Deep Rig Links


Chapter 1:

  1. Hackers target 30 voting machines at Defcon (CNET News) –
  2. We watched hackers break into voting machines –
  3. I Hacked an Election. So Can the Russians –
  4. Expensive, Glitchy Voting Machines Expose 2020 Hacking Risks –
  5. Voting Machine Hacks at DefCon –
  6. Watch this hacker break into a voting machine –
  7. ‘Online and vulnerable’: Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internet –
  8. Hack the vote: terrifying film shows how vulnerable US elections are –
  9. Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections –
  10. Researchers Assembled over 100 Voting Machines. Hackers Broke Into Every Single One –
  11. Princeton Professor Hacks Dominion Voting Machine in Seven Minutes –
  12. ‘Drop and Roll’ – How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From Donald Trump –

Chapter 2:

  1. Americans suspicious and outraged after key Dem-run cities STOP counting votes on Election Day –
  2. Ballot Counting Is Delayed In These Six States With Legal Battles On The Horizon –
  3. Burst pipe delays Atlanta absentee vote counting –
  4. Reported Burst Pipe in Atlanta Ballot-Count Area Was Overflowing Urinal: Investigator –
  5. Suitcases of ballots after hours prove fraud Georgia –
  6. Georgia State Farm Arena Footage Shows Poll Workers Staying Behind, Pulling Out Suitcases With Ballots –
  7. Suitcases of Ballots Pulled From Under Table AFTER Poll Watchers Were Told to Leave –
  8. Watch: Detroit workers block windows, bar observers from watching absentee ballot counting –
  9. Yes, Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, And Pennsylvania –
  11. Dominion Machines Cover Millions of Voters, But Watch How Easy It Is To Rig One of Them –
  12. Edward Solomon – Geometric Proof for Georgia –
  13. PA Edward Solomon has found *disturbing* signs of statistically impossible patterns –
  14. Mass Election Fraud is Popping out of the Walls –
  15. Dominion Voting Machine Flaws — 2020 Election Coffee County, Georgia Video 1 –
  16. Dominion Voting Machine Flaws — 2020 Election Coffee County, Georgia Video 2 –
  17. LEAK: Email Allegedly From Maricopa Elections Office Found Issue With Sharpies, Said Use Them On Election Day Anyway –
  18. MIT statistician shows certainty of massive computer vote fraud in 2020 Presidential election –
  19. Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems –
  20. Doug Wade Interviews Seth Keshel –
  21. Dr. SHIVA Analysis of Michigan Vote Fraud –
  22. Yale Trained Mathematician Flags 100,000 Pennsylvania Ballots As Likely Fraudulent –
  23. Ivy League Mathematician Makes A Compelling Case For Trump –
  24. A Simple Test for the Extent of Vote Fraud with Absentee Ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election: Georgia and Pennsylvania Data –
  25. Expert: Biden win ‘suspicious,’ 289,000 election-changing ‘excess’ votes –

Chapter 3:


Chapter 5:

  1. Doug Wade Interviews Seth Keshel –
  2. Edward Solomon – Geometric Proof for Georgia –
  3. Smoking Gun: ES&S Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA. – By: Edward Solomon –
  4. BOMBSHELL: Antrim County Computer Forensic Report –
  6. Fiery 3-vehicle crash on Interstate 16 –
  7. James O’Sullivan, Special Agent at Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) investigating the Harrison Deal car crash / hit was found dead of a “suicide” –
  8. Ruby Freeman Fraud Videos –
  9. Ruby Freeman – Screengrab of confession to Voter Fraud Crime –
  10. CAUGHT: Surveillance footage shows GA poll worker scanning the same batch of ballots MULTIPLE times! –
  11. Here is Jovan Pulitzer’s election fraud investigation report (the U.S. Congress was not interested) –
  12. MUST-SEE: Jovan Pulitzer EXPOSES MASSIVE FRAUD in Georgia Election –
  13. When Math in Public is for the Republic –
  14. Wayne County Board of Canvassers Fears For Life After Rescinding Vote –
  15. Abraham Aiyash doxxed Monica Palmers children, announcing names and school then called her a racist –
  16. Rep Cynthia Johnson Threatening trump supporters –

Chapter 7:

  1. Mar-a-Lago was a freak show of D-listers –
  2. Armed Trafficking of Ballots from election Prep Center to Sheriff Jackson’s Office –
  3. Jerry Garcia on Confrontation & “The Main Asshole” –
  4. A Message to Militias Across America Regarding the Goon-Left and Agents Provocateurs (Not the Lingerie) –

Chapter 8:

