Beware Imposters on Social Media

Last night I posted an essay (“Covid and Imposters“) explaining why I was off my feed this week. I have learning that in my absence that there are numerous imposters of me (how weird does that seem?) springing up on social media. I hear there are a number of them on Gab and Telegram and who knows where else.

Let me state unequivocally: they are all fake me. That anyone would want to impersonate me is surreal to me, but I can promise, they are not I.

The truth is, other than this blog I stayed away from Social Media for years. There was a Twitter account that someone at Overstock maintained for years, but not a single tweet from those years were ever mine (and I think they mostly had to do with bedding sales and such). When I left Overstock I took control of my Twitter name and used it sporadically from Indonesia, but then dropped it. It was just a couple months ago I started availing itself of its power, and quickly saw my following grow from 20k to >300k.

So, of course, the goons killed it. Note to Goons: When you are on the side that says the other side does not get to have a side, you are on the fascistic side. That some of the Goons run around calling themselves “antifascist” is just a symptom of the ideological indoctrination they received in lieu of an education: when you meet them, tell them to go look up Mussolini’s editorship of Avanti.

In any case, the round-trip did teach me something. My essays here over the years could have had a much larger audience if I had been promoting them through Social Media. Given this lesson learned, I am going to make three points:

  1. Would people be so kind as to direct me (in the comment section below) as to your advice about where I should open up my Twitter replacement? Should I look for a place that acts as just a Twitter replacement, or one of the sites that lets one upload videos and essays as well? Tell me your thoughts below, including your reasons.
  2. When I get another Social Media account, I will verify it with the public here, so you will not need to wonder.
  3. Those souls who opened up imitation accounts may have thought they were trying to help. Might I respectfully suggest to them that there is a way they could help? Contact me through this site, and turn your imposter accounts over to me: You will have done me a favor of getting some new accounts going with tens of thousands of users, and I will continue the momentum. (Do not embarass yourself by asking me to pay you for turning over an imposter account you made in my name.)

More to come on other subjects. Including: the non-violent way we are going to resist this blasphemy of a rigged American election.

      1. Not the original poster, but I don’t think the people running those imposter accounts have good intentions, and I don’t think they’ll be offering up the accounts bearing your name and likeness, sadly. I did report them both.

        The content is a lot of shit-stirring and lies, like claiming you, Sidney and Gen Flynn we’re headed into the White House for a meeting with “certain military intelligence.” Another claimed you had just walked around DC and were alarmed at the number of troops. You can find these accounts @PatrickByrne and @TheRealPatrickByrne on Telegraph. Or maybe it doesn’t have the in the second one; try @RealPatrickByrne.

        To answer your question, I think you’ll find the reach, multimedia capabilities, immediacy, interaction and more on Telegram. People are signing up there in droves now.

        1. Patrick good the hear that you’re well!Come on Telegram,you’ll love that site,it’s perfect,you can post your videos and links to your essays! Make your own account,don’t take those imposters accounts ,you’ll get all their followers in no time,once they’ll find out they’re following the wrong Patrick Byrne.:)
          Here are the 2 fake Telegram channels:

        2. I confirm that another fake Telegram account is (

          I would also recommend a Telegram account part of the weapons of peaceful battle inventory against a censorship blitzkrieg.

          There was some back and forth on a replacement for Whatsapp, Signal or Telegram. For me I heard both were of similar security capabilities but what flagged Signal for me was some of the Deep State were also using it and then an article by Gizmodo suggesting the Whatsapp plan was to push people onto Signal using the changes to ToC. But that’s just me. Telegram does have some powerful features for connecting to the public directly which is something that circumvents usual fake news, if a legitimate account is found.
          Thankful you are feeling better now Patrick. Thanks for your insight.

        3. I would encourage you to open another twitter account name patrick barron with pic of you with mustache. I believe POTUS has done this John Barron. It’s quite brilliant for him & rest of family to do such, Twatter thinks they are parody accounts, as they post funny off the wall things, but I think they are comms. Gab & Clouthub overwhelmingly slow, telegram is good, Lin Wood is there some others. Glad to hear you are feeling well, I believe I may have covid as well, woke up sore throat Sat, no fever, Sun lost sense of taste & smell. Have been taking Vitamins C,D3,Zinc/magnesium & echinacea. Sore throat just about gone, no fever. I own/run very busy construction comp so I’m hoping I dont relapse like you did. I cant miss any more days. Thank you for speaking the truth about corruption, continue the good fight, to keep our freedoms! God Bless 🙏🇺🇸

          1. Add quercetin. When my teens had Covid I researched and they believe hydroxychloroquine was effective as it is a zin ionophore. Quercetin does not have as much research but it is a natural zinc ionophore and is great for the immune system. An “ionophore” just means that it allows the zinc to get into your cells to kill the virus as it helps it get through cell wall. Quercetin is in apple peels, onions and other foods. There is also a great study on Melatonin by Cleveland Clinic. I didn’t catch the virus despite having shopped with my girls during that contagious two day before symptoms period having been in a car with no masks together.

        4. I like Rumble because I can share with my friends and family. Bitchue you can not share. I found your name on Telegram. I hope this is you. Since I see this post here was dated several months ago. I love Telegram to find info. But same with Bitchue you can’t always share unless its another Telegram subscriber.

      2. Hello & happy Friday, Dr. Byrne! Very happy to hear you are feeling better, and thank you for updating us! Suggest creating a Telegram channel. Excellent platform with a solid history and an insightful, expanding following. Keep up the great fight & enjoy your evening. Peace & love 🙏❤️

        1. Hi, Ed. (You are gone from Facebook too?)

          I agree that Telegram may be the best bet for Patrick. He could post links to his essays here, there.

          But, Patrick, I think it’s a mistake to take over the fake accounts or to engage with the imposters at all. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

          Besides, you don’t even need them. I wish you could see how feverishly the people are searching for you, young man.😊 Wherever you choose to open your new account, your following will eventially show up.🇺🇸

          1. Hi Mazie! So good to hear from you! Yes got off everything once big tech made it painfully obvious their advocacy for Communism. Let’s connect on TG. I will reach out to you tomorrow. Talk soon!!

          2. Patrick, before I read your new post I just wanted to say that, for all my talk of dogs and fleas, my immediate impression while reading your words was that taking over the high-follower imposter accounts was the clever, advantageous thing to do. Only later did I worry and think “what if”. Sorry about that.😊

        2. So glad you’re feeling better!! I’m glad I checked here . I was following both accounts on telegram trying to figure out which one was you 🤦🏼‍♀️..I feel foolish
          @PatrickByrne 50.2 k followers/subscribers
          10.8k followers/subscribers
          My personal opinion is for you to go on clouthub, gab & telegram. I like the platform but they need a better way for verification & imposters. Times are trying for everyone & these phonies are taking advantage of people when they are vunerable. God Bless Patrick

      3. Yes I believe Telegram is your best choice: —>this is the only telegram account in your name that I have seen. If you can, I’d try to get them to turn over the account to you or just create a new one and we’ll share it everywhere. Your twitter account looks activated again, so you can probably tweet your new telegram account there

        1. No. Currently watching another account on Telegram ( and when I read a Telegram from Sidney Powell stating all Patrick Byrne’s Telegrams are Fake I decided to come to DeepCapture to see if I could verify either way… and with this latest essay it confirmed it.

          I would also recommend a Telegram account part of the weapons of peaceful battle inventory against a censorship blitzkrieg.

      4. Yesterday – someone put up the copy of the pic from WaPo of Mike Lindell – mostly they have been posting pics. I am sure you can get Telegram to let you view what has been said. No one in your name is on Gab.

      5. Yesterday – someone put up the copy of the pic from WaPo of Mike Lindell – mostly they have been posting pics. I am sure you can get Telegram to let you view what has been said. No one in your name is on Gab.

        Jess, Murray, Rudy, Don Jr, Dan Scavino are still on Twitter – fyi.

      6. Thats really unfortunate…. whoever @realpatrickbyrne is on Telegraph is a very good story teller.

        Even down to the small details.

        Bummer I hoped it was you.

      7. Hi Patrick, we miss your voice..
        These 2 accounts on Telegram are using your name.

        Do you have any updates for us regarding their authenticity?
        Now more than ever we need yo hear from you.
        Thank you

      8. Patrick, We learn quick who is who and who we can trust. I was suspended from Twitter a couple of days after they took Trump down. When everything goes almost silent and we can’t find who we want to listen to. There is quite a few people that have been de platformed from YouTube and Twitter have started they own hosting or website. With these people help to get the word out. One is and the other is Clouthub is a little slow Gab is OK. I know Gab built their own platform and servers so they aren’t beholden to anyone. I don’t know if you know Robert David Steele or not but you will want to check him out. is where you will find him along with the rest of his work.

      9. Thank you, Patrick. I so enjoy reading your blogs! And thankful you are putting in so much effort to expose this stolen election.

        I wish President Trump had taken your advice on using Sidney as General Council and General Flynn to coordinate the ballet recounts. Not sure if Trump’s “gut” feeling was right on this. Had no idea Mayor Giuliani was such a drinker. Lost some respect for him on how he messed that one up. I saw what he did for NYC but this problem requires a different set of skills.

        Don’t know how we can beat the Deep State. Biden is destroying our country as well as the average American. China released Covid-19 to ruin our economy and Biden has made pact with Big Tech, Fake News, China, the WHO, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the CFR power elites. Biden’s redistribution of wealth will further enrich the wealthy at the top while we peasants are losing our businesses barely able to survive and taking vaccine showers forced upon us.

