A Peaceful Path to Political Resolution

I’d like to think that my calls for “peace” woven into my public statements regarding these events have become repetitive to the point of being tedious. I just scrubbed the one moment of ill-conceived humor I could think of to the contrary (a comedic suggestion to any federals ordered to fire upon civilians or given other Unconstitutional orders, which I have amended and expanded to focus on consulting UCMJ, lawyers, and conscience). If any reader knows of any other moment within these essays where such dark humor as I might have directed at bankers in the past were included in a essay about DC, please let me know in the comments (because I cannot think of any more).

Other than that, as I say, I would think would have grown wearisome my calls in speeches and interviews for America to show why it is the exceptional country: because we are not not only going to get through this, we are going to do so peacably. Going back to when I was first appearing on Tracy Beanz and similar podcasts, I have spoken lines such as, We are going to rally peacably! We’re not the goons! They are the goons but we are the ones who remain peaceful! We are going to get through this peacefully! Etc.

I have been surprised at how few have wanted to discuss what that idea means in practice. The answer is not self-evident. I have dropped a solution into a couple-few interviews, and one quite clearly about a week ago. Let me approach methodologically here my dreams and aspirations (far-fetched though they be) and what (in my view) yours should be:

  1. For me, violence is a hard constraint. It may not be for you, dear reader, and I understand that. I suppose I have seen the aftermath of civil wars enough to know that preventing one is Guardrail #1 for me. Though I have never been part of the “Trump will be reinstated by August” crowd, and made that clear repeatedly in interviews, I made the mistake with one pestering journalist of allowing that (based on what I expected to come from Maricopa and other forensic audits) it could happen (not that it WOULD), and they have false tried to lump me in the “Trump will be reinstated by August” crowd. But I repeat: I fear that would trigger a civil war, and is a bridge too far. If you are one desirous of Civil War II, I am not the guy to whom to pay attention.
  2. The process-driven side of me reads the Constitution to say that no matter what the facts are or later turn out to be, any disputes were sealed by the kiss of the United States Senate on January 6-7. That there has to be a finality to the decision lest Executive powers be impaired.  In my book I wrote that the Framers knew the political question had to be resolved with finality, so the Framers put this in step, the Senate’s ratification, to seal it.
    • I do understand that there are lawyers who say that there is a fundamental principle in law that holds that fraud vitiates everything and that this would govern here. If this principle governs, it would mean that the fact that the Senate sprinkled holy water on things January 6-7 is not decisive if it later turns out to have been driven by fraudulent elections (as I believe the Maricopa audit will prove).
    • I do not know how to adjudicate between those two principles. However, in the absence of a good argument to the contrary, I would think the right argument is this: The Framers clearly anticipated that a “tumult” in elections in the states could spill its way up the chain to DC, and in order to seal that off they created the process by which the US Senate ratifies the states’ electoral votes. I would imagine that part of that thinking was the danger of having an Executive decided in  a process that could be, in any way, unraveled.  Thus, they would have understood the need for a process to deliver a result that was final, come hell or highwater.
  3. So reluctantly I affirm to my readers: I am not in this because I think getting Trump reinstated by SCOTUS this year is a feasible reality.
    • Anything is possible, but I would think there are two big arguments against it. One has to read the Constitution as precluding it (unless fraud vitiates everything is the broadest, most powerful legal concept in the universe). And because it triggers violence, even Civil Way II. Which we do not want.
    • Maybe you say, If there was fraud, Trump’s claim on the Presidency is not yours to give away Byrne. But like I said, these are my “dreams and aspirations”, and in my dreams and aspirations, President Trump is a big enough man to forsake a claim that he might turn out to have, if he knows that exercising it will create a civil war, in favor of a path such as I offer below.
  4. Accepting that actually opens up the path to a peaceful political resolution of these matters. Here is how it should run:
    • The Maricopa Audit will be delivered. I truly have been kept in the dark about as much of it as they could, but I have heard enough to suspect it is not the proverbial “clean bill of health”.
    • If the Maricopa Audit comes out “clean bill of health” then I will walk away. Since November 10 or so I have been saying that the only way to resolve things was to open the ballot boxes in six counties. Since then, there is one place that happened: Maricopa. If it is a dry hole, it is a dry hole.
    • However, if the Maricopa Audit comes out documenting fraud on a scale that could only have occurred thanks to a scheme worthy of a heist movie, then it will trigger forensic audits in somewhere between 13-20 states (at last count, and not including Wendy Rogers’ new movement to form a caucus among 50 state legislatures). 
      1. Most states think such audits will cost $4-$5 per ballot audited.
      1. Jovan and I have designed an “assessment” that can be done quickly (1-2 weeks) for .25 cents/ballot (and, in the case of Michigan, have  offered to pay it).  This assessment looks at all the ballots, performs about half of the checks for fraud that Jovan has designed, and can direct the counties to precisely the subset of individual ballots that need to be forensically audited (thus dramatically dropping the price to states).
    • Results from those audits will (be (I predict) shocking to the public, and cause:
      1. state legislators to be better informed so that when they return to session they can address election integrity promptly in their states (as the Constitution would seem to favor), and do so in a way that governs in the November 2022 election;
      1. In the House and Senate:
        1. Republicans may begin to do their jobs and stand up for their constituents in the face of excesses by the Biden administration. 
        2. Sane Democrats will be able carve a way forward apart from Biden, and not go along with any of the three changes (changing election law, changing the electorate, and changing the Supreme Court) he wishes to make in order to lock in the rig. The audit results will give cover to sane Democrats to say: it is time to stop the extreme stuff, the “let’s change the foundation of everything” stuff. Just return to normal Democratic governance;
        3. Maybe, just maybe, the judiciary will start showing up for work someday.
    • We are 14-months-and-a-wake-up from the next election. As a nation we need to keep cool together. That means doing nothing that provokes violence. Don’t even joke about it.
    • Because we are Ameri-cans (and not Ameri-can’ts), we can be cool for 14 months.  We the People get the audit results, we have our state legislatures fix our states’ election systems (I think the Maricopa Audit and the other audits it triggers will provide all the information they need to do that).  In 14 months we have a new election, we get honest people both to observe and work in the polling stations in 14 months. And we end up with a House of Representatives that we know truly represents We the People. And 1/3 of the Senate will have been freshly elected.
    • At that point, a lot of good things happen. If that House really wants to go forward with federalizing election law (HR1) they can, but I think it more likely that at that point We the People will, through the chamber closest to us, pursue other kinds of changes. Such as making elections more secure.
      1. I do understand that there are ways (that sound far-fetched to me) that an overwhelming majority in the House could somewhere reinstate Donald Trump in January 2023. They could impeach this, they could appoint that, they could election this….
      1. It sounds far-fetched to me, as I say, but if there is a way to do that within the due process of law, have at it. Note that is different than arguing in favor of unraveling the Senate’s January 6 decision.
    • Then, in two years beyond that, Trump will be 78, and ready to run. He is a lot more robust than Biden is at 78. He might win in a landslide in 2024.

