Prepare to be astounded

I believe I can predict to within a few percentage points how many shares of SHLD failed to deliver during the second half of January.
Judd Bagley
49 sec read

Yet another naked shorting disinformation campaign laid bare

Former business journalist Gary Weiss, who seeks to cover-up the threat and impact of market manipulation via illegal naked short selling, has made Wikipedia a major point of focus.
Judd Bagley
7 min read

Three short hours inside the SEC

And so it was with today's second and concluding session of the SEC's roundtable on securities lending and short selling: I expected the absolute worst, but in the end was pleasantly surprised to find...
Judd Bagley
4 min read

The Pendulum Swings

On balance, 2006 was a very dark time for the market reform movement, as every charge was followed by a blistering counter-charge, and every lunge answered by a quick parry.
Judd Bagley
4 min read

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

The Congressional Research Service is a Library of Congress think-tank with just one client: Congress.  A member of Congress requests a study on a subject of interest, and CRS researchers generate it. The CRS...
Patrick Byrne
4 min read

Lecture on abuse of social media by stock manipulators

I recently lectured business students at the University of Texas, on the topic of abuse of social media by stock manipulators. I’ve merged the recording of the lecture with my slide presentation and converted...
Judd Bagley
12 sec read

Mr. President, Settle the Trades

The new president must ensure that Wall Street delivers what it sells
Mark Mitchell
3 min read

Emails show journalist rigged Wikipedia's naked shorts

Writing from the pages of a makeshift website known as AntiSocialMedia.net, Bagley has accused Gary Weiss of not only rigging Wikipedia but flooding countless blogs and stock message boards with anonymous vitriol meant to...
Patrick Byrne
40 sec read

Gary Weiss and DTCC: Roddy Boyd Responds

In an earlier item, I noted that perhaps one of the strangest things I’ve experienced as a reporter is having Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) spokesman Stuart Z. Goldstein ignore my request for...
Judd Bagley
2 min read

Gary Weiss: his DTCC ties and lies

We knew Gary Weiss's aim was to discredit and marginalize high profile opponents of illegal naked short selling. Yet his book, which seemed to be the launch pad of Weiss’s campaign, was quite critical...
Judd Bagley
6 min read