        How can we defeat this totalitarian takeover? I pray for devine providence to lead the way. Thankful for the few like you taking risks to keep America great.

    1. Patrick I’m glad you shared this because I have been on a telegram Chan that I believed was you until I thought that doesn’t sound like him….i also am now questioning the Sidney Powell I also followed. This is out of control. If you look for the latest interview with Juan O Savin he mentions that they are getting ready to release a new platform so I’m personally waiting for that. Hes currently at Trump hotel with the infamous curtains so maybe you all should hook up.

      1. I’ve notice the telegram accounts for Lin Wood , Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne all post close to the same time. I know that was happening before the election when they were super busy the tweets would be close in time, like they’re taking turns on a pc one after the other.

        1. Lin Wood is actually real. If you listen to his FIreside 8 interview (Google it), he confirms it. Also, you can find it on his law practice website (

      2. Be very careful who you trust. This “Juan O Savin” is not a good character, In fact he’s a total fraud. Just like Simon Parkes & the rest of the Brits. They sell Hopium to many desperate people seeking answers. It easily keeps you looking the other way. I’m sure Patrick could vouch for that as well if he checked them out for 2 minutes. All because someone stays at the Trump Hotel….doesn’t make them any less of a snake. After all….John Sullivan stayed there also. Word to the wise.

    2. Hello Patrick, how can we get in touch. I own an IT company since 1998 and my team has been working on a network concept for about 10yrs. In light of everything going on we want to retool some aspects and move this from paper to production and would love to have you involved. There are aspects of this I feel like your one of the few people who can really help us create and produce something outstanding.

    3. How Patrick,
      I would recommend to go to Telegram. Actually, it may not be a bad idea to get with thisb mposter. He’s pretty good. Been following you for a long time. For what I’ve seen, it has not been misinformation. He seems to be staying away from conspiracy theories, and want to try to keep us updated as much as possible. He’s using your name , it appears, that to get information out is to use your name. It’s working pretty good. If you actually look at the posts, they’re a lot more truth than the conspiracy theories I’ve seen. Please get with their guy. He has 50 + thousand followers. It would be a win win for both. Apparently he is watching your videos as I am. He’s got your style in reporting. Check it out. He’s pretty damn good. I know he’s not you, but he hasn’t been wrong on researching and what is happening so far. Love your website and thanks for keeping us posted on the latest. We really appreciate all that you do for the American people and our country! Please keep us posted! I am a big fan. We all love you!!

  1. Patrick, whether you create a new account or capture others, your message is getting out through this forum by many of us who have been following you and spreading the word to all of our friends. Keep us all in the loop, we believe in your great efforts in finding the truth.

    1. Hello, Patrick. So good to hear you’re feeling better and are still in contact with the People.

      I’m throwing my hat in the ring: Gab is a great Twitter replacement, I’ve found. They struggled in the past few weeks dealing with the influx of 1 million new daily users due to Big Tech’s PixelNacht, but have upped their servers and ironed out a lot of their problems. Now, it’s mainly smooth sailing.

      Beyond Gab being the new Wild West, people are responsive. We’re hungry for all the info being kept from us- and are highly communicative with each other. We now understand- en masse- the need for archiving info, downloading videos/audio/etc., so when the Cleaners (you refer to them as Goons) come to scrub the internet in this info war, we have backups.

      The new digital underground is underway, the fight has just begun, and Gab is on the forefront of 100% independence from Big Tech, their Goons, and tech tyranny.

      C’mon over to Gab, Patrick. The water’s fine.


    2. So glad to see you on Telegram this morning! I came here to confirm since I see now that my suspicions on the other accounts were warranted. Glad you’ve recovered from your Covid bout and are up to giving us all your real world insight and accounting of the greatest election theft this nation has seen. I’m just a retired LEO Captain from the 4th largest county agency in NC with 30 years service to my community but am proud that I was the first woman to ever reach that milestone at my agency. Loved my career but since retiring my days have been more focused on my 2 sons (oldest is 22 in Nursing School, youngest almost 13 in 7th grade, both virtual). Although lightly involved in local politics throughout those 30 years since I had an elected “boss”, I never dug to deeper levels statewide or federally. That all changed in 2016 when Trump won. I’m naturally a researcher/investigator and it’s where I spent the bulk of my career and where I gain the most satisfaction from. That and managing the ones who do. Going forward, I want to be more involved in the whole “investigating the fraud” on every level in my local and state elections that we all are certain will continue if we the people don’t take a strong stand to curtail it in every known form it’s taken. My political history is 32 years as a registered Democrat (southern NC family but considered conservative) plus my boss was Democrat, so that was “encouraged” in the 80’s to be employed. I always voted Republican in the general elections since age 18 (first Presidential vote was Reagan in ’84), as my Father had many talks with me and we agreed on that although he never changed his registration either. Weeks after official retirement (1-1-18), I gladly changed to Unaffiliated and don’t see that I could ever vote the other way again. I have sons to teach, & our nation continuing on the trajectory that it appears to be is my greatest fear for them. I’ll be following your posts along with other information in my endeavor to figure out where I can best focus my attention, knowledge, and experience to help detect and correct this fraud since there’s many directions it’s taken. If I’m beat because you outworked me, I’m fine with that because I’m going to bust my butt 24-7 to outwork you the next round. But if you beat me by cheating, that’s a different animal and I’ll find you out fairly and come with receipts when I do. I’ve never felt outrage with politics like I have with this election. Thanks for giving your time, energy, efforts, and personal finances to this endeavor. Looking forward to reading. Take Care!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better.
    We’ve missed your presence.
    Issues with all the other platforms I’ve tested.
    Gab is still slow but gaining ground.
    Clouthub, the same
    MeWe, haven’t figured out but Sidney suggested at one time.
    Haven’t tried Telegram. Don’t like that it wants access to my contacts.
    Keep getting better and keep us posted.
    Thank you, Patriot

  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.
    We’ve missed your presence.
    Issues w all options I’ve tried.
    Gab, I like best, but is still very slow. Being targeted and overwhelmed
    Clouthub, same
    WeMe, haven’t figured out
    Keep getting better, keep us posted.
    Thanks for all you’ve done and will do… Patriot

  4. I have your deep capture website bookmarked and have been checking here daily. Whoever is posting on Telegram under your name sure posts a lot and the number of followers has grown. I’m not sure if there are any good social media sites to get on right now but Gab and CloutHub seem ok. Telegram is fun but seems like there are a bunch of fake accounts for anyone who has a following. Maybe you could do video updates on Rumble so that we KNOW it’s really you speaking. I’m praying this all turns out well. Feel better.

  5. Please forward to our President

    Mr. President,

    If you really took the oath to protect America, Please sign the insurrection act now, other wise you are considered a traitor too. If you won’t enact it, then we can only believe your truly are not for America. I’m sorry for saying this but you know its true. You pushed us and now we must push you to be a true American. “Keep America Great” or give in and sell us out to China.

    We pushed so much for you and went out of my way for what, if you let us down. You know that 2022 don’t mean anything since they got the elections fixed.

    There are no excuses period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hello,
        I think we are all looking for alternatives since the election. I personally like Telegram since the plug was pulled on Parler. My only complaint is it’s based on channels instead a mixed basket of posts. To the person above, I simply did not allow it to have access to my contacts and still have no issue.

    1. potus is a savvy politician. the problem is that sometimes being a savvy politician is a part of the problem. he definitely failed us by not fighting this time around. while most people will buy his snake oil, he lost me in the sense that for me it’s all a hoax if there is no paper ballot voting from now now.

      i guess starting next year they will no longer show us the live counting graphs to avoid easy detection of fraud. also they will call dominion some otther name.

      problem solved…. NOT

  6. Patrick,

    If this is really you.

    Since Parler went down I’ve been using Minds, Clout Hub and Telegram.

    None of them compare to Parler though; they all lack a verification of Identity, so it’s hard to know who you’re actually talking to, and there’s the rub of it all. At least Parler verified account owners identify.

    We need a new internet perhaps like the old days self hosted bbs services, like back in the telnet days, when the users actually had to be computer and tech literate to some degree, ensuring a modicum of intelligence.

    I’m not sure what the answer is but mass media and social media has become a cesspool.

    If it helps any, I like Telegram because it’s not hosted on AWS, and you seem to have more privacy controls. I just wish there was some way to know the impostors from the real people.



  7. Thank you so much for letting us know what was going on. I hope you feel better! I followed you on Twitter (I do not have an account but could still see your posts) as well as listened to several podcasts. You were a great source of information on many levels since election. You are also a great writer and I enjoy your essays. I kept checking your website while things were on flux so I appreciate your communicating where you land through this site. Thank you so much for all you have done!!!

  8. Glad to read this. One post on telegram under your name said something had gone unexpectedly wrong and you would explain after 1/20/21:(. Bout gave me and others a heart attack. I wondered if that acct was bogus. Now I know. I’ll comment on it to make sure others know.

  9. Hi Patrick,
    None of the existing competitors are particularly good for social media. Up until now, the biggest challenge has been how to overcome the ‘vendor lock in’ caused by everyone using Twitter and Facebook for so long. However, hubris has overcome that when they started the mass banning.

    Now the other challenge is coming up with a sustainable business model for such a service while protecting people’s privacy and freedom. The ‘free’ paid for by advertisers invading your privacy model does manage to generate a lot of revenues, as does nearly every other immoral and unethical business.