Now I know that some of my readers may be disappointed that I am saying that Trump may have all kinds of legal claims to argue for reinstatement (if the audit results from Maricopa and subsequent audits show what I expect), but I do not see how they play out peacefully. I can see legal paths where he could get back to the White House in three years, and hear of far-fetched ones that could get him there with a new House of Representatives, if the audits document that election 2020 really was cooked. But the need for peace is paramount, and that means we have to focus on completing audits and establishing election integrity for the November 2022 election.

To this President Trump may reply, “If I have a legal claim, then I have a right to pursue it.”

To which I respond, Maybe. But Sir, twice in our infamous 4.5 hour meeting in your office, I told you that if January 6 comes and goes and you do not open the ballot boxes, then, it will be too late. “It would  be sore-loserism,” I said. When these Maricopa audit results come out I think that you will see that you have every claim in the world to say that you were cheated. But in the interest of peace, let us focus on using this information to trigger other audits in other states, restoring election integrity, retaking the Republican Party from within, and in 14 months we will retake all of the Peoples’ Chamber and 1/3 of the Senate. Yes Sir, maybe you could demand more. But for the sake of peace, let us focus on not disrupting any Constitutional timelines. Spend the next 14 months getting healthy, walking and golfing, enjoying life. You ar the eminence grise again already; in 14 months-and-a-wake-up you could be the power behind the Throne. And a couple years later, President again. I know you love your country enough not to want a civil war no matter your claim, and I wish you would counsel your followers about the need to stay peaceful. Respectfully, if there is one man in the world who can say this to you…. it is the guy who stood in your office and told you that after January 6 the process would be sealed by the Senate and would be too late to revisit.

I could be wrong. The Marico results could be so egregious they trigger a nationwide revulsion, and it becomes impossible to keep the peace without SCOTUS action. But from where things stand now, I have to put the imperative to keep civil calm above any individual’s claims (especially an individual who on December 18  was reminded of the Constitutional meaning of January 6).

