how much power governor’s, mayor’s and AG’s had? They do now.
    Did most people realize how important the Constitution is? They do now.

  135. Don’t listen to Byrne! Here is what wikipedia, an authoratative source, says about him:

    In 2020, Byrne promoted conspiracy theories about the presidential election.
    Byrne’s Twitter account was suspended after he asserted the election was stolen from Trump. He made other wild claims on Twitter, such that counterfeit ballots were counted in Georgia, which was denied by Republican election officials in that state.

    my comment was sarcasm, I know was stolen. MSM calls it the big lie, but we know better.

  136. Dearest Patrick,
    Thank you for your love of our country and for supporting President Trump. I agree that our legally elected president, Donald J. Trump is far from flowery with his words. As someone who shoots from the hip, I appreciate him getting straight to the point. Folks wish he would talk in more of a pc fashion, but people here illegally who harm others, like the ones who shot and killed the girl who lived across the street from me on her way to her after school job, a case of mistaken identity on behalf of the gang member, some folks can relate to what some of these people bring to our country. I was raised with many folks from Mexico, who generally are as much at odds with these folks as I am. Sometimes a spade needs to be called a spade. As a person who spent years in 12 step groups, I see quite clearly how we really need to be truthful in all we say and do. President Trump took the reins in the beginning of a massive disclosure, starting with a global cabal. We are in the beginning of an Ascension event that will take those who are ready to a new level of living for Humanity. In my thoughts, this entire battle of good vs. evil that we are in is a collective test…a test to see who has courage enough to stand up to the global so called “elites” and their Reptilian leaders who have been jimmy jacking with Humanity for thousands of years. All people with pure hearts on this planet are pretty pooped at this time, but we are not giving up. No way, no how. The great awakening is here to stay and some will ascend. It won’t be too pretty for those who side with evil…or who are too lazy to take a stand. Complacency is just as good as being complicit. As Juan O Savin said, in the great documentary, The Called, Making of a Perfect Day, “choose a lane”. The Q thing is very real. We are employed by our One Infinite Creator. We are all over this planet and will win this battle and that time is coming soon. Thank YOU for your service to Humanity. Love Wins. God wins. <3

  137. Patrick- thank you for your story. It is obvious by the comments that people will be waiting to read how this unfolds. I watched your interview with Rubin. One thing that struck me as interesting was your statement you would like to see a combination of the Chinese Govt and the US Govt. I take exception to that strongly.
    While I completely understand you love of the Chinese people and their customs, surely you must realize you were coming from a place of privilege in their society. I sincerely doubt you were immersed in close association with those who are forced to work for slave wages for the benefit of US MultiNationals and profits for the CCP. Of course China may have been at a different geo-political position when you were there than where they are now.
    I lived in Venezuela up until Chavez was elected. I truly loved VE. And had Communism not raised its ugly head i would be there again. The richness and beauty of the country alone was breathtaking. I was there as the middle class was being decimated and shoved into poverty.
    I had friends on all sides of the socio-economic scale. Helios, the taxi driver, who had 4 of us to his small apartment for dinner in what we would describe as a tenement apt building. His lovely wife and three young children. They shared that 20th floor space for a simple dinner. The love they had made the food taste like a 5 star restaurant. Beans, rice, pork. We finally convinced him to please not drive for the cartels to the Orinoco. That we as an ex-pat community would do what we could to make sure he was employed so he could take care of his family. I doubt they were able to leave when Chavez took over. My other friends Terri, her husband and father. Owned a small marine supply store. Her father was an engineer for an American oil company. They worked hard, long hours, especially under the daily changing of restrictions put upon businesses with the ever changing B, taxes, and laws to operating a business. They “may” have made it out. But Terri’s husband had to give up his position of being of pure Spanish blood when he married Terri – so they had no support group to help them get to Spain.
    Other friends made it out ok. Sons were already in the US in college. They had significant resources- even if they had to leave their vast art collection and antiques behind- along with walking away from their condo and yacht. Just take what you can ship in containers on a plane.
    We had bread lines within 4 months of Chavez being elected. This in a country that had full markets, restaurants loaded with patrons, a vast agricultural supply network- all gone in 4 months.
    Well we have seen the bread lines with Covid in the lock down cities- so people will not be shocked to see them again. Getting the masses used to seeing the breadlines. And soon there will literally just be bread lines. Gates, China, and others have become the largest agriculture landowners in the US. I see them using our land to control us. You want to eat- then you are under their control.
    No what has been done to America must be reversed immediately. I don’t care how it’s done. Starving people don’t have the strength to go up against the US Military.
    And all the talking heads think this can be reversed in 2022 and 2024 elections. Do they really think the American people are that stupid? Or are we that cowardly?
    America has too many people like my Taxi friend Heilos. Their chances of survival will be slim. How can Buffett or any of his Davis friends believe this is OK??

    1. Fascinating article. I’m going to send it to RedPill78. There are black hats and white hats in every department and agency. Let’s hope there are more white hats!

  138. There is no DEMOCRATIC PARTY. There is no REPUBLICAN PARTY

    It is a UNI-PARTY.

    The Democratic Party is not Loathsome. It is SATANIC. The Republican party is also SATANIC.


    There needs to be a THIRD PARTY that represents this majority.

    We need to implement:

    PAPER ONLY VOTING with ID required
    CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for anyone involved in govt corruption

  139. Hey Brother,

    Well written and informative. Looking forward to reading the rest.