    Would you like to help design and build a new alternative that 1. Is immune from censorship/blacklisting by BigTech and 2. Upholds the US’s first amendment rights to free speech? (By this I don’t mean funding as your contribution towards the right set of design requirements that are appropriate and balanced for the needs of free citizens would be far more useful.)

    1. I left MeWe once they started censoring. I also heard the owners were questionable and connected to big tech.
      Telegram is confusing and hard to navigate. Lots of fake accounts. But does have loads of good info.
      Gab is good but hard to find people. But I like their concept- more God, Country and Family based. I go between Gab and telegram. Not so much iclout anymore. And Parler is gone.

  10. Hi Patrick.
    So happy you are feeling better. You are a very strong courageous person….i doubt if i could have achieved anything in my business career if numerous surgeries had been a factor (we are roughly the same age)….
    Liberty and justice lovers everywhere(regardless of nationality, or any other factor we use to classify humanity) rejoice when your honest, transparent, amd peaceloving voice is heard again…so welcome back and glad you are feeling better !
    ps. We had communicated a long time back when you were in Singapore (through these pages), but i dont expect you to remember. I had thought to let you know i was also in singapore those days and had several thoughts that i should try to meet you….nevertheless, i am in atlanta currently and will reach out to you through someone we know in common in this city. I dont know when it will happen, but i look forward to meeting you in 2021 (finally !…. i have been keeping up with your work on deepcapture since 2007/08)…. thank you for everything you do and hope you are fully back to 100% soon.

  11. Best is to just pick one and direct followers to it. If you need to change services, redirect your followers to that one. Some are easier than others but it’s probably more important for people to know where to find you than it is to stay in exactly one place.

  12. I’m confused by this post, because it seems like you don’t know that your Twitter account was reinstated 1 or 2 days ago. Due to the mass exodus, social media is overwhelmed, and they don’t work consistently. The only social media that seems to work right now is Telegram, but I have only used it as a subscriber to “your” fake channels, Lin & Sidney’s. I provided screenshots from the fake “you” that scared everyone via Twitter messages.

    I’m so glad to hear that you are ok! That was very dangerous for you to be driving sick with such a high fever! I’m glad that you finally got proper treatment and that you’re feeling better! I’m sending heartfelt withes for you to make a speedy and full recovery! You are and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers ! 🙏🙏🙏

  13. “where I should open up my Twitter replacement?”. We’ve seen Parlor is liable to single point of failure when AWS pulled them; evidently Gab suffers a similar single point (they’re talking about adding “more servers”).

    Therefore why not a federated system that has no dependency on a central authority? Consider

  14. Telegram and Gab would be perfect! I closed my Twitter account after you got smoked and have been looking for you intently on all platforms. Telegram has been a cool experience as communication in direct and instant with your followers. You can make posts that can be interactive or just one way.

    Really missing you and your insights as there are few that I really trust!

  15. Thanks for the clarity, Patrick. Been following that imposter on Telegram thinking it was you lol. He has your tone down to a pat, pun intended. What an unbelievable information warfare!

    Go on Telegram for now. Wait for Gab and go there when they’re up and running at full speed.

  16. Patrick,

    Zack aka RedPill78 has been banned from many social media platforms so has a better idea than most as to which are safe and ethical, as well as which get the most traffic. His livelihood depends on it. Why don’t you pick his brain as to the Pros and Cons of each to find one that fits your specific needs? I’ll also send him an email suggesting he help you.

  17. Hi Patrick. Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    What I see as a replacement for Twitter is Telegraph. It moves as quick, you can post anything by creating your own chat room/channel if you want to allow comments for discussion with followers. Everything else out there as Gab, CloutHub etc. Are kinda slow and constantly crashing( that’s my experience so far, I closed my FB and Twitter accounts last Friday when they cut of Gen Flynn, Sidney and the President’ accounts. Enough is enough.
    Please let us know when you open replacement account so we can follow. I’m currently following an account with your name RealPatrickByrne on telegraph, but it seems it’s an imposter.

  18. Continue to post here. Anywhere you post will be targeted. Those folks have enough issues. Ideally, setup a subdomain (or two) (e.g.,, on different servers with exact mirrors of this site. Everyone should decentralize. Avoid centralization. I was in Moscow once during the summer. There was no hot water. I asked why. Because Moscow has a central water heater for the entire city. They take it down in the summer for repairs. That cannot happen in the U.S. because we each have hot water heaters in our home. One or a few people might not have hot water, but everyone else does. They can censor us because we gather in one place and they can shut down that one place. Do not gather in one place. If you need help, happy to help.

  19. As of now there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner in the competing social media replacement sector. Parler is gaining popularity but it was a hot mess before so hopefully they come back strong. Gab is slow but improving daily. Best plan is to take your name from whoever is acting a fool instead of doing a redirect to your actual account. Patrick, wherever you land can I recommend that you keep doing video? You have such an authentic personality and watching you speak is really comforting. Weird thing to say but Im sure youre aware of the fragile state of emotional wellbeing in the world as it is so I think an authentic, natural speaking environment would be well received. You could teach people so much. Ps I’m an amateur videographer so I may be a little biased. If you ever want to collab for a documentary or something I would love to work with you.

  20. Patrick, below is an example of the disinformation put out by a Telegram account named The Real Patrick Byrne. Based on this alone, it may be worth opening a Telegram account and working with administrators to counter the imposters.

    “Just confirmed with Rudy Giuliani that Jared Kushner has been banned from the White House grounds. He tried getting in today at 8:00pm and he was told the president has blocked all access to him.This has been an escalating game of cat and mouse. Jared’s been appeasing bureaucrats in NY and DC. All to get deferrals and easements on his properties. Trump is furious. It’s said he for the past week has been telling Mark Meadows and Ivanka to not let Trump get on Gab. Trump now sees he had swamp in his own family. More to come in the morning.”

  21. So when all the censorship started I downloaded several different social media apps that those I followed said I could find them. Of course paler is gone. But I think knowing if you prefer the Facebook format or Twitter format might help. Clouthub is similar to Twitter in the fact that you can post something and people can comment directly to that post, and you can choose “channels” to follow etc. MeWe reminds me more of Facebook format. Then there is telegram where you can choose those you want to follow but the format is more of a continuous message feed that followers can comment on similar to snap chatting except the messages don’t disappear
    I’m not sure if this helps but just a little comparison to the more well know apps.

  22. So when all the censorship started I downloaded several different social media apps that those I followed said I could find them. Of course paler is gone. But I think knowing if you prefer the Facebook format or Twitter format might help. Clouthub is similar to Twitter in the fact that you can post something and people can comment directly to that post, and you can choose “channels” to follow etc. MeWe reminds me more of Facebook format. Then there is telegram where you can choose those you want to follow but the format is more of a continuous message feed that followers can comment on similar to snap chatting except the messages don’t disappear
    I’m not sure if this helps but just a little comparison to the more well know apps.

  23. Patrick we can build The back end for all social media using raven coin. It literally would only take a few weeks and a couple of programmers. Then all 3rd party sites could use this blockchain system. It would spur innovation, stop censorship, stop deletion and allow for true competition. We can build a properly regulated capitalistic economic blockchain system within a month.

  24. glad that you are better.

    your twitter account lists parler and minds as accounts that you will be using if twitter bans you.

    i know parler is down till the 19th (i sure do hope thata those guys are not conveniently avoiding trouble with the left and are actually taking so much time simply becuase they are ensuring things are running smoothly), but your minds account has a couple of postings

    can you pls clarify.

    1. Yes, he got on minds several months ago before the election crap… You can find a post from him that he joined minds.

      Now I don’t understand why PB invested in locals but did not make an account.

    2. I signed up at Minds because I thought Patrick said that is where he’d go. Would love to have this confirmed/denied. Minds does seem like a good alternative.

  25. Patrick, I would suggest as a great place to get your insights and knowledge out to the world. I believe you know about from your interactions with Dave Rubin. I have been a Rubin Report fan for a while following him on YouTube and via podcast.. when everyone i knew started closing down their FB and Twitter accounts and then the deep censoring began, I joined I have had the best conversations and exchange.of information with very smart and engaging folks. I have shared info without fear of being canceled or attacked. I hope that you would join the Rubin Reports community and then create your own… it would be lovely.

  26. Hello! I have only just discovered you a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed reading every thing on deepcapture. I have been learning so much and really enjoy your writing style. I would most definitely be interested in following you somewhere where you can upload essays and videos. I do not have any social media accounts as of now, deleted them recently, so I do not have any suggestions, although locals looked great from my quick glance. Thank you Patrick for keeping us educated during these scary times!

  27. This is a Telegram account claiming to be the real, real you, over the other impersonators – just search ‘TheRealPatrickByrne’. To be fair, whoever is posting content in this channel seems to be pretty good. However, you should contact Zeke from Telegram as he can remove these imposters and hand the account over to you as he has done with Sidney Powell. Telegram is a great messaging app thanks to the way channels can have group chats for every post (the way Lin Wood is doing it) but I would suggest appointing some moderators/admins to ban people if you decide to do this as the other channels are always getting spammed with ‘trump coin’ offers and other scammy crap. Hope we do see you on there, and I hope you can help save Trump (and America).

  28. You sir, are nothing less than a full blown rockstar. Thank you so much for using your mental horsepower and your cogency to combine observations thoughts and information you have seen and present it to us normal citizens and give us a platform for thought. Have a fabulous day eat well and be healthy, thank you again so much for who you are.

  29. Gab is a news, social, video, etc. site. They only need more infrastructure.

    They have their own browser even. If you get behind them and help their infrastructure, they will be dominant.

