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    Jim Cramer Discusses Subpoena with Herb Greenberg, the Worst Business Journalist in America

    In February, 2006, Herb Greenberg joined Jim Cramer in spinning their SEC subpoenas, and Jim discards his casually. What they do not mention is that upon receiving his subpoena, Jim Cramer had immediately begun selling large amounts of, without informing the public of his subpoena (according to his own lawyer, Jim Cramer had never previously sold stock).

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    7 Responses to “Jim Cramer Discusses Subpoena with Herb Greenberg, the Worst Business Journalist in America”

    1. MightyUnderdog says:

      Did Herb ever file that libel suit?

    2. Arunabh Das says:

      Jim Cramer needs to be in a world of trouble now. He needs to be subpoenaed to find out what he knew about Bear Stearns.

    3. robert evans says:

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