    Since all of this hinges on Truth…where do you believe Truth comes from? What makes something truly true? Do you believe in Objective Truth? If not, why fight so hard? If you do believe in an Objective Truth, where do you think it comes from?

  140. Thank you once again Patrick, for sharing the truth of things. We are at such an important point in the History of OUR Country. It is important that people are told the truth. I will read all the writing, and the re-writing; take your time.

    I’m pleased to hear that you are finding full recovery from COVID.
    God Bless you,

    Susan J. Sweeney

  141. Thank you for your thoughtful commentary and look forward to others. and thank you for your service during that most critical and historic time, also working along with Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani speaking logically to our POTUS, and helping him and not against him like so many were. I hope you join Telegram and contact Pete Santilli about our NEW party, the PATRIOT PARTY. It’s official!

  142. What I think is that this is a bunch of baloney! I can’t even believe that this is really you and your words! And for that fact I also believe that you are a disappointment to talk like this and act like this is over! 75 million Americans voted for President Trump do you think we’re going away, we will never forget and we will never go away! They can come after us if they want but the fact of the matter is we are the workers and without us they have no money!

  143. Patrick nearly missed the Trump Train but managed to grab the caboose as it whooshed by. So he isn’t as well informed about All Things Trump as those of us who have been aboard for years, absorbing Trump through our pores. It’s not a criticism, but I suspect that is why he and many of you are bewildered by Trump’s perceived inaction. Patrick volunteered his time, money and heart to help our President and deserves praise and recognition, but don’t put any more pressure on the man! He is just one character in a book. Only Trump and a handful of people know the entire plot.

    Trump isn’t a king nor a dictator. He followed the law. No one knows the timeline but as I stated in another post – Gen. Flynn essentially asked people to wait thirty days, which might be the end of this month. Mike Pompeo serenely stated there would be a smooth transition to a second Trump term. Can we all agree that they know more than we do?

  144. Well, obviously President Donald Trump did not lose his Presidency. He won the election in a Massive Landslide victory.
    We all watched the fraud happen in broad daylight.
    The entire world watched.
    The evidence of fraud was presented to state legislatures. Affidavits were filed.
    Over 18 State AGs filed a case with SCOTUS.
    Roberts refused the case. Refused.
    Roberts refused to hear the evidence from the People of the United States.
    His refusal set the tone for the rest of the courts while the corrupt media hammered their narrative home.
    It was a coup. It used the exact same Wrap Up Smear that has been used against President Trump since he stepped off the elevator.
    The State AGs job in this Massive Election Fraud is not merely filing a Civil case, their immediate job is to file felony charges for every person involved and all the Board of Election supervisory staff in the counties of their states that were involved.
    Where are the criminal charges for election fraud.
    The head of the FEC should also be filing criminal charges.
    This is serious.
    Those 20 AGs have work to do. And none of them should rest until they clean up every rogue Board of Election in their state in Criminal Court.
    They should also all be charging ActBlue and any other association related to them in their state with collusion in rioting by Antifa/BLM and follow the money.
    That is what is so disgraceful about all this.
    They failed to follow through in criminal court.
    As did you, Mr. Byrne.

  145. It is painful to read how President Donald Trump on his last moment lost the focus. When will the 2nd episode be written and published? I miss MY president as I a see his work being trashed in a vacuumed and a disastrous era for We, the People, is being ushered in by nasty, demented, un-American political hooligans, neo-fascists.

  146. Dear Patrick, I am a HUGE fan of you, Jovan and Mike Pompeo! Honesty is beauty.

    I’m Indian American and 6 months ago the extensive drug mafia network and to a smaller extent the child trafficking stats on social media brought awareness in India. I realized, very very disappointed, though the Indian PM is a man of steel and very austere personal lifestyle – he will never be able to do a thing – a simple inquiry into local drug sales brought on serious death threats. The trafficking networks can only be taken down by US military and no other global power.

    This channel is going to release a website in February making all famous pedophiles public:

    Is there a way you can reach out and have them make it a decentralized secure site that no one can block or take down?? Preferably with anon ownership to avoid court cases? A website is SO essential bec most people STILL think all this is conspiracy stuff. The link can be sent out to the democrat mailing lists and gradually it will sink in.

    Depopulation MUST be a humanitarian drive. Really really poor people must be taught that it is a sin to have babies and give them away. Better to opt for free birth control surgery. Most of them are told their kids will get a job or education and have a comfortable life elsewhere… SAD. They must be educated that NO ONE will give the baby the love of the real mother or father.

    I attended a welfare program in Kenya in 2011 – it was a 6 hour event and all the local poor were invited to understand how they could benefit in the future. One local woman asked an American lady to hold her sleeping 2-year old for a few minutes while she went to the bathroom. Four hours later, the mom did not return. My friend was happy to hold the baby but in complete shock that a total stranger would leave a well dressed, beautiful plump baby with her and just disappear. She was a good woman and put the child onto a secure future path, but most orphanages are in question today. Clearly that mother thought the baby’s destiny was better with a stranger than in poverty.

    People must become aware to follow priests only after observing their greatness close up for a long time, not by being bribed with tidbits or promises from a local church. Awareness of child trafficking is key.

    How can Warren Buffet be Gates’ good friend and not be DS? He looks like a genuinely good and generous man, very diff from Gates’ body language. Surprising, however.