    Their interface is great. Right now they’re essentially being DDOSed by all of the traffic, so it’s slow. If you can help them fix that, is the new place to be.

    They have all of President Trump’s tweets backed up on an account for him.

  30. I don’t know as I’ve always avoided social media since 2012 when youtube became censoring and boring. A forum like this is just fine for me.

  31. You’re a great American, Patrick, and I’m glad you’re going to be OK. I didn’t know too much about you until I somehow became aware of the meeting at the WH just before Christmas when you were there with Sidney and the General. I listened to some interview with you a few days after that meeting. Good Christ. What an eye-opener !! How does it happen that the people closest to the President aren’t all pit bulls who think like him and are willing to fight like hell for him ?? I still think DJT can steal it back, and I hope some wheels are in motion to do that, but you were right a month ago…..had the steal been framed as a hack job from the get-go and folks like you and Jovan P and Gen Flynn and Sidney been brought in to lead the fight right away, we’d all be looking forward to another DJT inauguration this Wed. Anyways, I’m not sure I’m much help on the social media question….I still think e-mail is cool. 😮 But there’s a lot of old farts like me…….we go to our five or ten web sites a day and hear from who we like. So keep posting here too. Thanks for fighting for us. May God bless you.

  32. Subscribe to Slava Akhmechet’s substack. Slava is a highly competent centre right software developer and is creating a social media for having civil discourse. For forming the culture of his newly created platform, he is recruiting the ten early users and asking for them to send their resumes to him. I strongly recommend him. His substack is “Zero Accountability.” His tweeter handle is @spakhm

  33. Hi Patrick,
    Many of us former Twitter users are now dispersed and trying to find a place to land. Our main purpose was to support Trump and find truth tellers.
    Sidney and Lin Wood appear to have (official) Telegram accounts. Trump and Flynn are there but not ‘officially’ yet? Sidney alerted us to your fake account.
    Ron (@codemonkeyz) is on Gab and Trump
    has an account there as well.
    You would know better than most what platform would be the best and most secure to use. I, personally, don’t want multiple accounts. I found you on ‘Minds’ because you linked it from your Twitter account. I had never even heard of it.
    These are just my thoughts, not a suggestion for the best platform. I was hoping you could lead us in the right direction. Thanks for everything you are doing. You have been a great resource.

  34. They all have pros and cons. As soon as everyone rushes to one something will go wrong. The most important thing we need is a way to authenticate who is behind the keyboard. I’m not sure how to do that enmass. One thing that would help tremendously is if the individual websites of personalities were updated. That always the first thing I do is go to their websites to determine what’s real. Most of the time it’s outdated and not helpful. Then I try to send emails via the site forms for information. It’s all a pain.

  35. I knew it was not you since I have been reading all your writings on this website. Telegram would be great it has channels and you can reference this website. You have an objective point of view as your main objective is adherence to the Constitution and transparency. Please let me know how I can help on exposing the fraud as this is an area of my expertise. We identify fraud indicators that lead to for cause audits under FDA regulated products.

  36. I knew it was not you since I have been reading all your writings on this website. Telegram would be great it has channels and you can reference this website. You have an objective point of view as your main goal is adherence to the Constitution and transparency. Please let me know how I can help in exposing the fraud as this is an area of my expertise. We identify fraud indicators that lead to for cause audits under FDA regulated products.

  37. Good morning Patrick,
    Glad you are feeling better. I came to this website because you’ve promoted it before, and to find latest comments from you. I think you should go back on social media, maybe try Gab until Parler comes back ( if they are able to). Just announce what your name is here, and also do video updates on Rumble or Bitchute. If you do that, people will find you quickly again. In today’s world, I don’t think the masses go to websites, they prefer social media..where it’s quick and I guess more “convenient.” It would be nice to have you back on social media.

  38. Twitter restored your account on their site. Suggest checking out whether or not you can tweet again. Then, decide whether or not you want to stay there or delete that account entirely. If it’s abandoned, most likely someone else will take over pretending to be you.

  39. Gab is the only platform that is in control of the servers. They own them. Gab is coming out with a Samsung phone that does not have google. It has a browser called Dissenter. It seems to me that the only provider that can not be taken down unless they stop them at the isp level is Gab. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  40. you have the brand established deep capture
    continue with this site – needs some layout redesign
    for links,video,forms and blogs so it is easier to use without all the scrolling to read content.

    on the home page things that matter to you most

    so one area for video another for blog etc. the home
    page features current info with link etc. be sure
    the structure is setup so it is easy to get around.

    2021 is here we are alive smile!

  41. I signed up for Minds because I read that was where you were going. It seems like a good place to land but now I need to know if it is really you there.

  42. I agree with all those posting about using Telegram, the fake account there is prime for you to take over. It has lots of followers already and Sidney Powell and Gen. Flynn, Lin Wood, Codemonkeyz are on there along with many other Respected journalists. It allows for posting links comments, and you can then comments on or off. By far the best running. I still have trouble logging in on Gab, but if they fix that it will also be a nice alternative. Frankly telegram and gab can be linked. Two great alternatives. Clouthub is a 3rd possibility and is working better than gab.

  43. you have the brand established deep capture
    continue with this site – needs some layout redesign
    for links,video,forms and blogs so it is easier to use without all the scrolling to read content.

  44. things that matter to you most on home page
    area for videos, blog etc. make sure the structure
    Is set up so it is easy to navigate.

  45. Youmaker is a new video site like YouTube that has been created by Epoch Times who support free speech. I’m sure you know of Epoch Times. This is just one suggestion. Please keep speaking out as we are losing our founding principles that our founding fathers brought to us in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
    The Bible says it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine; meaning that it’s the little destructive things that creep in which eventfully destroys the thing that keeps us alive! Here is the video platform link:

    1. wow. thanks for letting us knkow. just checked aout. so much better interface than rumble. you cant control rumble video using arrows. you can on youmaker… awesome. recommend to others as well. hope we have enough people migrating hree so that content availability goes up

  46. If you were to create a Locals account, I would enthusiastically sign up as a regular donator. That approach (creator-controlled spaces behind very reasonably-priced paywalls) provides the benefits of social media, while greatly decreasing the negative mental health effects of it.

  47. Keep posting right here on your website! You are a true Patriot and We The People (defined as anyone who has the common sense to see what is going on) are extraordinarily blessed for all you are doing to defend our Republic. Agree completely that Covid is a story of ‘AND’. It is truly horrific and life-ending for many AND it has been used as a weapon in more ways than illness/death. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your presence online in this website.


    Do you want a platform where you can speak your mind freely without having to worry that you’ll be banned on a whim?

    1. $5 a month for locals, $5 a month to support other sites. Pretty soon I am taking food from my family just to communicate. There are much better revenue models than monthly subscriptions.

  49. CloutHub was the only one I could get working right after Parler went down. It is a bit slow and glitchy but works overall. It sounds like a number are on Telegram but IDK, I don’t need these accounts either. Just post here and use the others to direct them here.

  50. U.S. MAIL, TELEPHONE CHATS AND IN PERSON CONVERSATIONS. Best things since Apple Pie! Sounds and looks so real you can almost feel the real hugs and kisses as if they are ‘really’ happening in ‘real’ time. AWESOME ALTERNATIVES!

  51. Please use TELEGRAM and open a Gab account as a back-up. I’m sure you can ask Telegram to take over the existing “faux” Patrick Byrne account, which has over 50,000 followers.

    Telegram has been running consistently well, huge engagement.

    Thank you

  52. I think you should post a video, because I don’t even believe these posts are real. Possibly your site was hacked as well. Post a video holding up a newspaper with todays date.

  53. You can use more than one SM. Sign up for all you can, but rather than putting original content there put it here & then put the links on the SM. You’ll stay in control & probably less likely to get kicked off. Also, you can encourage followers to post links on Twitter & other places that ban you. The word will get out & imposters will be foiled.

    Also get an email subscription link. If you have one here I don’t see it.

  54. Hi Patrick,

    I had been waiting for you to show up somewhere and establish yourself before I trusted it was you. Typo’s and imposters, its hard to know what it what these days.

    Personally I like GAB. They appear to have their own infrastructure and are open source for others to spin off copies. I know that have “baggage” but to me it seems to be similar to the poison pill the president just received. They likely have more extensive experience staying up through attacks than most other websites in the world.

    I think your participation would give them additional lift and recognition, as well as pointing out people can come together and build something that does not use any 3rd parties tools and thus stands on its own.

    That said, evil exists. I don’t think anyone can rely on just one social media platform, I think you need two that are is independent as possible. I have no suggestion as to a second platform, other than perhaps it be one with potential (versus current “success”) you can help nurture by bringing in traffic == Lift more boats. Right now people are looking elsewhere.



  55. Patrick, glad to see you back and you are feeling better!

    According to the real @codemonkeyz Ron, who is now only on & has a backup on Telegram Parler is not secure and he would never go on there. We went off on the reasons on Twitter about a month ago. He was saying that they need to change some lines of code to make it secure. I have also been hearing that Paler’s data was hacked recently. You can confirm for yourself.

    From my research I would recommend:

    >>>>> GET BOTH Gab and SafeChat <<<<<

    because they have their own servers and both can be reached through the web when the App Stores ban them (Gab app already banned, SafeChat still does have an app). Gab is most like Twitter and SafeChat has more features like Facebook with videos. Get both. Gab has been slow while they are trying to ramp up the massive influx of new users so it will get better with time.

