Overlooked Development in Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

The press on Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium last week has uniformly buried the lead. Something huge, something decisive, something game-changing, was revealed last week at Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, but it had nothing to do with anything cyber. It was shown that in Mesa County, Colorado, evidence has been wiped out in “cram-down” disguised as a (merely prohibited) software update. We now know this has happened all over the country this summer. This revelation is game-changing, and has strategic considerations that I will think and write about shortly.

These were the take-aways from last week:

  1. Seth Keshel, with whom I became friendly in the days immediately after the election, and who shows up in my book by name, put on a great presentation of the current state of the data. To me, frankly, in those heady days of November, it was Seth’s approach that most spoke to me. His kind of mathematical analysis seems to me the most rigorous and convincing argument of all (though judges do not like to look at statistical evidence of voter fraud).
  2. Dr. Shiva’s account of the way that state government officials are currently using Twitter’s “Trusted Partner Platform” to suppress political speech is among the most chilling pieces of news I have heard in my life. Silicon Valley fascists have correctly held that the 1st Amendment applies to government, not to a private corporations like Twitter. If this behavior survives the federal judiciary’s scrutiny, then that means that it’s all over for us. If government can control speech our descent into tyranny is guaranteed. Thus, at this point the hopes of the republic lay in the hands of a federal judge, who apparently has recognized in court one obvious point, that state election officials using behind-the-scenes knobs-and-dials to suppress political speech on Twitter, counts as government action. Which I would think would be obvious, but we are living in strange times.
  3. Mesa County, Colorado turns out to have wiped their machines under the guise of updating software. About a month ago I wrote of this with regard to one state: I had not realized it was happening all over the country. I will be writing a distinct essay on that, because that is the game-changer: on the one hand, we now have absolutely clear evidence that they are destroying the evidence, but on the other hand, this means that the path I had foreseen out of this (collecting evidence at ballot boxes), has become impossible, because they destroyed it all over the country. As I say, that gives me an entirely new position to contemplate.

I confess that I was disappointed in last weeks’ grand reveal, the PCAP data that was to be made public. In the past I have explained my involvement: I became aware of this story sometime in December, could not get anything solid one way or another, learned that Mike Lindell had access to then-President Trump, and in early January sent people with the technical information over to see Lindell. That was more or less the last I heard of it other than a conversation in mid-March.

I would have expected that at this point the data could have been verified one way or another. I confess that last week’s reversal regarding making that data public is disappointing to me. I understand there are explanations as to why that may have happened, and one way or the other may hold water, but at this point I cannot vouch for that data. I can vouch that someone very good, someone vouched for by many other technologists, is still insisting to me that Lindell’s data will turn out to be real. However, there is another great technologist telling me differently: he is someone I respect immensely, is also impressively credentialed, but he is telling me he is sure it is not real. On the other hand, he is drawing that conclusion from atmospherics and other factors, as he tells me he has not not actually examined the data (and still has not because Lindell did not release it last week). So once again, you know exactly what I know. In my view, given the length of time this has taken and the changing stories, I am writing off the PCAP data, until or unless something is presented to prove it. I have seasoned technologists advising me both ways on it.

But that does not matter much, because the main event from last week is the Mesa County, Colorado news. It was exposed with100% clarity last week (including with forensic hard-drive images) that people have gone to work destroying the evidence of the rigging of this election by wiping and over-writing the hard-drives on the election systems (which cybersleuths call a “smash-down”). That makes the strategy I have been counseling (widespread audits) less compelling: they can document that this same cram-down program was executed on other machines, but pulling the data from machines has become a waste of time. There is no point in fighting so hard for evidence we already know has been destroyed.

I will be writing about that and the changes this must necessitate in our strategy, shortly.

  1. Out of curiosity, I came to visit this site. I appreciate Byrne’s views, but the Web site itself is a turnoff. Why? Because of all the links on each page to the Big Tech corporations that are bringing tyranny to our world: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, etc.