    I still have hopes that something can work out given Pompeo’s extremely impressive foreign policy tweets before Jan 20th. All that work cannot be for nothing.

    Also immensely grateful to Sidney Powell & Lin Wood & Rudy for speaking up – not a single person on the democrat side or media seem legit ( facial expression, voice and body language)

    As someone who has lead a very secure and jolly life I was badly traumatized by reading a few portions of Fiona Barnetts “eyes wide open” yesterday.

    This is absolutely degrading to the future of humanity and what is worse, DS has managed to make this the new normal for celebrities and influential people even in the most traditional societies. Before year 2000, a single extra marital relationship was considered an extreme scandal in India. It seems the degradation of drugs and orgies have become mainstream to a good 80% in some elite circles and this blackmail influences national policy.

  147. Boy I sure wouldn’t want a lot of you watching my back in a war. President Trump is still your President. He hasn’t left you and he still is working behind the scenes. plus I believe most of you have it all wrong in some extent.
    You have been derailed to look the other way. It’s not really about China. And instead of me telling you of which you wouldn’t believe anyways I will give a few hints for you to do your own research and digs. That is if there is anything left on the internet that hasn’t been scrubbed so that you can’t find the truth. But I bet Trump knows and is doing something about it now or has been and is now waiting for the right strike time besides the obvious strikes now.
    So about this . What if his Son-in-law is the bad guy and is working with NOT China but Israel. China is now Bankrupt. Who has all the money and tunnels? Israel. Look how much money was sent to Israel. Your money! And what about if he was co-ordinating Kushner that is , between Israel and fema and exposing Trumps moves. What if Kushner was really Q. What would you do having a son_in-law backstabbing you but you love your daughter so much you don’t want to her . She obviously must be involved to it’s only natural.
    President Trump is a man of his word. He will not break his promises to you. He is protected by some very strong forces. He loves us all. He loves his country. He is rebuilding the new USA but first he has to get rid of all the dirty people and dirty money before he rolls out the new and has to do by the constitutional law.

  148. Hey Pat I have been following this since the beginning and have been paying attention to your side of the story.

    I am curious – How could Trump allow this to happen? If he knows the fraud occurred, has the evidence, and know Joe is CCP compromised how did he let this happen?

    As an outside observer at the mercy of whatever info is allowed to leak I can only come up with a few conclusions.

    1 – Trump is in on the steal. Why else would he not act when given multiple constitutional remedies. The man should be in command of multiple authoritative branches that could take decisive and legal action. If he choose not to I can only assume he allowed this to happen on purpose.

    2 – Fraud did not occur, at least not on the level for Trump to take action. This seems unlikely to me as anybody with 2 eyes can see that fraud occurred at almost comical levels.

    3 – Fraud did occur, we have the evidence, but some way, some how Trump was compelled to do nothing, either blackmail, poor allies, etc. This is possible but my issue here is this would require Trump to violate his oath, which I am not sure is any better than option 1.

    Regardless of what happened we still have the problem of an illegitimate President who is going to destroy America, or die trying. The problem goes deeper than that however. We have 100s of thousands of people under a sworn oath to the Constitution (millions if you count those no longer in service) who are doing literally nothing about an obviously stolen election.

    How is this possible in America? HOW?

    If this is allowed to stand, America as she was is over. Those charged with protecting America and her citizens are complicit in violating their oath and the people. Maybe this type of betrayal has always occurred and the veil has been pulled back to most here. The solution to such betrayal will likely be tragic.

    1. I don’t believe Trump was in on the steal. Perhaps you’re putting too much responsibility on one man. About 40% of Christians don’t vote. As it turned out it was a landslide anyway. Biden got 20 people to a rally, Trump got 20,000. Fraud occurred on a scale never seen in all of history.

      And BTW, it’s not over; have you heard the fat lady sing yet? Don’t you remember, Trump said, “Never, ever give up.” Have you given up?

  149. My issue with this story is that why would DJT trusted you with anything? You are telling this story as if your were the BFF of Trump, and he is a totally clueless individual without any understanding of what was happening around him? Why would he have trusted you? Why would he have shared his plan with you? I do like you, but were not you the one who was bribing Hillary? Didn’t you hook up with a russian spy? If you possess all the wisdom and foresight you claim to have as per your article, at what point you did not see bad things happening in your own life? I do trust Trump more than I trust you. Your record indicates lots of naivety, gullibility and inability to assert things until too late. Tell us a good story for once. not sad and unfortunate events and betrayals.

      1. No, not it at all. How quick are we to forgive somebody’s past and activities? I like Patrick, but there is a lot that do not add up with anything he says. No? We all know there was election fraud. We all know that Trump is not as stupid as Patrick seems to depict him.

