Michigan Domestic Extremism Exposed: Three State Officials Linked

Michigan Sheriff Dar Leaf

On November 3, 2020, numerous Michigan state and county officials themselves believed there was untoward activity in their areas of responsibility. They got in touch with the law enforcement officers whose primary responsibility for investigating election fraud, local sheriffs,. They turned over to those sheriffs precisely the election equipment that citizens have been blocked from accessing across almost the entire nation.

Those Sheriffs conducted their own quiet, methodical investigation using first rate cyber-forensic experts, and have reverse-engineered the entire rigging. Their investigation lead to the offices of the Michigan Secretary of State Benson, Attorney General Nessel, and Director of Elections Brater (see Sheriff Leaf’s affadavit below). When the sheriffs got close to those three crooked Michigan officials, the three crooks began taking steps to block/bury the sheriffs investigating them.

Here is the punchlines: impeding a lawful investigation into election fraud is no ordinary crime, it is “domestic terrorism”.

Read that again:

  • Michigan county and state officials witnessed mischief in the November 2020 elections and contacted law enforcement;
  • In Michigan, the primary law enforcement officers charged with investigating election fraud are sheriffs;
  • those Michigan sheriffs investigating the election fraud found evidence pointing to the offices of Michigan Secretary of State Benson, AG Nessel, and Elections Director Brater;
  • the Michigan Secretary of State and Attorney General are trying to block the sheriffs’ investigation;
  • blocking an investigation into election fraud “domestic extremism”.

Thus, the Michigan Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Director of elections opened themselves to charges of domestic terrorism. As are people in their offices complying in their efforts. I wonder how long the statute of limitations runs on that one?

PS Read the affidavit of Sheriff Dar Leaf below. Note a serving Sheriff accusing an AG and SoS of crimes.

  1. https://www.michigan.gov/sos/resources/the-secretary-of-state

    A graduate of Harvard Law School and expert on civil rights law, education law and election law, Benson served as dean of Wayne State University Law School in Detroit. When she was appointed dean at age 36, she became the youngest woman in U.S. history to lead a top-100, accredited law school. She continues to serve as vice chair of the advisory board for the Levin Center at Wayne Law, which she founded with former U.S. Sen. Carl Levin. Previously, Benson was an associate professor and associate director of Wayne Law’s Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights.

  2. In Utah there is no Secretary of State and so those duties fall on the Lt. Governor. It is my understanding that the Lt. Governor sent similar orders down to County Clerk levels pertaining to public records GRAMA requests in Utah which should have been made available, by law. This is going to be a scary 2022 mid-term because those who abused their position are seemingly still in place.

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