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Sunrise Movement’s Goon-Cong Playbooks Exposed

Saturday night’s post (“WATCH: Feds Conspiring to Launch Violent Coup Blocking Election“) has drawn a great deal of attention. Careful scrutiny of the two videos in it provided links for further exploration and investigation....
Patrick Byrne
3 min read

WATCH: Feds Launch Violent Coup Against the People

The Stupids Go Full Goon-Coup A violent coup is being planned by goons in our federal government and the ShutDownDC organization. Their cabal has been infiltrated by pro-freedom forces. Behold two videos of the...
Patrick Byrne
37 sec read

The Hillary Clinton Bribery-&-Blackmail & Maria Butina Intoxicate-Rape-&-Murder Deep State Stings Finale

Dedicated to the memories of General John W. Vessey and OC PREFACE In April 2019 I walked into the United States Department of Justice and told them the story you are about to read....
Patrick Byrne
56 min read

Roger Stone & Me

Roger Stone recently gave an interview where he discussed me. He says that he believes that in October 2017 I engineered meeting him and “grilling” him about matters Russian. He is a 67 year...
Patrick Byrne
14 min read

Wayfair: Stick a Fork In It, Because It’s Done

Wayfair puzzled me since Goldman and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch re-purposed the $1 billion husk of CSN Stores a decade ago and relaunched it as “Wayfair”, a firm whose entire business model seemed to...
Patrick Byrne
7 min read

To OSTK Owners Who Might be Living Under a Rock: Vote “YES”

Six weeks ago my former employer,, issued this press release: Overstock Announces Filing of Definitive Proxy Statement for Special Shareholders Meeting Seeking approval for enhanced Digital Voting Series A-1 Preferred Stock SALT LAKE...
Patrick Byrne
1 min read

Prizes Awarded = 2 Bitcoin

After leaving Overstock in August 2019 I wrote a series of blogs clarifying: Overstock decisions that previously I could not have explained; Deep State matters about which I went public in August; How the...
Patrick Byrne
5 min read

20 Years Lashed to the Mast

I took to these pages upon departure because I felt I should immediately clear up mysteries surrounding your firm. I hoped that through these backstories I could provided a small measure of solace to...
Patrick Byrne
3 min read

Essay Contest (Prize = 1 Bitcoin ): Final Round

Voting ends on 12/31/2019 at 11:59pm Utah (MST) Time. Only one vote per IP address is allowed per day. Multiple votes for a single entry by the same IP address will be removed as...
Patrick Byrne
22 sec read

On Paradigms, Politics, & Preet Bharara

The thrust of the news between now and Christmas is something I already know. It may be a good time to talk some “philosophy of science”. We learn in high school science classes that...
Patrick Byrne
2 min read