  150. Hello Patrick:
    I want you to know I very much appreciate you and all your efforts. It’s been a privilege and most helpful getting your insights and receiving your encouragements.
    I believe I see that where you’ve been so close to the inside action that to not get the results you’ve fought so hard for would be very disconcerting. So I want to turn the tables and encourage you. The continuing of America and its soul and its freedom was never the burden of one man nor group. We have been brought to a spiritual place where the eternal purposes of heaven outweigh the contemporary purposes of man.
    The war is not lost, only a battle has been. If it takes two weeks or four years to reclaim America, the war will be won. We just need to assume a different posture. It’s time for the patriots of America to do their part rather than put the burden on a few … such as you. We know you are still in the battle; we haven’t given up on you, don’t give up on us. As noted by many before, this IS a spiritual battle, we ARE a Christian nation and God will give us whatever we are willing to fight for.
    I believe the battle has now got to be fought in the trenches, i.e. locally. We need to unite locally, communicate and organize locally, go on the offense locally. Too many have stayed only praying in their pews and not standing to confront the enemy. We outnumber them; if we stand together, with God’s help we WILL be victorious.
    God bless
    Larry Grafanakis, Pastor

  151. Mr. Byrne,

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience during the past months. As a Canadian, I have never got involved so much for any domestic political activity as how I merged myself into America Election 2020. I believed Trump would have won, and then I hoped Trump could have won, and now, I had to accept his failure and face the reality that America will never ever be as same as before!

  152. With all due respect to the best president of all times from beautiful Finland.

    Thank you Mr, Patrick M. Byrne🌹🇺🇸🌹

    Mainstream media/Fake news is the main cancer, which is owned by Left wings, supported by Green Party and the real devil 😈 behind it “ SDP “ and this social Democrat party even here in Finland are against President Donald J. Trump and I believe against America in total.
    These 3 parties are ruling Finland 🇫🇮 and The True Finns Party is suffering because of supporting and fighting for Making Finland Safe again. We supported president Trump from day one.
    Ayatollah FAKEBOOK & TWITTER are shutting down our pages and blocking us for that only and wanting to FIXIT like Brexit.
    EUSSR is against president Trump and Americans and also against our own people here.

    They hate America and hate Israel as well, sadly.

    We are fighting against globalization and ofcourse Islamization.

    Best wishes to president Trump, high class First Lady and family🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
    Best wishes to the Americans Great Nation!

    Persian atheist✌️❤️🇫🇮❤️🇺🇸❤️👍
    FB : Danny Kavo

  153. No, not it at all. How quick are we to forgive somebody’s past and activities? I like Patrick, but there is a lot that do not add up with anything he says. No? We all know there was election fraud. We all know that Trump is not as stupid as Patrick seems to depict him.

  154. Wasn’t a 3-foot putt at all. See:

    Five Rubicons had to be crossed, and Trump couldn’t even get a single part of the first one:


    A very legal coup
    First, Republican state legislators would have to declare the ballots flawed and seat their own electors, effectively stealing the election back. They could do this trivially, legally, today. They could call it the “Very Cool And Very Legal Act” (VCAVLA).

    Second, to govern unilaterally without the Congress, the President would have to assert his unconditional constitutional authority over the executive branch. This is clearly stated in Article II: again, very cool and very legal. As for the so-called “power of the purse,” it doesn’t mean much against the power of the Fed. Since the Federal Reserve is part of the executive branch, who needs a Congressional appropriation? Lol owned.

    Third, lacking a perfectly loyal Supreme Court, the President would have to point out the fallacious, ahistorical and illogical quality of Marbury v. Madison, and assert the independent and coequal status of the executive branch. Judicial supremacy is a completely apocryphal invention of Justice Marshall, created for his own random political reasons. Very cool. And very illegal, so screw that guy.

    The President is always happy to hear the resolutions and opinions of the other two branches. Under normal circumstances, he would obey them unquestionably. Really. He would. But you know how it is. For the unavoidable use of his personal judgment in our present state of emergency, he is responsible to one party: the American people. He thanks you, though, for your concern.

    Fourth, using the same very cool legal authority as Eisenhower in 1957, he has called out the National Guard and will be using it to govern the several states directly. He also observes that the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which has a very cool name but is frankly a major pain in the ass, does not apply to the Marines.

    At this point the President has taken full and absolute personal power for the length of his second term. Perfectly in compliance with every last letter of the highest law of the land, he has gone from abject defeat to absolute victory. Indeed his new powers exceed even those claimed by Washington, Lincoln, or FDR. If you thought his first term made America great, I hope you’re wearing your seatbelt.

    Because, fifth, no power is real until exercised. Power is a muscle. The use of power builds strong institutions. And there is an obvious target for power: the muscle of the old regime. The new regime’s fifth step is to liquidate the powerful, prestigious, and/or wealthy institutions of the old regime, inside and outside the formal government.


