Message to Matt Yamamoto


Your recent piece is so full of inaccuracies and examples of “téléphone cassé” it is difficult to know where to start.

I have a crazy idea: What journalists normally do before they write about someone is this: they actually try to communicate with that person in one way or another. If you have tried to contact me, it is news to me. May I suggest you contact John Pettway, Esq. at [email protected], and have him connect you to me through email?

It’s another whacky-Patrick thought, I know. But give it a try.


    1. Hi Pam,
      If you Google Matt Yamamoto, you will find some stuff. That’s what I did.

      (my conclusion: Matt seems like a pretty poor journalist (although he raises some interesting questions that made me think a bit more about Overstock/Crypto/Block-chain,et al)
      I would have to ignore Matt though, if he hasn’t reached out to Patrick as stated by in this post…


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