Conspiracy Theorist Bill Moyers: “Deep State Hiding in Plain Site”

Fifteen years ago we learned that one of the techniques of the yuck-yucks is to de-normalize heretofore ordinary concepts. So it now goes with, “Deep State”. I wish to remind people that Trump and the “Deplorables” did not made up the term. Just five years ago the ever-respectable Bill Moyers was discussing it on PBS.

  1. The good old days with Bill Moyers. Who is today’s Bill Moyers? I can’t think of anyone. It’s like the observations he would have made are scattered about on the many blogs of people talking sense, but no where I can think of in mainstream or PBS. PBS seems like VOA now, more than ever. I guess the one person who comes to mind is Ben Swann, a former mainstream person now independent, who covers the most difficult topics.

  2. I fell in love with the great wisdom traditions through his fascinating interchanges with Joseph Campbell on the Power of Myth. These types of minds have no place, sadly, not just in popular public media, but neither in the universities of the present.

    Check out my attempt to further that tradition intellectually…(as fell upon deaf ears in today’s pop academia)

    1. Racking my brain to remember the name of the Lecturer that I used to listen to on NPR. He was from England, or at least had the accent, and I believe he passed in the 70’s but his lectures on mythology and religion were still on NPR in the 90’s.

      I checked out an excerpt from your book. Not arm chair reading for the masses. I believe you wrote this for academics. Next time I am in Duval maybe I could borrow a copy, bit pricey for my wallet at the moment.

      Or maybe better the good news that PB refuses to even allude to will come out and my finances won’t be an issue. And I am not talking about the Deep State.

  3. Like the first time people said “Patrick was right all along” heads will roll this time also.

    The real chit will go down when we find out Milton William Cooper was right all along.

  4. Lofgren has been in the game long enough to know how its played.

    In the introduction he said he quit , but his Wikipedia page says he retired after 28 years.

    There was another term used when I was introduced to the machinations in DC. That was the establishment. How fitting!!! But it wasn’t discussed much then either. It was in fact labeled, as CONSPIRACY THEORY by the ACCIDENTALISTS. You know, they’ve never met a coincidence that couldn’t accept.

    Anyway, this is just another distraction disguised as plausibly. Much like the new popular expression SWAMP.

    Draining the swamp is the illusion the magician pretends to be doing. As his executive appointments and nominations are being filled with the same members that all previous administrations in recent history have used, the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Let’s be clear, the entranced bureaucrats have no power individual or collectively. They’re order followers of the Deeper State, just as the Deeper State follows the orders of the DEEPEST STATE. LOL, nothing has changed.

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