    Frankly, it seems very hypocritical to me to be writing articles about how to “free ourselves” from tyranny when including links to these evil companies is enabling that very thing!!! 😝

    1. Use the fascist platforms to spread the truth they hate. Make them delete your words, rather than staying silent.

      1. No, visiting these sites increases their *revenue*. 💰 Same with Amazon and Apple Books.
        If all conservatives (i.e., millions of people) deleted their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, and boycotted Amazon, Apple, etc., those places would be really hurting.
        It makes far more sense to visit *alternative* social-media sites instead and to patronize more honorable businesses.
        Anyway, I’ve decided I won’t hang around any so-called conservative Web sites that still include links to the evil Big Tech sites. I despise that kind of double-mindedness. It’s like, put your money where your mouth is. 🤨

  2. Hope more people start boycotting companies like google,amazon,microsoft, twitter,facebook, apple and others (including not owning their stocks) to counter their censorship,corruption and pandering to the DNC and for more people to start to support pro freedom companies/organizations.

    I don’t think the corrupt politicians of either party will pay attention to policy concerns of We The People until We The People unite behind basic principles and become an economic force.
    Money talks and it can be used to make positive change in contrast to all the bad things it is also used for.

    ACTION PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE to counter the corruption , censorship and surveillance by media/tech/finance giants and politicians:

    1. Grateful to Dr.Shiva for exposing the connection between government and twitter censorship.
      Even if there were no connection,I can’t believe how many people are OK with big tech censorship based on political opinions.

      Considering those who have fought and died for our basic freedoms INCLUDING FREEDOM OF SPEECH, I ‘m sure there are plenty of others who find this censorship disgraceful and I hope more people will consider boycotting big tech to counter the censorship.

      I still can’t believe how Apple,Google and Amazon got away with it when they crushed Parler.
      Apple, Amazon join Google in suspending Parler

      Companies may be able to ban you for not liking your opinions,but that also clearly displays that they don’t believe in freedom of speech and why would anyone who believes in the Constitution of the USA support companies like this?

    2. The problem is that Big Tech is now so huge that they don’t care if a small segment of the population are boycotting them. If a large amount of the population did so they would care, but that would require so many that I’m not sure if it would be possible to mobilize such a movement.
      But I do appreciate alternatives that pop up. If these can become big enough and void being corrupted, then maybe they can take up the competition.

      1. If someone like Trump would join the other social media sites like Minds,Gab and video platforms like Odysee etc.,it would help a lot .
        He helped Twitter get lots of new users and engagement,so why not also help their competitors who would not ban him?
        So easy to mirror the same posts on all websites.

        1. truthfreedompeace wrote:

          “If someone like Trump would join the other social media sites like Minds,Gab and video platforms like Odysee etc.,it would help a lot.”

          Exactly. That’s what disappoints me—and what I don’t understand—about Trump. I mean, he has a lot of great qualities and has done some outstanding things. But sometimes his actions fall really short. 😢. I can’t believe that even though both Facebook and Twitter banned him, he still has links on his Web site to those places!! 🤪

          Anyway, while we can’t control what Trump does, we can certainly do the right thing ourselves. 💪

      2. You’re probably right, Jensen. But we can’t control what other people do. I mean, that’s kind of like saying, “Well, there are so many stupid voters out there, why should I bother to vote at all? One vote won’t make a difference!!” If every conservative voter took that approach, none of them would vote at all!! 🤔

        Similarly, if you boycott Big Tech, you’re basically casting a single vote (yours) against them and for another company instead, and every vote counts. And ultimately, we’re not responsible for the big picture—God is. But he expects us to do our part, and leave the rest up to Him.

