Reddit is Rediscovering My Old Wall Street Stuff

Over on Reddit, everything old is new again. A whole new generation of investors, mad about settlement failures and market manipulation in Wall Street, seem to be discovering my old work. Here is a video where I told a story about those days, a story that I believe is remarkably telling. It could serve as an epitaph for this age. Start at 41:30 and watch 10 minutes.

    1. I am of only average inteligence, so I’m not getting It. Only in my 30’s did I learn calculus. Try something more visual

      1. It doesn’t take rocket science or calculus to understand what he means. Rich get richer, keep everyone middle class and have no government for the monopoly players. Money runs this country and the government could care less for anyone without.

  1. Mr Byrne, I thank you for your boldness and courage. Your work has opened my eyes to the corruption in Wall Street, and I admire your fight against the dark forces that are destroying this great nation at great cost to your perceived public reputation, but people who follow the truth know the tremendous fight you are fighting, sir. I thank you for inspiring younger people like me to fight for truth and justice.

    With best regards,
    A Patriot

  2. Your crusade against market manipulation has been a blueprint for the hyper connected reddit crowd for some time. To have waited so long for vindication against all the negative sentiment is inspiring. This time, there are hundreds of thousands of people watching, commenting on SRO rule proposals, reporting to the SEC, and most importantly, direct registering shares with transfer agents to remove all doubt. As the saying goes, when the tide goes out, you’ll know who has been swimming naked.

  3. If bell bottoms can come back around in style rebranded as “flared”…then anything and everything is coming back…

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