Yolanda Holtzee Family Tree

There are three levels of confidence assigned online identities believed to belong to Yolanda Holtzee.

  1. Indisputable: These are names that Yolanda has affirmatively claimed as her own. They appear below in yellow boxes. This level of confidence also applies to usernames tied together through use of the Dissembler Sorting Algorithm (DSA). Hence, we know that ymh_ymh_ymh is Yolanda because she says so herself. But thanks to the DSA we also know that proud2beatubs, class_action_lawsuit_time, haimchinkel_malintz_anaynikal, hammerman_sold_at_55, ursa_raises_cayne_all_day, and big_dave_the_bull_is_merry are additional aliases on the same account.
  2. Certain: These are names consistently appearing together as the results of very specific searches for related Yahoo message board content. These appear below in blue boxes. To illustrate an example: of the tens of thousands of posters on Yahoo Finance, only six have included “[email protected]” in their posts. Of the six, one is indisputably Yolanda Holtzee (ymh_ymh_ymh), two (ms_mint_green_esq and second_year_law_student) are confirmed by the DSA to belong to the same user, two (roel_campos_4_sec_chairman_2008 and regulators_have_been_notified) consistently produce content nearly identical to aliases claimed by Yolanda. The final of the six (linda_thomsen_is_no_wimp) belongs to a deactivated account and is thus discarded.
  3. Likely: A variety of circumstantial factors leads us to presume that a third group of aliases (appearing below in red) most likely belong to Yolanda Holtzee, though the evidence backing up that presumption is not nearly as rigorous as that used to build the remaining relationships.
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