ViceTV “In search of…Q” (Season 2): My Review

    1. So sad to hear first-hand about how this Vice media program distorts and cuts out the substance. At least you have a positive attitude.

      1. A unexpected hoarse voice can be an early sign of serious illness. However you sound better in later videos so I guess it was a false alarm.

  1. Maybe the only worthwhile interview to do with DNC journalists would be videos where you both sit down and watch some videos that each side has chosen and share your reactions on each one.That might be fun.
    Maybe you both watch “2000 Mules” together and both comment after?
    And some other videos like these.
    This could be much better than Mystery Science Theater 3000 🙂


    If anyone can watch this Pizzagate video and not believe it merits investigation,I don’t know what does.


    Clinton Chronicles (The Original, Full Documentary)

  2. Perhaps the only worthwhile interview to do with DNC loyalist reporters would be videos where you both sit down and watch videos of each others choosing and both comment afterwards?For example,you both both watch “2000 Mules” and both comment on it.That could be fun and maybe much better than Mystery Science Theater 3000 🙂

    (Sorry if this reposts because my first comment with suggested video links did not show up)

      1. I posted a long rebuttal to that Pizzagate video a few days ago (and have done so before) but this time it hasn’t appeared. Of course, every time I repost a missing post to this site, the original also appears.

        But to briefly recap, basically the Pizzagate video contains about a lie a minute, and all the supposed evidence is junk. Of course Alefantis mentions cheese and sauce in some of his emails. He owned a damn Pizza restaurant, for God’s sake. He instagrammed his goddaughter a lot, with the parents’ permission, and her name actually is Caris James – that’s not short for carisoprodol, or according to other trolls, code for Epstein’s Caribbean Isle of St James. Pretty well all of the pictures of kids on his instagram were her, despite the video maker claiming they were all of different kids, which he got away with by blacking out the eyes, which also gave the impression these were sinister pictures, and even when Alefantis re-posted the classic mother holding newborn pic that every family posts from the delivery suite, the video guy deceitfully describes that as “two unidentified children”. Kids can be disruptive and run around in restaurants so there’s a lighthearted joke picture of her hands taped to the table, that any parent would immediately understand and get a kick out of.

        The video maker claims that Soros and H Clinton funnelled millions to Alefantis, but the actual screenshot on the video while that claim is being stated, is from a government election finance site showing Alefantis donating $250 to Clinton’s campaign at a fundraiser he hosted. You can actually look it up yourself. There are no fundraisers where the candidate donates to the host. I mean really?

        Avant Garde performance and multimedia artist Marina Abramovic once wrote a provocative poem called Spirit Cooking, and 20 years later, she hosted dinner parties where the guests cook together, which she jokingly called Spirit cooking, and right wing trolls have turned that in to a claim that all kinds of Washington elites engage in secret Satanic practises. There is not such thing as spirit cooking. Alefantis showed pictures of a spooky restaurant freezer room, and repairing the foundation of a building, and naturally his friends made predictable jokes about burying bodies or whatever, and of course that has somehow been taken literally by humorless or devious people as further evidence of evil . All of it is this kind of non-evidence.

        Certainly there was some tasteless stuff, like someone in the audience of a metal goth band joking the somebody “likes little boys” (not funny!) or a friend calling Alefantis a hotard on an instagram post of his goddaughter (very inappropriate, we all agree) which prove nothing except that some people say stupid stuff.

        This shit has destroyed people’s live and nearly got them killed, like the idiot who shot up the restaurant trying to find the non-existent basement.

        By the way, it is well know in the surveillance community, that foreign agitators and spies, and even undercover FBI provocatuers, use code words in their internet communications, to convey the opposite of what they are actually saying. So, if they mention “truth”, that actually means lies, “freedom” actually means enslavement, and “peace” actually means war.

        Yes, Michelle, this is how it starts…

          1. This one is totally based on the longer video and has nothing new, and he gets sucked in by the Pizzagate video lie that Podesta is a friend of Hastert. As far as I can tell that lie is totally based on a friend saying in an email to Podesta that Hastert needs to disappear. I think Alex Jones needs to disappear – does that mean that he and I are pedo-buddies?

        1. In your last paragraph,are you bearing false witness against me, just trolling or both?
          I guess that depends on what your definition of truth,freedom,peace and is is.

    1. It is annoying isn’t it? You write a thoughtful, well researched post and submit it, and it may appear on the site right away, it may appear after a few days, or it may never appear.
      But for sure, if you get impatient and rewrite it and resubmit, the old one appears at the same time as the new one, and you look like a noob who double posts.

    1. Yep, the United States meddles constantly in the affairs of other countries and this is not unique to Biden. The current war is partly due to the USA and NATO trying for years to drag Ukraine out of a neutral position that Russia thought had been agreed to, and into a Western alliance. Biden’s son’s job, which presumably was an attempt by some players in Ukraine to buy favors, is a trivial factor – this is a global battle for world dominance involving the US, China, Russia and other players, much bigger than individuals – and that particular job was certainly no more corrupt (less, I would say) than Trump’s nepotism at home.

      In theory, the west is meddling to try to promote democracy in places like Ukraine, but in reality we’re all perfectly happy to install or support a puppet tyrant, as long as they do what they’re told. Trump’s a big fan of powerful dictators, so he leaned more to being friendly with Putin and Xi, than Zelenskyy, who was democratically elected as part of an anti-corruption wave by the general Ukrainian public, but I hope nobody believes Ukraine would somehow be better off under the brutal thumb of Vlad the Defenestrator, than under the US President of the day.

  3. I’ve never known Patrick (to his credit) to reference “Q” or to promote that person, ideology, conspiracy theory movement, or whatever it is. However, Flynn has definitely pandered to Q believers, even though he knows it’s nonsense, for example videoing himself and his family mouthing a version of the Q oath. He seems to be doing it for profit.

    Also in Patrick’s favour, he’s distanced himself from some people he belatedly recognized as grifters and kooks like Sidney and Lin, but I have yet to see him denounce Alex Jones (sorry if I missed it, but it’s long overdue if I didn’t!) and he still seems to be taken in by Torey, MIke Lindell and Mike Flynn.

    In the long term, Patrick, you’ll be known by the company you kept.

    Having said all that, the Vice videos look to be really trashy

  4. life is not tied up in a neat little bow.
    leave the drama behind as you focus on what matters to you. sometimes it is hard to know what is true and what is not.
    get some rest and take care of #1 yourself.

  5. As people we have to become more humble about what we are actually capable of before we come together to move forward. To think we are a threat to the planet is outrageous. We are a threat to ourselves. As George Carlin put it in regards to the planet, “we are a surface nuisance.” Patrick seems healthier and I’m looking forward to seeing his story play out. I think we are at the beginning of some MAJOR global changes.

  6. Dave @ X22 is the only one who gets Q. He uses the propaganda of the MAGA. “The deep state is panicking”.

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