        When we stand before Christ in judgment, He’s not going to say, “Dude, I totally understand that you stayed on Facebook, Twitter, etc., like a huge pansy because, hey, EVERYBODY else was doing it too!!!” 🤪 No, it will be more like, “You were not to be conformed to the world. Why did you keep patronizing and enabling those evil Tech Giants? It makes *no* difference what others were doing. It was up to YOU to do everything you could.” ✝️

        1. From one Sam to another–Great post!

          LIKE! all your posts.
          I use duckduckgo to by pass goog & internet explorer. Also a new utube replacement is at


      1. You compiled a great list there, truthfreedompeace! 👏

        Concerning search engines, thanks for the info about the Brave search engine. Hadn’t even heard about it, even though I’m only using the Brave browser.

        For search engines, two more alternatives are Mojeek and 4Search/4Conservative.com.

        1. Thanks Sam.I’ve been posting that action plan for over 2 years now.I saw the censorship coming a mile away as people like me with limited followers were shut down on Twitter long before famous people were.

          Twitter shut my account down the 1st time shortly after I tweeted advocating for a pardon for Julian Assange that was retweeted by Julian’s mom. I was flattered by the retweet but then wondered if I would get shut down and sure enough a few days later twitter shut my account down.

          I never posted threats,insults,curse words or graphic images.I made new accounts but they shut those down too.I only had around 100 followers at the time,so what were they so afraid of?

          This was the tweet:
          “@realdonaldtrump Please offer pardon/asylum to Julian Assange to follow up your vocal support for Wikileaks during the campaign. He has suffered enough for revealing truth.
          “And I came to bring truth to the world. All who love the truth are my followers.” – John 18:37

          If Trump posted an action plan like this it would have immediate impact and it would be SO EASY TO DO.Frustrating.
          Guess it is up to We The People to make change and there will probably be no help from anyone in Congress.

          It is at least encouraging that some state politicians like Arizona Senate President Karen Fann are supporting an election audit.
          Have a good one.

  3. PCAPs will tell you points A & B were talking, but generally won’t tell you what A & B were saying. That’s because it’s very easy and normal for A & B to encrypt their communication (HTTPS, SSH, etc.)
    Also, just because you see A & B talking, you don’t know who is actually controlling A & B. Anybody who want’s to break into an election system, or a bank, or a company, will NEVER connect directly to their victim. They will ALWAYS connect from several hops away. They will connect to K which connects to P which connects to A which connects to B. All you see is A talking to B. So you’re wasting your time because you don’t even know P & K existed.

    1. Right. Except the “PCAP data” was always a euphemism for a much broader story anyway. So a lot of the quibbling about what PCAPs do and do not contain has really been beside the point. The same with the MAC addresses: I was warned before I ever saw any of the data that the MAC addresses were not correct. There was a reason they were going to be included, but to ignore that column. But anyway, at this point, it has been months and months to get this out. At this point I have to take the position that I have not seen the hard evidence that would support the claim, only the intermediate evidence (those spreadsheets), and so at the end of the day it is a claim that is free-floating, waiting for its evidence to be presented.

      1. I don’t see how the Lindell PCAP could possibly have been collected unless you were listening on multiple routers all over the Internet. AFAIK, if you’re not a router or a gateway, then you can only listen to packets on the network segment you’re connected to. LMK if I am wrong about that. If it’s true, then whomever the source is for this PCAP would’ve had to either be listening on multiple routers around the US or have collected detailed log data from the target sites. Neither of those two possibilities seems likely. The two analyses below show many other problems with the data set (e.g. non-existent MAC addresses, invalid PCAP file format, …). I think the PCAP is a hoax.


      2. Lindell got the PCAP from a reporter named Mary Fanning. Lindell interviews her on his “Absolute Proof”. Lindell’s “This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for” section “Absolute Proof” is at the 1:36:00 mark.

        Fanning’s source is a disreputable rogue with a long history of fraud name Dennis Montgomery. In 2010, Playboy Magazine called Montgomery “The Man Who Conned the Pentagon.”

