Today’s “It Only Hurts When I Laugh” Moment: Feds Warn Against Solarwinds Network Software Used by Dominion

Today, the horses having bolted from the barn, the barn having burned down, and the barn’s ashes having scattered in the four winds, the Feds have issued a warning against using the networking software upon which Dominion Voting’s network operates.

Here is the Feds warning against using solarwinds in federal networks:

And here is proof that Dominion Voting runs on solarwinds:

Any questions?

  1. Excellent investigating! Thank you for sharing the facts that lead to the truth! This election was indeed stolen, coordinated, on purpose, it’s a coup to take down the US, not just Donald Trump, but the US! China, Iran, Russia the entire DNC, Rino’s, secretary of states, judges, lawyers, Governors must be held accountable!!!

  2. Since they have raided Solarwind, there will direct evidence that Dominion sent ballets oversees. I know it’s been said that there was a lot of traffic on election night, but now they can get proof.
    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Meanwhile- dominion machines are being CURRENTLY UTILIZED in the early voting elections in GA Senate run off race. Is anyone following up on this? (Perhaps Lin Wood?) can you inform him of your research before we have to go through this torture again?

  4. You are saying Russia hacked into Dominion by using the trojan horse Russia had planted in Solarwinds software 9 months ago? So the stolen US election was rigged by Russia it very well seems.

  5. On the surfacte, I don’t believe SolarWinds was a hack unless they have weaker security than my mom’s home PC.

    Anyone working in software development in today’s tech sector should have a hard time believing that foreign code made it’s way into a SolarWinds update without anyone on the development team noticing. Changes to code repositories like the one they were undoubtedly using require approval from at least one additional team member. Changes are also tracked and logged.

  6. May I ask a funny question? I’ve been following you (Patrick) for quite some time and think you’re either awesome or nuts. I’m leaning awesome but something still doesn’t make sense. What was it about Trump’s presidency that instigated such reaction? Which policy passed pissed everyone off? Being an entrepreneur who’s studied deeply in economics, I think the president was doing a great job. And I already knew he was a good guy, plus smart. I was never fooled by the emotional crap in the newspapers. I always judged him based on actions–and again, thought he was just great. So why would the deep state be pissed? I get that foreign countries could have motive because of sanctions but why the government? Was he on to something? Did he have plans to clean up Wall Street regulations in a second term? Or is it something people like me can’t understand?

  7. Actually, the so-called “hack,” were the same people that carried-out the election fraud. They were covering their tracks, even though Russia, China, Pakistan, Italy, and the UK were involved, along with other countries as well.

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