When One’s Opponent Resorts to Pure Fabrication, One Wins: The National Memo Goes Full Bagdad Bob

This is getting funny.

The National Memo just got its scoop! “Arizona ‘Audit’ Report Likely To Concede That Biden Won In 2020“. Under a large photo of me, it claims:

“The team of Arizona Republican state senators, legislative staff, and advisers finalizing the Cyber Ninjas’ report on the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County is preparing to say that Joe Biden legitimately won the election, according to the largest funder of the Senate’s mostly privatized election review, former Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne.”


It then goes on with accurate quotes from me describing how the Arizona RINOs were trying to water it down. And how the Arizona political class was trying to get it killed or watered down.

The thing is, nowhere is there a quote that says that I believe the report will say that Biden won. Yes, the political class is doing everything it can, but I still think the truth, or enough of the truth, will be in the report that will match up with the canvassing, making clear that there was mass election fraud and how.

The funny thing is, I never said otherwise. As you will note in the absence of quotes that support the claim made by the headline.

For the record, I think that the report will confirm our suspicions.


Message to Steven Rosenfeld of “Independent Media Institute”:

Steven Rosenfeld just published a pure fabrication.

“Arizona ‘Audit’ Report Likely To Concede That Biden Won In 2020”

My response:

The quotes are accurate: Yes the political class including the RINOs have been pushing back on the report, trying to water it down or kill it. I did say that. Nowhere did I say that they would win or that it would be enough to say that Biden won. Pure fabrication, which is why there is no quote that supports the headline. Is this what passes for honest journalism at “Independent Media Institute”?

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