“Never Forget”? In January of This Year, 59% of Democrats Supported Locking Up Unvaccinated. Their Lynch Mob Mindset Proved Wrong.

In January, 2022, I discussed how goons across the globe were going after the unvaccinated. At the time, 59% of Democrats thought it was proper to lock up the unvaccinated here in “the land of the free”. New York passed a law giving health officials the right of health officials to order the police to lock people up in camps (and included as satisfactory reason to do so, that health official’s belief that the person in question was spreading “misinformation”).

Yet eight months later, the CDC has announced that it is not necessary to treat vaccinated and unvaccinated differently at all.

See the new CDC guidance here: https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2022/p0811-covid-guidance.html

In my opinion, this came about for some admixture of two reasons:

  1. Many people have lost their capacity to reason because they are paralyzed with fright and are thinking from their amygdala (“flight-or-fight”);
  2. They already harbored such fascistic impulses.
  1. Right after Pearl Harbor, 59% of Americans were in favor of the internment of Japanese, including citizens. Right after 9/11, two-thirds of Americans favored stop-and-frisk for anyone appearing Middle Eastern, and almost a third favor the interment of Arabs. Liberal values flee in the face of personal fright.

  2. Sadly, Nursing Students are forced to take this experimental “vaccine” The Supreme Court and Legislatures need to provide protections for people who individually do not want to be forced to take experimental medications. Nobody should have their education or livelihood taken away from them. Why do state, city and federal governments use this as leverage against citizens?


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