    Man in America made a video that he talks about Gab and SafeChat:
    Man in America – These Two Apps Will Not be Silenced

    Telegram is supposed to be good but I can’t stand the layout (or just not used to it or haven’t learned how to use it). It is laid out like you are looking at text messages and not in a feed like Twitter or Gab. I just go on there to find the couple of people I can’t find anywhere else then get off.

  56. Gab because it is off the rails of big tech tyrants. They are gaining performance everyday. They do have a verification system.
    Telegram is a good platform, but I am not sure how long they have before big tech takes them down.

    Glad to hear from you Patrick! A voice of reason and truth that so many of us are seeking. Hardworking Americans who love our country and Constitution … and might I add Peaceful, loving Americans. Cross our path and threaten my family, then that’s a different story and I and others will protect until the end.

    God bless you!

  57. Patrick – So glad you’re feeling better – and yes the “fake” Patrick’s have been on Telegram – thank you for asking Sidney to let us know.

    Seems like GAB (they’ve been slow – but are separate from AWS, etc.) and Telegram (most are sending info from Twitter – but it is a quick and easy) are best vehicles for communications right now. Challenge w/Telegram is that Sidney has her account setup to not receive data – believe she should change that. I don’t have a heavy following on Twitter – so they’re ignoring me at this time – but based on Veritas video – that will probably change in future. Hopefully, President Trump will take them all down – what has been happening is not USA.

    Your Twitter account is again showing – so you might be backup and running – send a “test” out – and see if people can reply – but, they do keep blocking people – so, be careful. Still believe GAB and Telegram are best. NOTE: Gab also has naysayers – but, their leadership team is not removing unless clear threats are made.

    Again, so glad you are feeling better. Let us know what we all can do to help President Trump – believe allowing these crooks – including Biden – to take over will just destroy our country – but seems that is their goal after all.

    God Bless you and the entire team!

    Ellen Casey

    1. how about we all just LEAVE twitter. as in STOP using a private company that thinks we suck. and never ever have a need to discuss it. remember, they need us.

  58. We miss you Patrick. I could always count on your information to be true and accurate. I also appreciated that you never tried to invoke false hope. I think my sentiments are felt by many since you were forced out of twitter. Today I woke up to a “indefinite” ban on my ability to create groups or events on fb. I have no violations and have never organized an unlawful event. Literally just my sons bday parties to date lol. Any groups I’ve ever created have been associated with my hair salon. I also need a replacement social media. I have used Parler (until they were shut down), gab, CloutHub and telegram. So far they all need some work. Telegram is probably the best one so far as far as speed and easy navigation go. I hope you sign up. I miss seeing your posts. You’re a gifted writer.

    1. ditto. patrick is amazing.

      fb is spying on us. stop using twitter and fb. just delete your acct. dont give fb a voice. if all thte trump voters would leave,… then maybe… they will realize who pays for their “growth”.

    2. That is kind of you to say. “Gifted writer“. The truth is, over the years effort as I have put into it, I have been a little bit surprised that more people have not noted that. I know it sounds egotistical, and I’m sorry about that. But yes I do enjoy my writing, and it has seemed a little strange a few people have noticed how it compares with a typical Professional journalist. Of course I do not have the benefit of an editor, and generally write my stuff as one draft and get it posted because I’m in a hurry. Usually I go back a day later and correct Not only typographical error’s and misspellings, but obvious infelicities of grammar and style. Audrey, that recent piece for the New Yorker writer… One of the first thing she told me when she got to know me a year ago was how surprise she was at How could she thought my writing was. Coming from a New Yorker writer, I took that as a real compliment. Then her November piece came out, and it’ slagged my writing. Kind of typical.

      1. Patrick,

        I told you over a year ago to start writing your autobiography. I suggested you pick your mother’s brain, via recording, while she was still alive. She will fill in the gap from birth to a point where your older brother or other relatives could pick up the story from their own memories.

        If this project seems too daunting, write stories about particular events that you remember. Look at old family photos to trigger recall. Then at some point find an editor to string everything together and BINGO! Autobiography!

  59. We miss you Patrick. I could always count on your information to be true and accurate. I also appreciated that you never tried to invoke false hope. I think my sentiments are felt by many since you were forced out of twitter. Today I woke up to a “indefinite” ban on my ability to create groups or events on fb. I have no violations and have never organized an unlawful event. Literally just my sons bday parties to date lol. Any groups I’ve ever created have been associated with my hair salon. I also need a replacement social media. I have used Parler (until they were shut down), gab, CloutHub and telegram. So far they all need some work. Telegram is probably the best one so far as far as speed and easy navigation go. I hope you sign up. I miss seeing your posts. You’re a gifted writer.

  60. I think Gab is a great substitute for Twitter. It is running a bit slow with the massive increase of users but they seems to be working as fast as they can to accommodate.
    I know they are working on other products as well (browser, phone!).

  61. Damn! I thought I had “discernment” & followed @RealPatrickByrne on Telegram. I think it was on your Twitter account that u we’re going there. ?! So much disinformation out there it’s sickening. I think Telegram is ok but too much spam in the comments. It is, however, straightforward if you’re there to provide information. I just saw a Telegram post by Sidney Powell (supposedly) that basically says that despite all that is coming out President Trump will not act on anything. I am sick about all of this. I can’t even sleep! Please take care of yourself – so sorry u had to suffer w/Covid. Keep writing on your site! Everyone is starved for the TRUTH. 🇺🇸

  62. Patrick,
    we need a google and wikipedia alternative. wikipedia is now horrible for politics (left-wing media defines the narrative) but also for science. i am a medical doctor/researcher. 2 years ago wikipedia was the most up to date, most interesting source of information that had everything. nature looked @ the 3 encyclopedias and compared them and wikipedia won. you didnt really need a paid subscrption to medical literature in most cases. now you do.
    google changed their algorithm and finding things requires way too much time, not just for politics. …. duckduckgo is not good – algorithm needs way too much work and it works on chrome anyway. bing… is not as good as google but better than duckduckgo … but microsoft…. youmaker seems to have a great interface. i will check it out later in the day.
    just saying. 😉

    1. I think you are missing some history here. Patrick’s Naked Short Selling causes one of the biggest uproars in wikipedia’s history.

      “Article: Emails show journalist rigged Wikipedia’s naked shorts
      Article – Media
      Emails show journalist rigged Wikipedia’s naked shorts

      Cade Metz

      The Register, 1 October 2008

      Two and a half years ago, CEO Patrick Byrne penned an editorial for The Wall Street Journal, warning that widespread stock manipulation schemes – including abusive naked short selling – were threatening the health of America’s financial markets. But it wasn’t published.

      “An editor at The Journal asked me to write it, and I told him he wouldn’t be allowed to publish it,” Byrne says. “He insisted that only he controlled what was printed on the editorial page, so I wrote it. Then, after a few days, he got back to me and said ‘It appears I can’t run this or anything else you write.’””

  63. Hi Patrick, its always a humbling experience having to rebuild a network from scratch especially for people that hunger for truth and only desire to stay informed so that they can navigate a path that best suits. People like your self that have a solid history for building people up to be better never gets forgotten. You’ll have few issues gaining an audience once the word is out. I wouldn’t be caught up on trying to maintain the user name that you’ve always had on twatter. Create a new one based on Deep Capture or some other project that you have in the pipeline. Followers will flock to you just as fast as what you experienced on twatter. Truth and light is like a magnet to those that hunger for it and right now the entire human race is looking for that. Thanks for all that you do and for everything you’ve shared. May you always be in Gods favour and kept safe.

  64. Thank you, Patrick, for confirming the fake accounts. It clears up a lot of confusion. (BTW, @PatrickByrne on Twitter appears to be unsuspended.)

    I recommend . A little like Twitter; a little like FB. Definitely free speech, and friendly with good engagement. It is accessible via desktop browser and mobile web-app. And, they are doing great getting back up to speed with the flood of new users after the Twitter purge.

    Telegram is primarily a mobile messaging platform and, thus, limited in regards to format and engagement.

  65. > advice about where I should open up my Twitter replacement?

    Twitter has unblocked your account.

    I would post a tweet letting people know about the imposters and that you haven’t moved anywhere yet.
    Let people know that is the only place you have full control over.
    Let them know that you will tweet your official handle once you find a good alternative.
    Then pin the tweet.

    As per replacements Telegram seems the only viable solution at this stage. It has over 500 million users world wide (and growing fast!), and I think what is happening in the US is much bigger than the US, so getting a worldwide audience isn’t a bad thing.

    The guys working at Telegram are incredibly smart (you don’t get employed if you don’t rank high in their coding competitions) and uncompromisingly free speech. Durov will not sell out. He has privately founded the whole thing from the start and won’t sell out. (Follow Durov’s channel He explains a lot behind their philosophy.)

    Telegram has been extremely fast, and has all the features you need (and more), including verification of identity.

    I wouldn’t take over the imposter accounts. Ask Durov to close them down. He will. Set up a new account and advertise it on and twitter.

    If you can … ask Sidney, Lin and Flynn to advertise your new account handle once it is created. (Would be good if you could verify their official handles with them and post it on You are the only 4 people I trust right now.

    Keep posting articles on (great name BTW) and link to them from Telegram and Twitter.

    > Should I look for a place that acts as just a Twitter replacement,

    I know the immediate reaction is to want to get rid of Twitter. Don’t. Use it as funnel to your content. should be the end-point. Focus on making it grow.

    Telegram should be a funnel to as well.

    > or one of the sites that lets one upload videos and essays as well? Tell me your thoughts below, including your reasons.