        Sharon Rondeaux has done an excellent job in exposing Montgomery’s fraud, litigation, and trouble with the law:

        The Hammer, Montgomery, The Man in the Middle @ https://www.thepostemail.com/2020/12/02/the-hammer-montgomery-the-man-in-the-middle/

        “Hammer” Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s “Absolute Proof,” Part 1 @ https://www.thepostemail.com/2021/03/01/hammer-hoaxer-infiltrates-lindells-absolute-proof-2/

        “Hammer” Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s “Absolute Proof,” Part 2 @ https://www.thepostemail.com/2021/03/01/hammer-hoaxer-infiltrates-lindells-absolute-proof-part-2/

        Did Mary Fanning and Dennis Montgomery set up Mike Lindell for a Hard Fall? @ https://www.thepostemail.com/2021/07/06/did-mary-fanning-and-dennis-montgomery-set-up-mike-lindell-for-a-hard-fall/

        Even super pro-Trump supporter “The Gateway Pundit” realizes this is a fraud. See https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/larry-johnson-hammer-scorecard-real/

        Fanning and Montgomery are charlatans or operatives of a disinfo campaign. https://www.thepostemail.com/2021/07/27/is-mary-fanning-a-real-operative/

  4. I find it really depressing that every time some new information about the election is revealed, it is always bad news. It doesn’t help that the masses has been brainwashed to think it is all about Trump. For them this is not about the election or the future, but to get rid of Trimp. If that means someone had to steal the election, then so be it. They think it was worth the price. In their eyes Trump is a monster that was turning USA into a dystopia. Because the mainstream media told them so.

    It is easier to cheat and destroy because the good guys needs to follow the rules and do everything in the open. The villains, especially when backed up by the media as the good ones, has the freedom to use all the dirty tricks in the book. And it is easier to tear down what others have built, than to build and create.

    What I have learned from this is that evidence means nothing unless it is accepted as evidence by those in power. You could have all the proof in the world, but unless the media agrees with you, the official version is still that you have nothing. You could upload it on social media platforms, and it will be removed. Media and the courts refuse to touch it, and if you do succeed in being heard, the media will call you a conspiracy theorist. Politicians would call you a danger to the democracy, and some company may sue you to “prove” you are lying. And blogs, comments sections and Youtube videos will attack you, or posting memes just to make people laugh and mock you.

    Proving that Biden got hundred thousand votes in a row in just a few minutes is not good enough for the media and the politicians. They demand that you show them the smoking gun about how it was done. Showing them a dead body with bullet holes is not enough, you also have to show them the murder weapon and a video of the actual murder. And they have no interest in doing any effort themselves. On the contrary, they work against you in every possible way and often refuse to cooperate. And they feel sure they will get away with it.

    Many of the Democrats that now refuse to hear anything about election fraud had nothing to do with it themselves, but because they personally benefited from it, they will act as if they actually were involved. They protect the guilty ones, even if they know who they are or not.

    1. “What I have learned from this is that evidence means nothing unless it is accepted as evidence by those in power. You could have all the proof in the world, but unless the media agrees with you, the official version is still that you have nothing. You could upload it on social media platforms, and it will be removed. Media and the courts refuse to touch it, and if you do succeed in being heard, the media will call you a conspiracy theorist. Politicians would call you a danger to the democracy, and some company may sue you to “prove” you are lying. And blogs, comments sections and Youtube videos will attack you, or posting memes just to make people laugh and mock you.”

      That is a smart a summary as I have seen of the problem.

      1. Today’s authoritarians frequently come to power by democratic elections and then erode democracy through seemingly legitimate means. (e.g. takeover local rule of election boards, school boards, health departments, and pass multiple voter suppression laws in multiple states)

        Trumpism has adopted a new playbook that borrows the trappings of democracy without its functionality.

        In 1939, 20,000 Americans rallied in New York’s Madison Square Garden to celebrate the rise of Nazism – an event largely forgotten from American history.

        If you’re not familiar with this short 7 minute documentary, please take the time to do so as it evokes a creeping sense of familiarity by provoking people to think about our current times through the perspective of history. The parallels to trumpism and the ‘Big Lie’ are concerning to those defending our democracy from fascists and those that support them.