14 months. It is not so long. We the People have a Constitutional, legal, peaceful way to reclaim our government, or at least, to decide collectively in what kind of nation we really wish to live. If we want it to be a Goon society, or one where we continue to have government which draws its powers from the consent of governed in elections that are free, fair and transparent. It happens in 14 months. And if that society starts moving Donald Trump back into office as President, more power to him and to them. But for that to happen, we have to focus on the Maricopa Audit; the chain-reaction of audits that it will trigger; and the changes to election laws that need to be brought into effect in preparation for the November 2022 election. And not on trying to unscramble something that (from what I can see) at this point cannot be unscrambled peacefully.

I suspect the Maricopa Audit is going to give President Trump and hundreds of millions of Americans material about which to be truly aggrieved. I hope that after January 6, President Trump and they learned a lesson about walking into catastrophe without a plan. And the only peaceful plan I can think of involves using the information gained in the audits, no matter how egregious, to work through the political process, reform election laws so as to reestablish election integrity, and win a landslide in 14 months. Anyone calling for anything more aggressive than that better have a plan as to how it happens peacefully or it is not on my dance card.

    1. Not sure if I am replying to Patrick or to another comment but yuck to this article . Sure peace is great want that too . But you have an illegitimate POTUS probably controlled by enemies of the US ,our southern border is being invaded , possible genocide w mandatory vaccines as a result of a biowarfare attack but sure let’s ignore all this and wait til the midterm elections and I am sure the cheaters will be more reasonable . So glad I did not hit that contribute button again until I had read this .

      1. Byrne is a professional liar who happens to be on your side at the moment. He wrote this article to preempt the media claim that he is attempting to organize a coup d’etat. Byrne and Lindell are playing good cop/bad cop so that the “movement” cannot be pigeon-holed as a unified revolutionary front.
        You cannot unseat a king by directly confronting his army. The stronger you are at this moment, the more important it is to create the appearance of weakness and inconsistency.

        1. I have no doubt on the honesty and integrity and patriotism of Patrick, except when he is in PsyOp mode when he has to embrace deception. He is not a professional liar as you accused. Please provide more evidence.

          1. You are correct. Good read, whoever you are. But when I’m in that mode…. I scare MYSELF sometimes.🤣😂🤣😂

        2. Are you saying that Patrick is secretly leading a unified revolutionary front? That, you think at some moment in the future, he’ll say the secret word and his army will magically appear to confront the king’s army?

  1. They planned violence if Trump was inaugurated Jan 2021. They plan violence if Trump is reinstated now. They plan violence if Trump wins in 2024. They used violence in their coluor revolutions throughout the world to seize power. They’ll use violence now to continue their Coup. Do you expect us to just take an ass whooping and let all of this happen, losing our country forever? Yes I realize they will use anything and everything against like they did Jan 6. I also realize, even if we do nothing they will create an event to blame on us. Its their now or never moment. Its our now or never to stop them. I hope and pray it’s peaceful. I do not believe the Jan 6 certification is set in stone.

    Ive noticed you’ve been quiet lately. I hope they’re not intimidating you into silence with their lawsuits.

    1. Just look already at today’s ANTIFA and Anti-VAX protestors going at it. I agree with peace and I also agree that sometimes, it takes violence to get there. I won’t let anyone come and destroy my home, family, and business in addition to our constitution. I don’t think a lot of folks really understand what is going on because it’s almost too hard to believe. TIME TO WAKE UP people and UNITE against this Communist regime.

    1. Sir that is your white privileged talking. How do you think minorities could on their own find the way to obtaining an id? Remember all the big tech companies including the All Star Game pulling out of GA! For they knew all the gaslighting (at the black/brown intelligence self worth and dignity) are not as smart as white people which is a the most racist thing yo happen in public in my life! I am as I hope you know being sarcastic if only we cld get all on board with voter is and voting like we are Amish!

      1. I have been worried about you also. You have been quiet. Now I feel like my fears are legit as our fraudulent govt is taking their power to arrest people for
        Their political views and certain chatter. I’m really getting tired of all this. I am one of those that wants Trump in immediately as I don’t trust an election. My state has barely done shit to rewrite anything to secure our election integrity and worse has a multi million dollar contract again with Diminiin because once just wasn’t enough

  2. There is no reason to destroy what took long to build.Our homes, business ,families, friends, fellowship.There is much work to do in discovery and fixing how we keep getting less than good candidates.To represent us how does mitt romney and john mccain get on the ticket that started way before any race . Look to how our choices are made at the local and you’ll find the shorts. This isn’t the first time for a stolen its the first time anyone cared to say wait a minute.We cannot afford to be provoked to malice but instead to work for good.Boasters and complainers are not people to follow and now more than ever they may be simply provocateurs looking to their own advantage. The work is just beginning , I wonder if we even know half the players. as you say turtles all the way down.

