Gary Weiss

Gary Weiss discards own identity, reborn “Tom Sykes” the bumbling sockpuppet

Apparently aware of the ruin that is his own reputation, Gary Weiss has taken to battling in favor of illegal stock market manipulation as “Tom Sykes”.
Judd Bagley
3 min read

Our Watchdogs and the Financial Scandal of the Century

Naked short selling helped crash the economy. The OIG thrashes the SEC. Other Watchdogs do nothing.
Mark Mitchell
13 min read

Weighing the options

My direct involvement notwithstanding, I feel it’s both fair and accurate to say that the events surrounding the Gary Weiss/Mantanmoreland affair were among the strangest and most polarizing in Wikipedia’s history.
Judd Bagley
5 min read

“Do I Live in a Synthetic Reality?” Do-It-Yourself Home Test

“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth.” – Morpheus to Neo, The Matrix It is the mission of DeepCapture to show you, dear...
Patrick Byrne
38 min read

Lecture on abuse of social media by stock manipulators

I recently lectured business students at the University of Texas, on the topic of abuse of social media by stock manipulators. I’ve merged the recording of the lecture with my slide presentation and converted...
Judd Bagley
12 sec read

Gary Weiss, Psychopath & Scaramouch (Portfolio Magazine)

Summary – For over 10 years Gary Weiss (once a reporter with BusinessWeek, and recently, a columnist with Forbes) has been posting under fake names to confuse, distort, and hijack Usenet groups, stock message...
Patrick Byrne
17 min read

Emails show journalist rigged Wikipedia's naked shorts

Writing from the pages of a makeshift website known as, Bagley has accused Gary Weiss of not only rigging Wikipedia but flooding countless blogs and stock message boards with anonymous vitriol meant to...
Patrick Byrne
40 sec read

Gary Weiss knows what Joe knows

Gary Weiss come to know the substance, sentiment and timing of one of New York Times business columnist Joe Nocera’s most vicious attacks against opponents of illegal naked short selling, long before it was...
Judd Bagley
2 min read

Gary Weiss and DTCC: Roddy Boyd Responds

In an earlier item, I noted that perhaps one of the strangest things I’ve experienced as a reporter is having Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) spokesman Stuart Z. Goldstein ignore my request for...
Judd Bagley
2 min read

Gary Weiss: his DTCC ties and lies

We knew Gary Weiss's aim was to discredit and marginalize high profile opponents of illegal naked short selling. Yet his book, which seemed to be the launch pad of Weiss’s campaign, was quite critical...
Judd Bagley
6 min read