    Telegram can do all this (but keep everything on

    I didn’t know about Telegram up until a week ago, but have been extremely impressed with how (blazing) fast it is and the features it has. It is light years ahead of twitter and has some of the best minds working on it.

  66. Patrick,

    Very thankful that you are doing well and survived China’s attack. I suggest only posting substantive posts and information here, and still use your Twatter account (when available) and also open account(s) with any or all of the above recommended sites as well. Then only use said sites to let everyone know you have a new post on Deep Capture, with a link to this site. I for one love the idea of many ‘new’ people looking around on this site, finding out what Wall Street via the Depository Trust Co. have done (and continue to do) to all of us for the last many years.

  67. So Happy to hear from you! I am grateful for all that you do, and that you are well. I will follow you wherever you go. If you have an opportunity, please post here the real accounts of Sidney, Gen. Flynn, Pres. Trump, Lin W, etc…. don’t know what to believe anymore. Am very disheartened. God bless you.

  68. Patrick,

    Thank you for all you are doing. I would have to say post initially to this site. Then link to your post on a Telegram account. Even if someone is spoofing you, it will bring the folks to this website. Gab is a cluster right now trying to keep up with all those fleeing Twitter and Facebook. Just my thoughts.

  69. Patrick,
    I’ve opened at MeWe, Telegram and GAB. Gab seems to have been having rapid growing pains but I understand they are up and going ok this weekend. I share you’re concern. I’ve connected with people claiming Mark Levin and Sidney Powell but I’m not sure. If I may ask, do any of you have any idea what the president will do between now and Wednesday? Surely he’s not going to walk out the door and leave so much on the table. This election heist was essentially and act of war in my view.

    1. because if he does justt walk out, he will be basically no better than any other politician speaking from both sides of their mouths. all those calls to BE STRONG … wtf

      he is a leader who unites us like no other because we trust he has our best interest on his mind. regardless of what happens, i will not doubt he i a great guy, and etc… but as a leader… will he have the mettle to fight like he says? i dont know. although i feel he is giving up with every passing day. i see zero benefit of waiting with all evidence of being presented to him.

      president trump!!!! we the people are asking YOU TO BE STRONG. if you know cippolone and co are not strong enough to fight for you, why are you still listening to them. why are you not firing them? desperate times require desperate measures.

  70. Gab looks like an amazing company, with a patriot at the helm, but they’re growing so fast and being attacked so aggressively that they can’t seem to add infrastructure fast enough. Their fork of Brave browser (called Dissenter) is excellent, Gab TV provides an alternative to YT, and they’re working on a mobile device as an alternative to the mobile cartel. They also seem to have hardened there services quite well, after big tech kept canceling services (AWS, cc payment, texting, etc…), so I think they’ll come out of this very strong.

  71. in future?

    This was mentioned on Tim Pool recently, these guys and their crew are very innovative bunch. Also, they are mixed in the crew.

    I believe that we are are about to witness free market at its best. I’m no history buff but is this not the time when people create out of necessity. I do not underestimate the amount of ingenuity of the masses, we have just gotten lazy, vain and greedy. Well, that’s changed! I’ve found the best motivator in life is to get pissed off, granted there’s a lil bit of Irish in this one too.

    I think that Telegram etc sites will be used as necessity but new and secure and safe from creepers (Big Tech spying on us).

    I am starting to think that your “block chain saves the world project” might be jump started. Maybe able to enjoy the surf n sun earlier than expected! You deserve it!!

    With blessings of peace and strength to a warrior,


  72. Please set up an account at Telegram. Too many scammers pretending to be you. This by itself will halt the pretenders if you post your Telegram ID here, and we can report with confidence. Many of your colleagues already appear to be there.

  73. If you set up an account just post the details here with a link and we will get the word out of your REAL account

  74. telegram is owned by 3 russians? one of them apparently living in UK… what is the probability of the UK government denying a US request because our “national security” might be compromised?

    patrick, those of us that want to read what you have to say, will come here. maybe you can post a note on twitter saying that you will no longer post there due to suppression of free speech and request all followers to just come to here you can keep us informed of waht is happening until a new platform springs up.

    if we dont proactively request folks to leave twitter some wont do it. do we benefit from giving @jack a voice?

  75. Its fast, but definitely has kinks that need to be worked out. It seems to lean right. I think if I were you I’d wait till after election day. Your profile is still up, its just obvious that you haven’t been posting. So Twitter hasn’t fully removed it. No doubt you’ll meet with some resistance but it never hurts to have the news as its happening, spin and all. Great to see you again Mr Byrne. Do hope to see more of you! Robbie~

  76. Hi Patrick,

    All those tech companies, Apple is the exception, have been based on open source from the beginning. And it is open source the one having the solution for their abuse. Linux was in the battle for smartphones but some projects failed against Android, which runs Linux as the operating system. Now there are some projects for having pure Linux phones, not only the operating system but also all the user space programs and apps. Purism is one option, another is Volla. I will buy one of those phone soon and get rid of Google devices forever. Someone needs to back those projects and a global campaign for a messaging standard should be pursued. Telegram deserves the benefit of the doubt, but centralism is a high risk.

  77. Telegram is the next rising star platform that I think you’ll appreciate. There is already a channel using your name with 50.9k subscribers all thinking they are reading your posts and connecting with you. Have we been duped? Hope you can take over the account and make it legit so we can hear directly from you and pick your brain again. Please keep us posted 🙏

  78. Patrick,

    Do you have a copy of the new evidence that Mike Lindel is talking about? I would really like to review it.

  79. Help Gab or others build/continue to build the infrastructure to keep Big Tech away.

    They are going to use their power to crush all competitors, but this should also fuel ppl to go elsewhere.

    Thank you for everything.

  80. I really like Telegram – BUT they have a target on their back & could be ghosted from app stores at any moment. Gab is probably the least at risk since they own everything. Performance of Gab has been slow due to explosive growth. BUT the Gab team is growing their infrastructure and performance has been pretty good over the last couple days. Rumble for video sharing.

  81. Mike Lindell had the exact same experience as you had with the President’s Counsel-they are Constitutional Cowards looking out for their own self interests. A wall of deceit encircling the president. Frustrating to hear them advise the President to not take action on the Election Steal/Fraud because of the fear of the Democrat’s and the Media. Please keep trying, they are all Judas types.

    1. i am a trump-voter. a libertarian. and i am we all agree that the president is well-read and knows what is going on in the world AND what the forums of his supporters are saying.

      i remember that in december patrick, sidney and gen flynn proposed a new plan of action to the pres. he took it, and didnt follow up on it. or reneged. i dont know. i just dont think that the president’s counsel is to blame anymore. it’s always the ceo (and pres trump knows what thaat means) who decides.

      @ this point i blame the ceo who gave up. he is def a nice guy. a smart guy. but @ this point he failed us all and our constituiton becuase how are we going to fight if the election machines are rigged?

  82. I hope you’re recovering nicely and I appreciate you clearing up the imposter issue. I’m finding Gab the most useful and they’ve been tried by fire. They were given the exact same treatment as Parler a couple of years ago and have been working out alternatives ever since. (Everyone ignored their dilemma believing it wouldn’t happen to them.) Gab, unlike Telegram, is a more public presence. You’re an important voice right now, so wherever you choose to plant yourself, we’ll be there.

  83. Patrick, there are platforms and then there are protocols. I wish things were more like the old original birth of TCP/IP when many new federated/decentralized protocols emerged. If we want true freedom in communications then I think there needs to be a set of protocol rules enforced that follow natural law e.g. free will, US Constitution, etc. I am not privy to such a solution yet that has a large enough following to sustain itself although I’ve seen some good from things such as Mastodon.

    I’ve tried to be a part of the solution. I have personally built a WhatsApp clone for a foreign telco app. I remember hacking away at IP Multicast protocols 20 years prior and naively thinking that these protocols would lead to greater freedoms. Given over 35 years in information technology I see so many options available today yet no clear winning solution. The seduction of Big Tech still attracts the masses.

    I think we need to look at what public protocols are available today. I think we need to take a look at self-sovereign identity and privacy. I know Tim Berners-Lee is doing some things but with all the insanity of recent I don’t even know if I can trust him either.

    Good luck. Hopefully I will stumble into a part of the solution in a new form of media. It is clear we need one.

  84. Gab is a great place to speak freely. Millions (I mean millions) of new people have joined over the past week so they are having some issues in trying to keep up, but they are very committed to doing so. Try them. You’ll like them, once you figure out how to make it work.

    I also use their dissenter browser to get on.

    1. • Gab is the ONLY place I recommend because CEO Andrew Torba went thru deplatforming in the fall of 2016 and immediately bought his own servers.

      • Torba also backed up POTUS’s entire Shitter account and recreated it at Gab.

      • 60 Minutes tried to do an interview with him on “surviving deplatforming” and his response was something like:
      “After how you treated our POTUS? No way in hell. Never contact me again. Jesus is king.”

      • I might be a word or two off but you get the picture. Gab has my biz and always will because of Torba and I pay for my account just because I like his style.

      I found you and this site, Patrick, while looking for General Flynn’s account. Everyone’s an imposter these days and they get off on faking people out. So tiresome. Thank you for all you do, Patrick.
      P.S. someone needs to come up with a US flag emoji that’s upside down, for we are definitely in distress when a ChiCom traitor can convince 330+ million people that he won when we all know he did not. 30,000++ troops needed to protect “the most popular candidate in history” my ass.
      👉🏽 #LockHimUp and DO IT NOW.👈

  85. Why don’t you create your own app. The deep capture app. That has Video/blog/interviews/podcast all rolled into one
    Think of it as the 2nd derivative of twitter/youtube/Facebook (one layer deeper). You could simple cross promote on every Current and evolving platform so you are not domain anchored.