  155. Few observations here

    1) I have heard from the Whistleblower Movement an organization sponsored by a Chinese billionaire named Mile Guo), in the 4.5 hrs meeting Patrick had with Trump at the WH that night, Trump did verbally appoint Sidney Powell the Special Counsel, but later on it got rescinded, because Steve was against it. You may ask why and how did Steve Bannon got involved since he wasn’t in that meeting? Well, I don’t know, but here is my guess and analysis – There are 3 figures here. Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani and Miles Guo. First, Steve and Rudy are very close buddies, and if most you have watched his War Room Pandemic show, you know that Steve has been constantly having Rudy on this show almost daily. 2nd, Steve and Miles Guo have very close connections. They have been working together on Mile Guo’s whistleblower movement project aiming taking down the CCP for a while. Miles Guo is a very controversial figure claiming himself escaped from China due to CCP’s political prosecution, true or not, I don’t know, but there are rumors saying he is a corruptor sought by the Chinese authority or a deep double agency sent by the CCP in 2017. Miles Guo got to know Steve through his anti-CCP agenda and Whistleblower Movement (might be fake to hide his identify). Miles Guo has been using his Whistleblower Movement platform as a media propaganda to help Steve for Trump’s reelection such as exposing the photos and emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop and the CCP virus as bioweapon intentionally released by the CCP acknowledged by a escaped Chinese virologist Yan. Steve and Miles have been on each other’s show to collaborate on their agendas and have been very actively vocalizing themselves to support Trump. They also seemed to be very close as Steve had lived on Mile’s private yacht for the entire summer last year. My assumption is that If Miles is indeed a Chinese spy, then Steve must have been compromised, if Steve was compromised, then Rudy could be be part of that too. Because in a video Mile’s Guo posted lately, he claimed Patrick Byrne a compromised CCP spy (due to Patrick history in China) trying to send false information to mislead Trump, he immediately informed Steve and Rudy as soon as he learned Patrick, Sidney and Gen Flynn were teamed in helping Trump and strongly advised Trumps team to distance with Sidney, Flynn and Patrick. I have been wondering why Sidney, Gen Flynn and Patrick have been on some non-MSM except Steve’s show (although Sidney did appear once on Steve show but that was the only one prior to the election night). That put me to think it could also be Steve and Rudy who stopped Trump from working and contacting Sidney Powell including rescinding the SC offer. Interestingly, after Bien got inaugurated on Jan 20th, the Whistleblower Movement suddenly has changed their tone to praise to support Biden’s admin and distance with Trump. In another video two days ago, Miles has vocally called his action a success movement and he seemed very happy with the outcome. He ordered his members Whistleblower Movement to remove all the videos harming Biden and Kamala from his YouTube channel and G-TV platform. Not sure what Steve’s movement from here, but he got a pardon from Trump. it makes me feel that Trump may have realized that Steve may have been played by Miles, so to give him a pardon which he can also use if the government is probing him in the future. What about Rudy? I have seen a post from Sidney lately referring “Time to check on Rudy”, an article saying Rudy had connections and been a lawyer for the guys in Venezuela who had ties to the Dominion, That article was long before the election.

    2) Another observation – I didn’t see Trumps son Barron in the airport. The MSM said he was already in the AF1, Lies! I looked at the videos when the AF1 landed in FL, Barron didn’t come out from the airplane at all. If he was in the AF1 as the MSM said, then he should come out with Trump and Melania as they always did. Also, I noticed Jarry and Ivanka and their 3 children were not with other Trump families on the AF1 either. It appeared sth happened to Barron that he couldn’t go, and Ivanka and her husband Jerry had to stay to help. Since Ivanka’s home had been completed moved out on the 19th, where could they they stay from Jan 20th?

    3) About Q, I don’t know it’s true or false, but according to the timeline and codes (RED1-5), it seems most of them were connected to what has happened in the recent events. Also, I recall General Mcinerney (the retired Air Force 3-star general) was once on Steve Bannon’s show talking about the votes can be changed and switched by the hammer and score hard software in the voting system and the left can steal this election using this system. That was back in early Oct which was way before the election. He basically told us this will happen and warmed us in advance. So don’t you think Trump got to know this and well prepared for this coup before hand? If not, then he must be a fool, a real dumb fool.

    4) Linwood – He is controversial because his rhetoric tone and statement on things and people, But put this rhetoric words aside, he basically was right about almost everything. Example – On Jan 5th, he was the only one who pointed out and twitted that he felt tomorrow (Jan 6) Trump may walked himself into a trap setup by the left and democrats to complete their coup. What had happened has validated his prediction. Also, he was right about Pence, again, his words may not like what you like to hear, but he showed Pence to us before Pence showed himself to us. When Jenna Ellis criticked his tone, he schooled her ” You are too young, Jenna. I ate more salts than the rice you ate”.

  156. For what it’s worth, I do not trust Rudy Guiliani and his advice to DJT was wrong.

    Sidney seems sincere but her lawsuits had some typos and errors that detracted from their worth and gave the media a field day. Even her 200 plus page book on the fraud looked a bit hastily put together. She is probably overwhelmed with work and needs help with her writing. I offered assistance but never heard back from her. Can’t she be given better editors?

    Flynn obviously has his career on the line and I do not doubt his sincerity.
    Lin Wood has been more right than wrong, although somewhat overwrought.

  157. But Trump received record minority vote and I follow a lot of those social media influencers and they were around him a lot. And personally speaking, all of my friends hispanic, black, Cuban, Nicaraguan, etc all voted for Trump. So, he did something right.

  158. Patrick,
    I live in Paterson NJ for a few years. I wouldn’t go back now. Dangerous place.
    Please continue your writing. I hope that you may be on a team to prove this fraud and change the disgust all of we Americans (and then some-other countries LOVE trump!) are feeling because of the steal.
    Thanks. And good luck!

  159. Patrick, What an absolute, perfect analogy of Trump having the opportunity to easily sink a 3 foot putt right in front of him.. yet being distracted by the 40-foot shot from the sand trap that his supposed “advisors” needed to sink, which was, in actuality, a sand trap they had purposefully set for him. Incredibly sad. And BTW, I do come from a background in which my dad was a low 70’s golfer, partner of Ben Crenshaw’s dad, Charlie. LOL, I was great at putts myself, just not so great at driving the ball.. He, as well as my maternal grandfather and grandmother’s father, were all self made men and I can totally relate to your story, with much admiration. I’ve had my own self made successes, which is what the driving force in America has always been.. until now. I grew up realizing that big government was to be avoided at all costs, thankfully and did not see that illusion. However, I did have my own naivety, given the great ethics and hard work of the men in my family, not realizing for many years that others did not have those traits, a rude awakening. As much as Trump dealt in business, you’d have thought he would be more cynical of others (as I have to admit I’ve become, watching out for my own self protection, after I learned the hard way). My hope is that a few days of 36 holes of golf will lead him to reflect on and see the big picture. I am grateful for all that you have done. Thank you for your posts and I look forward to more. Please feel free to email me back .. in all your spare time! 🙂 if you’d like.. With gratitude and appreciation, Karen p.s. And I hope that the two of you get some great time together again soon!