  3. Looking at the damage that has been done in little more than 7 months – to the economy, to the schools and our children, to the military, to the morale of the country, to people’s health – so much more damage can be done in the next 14 months that the America we once knew will be unrecognizable and quite possibly irretrievable. What then? This isn’t just about the Presidential race. When will we see how many down ticket seats were stolen? If we have the power to demand fair elections in the future then we have the power to demand a peaceful resolution before it’s too late. This mess can be untangled if we put our minds to it. When good compromises with evil, good is diminished. Remember the saying ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’? With God we can find that way.

  4. I believe that President Trump has had a plan all along & we’re witnessing it play out as I type! I also believe, like you, that he doesn’t want violence or harm to the American people. He’s doing everything legally by Constitutional Law. He promised the American people that he would drain the swamp & in order to do that, he had to let all of this play out, so the enemy would reveal themselves. Many we already know of, but the swamp is deep & there’s many many more world wide who’ve played the roll of a good guy, when in actuality they’re not! He set them up & it’s falling into place. The people who’ve infiltrated our Government didn’t just start a few years ago, this has been in play since after the Revolutionary War. There’s a playbook they go by & they’ve overthrown many governments along the way, under the guise that their leaders are dictator tyrants, they send in the bought & paid for antifa types to cause civil wars & then top it off by sending in the UN & NATO forces, leaving the Country devistated & destroyed.. like bush did with Iraq, Obama did to Gaddafi & the Libyan people (Gaddafi warned everyone too) & like all the president have done since after the murder of Kennedy! America has been in a different kind of war for generations now & we’re finally seeing it come to the surface now. Patrick Byrne’s you are a hero in my book, as is Mike Lindel, our President Trump & every other White Hat Patriot who’s risked everything, not only save our Country from this evil cabal, but the entire world & all life on it! Thank you

  5. I could see it going either way or a 3rd where my concern is SCOTUS.
    Also since Biden was installed, this country & world is a mess. It needs to be straightened out ASAP. It may be to the point of NOT being able to turn it around soon.
    MARK SCOTT makes some good points about the other side & violence. Yes it will be them and not us, taking the Karen Fann approach.
    14 months may be a good option. Trump already has been working on picking those he wants in Congress so things can get done to his satisfaction and Nancy may be gone. Lets set that as a target date on the timeline.
    You & Boris E. should have a healthy conversation about this. I see a mind meld. Please contact him. Two really smart guys that can see ahead.
    Trump is definitely running. He wont reveal his cards, but as an Econ student living just outside NYC I followed Trump since 1977. The city gave him shit back then. He doesnt smoke, drink (brother died of alcoholism) or do drugs. He was always a go getter. His father sent him to military school. That didnt have an impact. He didnt change. LOL. Yes he is bold & brash. Welcome to New York. Everybody is.
    We are all anxious to have him back because we love him and the best POTUS we ever had, and the damage that has already been done and will continue.
    My financial advisor’s office called last week. My comment was about the economy. I retired February 2020. I timed that well, with everything that happened since then. I dont sleep much so I need this to be resolved.
    Im in. Always have been. Whatever it takes. Always will be. Im not one sitting online waiting to be in the know. I have been working.
    I see a telegram message from Wendy Rogers. “Full Communist takeover is in full effect.”
    Waiting anxiously for the (partial) report from my buddies here in Maricopa.
    I have thought about what your idea means in practice when we get there, but I and I think others are going step by step and get frustrated it takes so long or that we are not ‘there’ yet.

  6. Alternatively, if the data shows that Trump did indeed win in a landslide, the House of Representatives and the US Senate could pass a bill that puts President Trump back in office. It would be hard pressed for Biden to not sign the bill into law. The public could demand that and it would be Constitutional.

  7. Another outcome is pulling forward the impact of the 2022 election with special elections and temporary appointments. We’re already living recalls and resignations from school boards to governors.

    One does not have to look too hard to find examples of federal senate and house squatters which audits may expose. Low single digit losses would lead to the early retirement of certain crime families.

    Consider the immediate fallout of the suspicious “blue wave” of 2018. One house rep changed parties and another resigned. The special election flipped the seat. The bar today is much lower, and the odds much less favorable for those who have spent the last 18 months of COVID 1984 on the wrong side of history.

    Nor does one have to look too hard to find examples of counties, states or alphabet soup agencies in precarious financial condition. Tax payers may determine that when their vote doesn’t count on a ballot, voting with their wallet is an option.

