A crime is routinely occurring in our capital markets, but it is enormously profitable for Wall Street banks and hedge funds so they instruct the SEC not to address it. The common name for the crime is “naked short selling” but this is just one flavor of a much broader problem: unsettled trades in our capital markets.

The Crime: “Naked Shorts” & Other Insincere IOUs

Cataloging Sears stock manipulation

Most of the examinations of stock manipulation published here on deepcapture.com take place after the fact, the damage being done. However, we've became aware of instances of apparently illegal, manipulative trading in several companies'...
Judd Bagley
2 min read

Prepare to be astounded

I believe I can predict to within a few percentage points how many shares of SHLD failed to deliver during the second half of January.
Judd Bagley
49 sec read

The Simple, Literal Explanation

The “St. Smallcap” example conveyed the dynamics of the manipulation, but it was only a metaphor. This blog will provide an explanation whose truth is more literal. You and I enter a stock trade....
Patrick Byrne
4 min read

The Simple, Metaphorical Explanation

When you or I travel to another country, the first thing we do when we land is change some US dollars into the local currency. Perhaps you change enough to get a cab to...
Patrick Byrne
6 min read

A Financial Crime Explained, With Two Hurdles & Two Promises

I will explain to you a financial crime that is occurring on Wall Street. It will not be difficult to understand. In fact, the crime’s simplicity will probably amaze you. From three years of experience...
Patrick Byrne
1 min read