  160. I’m a registered non-partisan. In my heart I’ve become NEVER DEMOCRAT. All the dirty tricks…. On November 5, I thought Joe Biden won fair and square. I thought Gullible and Impressionable turned their backs on President Trump. There was a seed of doubt in my mind. Enthusiasm for Joe Biden? Where was it? Impossible to be 82M strong. I get the big three CA, NY, IL.

    It’s a bigger story than that. Mark Zuckerberg. David Plouffe and the CTCL. Joe Biden knew he won before the first vote was cast. That’s what was wrong with the 2020 election. I have my hands on the timeline of the election misdeeds. I’m so grateful for Patrick’s work. He suggests President Trump actually received 79M votes. Chief Pirate Joe Biden somewhere between 53-68M.

    I came here hoping to be able to better understand. President Trump had the better message. In a word America = Success. Thomas D Klingenstein’s, “Preserving the American Way of Life,” helped me see the value of President Trump’s leadership. Joe Biden’s way is the wrong way.

  161. I’m interested in the details of this ‘3 foot putt’.

    Surely some portions of this can still be used to wake up (some of) the walking dead who contract out their (critical) thinking to the MSM and Big Tech.

    OK, yeah, I just re-read that last sentence … “when pigs fly’?

    9:08 PM (2 minutes ago)
    to me


    I think your analysis on this is very accurate. I just wanted to say that I had a similar feeling I had a unique access to the President and his two sons through email, and Donald Junior’s cell phone number since October 2016 so I had the ability to observe them closely over the last 4 years. Even prior to November 4th I knew that as much as people didn’t want to believe it, POTUS is a human being and was not as Invincible as the pedestal many people put him on. I would have to write a very long article to articulate all the times I was pushing POTUS and his sons in certain directions especially to go more on the offensive and less on the defensive.

    But there’s more to it than his own failure. There was immense betrayal at every level. From Jared and Ivanka wanting him to step down, to no support from his very unwise, self-centered and unloyal staff, down to possibly Steve Bannon and the possible Chinese double agent, Miles Guo, who is suddenly very pro-Biden. And we even had possible betrayal from Rudy who possibly had ties to Venezuela and Dominion.

    Do I have inside direct access to information about them now or since November 4th? No. I never did but I was able to influence them at times and gauge their reactions to my suggestions and advice which they did take and use quite a bit of it. At other times Trump was constantly very influenced by his own family and his staff with many CEOs and people with great experience but not true Patriots. So I’ve had a history of being able to see how they react. And they have responded to me a couple of times and I did talk to Donald Junior on the cell phone and I did text him quite a bit but he did not respond back yet he never blocked my messages. However after November 4th he turned his phone off sometime around the end of December and early January,, and though I was still able to send text messages I actually have begun trying to call and was leaving voicemail messages and the cell phone was off 24/7. It gave me this dull feeling that they had cut off from the world because they had already made their decision and it was not a decision to go forward for the sake of the Republic and use any of their options with executive orders or military options.

    Additionally the way Trump was talking was in a defeatist tone not the Trump that was going to go after the Deep state. Additionally the fact that Donald jr. Was sequestered away at his cabin to me was an indication that they were going to bow out. If they were going to fight I think he would have been staying closer to them in DC.

    I think that Trump couldn’t see the path forward Patrick because his eyes were so blinded by all the obstacles they told him were in his path. Anyway it’s getting late and I’m getting tired so I will end this for now but possibly right more again later or I will cover it sometime more in-depth possibly on my own Facebook in a couple of weeks.

    And I will close with saying like you I don’t know if I will ever have contact with them again although I may because I am down here in Florida. But I don’t think where the people can wait for Donald J Trump or anyone in his family to come be our Defender. we need to rise up ourselves and expose the fallacies of the vaccine and this virus before they force corporate heads or Governors or Mayors or County Board of Supervisors to try to Force vaccinate everyone was something that according to dr. David Martin will be much more harmful than not. Plus it is not a vaccine it is giving you the chemical mechanical synthetic pathogens in covid-19 which will spread deadly pathogens to every part of your body. So we must rise up and get this information out to CEOs, Governors, mayor’s, and County Board of Supervisors and everyone responsible for any type of vaccine mandates.