    The hard part is done — getting people to focus on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube for news/information, This is just the next step in that evolution

    That’s what I would do. Email me if you want to talk more. Or talk to Charlie Munger, he should probably have a good set of insights on the competitive advantages / disadvantages of the current primary platforms and how they fit into a broader historical context.

  86. Devastated that Parler was stripped away. If that comes back, write there. If not, telegram seems to be working ok.

    Also, I would like if you wrote an article “what happens next”? Please include your economic outlook, suggestions on surviving and thriving in a communist country, cryptocurrency options (could be article part 2).

    Thank you, I’ve enjoyed learning about you, your background and appreciate your transparency and willingness to fight for America.

  87. Patrick,

    My sense is that it will be trial and error for awhile.

    Based on the comments above — and some personal exploration — I was impressed by what’s happening with Mastodon

    See a Mastodon on ramp courtesy of our friends at Free Talk Live at:

    And it looks like Minds is reconfiguring its approach to become less dependent on Amazon’s servers.

    Also exploring Flote, and rediscovering

    Tried Gab, and wasn’t digging the vibe there.

    Also tried Telegram, but not a fan of providing a telephone number. And also had trouble logging in again after logging out.

    P.S.: Did you know you still have an active Twitter button at the bottom of this website?

  88. If you want to be on any social media platform, than Gab is absolutely the best choice. They’re proven time and time again that they are committed to upholding the right to free speech. They were banned from both app stores, GoDaddy domain hosting, and even PayPal, Stripe, and VISA, yet they have persisted and grown bigger despite all of this. The CEO, Andrew Torba, is a (truly) Christian man of strong integrity, who refuses to compromise his values.

    Gab has had some performance issues due to the incredible increase in traffic over the past few weeks, but they have installed additional servers (they use their own hardware, rather than rely on Amazon Web Services) and are continuing to scale up and improve performance as I speak. They have proven over the past 4 years that they can weather any storm, and despite being deplatformed and smeared constantly, they’ve only grown stronger.

  89. So glad you are in the public talking again. Thank you for all that you do. I monitor Gab, Rumble and Telegram. I changed to Signal for instant msgs but I have no idea what email company to use.

      1. servers are in switzerland and service is not free. project veritas uses them.. so i assume they have done the work… but i would like to know who owns/runs the servers still

        1. I’ll use their barebones free version until I decide if I want to pay for an upgrade. It’s an additional email account in case gmail and yahoo mail go dark in the near future when the shit hits the fan. Besides, I liked Switzerland when I was there many years ago and hope to return one day.

          1. hahaha that’s not the point. i meant to say, you dont know if you can trusst them BECAUSE you need to know who the owner is. but project veritas probably has done that reseaerch alreaday… so…

          2. I use a paid version after I did a lot of DD. Other than running your own server and knowing enough to keep it secure, protonmail is the best alternative.

  90. There are a LOT of comments here, so you may never read this. I hope you do, though, because you asked for suggestions on social media alternatives.

    I have been using for years, it’s my favorite social media site. It’s similar to what Google Plus was before they shut it down, if you know what that is. If not, it’s like a combination of Facebook and Twitter and there are a lot of intelligent people there with almost no censorship. I don’t like Gab, there are too many trolls there and the setup just isn’t my style.

    You seem to be highly intelligent like I am, so you might like Minds like I do. Add me if you do! My username is Pashta (ancient, little-known Egyptian moon goddess). Glad to see you are ok, really, and thank you for standing up for what’s right.

  91. Thanks for the update, and glad you are on the mend! That explains a lot, we were quite complexed by “your” posts. Those posts being from Telegram

    That’s where I would go, but they do need to find a way for us to know who is real and who is not. “You” had amassed nearly 52k followers, and we didn’t even know for sure if it was “you”. There is enough disinfo out there without having to worry about if those we are trying to follow are actually them or not. My head hurts enough trying to keep up with this all. Thanks for your help in the fight!

  92. Hey there. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Glad for the shout out about the immunotherapies is available. I think optimizing your vitamin D, taking zinc, quercetin liposomal vitamin C, plus andrographis and quadruple it at first sign of becoming slightly ill is best option, but glad immunotherapy is available for those who won’t do that.

    My vote is for gab since its NOT an app and they have their own servers. Also, rumble is ok, but I’m busy and prefer to read.

  93. Get on Gab, Patrick. Gab is an American dream. Andrew Torba, the CEO, started building it in 2016 in anticipation of big tech tyranny. It does not rely on Apple, Google, or Amazon for servers or platforms. It has built almost everything, social media, video platform, and will make its own smartphone, literally the alternative of big tech. I’m posting a recent interview of Torba. Take a listen. This is a man who understands free speech, has compassion, and is brave. Get on Gab, Patrick.

  94. Patrick, great respect for you. Ditto above comment from “Aiden.”
    Today I was briefly listening to alternative podcast – Mike Adams on “Situation Update.” “HRR” – here’s the link for today’s video, 1-18-2021.

    And here’s his website:

    Don’t normally listen to him but someone posted a link somewhere and I thought, what the heck, I’ll listen a bit.

    Adams claims (sometime after 7:30 in video) that “according to Patrick Byrne, who … this was send to me via text. It’s a verified middle person to the president….. “President Trump just called Pastor Paula in. And she is now going to see him. Trump said, ‘Something big has happened. There’s information that could change everything.’ . . . . [Adams goes on to say] . . . “He has a couple of choices and he’s seeking her advice as to what to do. She asked us all who are Trump supporters to pray now…..This is not a drill.” etc., etc. blah blah.

    I don’t know you, Patrick, but from all the times I’ve listened to you read your texts or writings here, I just didn’t think you were involved with something to do with “Pastor Paula,” etc.
    I turned it off after this, but assuming my sense of you is correct, you might get hold of this dude and set him straight.

    Peace and may the good we hope for materialize in some way, unforeseen at the moment.

    1. Patrick, I did some research. Please disregard the first half of this message, if you see this.
      I had an uninformed view of Pastor Paula.

      My last sentiment to you still holds.
      My heart is with you.. one of those treasured ones on the front lines….
      I stand with you and all of the warriors for Truth and the freedom for the world that hangs in the balance.
      God is with you.

    2. Hi Barbara, what you are quoting is from a FAKE Patrick on Telegram. There are currently 3 fake Patrick’s there.

  95. Don’t know if my message went through, since I don’t see it.
    So posting the essence of it again.
    Check out “Aiden’s note above – yes, I heard this guy Mike Adams say all this stuff that you supposedly said – that “Pastor Paula” is going to see the President because he wants her advice about a “big decision.” At that point I stopped listening.
    Here’s the link to the video:
    And here’s his website:

    I didn’t know you until about three months ago when you came out about the HRC situation. But from all I’ve heard you say on your videos and write in your texts and here – I didn’t think you had something to do with Pastor Paula – and a note passed to this Mike Adams guy.

    Either way,
    Glad you survived to covid – and thanks for sharing your experience.

    Questions: Did the hospital offer any of the other therapeutics? Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, etc.?
    Do you think the mono….therapy you had is widely available?

    Peace and protection to you.
    And prayers to the Ultimate that what we hope for materializes, though unseen at the moment.

    1. Hi Barbara, what you are quoting is from a FAKE Patrick on Telegram. There are currently 3 fake Patrick’s there.

  96. P.S. Telegram is ok – I do get a little good info but there is a ton of spam and just plain garage.
    Plus I hear they may be de-platformed soon.
    It’s not nearly as good as Parler or Gab.
    But in the absence of other ways to be in touch with those who are not zombies to the Twitter world…..

  97. Howdy Pat Byrne… Gab spent the money to be autonomous watching it’s stability and reach increasing every day. Rumble seems to have solid bandwidth and stability. *I* personally will not be joining ANY site that requires an identifying telephone number or the like. Anything I have to say to any of you can be found in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Federalist/Antifederalist and our framers founding documents. I agree that this is not the time for the cartridge box. We must fall back to our STATES and take hold of the reigns of power LOCALLY. The Federal government is INFERIOR, SUBSERVIENT to the States, this by design of our Framers. The Constitution of the United States is the Supreme Law of this land. Those Civilians supporting and defending , enforcing the Constitutional rule of law “ARE THE GOOD GUYS”. We The People ARE the plan of our Founders. God bless America, long live the Republic.

    1. Patrick, if you are truly on the side of the justice, please write an article calling out Q.

      Q is the deep state Psychological Operation.

      The only plan they have is the communist revolution.

      And the only reason they are telling the conservatives to “trust the plan” is because they don’t want the conservatives to take action. They just want them to “sit back with popcorns” as the evil plans of the Marxists are getting executed.

      They know can’t control the conservatives through the MSM so they control them through the “trust the plan” Q deep state intel operation in Q cesspools like Gab.

      1. valid point. “trust the plan”, while melania records her farewell message. trump refused to go after deep state. that’s the fact. pat, sidney and gen flynn (and mike lindell, independently) gave him all the evidence to @ least TRY. USA CORPORATION my ass.

        in all fairness, pat did call out q in one of his tweets. he did say that q is saying a couple of things that are well know to be true followed by their usual BS. that other “prediction” is always like.. a monnth away… so as to keep the lap dog happy

    2. i have hought about it too. the smaller level elections are probably less likely to be hijacked. we need to ensure we have our guys everywhere.

      also, pls ensure all of those we choose plan on “PAYING OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT”. everythnig ellse is secondary.