  1. Capitol 2021 Ashli Babbitt sync edit 2 –
  2. A month after Capitol riot, autopsy results pending in Officer Brian Sicknick death investigation –
  3. The Times Corrects the Record on Officer Sicknick’s Death, Sort Of –
  4. 2 Capitol Police officers died by suicide days after the Jan. 6 assault on Congress –
  5. BLM Antifa Protesters Montage – Mostly Peaceful Protest –
  6. A Message to Militias Across America Regarding the Goon-Left and Agents Provocateurs (Not the Lingerie) –
  7. Right-wing provocateurs continue to instigate violence at BLM protests and elsewhere –
  8. Far-right extremists keep showing up at BLM protests. Are they behind the violence –
  9. ‘Umbrella Man’ went viral breaking windows at a protest. He was a white supremacist trying to spark violence, police say –
  10. Pelosi-McConnell refused to increase security! Capitol emergency began before Trump finished speaking –
  11. Outgoing Capitol Police chief: House, Senate security officials hamstrung efforts to call in National Guard –
  12. Capitol Police Allow Protesters to Reach the Capitol –
  13. Cops allow protesters to take Capitol Hill (must see) police department let protesters in –
  14. DC Capitol Riot Police Stand By While Allowing Mob To Storm U.S. Capitol Building(Jan 6th) –
  16. Patriot Stoping Antifa From Breaking DC Capitol Building Windows –
  17. ANTIFA given weapons from inside capitol building –
  18. Capitol police open doors for the protestors. They stand aside and invite them inside –
  19. Police open the doors of the capital and invite everyone in –
  20. DC Capital Police Lets Protestors Enter and Storm US Capitol Building –
  21. DC Capital Police Allowing Protestors To Enter and Storm US Capitol –
  22. Capitol 2021 Ashli Babbitt sync edit 2 –
  23. More Proof of BLM/Antifa Capitol Riot Involvement Emerges [UPDATED] –
  24. Utah Man with a History of Organizing Violent Antifa, BLM Protests, Was Inside the Capitol –
  25. NOT MAKING HEADLINES: Utah Activist John Sullivan Organized Antifa Protest Near US Capitol Before It Was Stormed — Tweeted About BLM Buses in DC on the 6th
  26. Two known Antifa members posed as pro-Trump to infiltrate Capitol riot: sources –
  27. Antifa Infiltrated Trump Supporters In Capitol, Evidence Reveals –
  29. Ratcliffe – Views on Intelligence Community Election Security Analysis –
  30. DC Suburbs Now Contain 7 Of America’s 10 Richest Counties –

Chapter 9:

  1. Hall: Asterisk will be key to Bonds display –
  2. Ten Years After 756, A Reminder of What Barry Bonds’ Record Really Means –
  3. Armstrong, Best of His Time, Now With an Asterisk –
  4. How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 4: The Christmas Doldrums (December 23- noon January 6) –
  6. ‘Conspiracyland’ Debunks Theories About Murder Of DNC Staffer Seth Rich –
  8. CORTES: The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win –
  9. Williams prof disavows own finding of mishandled GOP ballots –
  10. Math Professor Concedes Shortcomings in Analysis of Potentially Mishandled Ballots, Stands by Concerns –
  11. The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election –
  12. Maricopa County refuses to comply with Arizona legislative subpoena for election evidence –
  13. Pulitzer And His Team Were Given Directive To Identify Fraudulent Ballots In Fulton County – Yesterday He Reported That Someone Shot At His Team –
  14. Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc –
  15. CNN’s Acosta Complains That Trump Had Coronavirus Survivors That Used Hydroxychloroquine At The WH –
  16. BUSTED: W.H.O. And Global Governments Used Fake Data From A Suspicious Company, That Employs A Sci-Fi Writer And Adult-Content Model, To Discredit And Stop Hydroxychloroquine Studies –
  17. ‘Media hostility to hydroxychloroquine fuels hysteria about supposed dangers’ –
  18. Hydroxy is being discounted TOO SOON, say scientists who believe the malaria drug could saves thousands of lives by preventing COVID-19 –
  19. Michigan Hospital Tries To Treat Patients with Hydroxychloroquine; FDA Refuses To Allow It –
  20. The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean –
  21. HCQ is effective for COVID-19 when used early: real-time meta analysis of 206 studies –
  22. Ivermectin –
  23. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Applauds NIH Revised Stance on Ivermectin for COVID-19 –
  24. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons [AAPS] notes that there are now 49 ivermectin studies –
  27. WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard –
  28. Corrupt Corporate Media Finally Admits Coronavirus Probably Came From A Communist Chinese Lab –
  29. For decades, scientists have been hot-wiring viruses in hopes of preventing a pandemic, not causing one. But what if …? –
  30. China’s COVID Secrets –
  31. WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the Member States briefing on COVID-19 – 11 February 2021 –—11-february-2021
  32. Lightfoot Says Restaurants Should Reopen As Quickly As Possible –
  33. How DJT Lost the White House, Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 & What I Learned Because I Was (1.3) –
  34. Newsmax anchor walks out of live interview with My Pillow’s Mike Lindell | New York Post –
  35. The Hundred-Year Marathon –
  36. ‘This is unfortunate’: Inside Elections Canada after Trump’s tweet on voting machines –
  37. Heed Jimmy Carter on the Danger of Mail-In Voting –
  38. Sidney’s Michigan Case –
  39. A Message to Militias Across America Regarding the Goon-Left and Agents Provocateurs (Not the Lingerie) –