On the September 18 Rally for Prisoners of January 6

I have become aware of an impending rally in Washington, DC on September 18 in support of the prisoners languishing in Nancy’s Dungeon due to their activities on January 6. I question the wisdom of holding or participating in this rally.

I understand why citizens would rally in support of the prisoners of January 6. I agree that these lengthy (often solitary) incarcerations without charges are deeply problematic and their reported treatment is atrocious. The silence of the Mainstream Media on the subject reflects the asymmetric and hypocritical outrage that has made them among the least trusted American institution after Congress, and is proof of their perfidy and cowardice (as though further proof were needed). Thus, it is natural for some might feel that a rally in DC is called for and the right way to approach this.

One obvious reason to question the wisdom of this rally is that it could easily be a setup. Though I have not been close to this “Nancy’s Dungeon” aspect of our movement, I am close enough to know that this rally did not arise through any organic process of which I am aware. I did not hear people calling for it within the circles I roam. I did not hear groups debating where and how to do this. It was announced out of the blue four weeks ago by Matt Braynard on a podcast with Steve Bannon. As I explained in A message to Militias Across America About Agents Provocateurs (Not the Lingerie), one dimension of political espionage is to get opponents to hold demonstrations that one infiltrates and corrupts (e.g., by getting them to do something violent, thus driving a wedge between them and the public). I am not saying that is the case with the organizers of this rally, but as a guy deeply buried within the movement, I can tell you that this did not bubble up out of any discussions of which I was aware. Like Athena springing full-grown from the forehead of Zeus, this rally just sprang into existence full-grown on a Steve Bannon broadcast. Enough said.

I may be wrong, it may be sincere and not a set-up (though it could still be the case that the organizers are sincere yet it is still a set-up opportunity in the minds of the goons). There is still a second, less uncertain reason to question the wisdom of holding or participating in this rally in DC this coming Saturday. It is this: Tensions are high and nerves are fraught. Yes you have the right to rally. But people are afraid and this is provocative. Let me compare it to something in my own life: I happen to be a tall man. There are times I have been walking of an evening and seen people (often women) walking towards me in the gloom, and realized from their body language that they were growing distressed as we neared. If at all possible, I generally make a point to turn and walk away, cross the street away from them, or if nothing else adopt a body language of humility and respect as we draw close, seeking to dispel their apprehension. It is not that I don’t have a right to walk on that sidewalk and strut as I do it. It is just that I don’t like making people fearful. Partially that is because when young I learned that when people are fearful they behave erratically, and when people behave erratically there are many things that can happen and almost all are bad for me. But it is also because I try to be considerate, and if I am discomfiting strangers (especially women) my instinct is to remedy it. Call me “old fashioned” that way but it seems natural. The September 18 rally in DC for the January 6 prisoners is discomfiting millions of people: perhaps those concerned about the prisoners (and such concern is indeed warranted) could find other ways to make their concern known without scaring millions who already have the jitters.

For these considerations, I counsel anyone planning on going forward with the September 18 rally in DC in support of the January 6 prisoners these two pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t (but do find other ways to show them support, like donating to their lawyers);
  2. If you do go, make a heartfelt commitment to refrain from taking part in any mayhem whatsoever. If challenged or insulted, simply walk on past the barking dog. If attacked, do not defend yourselves (given that videos will emerge and be distorted). Do not get in fistfights or shoving matches. Do not approach the Capitol building.

Myself, I will be using the day to join the Worldwide Demonstration 4.0 occurring in dozens of major cities around the world this coming Saturday. Be there or be square.

  1. Great advice. I keep getting images of planned chaos. They are setting up great hearted Americans just like 1/6. Berg and Tor trusted their guts. They knew and did not go.

  2. You can show your support and help the 1/6 prisoners by donating to defendingtherepublic.org. Sidney Powell is working tirelessly with a handful of attorneys to help these people.

  3. Much respect to you Patrick
    I feel the same way- I also feel impending doom- bracing for the big DISTRACTION that the cabal are famous for

  4. It’s sad we have to be afraid to peacefully protest in the United States because of our political affiliation! It’s sickening. This is our country and yet we live like unwelcome visitors walking around on eggshells. When will we be respected and heard. This is what makes me sad/angry.

  5. This is the 2nd DC rally organized by Matt Braynard and lookaheadamerica.org/rally in support of the J6 political prisoners.. There was also a press conference held at the UN on Aug27 and a complaint filed. Follow Matt Braynard on telegram. The MORE peaceful protesters that come the better. Many of the court appointed lawyers are ineffective. It could be YOU in solitary confinement. They need our voice! #Courage

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