    The truth will set you free.

  8. I agree civil war is definitely not the answer! However, with all of the Antifa activity, I feel as though civil war has already begun. I am torn by the aggressive behavior of the current administration, and fear that it will be too late by the mid-term and 2024 to reverse the damage, especially if election reform is not well-intact. As I was reading, Patrick Henry’s speech came to mind, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?” I’m not sure I have his resolve to finish the quote.

    Thank you for your insightful leadership.

  9. In the meantime Biden’s administration continue to ruin the country with open borders and other insane ideas.
    What I would personally love to see is the Democrats and the Supreme Court on TV admits; “yes, there was election and voter fraud. Trump was the real winner and Biden lost. And we promise we will investigate everything there is to investigate and make the results public. And make sure this never happens again.”
    And I want the mainstream media to admit they were wrong too. And to see someone taking care of Big Tech like Google, Twitter and Youtube that removes contents from their platforms and blocks their users.

    That would be a real victory and make people shut up. What would happen after that remains to be seen.

    1. Forgot to add; The same goes for the Russia conspiracy theory. Admit it was fake. And confess the January 6th was not a coup attempt ordered by Trump. And tell us what really happened. People all over the world want to know the truth, and they know the story they have been told so far, is not the truth.

  10. “A Peaceful Solution”
    Find non-corrupted special/independent prosecutors.
    Find non-corrupted law enforcement to carry out search warrants.
    There is more than enough evidence for search warrants.
    Biden statements are basically a confession of wrongdoing.
    You have to seize evidence from criminals.
    Criminals will not voluntarily give up incriminating evidence.
    Subpoenas are almost worthless, they will just stall, stonewall, not comply, and as a last resort destroy evidence and make some excuse or create some “accident” that destroys it.
    Each day that passes the cover-up or destruction of evidence continues.
    Also, get a NSA 702 search warrant on these foreign voting machine companies.
    Arrest everyone involved with stealing the election, obstructing justice, including accessories after the fact, like the media.

    Possible problems:
    A corrupted judge will not approve search warrants.
    If the FISA court is rigged then there will be no 702 search warrants.
    This may be too late, too much time has passed. Fraudulent ballots replaced/destroyed…

  11. Patrick, Extremely well conceived and articulated position. While there is the repulsion that the bad guys get away, your argument makes the most sense in seeing the country through a terrible event. History will look back at this as a seminal event in American history. We will correct from this abuse of power and steer a course forward until the next challenge to our constitutional republic. Once again, it is patriots like you that keep up us on the correct path. Thank you.

  12. This post is either madness or expectation-management. I have as hard a time taking it seriously as I do your supposed “Send in the National Guard” plan.
    How many bills can a person who is not-the-president sign into law? How many wars can he begin/end? Will the military obey? Can not-the-president throw open the border legally?
    Once electoral-outcome-determinative fraud is firmly established to all reasonable people, why would anyone comply with anything not-the-president says?
    At what point does non-compliance destroy an emperor? I say it is almost immediate. Biden’s backers will pull him before letting him become a laughing-stock.
    Patrick cannot be seen as the generalissimo heading up a revolution, so he must over-emphasize passivity. But he knows that once the emperor is naked and the children are laughing, Biden ceases to be the president and no act of Congress or the courts can give him back his authority, and he will step down without a fight.

    1. So well said. It’s a game of confidence. Biden is standing in for handlers rushing to dismantle the country. They are engaged in a race to the finish line: Depopulation, anarchy, submission, open borders, and financial collapse of a great nation are the goals. Mass awakening followed by peaceful defiance in the millions in the face of tyranny is the way forward.

  13. The election was an enemy attack on our country, and it involved China. The illegitimate, criminal, treasonous Biden administration is beholden to China and is currently dismantling our country as fast as it can. I well understand the importance of reclaiming our country peacefully and I know that we can do it. However, I just cannot believe that the vast majority of Americans will be fine and dandy with just sitting by and allowing the criminally-installed, China-controlled Biden administration to continue to wreck the country for another 2-3 years, all because our founders could not envision the level of corruption and evil that would overtake our highest offices through the use of computer networks. Yes, of course, there is no “Constitutional remedy” engraved in our founding documents for this terrible situation, but that seems like an idiotic reason to allow the criminals who did this to our country to continue to consolidate power, hold political prisoners and inflict another 3 years of damage on the country. This was an attack on our country, that attack is ongoing, and it will continue for as long as these criminal traitors remain in control of our government. It is absurd.