    Good night

  163. Patrick, Are you still involved with any legal battles trying to correct this fraud, and if so how can We The People help? One of the reasons we ended up in this predicament is because the majority of those on the right did nothing to ensure their freedoms would be protected including free and fair elections. If we want to have any hope of our nation not just falling into a state of complete communism, despotism and/or civil war/anarchy, I suggest everyone get off of Fb and social media and spend 3 x as much time as they spend on social media, trying to affect reality such as Patrick did by getting involved and working to expose the fraud. There are still many legal battles going on, and we still have about 20 months in which we could sue in these states and expose the fraud and force legislation to protect us.
    If we do nothing then the Democrats are already putting federal legislation in to order no ID’s required, mail-in voting guaranteed, ballot harvesting protected, etc.
    Everyone on the right needs to get involved and if you don’t know what to do contact me and I can either give you ideas or you can help us. Currently we are working in GA and if we had some more help we could put some lawsuits in there, we are trying to contact CEO’s, governors, mayors, County Board of Supervisors, etc. to educate them abt the truth of the Covid crisis, etc.
    You can volunteer w your Republican Party and get them in line if you get enough people on board, you can run for office for city council, mayor, County Boards, state legislatures, etc. We need more honest Patriots involved at every level.
    I am on Fb and Telegram, though I just made a Telegram or email me, but only if you will help, I have no time to just sit and chat..

  164. Mr. Byrne,
    Thank you for taking your time to record your thoughts, perceptions and situational account. I’m grateful to learn from your perspective.

  165. Giuliani and Powell and the “Kraken” team got a lot right, IMO. I could quibble around the edges on some of the network analysis I saw from “Spyder” (who later turned out not to be what he claimed, so bad on Powell for bringing someone like that out as an expert witness). Lin Wood went beyond the pale with QAnon psyops stuff. He discredited everything, IMO.

    There is a broader problem here: both parties are guilty of leveraging software-assisted electoral fraud across all major vendors (ES&S, Dominion, Smartmatic). I spent much of November and December looking into the software assisted fraud issues.

    Me: I have a master’s degree in computer science and years of industry experience with tech giants. I spent 3 years doing security related work on major commercial products and cloud services.

    I came to the conclusion that all of these e-voting companies have fraud-friendly features and plausible deniability. Vote shaving? No! That’s for weighed elections and should not be abused! Batch adjudication? Goodness, that’s a time saver for the election staff!

    On top this, they are all security disasters. I’ve read the entire Project Everest Report from 2007. The DEFCON “Voter Village” reports from 2018 and 2019 show these vendors retain multiple vulnerabilities to the preset day (e.g. 1-digit PINs for the tech support secret key, ability to install other s/w on the workstations, and more).

    They source motherboards from China, so they are open to supply chain attacks. Any of the BIOS or BMC or NIC firmware could be compromised.

    These security vulnerabilities can be exploited by malicious insiders or remote attackers. An implant like “Fraction Magic” can leverage these fraud-friendly features (or other vulnerabilities) to put the fix in. Go search or YouTube (!) for “Fraction Magic” to see a live demo of vote shaving on a older generation Diebold tabulator. Diebold and Sequoia eventually became Dominion.

    Finally, the application audit logs are not tamper proof, so a savvy attacker can cover his tracks.

    To make matters worse, the relationships between these companies is tangled and somewhat opaque because they are privately held. Example: Sequoia came to Dominion by way of Venezuela’s Smartmatic and the code continued to be developed in Venezuela. How do we know? We know this from a US diplomatic cable on WikiLeaks. So when Powell talks about the “DNA” of Dominion, that’s what she means. Also, based on what is known in the open source, names like Romney and Soros *do* show up 2 or 3 levels removed. Who wants activist billionaires controlling voting equipment companies?

    Left-of-center activists like Brad Friedman and Jennifer Cohn have been writing about software-assisted electoral fraud for 20 years in publications like NYT, HuffPo, The Guardian, CNN, HBO, PBS, and Mother Jones. Cyber security experts like Hursti and Halderman have built careers showing how insecure all these systems are. They’ve literally been screaming from the rooftops about this.

    Much of what one finds in the “Kraken” portfolio is a recap of what other activists have been writing about for years. But now, nearly all of those activists and experts have flipped 180 degrees and are insisting “Nothing to see here”. Some are even gloating with a “now it’s payback time” attitude. A few are bold enough to justify the fraud because they think they are getting rid of the Orange Hitler.

    It’s grand-scale TDS, and it goes to show ..

    “The problem we have is that voting security doesn’t matter until something happens, and then after something happens, there’s a group of people who don’t want the security, because whatever happened, happened in their favor.”

    ~ Bruce Schneier, cybersecurity expert

    The net new thing the Kraken team brought is a focus *beyond* the polling place and precinct. The Kraken team has shown us that there is an entire cloud full of election software for national-level aggregation and data syndication. Those cloud services also have security vulnerabilities and opaque ownership structures. So the problem is even larger than was originally conceived.

    Here is a recent article about the *other* electoral fraud scandal that Mitch McConnell doesn’t want you to know about.

    “BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell’s re-election don’t add up”

    See Jennifer Cohn’s work on medium [.] com for many articles on GOP foul play.

    So … I came to the sad conclusion that we’ve been living in a pretend Republic for the past 20 years. But nothing on the scope and scale of the 2020 presidential election fraud has been seen before. That’s why the media and the tech oligarchs are so busy gaslighting us. We had a singular moment in history to come together as a nation and fix this, but we are so polarized that we didn’t. Trump was too focused on his own election to see the bigger picture. Now we are veering into a dystopian crackdown and the civil conflict looms in our headlights.

  166. Patrick,

    Giuliani and Powell and the “Kraken” team got a lot right, IMO.

    There is a broader problem here: both parties are guilty of leveraging software-assisted electoral fraud across all major vendors (ES&S, Dominion, Smartmatic). I spent much of November and December looking into the software assisted fraud issues.