        Nazism did not start out in genocide. It began with militias and violent troops disrupting democracy.

        Four officers who defended the U.S. Capitol during the January 6th insurrection have died by suicide. Lies and the lying liars who tell them did this.

        What we have learned from Hitler’s rise to power was that the dividing line is not between Left and Right but between decent people and political gangsters, between tolerant people and totalitarians.

          1. Polite we don’t need polite we need a man who knows the country he “runs” and the God damn year.

      2. I don’t know if you have heard but the professor David Clements has been showed to be a plant. Put there to take over the show and the audit chats. He was called out and his communications were posted online. He has since made his account private and taken down his interviews with “Spider”.

        Word is he is also a Mason but that has not been verified that I know of. He is a member of the private membership association we know as the Bar. With few exception all Bar members are against us, those that are with us get attacked by there own organization.

        “They” have always tried to take over movements going back at least a couple of hundred years.

  5. Mike Lindell doubled down today on the PCAPS, claiming that he had four different sources, one of whom was the reputed fraudster, Dennis Montgomery. Lindell claimed that “his team” had verified the authenticity of the data, and claimed that it showed the election was hacked by China. He also was vague about whether any cyber guys were actually given the PCAP data at the symposium. At one point in his interview with Bannon, he said he did turn over a portion of the real stuff, but later in the same interview he said he decided not to because he got attacked the night after the second day. He also said that on the morning of the second day, his red hat team told him about a poison pill in the data, so he decided then not to release it. But seemingly reputable cyber persons (more than one) went to the symposium, were given megabytes of data to review, and they all agreed there were no PCAPS.

    So what are those of us who are interested in this seemingly bizarre tale told by a pillow salesmen to believe? Forget for a moment the stories of moles inserted into Lindell’s team by the deep state and allegations of physical assault on Lindell. Why hasn’t any person other than Lindell and Dennis Montgomery with at least a modicum of computer savvy (at least enough to recognize a PCAP if they saw one), come forward to verify that they do in fact exist? Patrick, you’re wise to back away from the PCAPS, but I wish somebody would give us some explanations. Who is on Lindell’s team that’s been crunching the data since Jan? Has any of them seen a PCAP? Is there real evidence that election systems had communications over the internet last Nov 3-5? If yes, how many systems and where? Where did Lindell’s state-by-state vote tallies come from? If from PCAPS, who de-encrypted them and how? Why doesn’t that person state publicly what he or she did and what the findings were?

    Many would blame this entire episode on a ‘deep state conspiracy “ – that may or may not include Dominion. But go back to the questions I posed. If the PCAP story were legitimate, then answers to my questions would go far in refuting and defending against any actual malign conspiracy or psy op. The fact that nobody has given us any answers tends to prove that the PCAP narrative was never real.

    1. I believe the PCAP story is disinformation just like Q-anon garbage, intended to discredit & discourage. It doesn’t matter who manipulated the election computers. The root of our problem is the election computers themselves. Telling local governments to return to in-person voting with paper punch cards is like holding up a cross to a vampire.

  6. Your May 17, 2021 post:
    💥 We have the computers. We have the computer records. We have the data. We have everything we need. It’s open and shut. It’s a done deal!

    I know you have personally invested perhaps more than any other individual on getting to the bottom of this. And we can never thank you enough. At this point, we all need to understand a lot more about the way forward. Thank you, sir.

  7. Also, your post of April 14, 2021:

    PS Hammer is connected to 150,000 voting and tabulating machines around the world. It’s not just the United States.

    We have it all, folks. I’m not kidding. There is an army of lawyers typing up the things that need to be typed up. But it’s all been cracked.

  8. Patrick,

    You very much need to speak with David Jose, @davecaresforyou. He has given us constitutional remedy. We the People are getting things done. It was David, as I am sure you know, who wrote the affidavits that got the AZ senate to do an audit.

    The two of you would make a great video on our 51 constitutions and how to use them to instruct our elected servants to do our business properly.