  98. On today’s Occam’s Razor with RedPill78, he warned his audience that there are a lot of fake accounts on Telegram. Our Patrick, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, POTUS & FLOTUS, a handful of generals and many others. If you’ve followed the real people, you know their true ‘voice’ so can probably spot the fakes. Information warfare! The Left has deleted conservatives from Twitter and Facebook, yet still can’t leave them alone. Obsessed stalkers is what they’ve become.

  99. In my opinion, you should have one source of truth for all your writing (like on this blog) but engage the audience on all platforms to maximize reach.

    You will delegate it with a (RL/virtual) assistant or automate it.

    As for engaging your audience in conversation, you just have to pick one or two platforms (1 with the largest reach and another promising target to migrate to that doesn’t suppress free speech)

    I think twitter is very good for engagement but tweeting using phone with 250 characters don’t promote real discussion but more bickering & trolling. Of course the biggest issue is that its controlled by commie.

    Typing a response on your blog is nice but you will have very limited reach.

    I don’t have to good suggestion how to solve this.

    Maybe talk to Elon (assuming he supports free speech) to see you powerful people can get a team to build something that is not prone to censorship like blockchain tech?

  100. Gab has had several bumps, but it’s running.
    They suffered serious infrastructure issues after President Trump migrated from Twitter (to Gab).
    And I’m sure they’ll have more growing pains for a while.
    But they’re humming right now compared to this time a week ago.
    Better — unlike Parler — they own their servers so no one can nuke them.

  101. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I am one of those new 280k and had come to think of you as a friend. Of course, I’m a Texas gal give everyone a chance until you f**k us over!! I enjoy your intellect and the fact that you post real shit. I saw the video where you talked about feeling for the President the night you visited the White House. You are a legit empath. Not many out there really. Regarding SM platforms, I have tried all of them. MeWe is challenging to work through, GAB is SAF, Clouthub is bombarded and I have little patience for wasting time. I did sign on to Telegram and have found that one to be the most user friendly and dependable one out there. You can text your stories, upload videos, link websites and receive feedback but you have to adjust the settings properly. Anyway, please let us know where you land as many have come to look forward to your thoughts. By the way, I traveled through Utah on the way home from Jackson Hole a year ago and the Flaming Gorge is spectacular! Take care.

  102. One other thing as a heads up, since you’re a philosopher: Gab’s CEO affirms theonomy (Gr. “God’s law”). Theonomy is a hybrid theological system that merges Mosaic Law with New Testament theology, which is a textbook “square peg, round hole” impossibility. Capital punishment provides a quick litmus test to determine a theonomist — they are very fond of the death penalty for all violations of the Decalogue, including adultery and gathering firewood on Sundays.

    This is noteworthy because theonomic cultures always devolve into autocracy: Ultimately one man must play the role of Moses to interpret God’s law. Invariably that man calls the shots, ex cathedra.

    Currently Gab hails the First Amendment and its uncensored platform. However, I suspect that Gab’s Moses will one day go full Jack, declaring what is and what is not acceptable in their arena. And they will begin expelling the unclean just like Twitter, but for violating a different code of ethics.

  103. Had a look at Gab today. There seem to be a lot of imposters there as well. Unless Judge Jeanine Pirro and Candace Owens are selling gold coins now.

    But the Lin Wood account on Gab might be real. There was a disturbing video of what looked like a deposition. A whistleblower was talking about Judge Roberts, child trafficking, the murder of Judge Scalia and other Deep State crimes. If it’s fake, he deserves to win an Academy Award. The face was blurred but the voice didn’t seem to be altered. Anyone know who it might be?

  104. One shall not forget that Telegram owner has Russian passport.
    In plane English that means Rus gov. can screw him up rather quick.
    Why he still hold this citizenship we dont know. Anyone dare to ask him? 🙂

  105. (Twitter/Fb/IG Replacement)
    Some people suggest MeWe but they are owned by Amazon and are NOT for #FreeSpeech as they’ve been deleting conservative groups. (Youtube Replacement)
    Some people suggest Bitchute but I’ve experienced too many processing errors, which is a waste of time.
    They know about this problem, but haven’t fixed it. I don’t think they will. and is all you need.
    See you there.

  106. Dear Patrick,

    Consider using thinkspot. It was built by Jordan Petersen and Dave Rubin as a center for free speech and honest discourse. There is room to explore ideas and engage in discussion. You would have the ability to post videos or audio reflections, and could could set up a live Q & A from time to time. Although there is the option to monetize, many content creators simply use it as a forum for intelligent and respectful discussion without payment. Visually, it is a beautiful site. I will certainly look out for you wherever you end up. Thank you for your contributions during this tumultuous time.


  107. Howdy Patrick, Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. For now I would make a new account on Bitchute, Gab, Rumble, Telegram I know Ron Codemonkey uses gab for a specific reason likely security. Make a new account on those platforms to act a s springboard back to your site where you retain full control of your content. That way all can simply click on the link to your works. No need to ask for others to turn over the fake accounts. Once all can verify you are the Real Patrick Byrne your #s will grow quickly on your new verified accounts. I would Have a msg on Deep Capture That clearly states the real accounts you will use. That way your followers will simply report the others and flag them as fake. To me this would be the best way to enable all who appreciate the dedication, energy and time you put into your work. I have faith and know “If you build it He will come”. WWG1WGA Thanks for all you do. Sage o7

  108. Hi Patrick! My suggestions are Telegram and Gab / Gab TV. Gab is occasionally finicky as they increase servers due to the mass migration from Twitter. But I think you will find the biggest base here. I actually saw a link to one of your other posts there this morning. I had no idea this site existed! Glad you’re feeling better.

  109. Hi Patrick. Much respect for your amazing mind.
    GAB offers verification. Seems like a solid platform and it isn’t governed by Amazon or Google. They are having some issues off and on right now because of the sudden surge of new users but are quickly dealing with it. Telegram is a closer version of Twitter but does not offer verification as far as I can tell. As far as the crowd that I followed on twitter many are showing up at gab. No way to know if big accounts on other sites are legit. Gab verifies.

  110. God Bless you in joining the ranks of us covid survivors! Telegram is easy and nice for “chatting”. I would highly recommend GAB, however, as the cleanest and most organized of the two. And, Mr. Torba at Gab deserves buckeloads of Blessings for his blood, sweat and tears over the past three years to give us a platform for free speech. The new servers are online now and it is moving much quicker. Very nice platform for posting, videos, etc.

  111. I recommend leaving a warning note in each of your posts whichever outlet you choose that there are fakes of you out there to raise awareness. you’ve probably already thought of that, but just in case.

  112. Patrick, Gab. Get on gab. Hed love to have you I’m sure. There’s another site called MAGABOOK. I’m not on there too often at all but a friend of mine that loves Trump is there after leaving FB.
    There are many sites but I go from Twitter to Gab to MeWe. MeWe is a good one too.

  113. First off I would like to say great blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you do not
    mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your
    thoughts prior to writing. I have had a difficult time
    clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out. I do take pleasure in writing but it
    just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be wasted simply just trying to figure out how to
    begin. Any suggestions or hints? Many thanks!

  114. (OFF Subject) Regarding replacements for Facebook & Twitter, (I’ll be glad when the dust settles) Telegram was easy enough to install & set up on pc. I read (almost) all FAQs, adjusted privacy settings, and I couldn’t find anything, no groups, chats, Nothing!..
    until I found this, LQQK for the “categories” button up top.

    Telegram says …
    Groups can have up to 200,000 members each

    (I’m deleting google, Facebook (should be Faceplant), Twitter, and anything from, by or related to, from my life) As many others are, It would be helpful to many, if some Tech Savy person would offer a list of legit, possibilities to replace Google, g-mail, Faceplant, Tweeter, Youtube.

  115. Ongoing concern
    This is the # 1 question re alternatives to twitcrat.
    Gab – growing pains but owns servers – has the works – 3k character limit
    Minds – you know
    Telegram – excellent for vids and texts – but is not really a SM platform as such. But if you just want to upload vids and docs, it is the best.
    VK – Russia based version of FB. Requires mobile number. Maria…

    Audience size

    Functionality and features
    Telegram – best for posting large vids and docs
    Minds – the main difference between Minds and Gab is Minds does not have a comments page

    Telegram – large potential audience; large vid uploads; docs

  116. Right now, I would use gab and telegram, but as soon as Parler comes back up, I would definitely open an account there.

  117. Hello Mr. Byrne,
    I honestly haven’t used Telegram, but I have started to use Gab. It seems to be a good site. Haven’t had too many major issues other than it sometimes loads slow. If you want to utilize other platforms as well, there are a few that are similar to Facebook that allow you to make posts and to post videos. MeWe and are two that I use currently. I have recently started my own blogs maintained on two different websites. On the one, I post more of the “mom” styled blogs and my writings (including my poetry) and the other one is used for my political writings. It is a site I share with another writer who holds similar views. I think that if you plan things correctly, you can effectively utilize several platforms. I hope this helps.

  118. Hi Patrick! My name is Jessica. I sent you an email. I’m not sure if you ever got it, as I never did not hear, from you. I didn’t really expect to. I hope you received the email. I sent the email to the email address, at the bottom of your website page. Anyways, I have been posting, in YouTube videos, for people to come here. I just write I hope that’s ok. Thank you, for all you have done and will do! Your an amazing American! Thank you!

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