    Me: I have a master’s degree in computer science and years of industry experience with tech giants. I spent 3 years doing security related work on major commercial products and cloud services.

    I came to the conclusion that all of these e-voting companies have fraud-friendly features and plausible deniability. Vote shaving? No! That’s for weighed elections and should not be abused! Batch adjudication? Goodness, that’s a time saver for the election staff!

    On top this, they are all security disasters. I’ve read the entire Project Everest Report from 2007. The DEFCON “Voter Village” reports from 2018 and 2019 show these vendors retain multiple vulnerabilities to the preset day (e.g. 1-digit PINs for the tech support secret key, ability to install other s/w on the workstations, and more).

    They source motherboards from China, so they are open to supply chain attacks. Any of the BIOS or BMC or NIC firmware could be compromised.

    These security vulnerabilities can be exploited by malicious insiders or remote attackers. An implant like “Fraction Magic” can leverage these fraud-friendly features (or other vulnerabilities) to put the fix in. Go search or YouTube (!) for “Fraction Magic” to see a live demo of vote shaving on a older generation Diebold tabulator. Diebold and Sequoia eventually became Dominion.

    Finally, the application audit logs are not tamper proof, so a savvy attacker can cover his tracks.

    To make matters worse, the relationships between these companies is tangled and somewhat opaque because they are privately held. Example: Sequoia came to Dominion by way of Venezuela’s Smartmatic and the code continued to be developed in Venezuela. How do we know? We know this from a US diplomatic cable on WikiLeaks. So when Powell talks about the “DNA” of Dominion, that’s what she means. Also, based on what is known in the open source, names like Romney and Soros *do* show up 2 or 3 levels removed. Who wants activist billionaires controlling voting equipment companies?

    Left-of-center activists like Brad Friedman and Jennifer Cohn have been writing about software-assisted electoral fraud for 20 years in publications like NYT, HuffPo, The Guardian, CNN, HBO, PBS, and Mother Jones. Cyber security experts like Hursti and Halderman have built careers showing how insecure all these systems are. They’ve literally been screaming from the rooftops about this.

    Much of what one finds in the “Kraken” portfolio is a recap of what other activists have been writing about for years. But now, nearly all of those activists and experts have flipped 180 degrees and are insisting “Nothing to see here”. Some are even gloating with a “now it’s payback time” attitude. A few are bold enough to justify the fraud because they think they are getting rid of the Orange Hitler.

    It’s grand-scale TDS, and it goes to show ..

    “The problem we have is that voting security doesn’t matter until something happens, and then after something happens, there’s a group of people who don’t want the security, because whatever happened, happened in their favor.”

    ~ Bruce Schneier, cybersecurity expert

    The net new thing the Kraken team brought is a focus *beyond* the polling place and precinct. The Kraken team has shown us that there is an entire cloud full of election software for national-level aggregation and data syndication. Those cloud services also have security vulnerabilities and opaque ownership structures. So the problem is even larger than was originally conceived.

    Here is a recent article about the *other* electoral fraud scandal that Mitch McConnell doesn’t want you to know about.

    “BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell’s re-election don’t add up”

    See Jennifer Cohn’s work on medium [.] com for many articles on GOP foul play.

    So … I came to the sad conclusion that we’ve been living in a pretend Republic for the past 20 years. But nothing on the scope and scale of the 2020 presidential election fraud has been seen before. That’s why the media and the tech oligarchs are so busy gaslighting us. We had a singular moment in history to come together as a nation and fix this, but we are so polarized that we didn’t. Trump was too focused on his own election to see the bigger picture. Now we are veering into a dystopian crackdown and the civil conflict looms in our headlights.

    These shady companies will go on selling their insecure fraud-friendly monstrosities to oligarchs the world over. The only way out of software-assisted electoral fraud is to do a new open source version and build it with the best engineers and the best security practices and trustworthy supply chains. Drive the Dominions and ES&S out of business. Perhaps that’s a future direction for you to think about.

    Looking forward to the rest of your articles. Thank you for being bold enough to put it into print.


  167. Hmmmmmm…. At this moment all I’ll say is this — I want to see the end of the movie before admitting ANYthing that you, Patrick, seem to be assuming and implying to be the truth — that Trump is a defeated old man worthy of commiseration.

    If it turns out to be true (I’m not believing it for a second), then you had great insight and should continue patting yourself on the back for having seen not only how to save the President from losing a blatantly, spectacularly conspicuously, fraudulent stolen election, but also to save him from himself and his incompetent team.

    If, however, it turns out to be FALSE, ie, that he is NOT a doddering old fool, misguided and horribly counseled by a team of incompetents and drunks and just all-around jerks, then you are going to have to have your favorite cook prepare your favorite dish of crow and eat it very publicly, and describe the event in as great a detail as you’ve used to describe your exasperating experiences with apparently “clueless” Trump and Team up to this moment.

    And you would then have to admit, using terms of amazement and praise that at least match the intensity of the terms of disdain and disrespect used heretofore, that Trump and Team played out masterfully and to the hilt this massive LARP-turned-REALITY, along with their distinctive roles, and did it so convincingly as to be able to convince EVEN YOU, the most informed person concerning this whole affair possibly in the ENTIRE WORLD (no doubt, yes?).

    Perhaps then you might just possibly see that he and his team already knew it would happen (the stolen election and sleepy perv china joe’s [fake] inauguration et al) and had already planned to LET