Deep Emancipation

Reflections on Donald J. Trump

Because of my revelation of Deep State matters, revelations I hope are going to be verified and carried further by legitimate federal authorities someday soon, there are those asking me what my attitude is...
Patrick Byrne
21 min read

What is the Deep State?

One can almost hear the agitprop machinery grinding its gears in an attempt to both mask and denounce the simple concept of “Deep State”. It reminds me of what they tried to do with...
Patrick Byrne
7 min read

Message to Matt Yamamoto

Matt, Your recent piece is so full of inaccuracies and examples of “téléphone cassé” it is difficult to know where to start. I have a crazy idea: What journalists normally do before they write...
Patrick Byrne
21 sec read

Sonny Wu is a Four-Flushing Cad (GSR)

I will not comment on current or future matters at However, as Faulkner said, “The past is never dead. It is not even past.” The public has welcomed my explanation of some past...
Patrick Byrne
15 min read

Lights Turned Off By “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Washington Post

The story thus far: Abha Bhattarai of the WashingtonPost wrote an article on me. Read it and my deconstruction thereof here: Come See the Sausage Being Made . Abha then asked for more comment....
Patrick Byrne
34 sec read

So What Did You Think of the Sausage? Vote Please

It is somewhat of a seller’s market at the moment: journalists are banging at my door (figuratively), documentary makers wish to speak with me, well-known authors in the midst of books are writing, etc....
Patrick Byrne
1 min read

Come See the Sausage Being Made

The Washington Post has published an online piece by Abha Bhattarai, who tells me that it (or, I sense, a longer version) will be appearing in the print edition this coming Sunday. This alignment...
Patrick Byrne
27 min read

The Big O: A Closing Word

Nothing is more tacky than an ex-CEO hanging around his former firm and kibitzing what they are doing. On the other hand, given that I was CEO for part of Q3 and there are...
Patrick Byrne
8 min read

A Message to My Former Colleagues at Overstock

Dear Erstwhile Teammates,                As you will learn from an SEC filing today, over this past week all my shares in OSTK were sold. Before I left for Australia I put it all in...
Patrick Byrne
5 min read

The SEC Cries “Bazoomba!”

A man moves to a new town and is invited to a locals’ poker game hosted by that town’s grandee. The newcomer goes to it, and an hour into a game of draw poker...
Patrick Byrne
6 min read