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Patrick Byrne’s Cato Institute Luncheon Address: “Cryptocurrency: The Policy…

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, like Bitcoin, are revolutionizing the way we think about government currency monopolies, transferring money across the globe, maintaining financial privacy...
Patrick Byrne
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Liberalism, Social Justice and the Cryptorevolution

Attention DeepCapture fans in the New York and New Jersey area: our own Patrick Byrne will be speaking at Rutgers University on Monday, February...
Judd Bagley
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SEC Charges Goldman Sachs With Improper Securities Lending Practices

Three cheers for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2016-9 Washington D.C., Jan. 14, 2016 —The Securities and Exchange Commission...
Patrick Byrne
2 min read

Obama, Iran, the JPOA, and Federalist Paper #75 (“The…

I am not going to opine on the particulars of the President Obama’s Iran deal (“Joint Plan of Action”), other than to say that...
Patrick Byrne
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Anthony Elgindy, R.I.P.

By now astute readers of DeepCapture have gathered that over the years I have developed a soft spot in my heart for the assorted...
Patrick Byrne
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Goldman Sachs Internal Memo (Yesterday): “Easy to Borrow List…

Goldman Sachs internal memo discontinues its role in illegal practice.
Patrick Byrne
2 min read

Grateful Dead “Fare Thee Well” Concert Their Greatest Prank…

Americas Band, the Grateful Dead, is making history in their "Fare Thee Well" concert.
Patrick Byrne
5 min read

The World’s Greatest Con (Chapter 4): Yank Barry’s $533…

Yank Barry perpetrated the biggest art fraud in history.
Mark Mitchell
30 min read

The World’s Greatest Con (Chapter 2): Yank Barry’s Global…

The Global Village Champions Foundation is a massive fraud, operated with the support of the FBI's most celebrated hero
Mark Mitchell
67 min read

How CNBC (Becky Quick, Jim Cramer, and Joe Kernan)…

One of the proudest moments of my life came the day that the CNBC producer called to tell me that the article I had...
Patrick Byrne
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At the time much of the content on was written, the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 was either on the verge of happening or had just occurred. In those days, emotions among this publication’s contributors were raw and, in an effort to get their warnings noticed and appropriate blame placed, occasionally hyperbolic language and shocking imagery were employed. Were we to write these entries today, a different tone would most certainly prevail.

Yet, being a record of a pivotal time in our global economic history, we’ve decided to leave the rawness unedited, with the proviso that readers take the context of the creation of certain posts into account, and that those easily offended re-consider the decision to read them.