    Please consider this.

    SECTION 5. Right to assemble.—The people shall have the right peaceably to assemble, to instruct their representatives, and to petition for redress of grievances.

  9. If the wiping of machines doesn’t get the attention of the justice system, then they are also in on the con. The term Deep Capture is apropos, for sure. Mafia orgs have things in common, the most important of which are deep funding and deep organization. So this was going to be way harder than throwing mafia guys in the clink. But you have to keep fighting as you never know who you can get to flip (prisoner’s dilema) to open the floodgates on the bigger picture. These things need to be pursued to the last card and Lindell knows it.

  10. Thank you for the update, Patrick. I, for one, find it quite helpful to know that there is also another credible source telling you the data is invalid. That definitely makes it impossible to make any conclusions. And, now, we add to this the fact that a prominent white hat hacker from Lindell’s Red Team was also saying the data was fake. Of course, he is being villified now and called a traitor and being totally discredited. But I can’t totally discount what he is saying, since he has been a part of the movement for a long time and contributed to the Antrim, Michigan forensic audit, as a part of ASOG, and has been interviewed many times and has seemed to genuinely want to help. He probably had more access than anyone (beside Lindell’s people) to the data so far. I believe there is probably some truth in what he is saying.
    On the other hand, the fact that Patrick sent people to Lindell with the pcap information and that independently(?) Mary Fanning/Brannon Howse brought the Dennis Montgomery pcap information, does add some evidence for Lindell’s claims of 4 sources for the information. It seems that there were at least 2 sources. We don’t know the other 2 sources, though. However, I do find it really strange that the cyber researchers at the symposium were given data in BLX format, which would seem to come from Montgomery (blxware.org). So, this suggests a single source. (Why would others use Montgomery’s format?)
    On the topic of Mesa images, Hursti is claiming that log files being deleted has been debunked in multiple ways. I haven’t been able to follow this one so closely, so I don’t know if this negates everything about the images or not. I also heard the images came from different computers, and not a single computer, like was originally suggested.
    Still confused but hopeful, but I wouldn’t say it is looking so good as proposed evidence seems to disappoint regularly.

  11. My heart just sank into my shoes. I was concerned about this all along that it would take so long and be such a fight to do this through the proper channels, that all the evidence will be destroyed, and much of it has been. It does not look hopeful, and has not since the day you were in a police office standing in a puddle of pelleted ballots. With all the legal hurdles, plus the political hurdles, the censorship, and now this cram down – the only thing left is God. God knows a way. Is he going to give us the time or let things run their course? God help us.

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  13. So yeah, there was the minor fact that the data Lindell said he has for the past 7 months was no revealed at a symposium he held for the express purpose of revealing that data to cyber security professionals. It was a humiliation of epic proportions for the entire MAGA movement that supported him, and should result in Lindell being drummed out of polite company on the right. Does it really escape Patrick just what a laughing stock Lindell made of the entire election fraud investigation effort?

    That he tried to spin it as some general conference on election issues was absurd and arrogant. He also sounds like an idiot most of the time when he opens his mouth. Dennis Montgomery is a repeat con artist and a lowlife of epic proportions and relying on him was a huge errror.

    Patrick represents himself as someone of note and seriousness that we should trust, yet he offers no humility of the massive impact of this debacle? This is the kind of crap that makes it very easy to dismiss the Right an our legitimate efforts to look into the irregularities with the election.

    I couldn’t be more disappointed in Patrick.

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  15. Thank You Patrick I’ve been wondering about the CPAC thing. I hope it’s real, but it has done a lot of damage and Mike hasn’t said anything about it either. Sound’s suspiciously like more CIA FBI and DOJ espionage stuff to discredit Mike, President Trump, and his followers. War is hell, but we can’t stop fighting for the truth. I just that every single day gets tougher. It’s one disappointment after another. Waiting for the results of the AZ audit is excruciating! But we expected it since our country has been taken over by corruption in every way.

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