    Believe me, I understand that the goons that stole the election want violence so they can crack down on patriots and finalize their takeover of the country. I just have to believe that there is a middle way of retaking the country between passively letting China Joe rule over us for another 3 years and a full-on civil war. Perhaps once everyone knows-without any doubt or question-that this government is totally illegitimate, then 2/3 of the country will simply refuse to follow any laws or policies that the fake government puts out, and will not recognize any executive orders that Dementia Joe inflicts on the country. And the government will collapse on its own. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking. I do know that most Americans are unhappy and angry at what this administration is doing to the country. I think they will be absolutely enraged if the election steal is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and the Biden administration refuses to step down.

    Looking forward to the AZ audit report and more forensic audits.

  14. Patrick Byrne once again makes a case for PEACE as he hears the rumbling of ANGRY patriots. We can all FEEL how angry patriots are. PATRICK, THANK YOU, AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE THE CASE FOR PEACE, AS OFTEN AS YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY!!! YOU CAN’T SAY THIS TOO MANY TIMES!!! (President Trump is absolutely not a person who would advocate anything that is not peaceful. He has NEVER advocated any kind of violence.) There are no good alternatives to peaceful solutions. But please recognize that a lot of patriots are HURTING. They need leaders like Patrick to point them in the right direction. I really hope people like Karl Dresch (who was released on Wednesday from the DC “gulag” jail) will advocate for peace. There’s a great interview of Dresch on YouTube by Jerrod Sessler.

  15. Will we have a fair, free, and transparent election in 14 months? That is so important, but it is not guaranteed.
    Patriots cannot start a war, but we need some people with influence, muscle, and power to support our cause. The Truth is being denied, manipulated, and censored. The Goons are out in force and we are so deeply corrupted and infiltrated. Can this be done diplomatically?
    I have been reading Orwell and his quotes recently, which are so on point right now!
    There are two about War that swirl in my mind:
    “The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it.” You are not advocating ending this “war” but as you have said, it can get a lot worse WITHOUT getting better.
    And, “War is evil, but it is often the lesser evil.” War against tyranny is fighting for justice.

    Many of us are in no position to get violent … but we are losing our voice, our country, our freedoms by the day, with no real relief in sight. The past two wars on this soil were won by patriots and the country is a lot better off for it. Granted many sacrifices were made. Maybe we can do it again without firing a shot, Patriots have a good track record. Nothing hard is ever easy.

    Thank you for all you do!

  16. The antidote to the poison: NO COMPUTERIZED ELECTIONS.
    Computers facilitate and magnify fraud.
    We can live with small-scale (normal) election fraud. But automated election fraud is poison to the country.

  17. Thanks Patrick for a very thought provoking article. Your analysis as to how to resolve this matter has evolved a bit since last December when I saw you being interviewed by Dr. Corso and others. In any event, I believe this fradulent method incorporated a potpourri of strategic moves and like any form of warfare, it eventually spiraled out of control. I don’t believe President Trump will be re-instated this month and I would prefer to avoid a Civil War, although we have broken the threshold where our country will never be united so perhaps cessestion is the best case scenario. I also applaud the conviction of Mike Lindell, Lin Wood and others but never believed proving election fraud through Dominion would ever come to fruition. The database is infinite and can easily be altered and machines hidden or destroyed. There was plenty of fraud at the grass roots level (ballot harvesting, duplicate ballots, damaged ballots not discarded, people on camera incriminating themselves on social media, constitutional violations in swing states) are examples of why a Full Forensic Audits in all 50 states should be demanded as Wendy Rodgers is lobbying for. If or likely when Trump is found to be victorious then he should be reinstated as the legitimately elected President. Perhaps a run off in all states where Biden was proven to have won frauduleny may avoid a full kinetic Civil War but if one breaks out so be it. We are in fact already in the early stages of a Civil War and as you have stated, we must never take a knee to election fraud. I’ve lived through 10 Presidents. Some grossly incompetent (Carter) and others severely unethical (Bush) but Biden and to an extent Obama late in his second term, are the only two administrations who purposely have performed actions to contradict the welfare of We the People. Think about this: Our current “Administration” is busing then strategically flying unvetted refugees throughout our country during a Global Pandemic. They’ve hamstrung the Police which literally has put my life in peril every time I use the subway (I live in Chicago). If this “Administration” was merely incompetent or unethical I would agree that we should practice some yoga and meditation for three more years and tough it out. But unfortunately Patrick we don’t have time to do so. What I’m seeing from this Cabal is terrifying. I don’t look forward to a violent solution but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be led like a docile sheep to a painful demise.

