While CNBC Searches for Its Courage, Glenn Beck and Patrick Byrne Discuss Oligarchy on The Blaze

This week I swung through Dallas to be interviewed by Glenn Beck. I was given a tour of TheBlaze, where I found they have assembled some first-rate talent (e.g., President Betsy Morgan, formerly CEO of HuffingtonPost). Their interior design is superb: Beck has taken over a former TV/movie studio and converted it into a really functional, collaborative, attractive tech workspace such as one might expect to see in Silicon Valley or Silicon Alley (do they even still use that term?). The modern-yet-retro that harkens back to the Golden Age of Radio. Simply from an entrepreneur’s point of view I found it all (including their business model) impressive.

The interview went well. I had done one interview with Glenn Beck five years ago, and remember it as being one of the first times that I felt the journalist actually wanted to give me a chance to explain my beliefs without throwing chaff and distortion in my way. So I had positive expectations going in, but still, was again impressed with Glenn’s research, thoughtfulness, and  willingness to engage in an intellectual conversation like an adult.

Incidentally, below please find that first interview I had with Glenn Beck five years ago. My section starts at 7:15, and while short, I note the same virtue as I saw in this week’s interview: Glenn is willing to engage deep issues such as oligarchy, institutional design, and the erosion of our republic in a way that few journalists in the “lunatic mainstream” are willing or able to follow.


Update: After publicly inviting me on air over a month ago (cf. “My Response to Becky Quick’s Proposal: I Do“) CNBC still will not return a phone call or email and will not, in fact, allow me on their show. CNBC vs. Glenn Beck: You make the call.

    1. clearly you’ve not lived around many guilty white liberals…There are volumes of sociology books devoted to white guilt and its implicit racism. It’s not like anything Byrne is saying here is news to anyone paying attention to the last 40 years; he’s spot on. Sounds like someone’s political correctness butt-hurt meter was set off though…probably while claiming being “tolerant” to the views of others. Haha

    2. I can’t believe someone has finally told the truth. That is so true! If you don’t see it Arthur, you’re probably part of the problem.

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  2. F…Democrats and Republicans. And F… the SEC, as well. They are all responsible for ruining our country. I thank God everyday for giving us a man of morals and courage to lead the fight to save our country. I will stand behind Patrick Byrne to fight the good fight, until I can fight no more.

    I challenge anyone to name someone who has done more to fight Wall Street corruption and the lobbyist culture, that controls Washington.

    End the Federal Reserve, ban lobbyist and revamp the SEC. Let the SEC handle the clerical work and allow the DOJ to prosecute the vermin. No more, pay the fine with no admission of guilt.

    Change the SEC Whistle blower system to a DOJ Bounty Hunter system. Allow private citizens to help. Take a test and be certified. There is more than one Harry Markopolos out there. Let them have at it too.

    It’s time to get real, before it’s too late.

    Patrick, I still believe you would be a great President.

    Forever in your debt,

    Steve Walker

  3. Hey Pat. Go ahead and support lying fraudulent filth like Beck, so long as he ponies up airtime to address your (largely) delusional claims regarding naked short selling. Where you really screwed up is when you promoted the pin head Matt Taibbi and his ridiculous naked short selling fantasies as well as his comical “naked short selling explained” scam video. You should have consulted with an experience pro first because that piece alone scarred your credibility for life as far as I’m concerned. As well, it made me question your motives because I know you are not foolish enough to actually believe that trash. Taibbi is controlled opposition and has no idea what he is talking about.

    What I find really revealing is the fact that you have not once attempted to contact the man who predicted in print the exact details of the financial crisis 2 years before it happened as well as having uncovered the fraud behind Washington Mutual. That man would be me, Mike Stathis of AVA Investment Analytics. And I know for a fact you are aware of me and my SEC complaint on WaMu (go ahead and lie and claim you do not know about me).

    If you really wanted credibility you would seek out real experts, not some pinhead reporter who has no clue how the capital markets operate.

    The reason why you have avoided the leading expert on the collapse as well as related securities fraud is the same reason others avoid me. They are liars and/or they have something to hide and they realize I am the last person who can be fooled. It is the same reason why I was banned by the media monopoly long ago. Crooks fear credible individuals who cannot be bought off and who are committed to exposing the truth.

    The apple never falls far from the tree buddy. Pieces of trash always hang together which is why you are in Beck’s circle. Perhaps you would like him to whore your company? He is for sale to any scumbag. Just ask the con men at Goldline.

    1. ….the 1st Appellate District of the California Court of Appeals has set an August 15, 2014 date in San Francisco to hear oral arguments regarding our lawsuit against Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, as well as the motion to unseal the evidence that has been jointly filed by The Economist, Rolling Stone, Bloomberg, and The New York Times. I believe things are going to get exciting….
      clip from press release dated July 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Overstock.com, Inc.
      seems early in mikes game to have his panties in a bunch.

  4. Sorry Patrick, I had to chip in on this last moronic diatribe by this rude individual. First off to all.. does the term “Legend in their own mind” come to anyone. How rude to come on a man’s blog site and critique him in such a fashion. The fact that D.C. has allowed you to post this drivel shows that the high road is theirs. You sir are like an unemployed teacher, no class.And after reading this your first post here I can safely say for myself that any credibility that has been lost after this classless show of fake bravado has been yours.I am sure you are quie happy with the morons and shills at CNBC and thus you would prefer to comment on their blog instead of here I know that most of us would appreciate that very much.Have a pleasant day and if you are not heard from again it would be too soon. Peace.

  5. Funny… I pulled Mike up on YouTube and his video where he mocks Peter Schiff. Mike gets it all wrong. Pull the charts, listen to him on his soap box and then fact check what he was saying vs. Schiff. Mike, you struck out on at one.

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