  18. Hi Patrick, The Deep Rig was great. Thank you for that! I made sure to support your efforts too.
    I think the way to keep this peaceful is for law enforcement to do their jobs, for someone to go to jail, for the media to quit lying all the time and report the results honestly, for our elected officials to quit passing laws that can’t be enforced and for which there are no consequence to break if you are an elected official and for our courts to stop being dishonest and hear our cases. We have got to get rid of the rinos. If there is no relief, people will blow up. And I don’t think they will be willing to wait 3 years to replace Biden. It is extremely difficult to get anyone to do anything. People who are active in politics get real tired of begging for volunteers etc. But if Trump said we need to protest mandated vaccines tomorrow, there would be thousands out there. People need Trump to lead, they just won’t do stuff on their own.
    That said I have a couple of questions. Can you explain your plan with Jovan? What do you mean only do half the checks to find fraud and direct the counties to just some ballots? Wouldn’t that miss a lot of fraud by just doing a partial audit. I believe Jovan said it was important to look at all the ballots not a percentage.

    And about the packet captures Mike said he had. I don’t understand what happened to them. From what I gathered, someone put a type of virus in his data so he couldn’t let people see it? I am sure they backed it up. Couldn’t they at least show us one packet with the traffic going to and from anywhere coming back changed? I am not a geek and was just so disappointed not to see any kind of evidence of that. The before and after disc image was fine but it just isn’t what I was so excited to see. Thanks for any reply. And if you need a volunteer for an audit somewhere, let me know. I tried to sign up in GA and AZ but couldn’t get ahold of anyone who knew what was going on.

  19. It sounds nice and all but authoritarian roaches don’t seem to have a good track record of leaving of their own accord when their crimes are realized. Since authoritarianism is their M.O., they always need to be forced out. People confuse leftism in a certain way…it’s a moral framework only for the useful idiots. The people that are running the show are psychopaths that have no decency, only the purpose of creating a dictatorship with them sitting on top. To tell you the truth, I don’t care how it gets done so long as legitimacy of Old Glory is restored. Legitimacy is the purpose, not ‘peace’ per se.

  20. I could not agree more that the Constitution demanded finality on 1/6, and there is no Constitutional method to depose this regime short of the ballot box in 2024.
    However, I have trouble seeing your scenario playing out. Every day that the AZ audit team withholds its results, my suspicions grow. The fact that they go silent just as Lindell holds his ridiculous dog and pony show signifying nothing, just makes my suspicions grow all that faster. Trust me, those claiming election fraud will find me a sympathetic ear. I believe from a gut level there was fraud. I also believe the circumstantial evidence that we already have would normally be sufficient to prove the point. (Like waking up to a front lawn covered in a cold white fluffy substance is evidence that it snowed last night.). However, I say “normally” because we are not in normal times. We cannot even agree on the number of genders or the date of the founding of our country. We are currently being brainwashed that “justice” is somehow racist and that we need something called “social justice” instead. We are being conditioned to dread our fellow man if he demonstrates a sniffle. We are in the midst of a psychological operation designed to break our civilization, and break the will of those who remember how it used to work. My question now is, are the guys on the AZ audit team and the presenters at Lindell’s symposium “controlled opposition” designed to keep us eternally waiting on the edge for “the truth to be revealed and justice to be served.” This could all be part of the same pys op.
    But let’s play along. Let’s presume the AZ results are finally released, and they are damning. The results conclusively show the presence of fraud and that Trump won. However, the other side has already telegraphed their response:
    The results are illegitimate. The audit was a clown show by unqualified bozos who don’t understand how elections are run. The mere fact they looked for fraud decertified the expensive machines the local governments spent good tax money to purchase. Any effort to canvas phantom voters is racist. Stop this nonsense. It is an attack on our sacred democracy.
    You and I both know that that is what they are going to say, and at least 40% of the population, including about 98% of those involved in government, media and academia are going to believe it. What then? I am afraid our fractured declining country just continues incompetently stumbling along. Sure 2022 can stop the bleeding and 2024 can restore order, but that assumes the SHTF moment hasn’t already happened by then and that “voting” our way out of this problem is still an option.

  21. Regarding election fraud, it seems to me the solution would be a voting system that perhaps had both an electronic,blockchain vote AND a paper vote cast simultaneously in which the electronic ballots and paper ballots were counted separately to expose any discrepancies / fraud.

    Voatz system seems to be a good solution to election fraud which I first heard about when Patrick mentioned it in a conference call when he was still at Overstock..Here is an excerpt from their website and the link has video on it as well:


    How do voters confirm that their votes are counted?

    Once a voter submits a ballot, three distinct records are created that allow a voter to verify their vote is recorded and counted as they intended.

    Ballot Receipt: Soon after voting, a voter receives an encrypted, anonymized receipt to verify their selections. This receipt is password protected and signed with an anonymous ID (only the voter knows this password and anonymous ID).
    Paper Ballot: A paper ballot is generated and printed at the jurisdiction for tabulation. This paper ballot is signed with the same anonymous ID, and this paper ballot constitutes the record being counted.
    Blockchain Record: All ballot selections pass through multiple, distributed nodes on a public-permissioned blockchain network. If the votes pass all checks, they are stored as a tamper-resistant record alongside all other votes.
    There is an additional step a voter can take to verify their vote(s). Once the election closes, the voter has the opportunity to participate in a public citizens’ audit, where all ballot receipts, paper ballots and blockchain data are compared to ensure voter intent is reflected in the overall election count. For more information about the Voatz post-election audit process, view the video on the Security & Technology page of our website.”

    I don’t understand why Voatz does nothing to promote their system to the public.
    Something like an exhibition/test election with hypothetical candidates for POTUS that could be promoted on social media could really draw a lot of public attention and participation,IMO.

    Regardless of which new company or new system is used for elections,i think the most important thing is a test/exhibition election to be conducted to get the support of the people in which the accuracy and transparency can be displayed and proven publicly BEFORE the next election in 2022.

    1. I would have voted for Trump if he pardoned Assange and Snowden,but he refused to do so.
      2020 was the 1st year in which I left the POTUS section blank.
      I could not bring myself to vote for any of the candidates,although I certainly would have preferred Trump over Biden.
      When Trump said “I love Wikileaks” during the 2016 campaign,I hoped he would give Assange a quick pardon,but still no pardon for him.

      However,I am encouraged by many Trump voters who support a pardon for Assange and Snowden and have pro-freedom beliefs and the hope that brings for real,positive change in the near future.
      This may sound strange to some,but I think most Trump voters have more integrity than Trump himself.

      Achieving real change will probably require that people unite behind and start making demands for the support of a list of policies that ANYONE including Trump need to endorse and publicly advocate for in order to earn the vote of the people.

      For example:
      1)Adopting an accurate,fair and transparent voting system
      2)Replacing the income tax with Fair Tax or National Sales Tax or nothing
      3)Securing the border,(Land,Air Sea)
      4)Ending the phony war on drugs
      5)Supporting a pardon for Assange,Snowden and other whistleblowers/truthtellers etc.

      And of course it would also require making sure elected officials back up words with action after stating support for certain policies.

      If politicians are supposed to represent We The People,maybe it’s time We The People start acting like it and start demanding our “representatives” address our policy concerns and stop treating them like cult leaders.

      When the Constitution of the USA was written,there were no political parties,just a group of people united behind basic principles.
      I think it was better that way.
      Political parties have become power structures like a cult or a gang.

      All political parties are easily co-opted & corrupted.IMO,things won’t change much until citizens unite behind principles like truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule.

      Most politicians who claim to serve the public are really self servants/crony servants.
      Therefore,We the People should unite behind principles and become an economic force to make change, IMO.

    2. Regarding the 2020 election,I agree with Patrick 100% on the importance of remaining peaceful and focusing on the election audits.

  22. Dear Patrick-

    You have the right approach. First all the the facts must come out, then the voting system must be fixed (Dominion out, paper controlled, proper chain of command/signature voting, bloated voter rolls fixed). Biden’s political capital is evaporating, and will soon be under-water. A Leader cannot lead when no-one will follow. The feckless policies of this Regime in Afghanistan have just now resulted in another Vietnam debacle (which with Cambodia and the killing fields resulted in millions of deaths and refugees, and similar US embassy evacuation). While 2022 is a long ways away in terms of the harm the Biden administration is wreaking on our country, Biden cannot lead when no-one will follow. His Brand is now toxic. The Biden administration will wear the optics of this mess, he will not be able to blame it on Trump. Even CNN (unbelievably) is turning on him with regards to his Afghanistan cluster. Once again a colossal politician screw-up at the expense of American lives and treasure. This will be worse than Cuomo, no one will want to be seen in public with him. (and he has a similar Cuomo problem with Tara Reade). Once he loses his media protectors, they will throw him under the bus. As the fire-wall starts to break, the collaborators who can will look for ways to seek plausible deniability for their part in the election fraud scheme. That’s when you know the “game” is over. Meanwhile, it is exciting to see our State Legislators stepping up to the plate and doing their job with regards to the local forensic audits. (I know this takes courage in the current corrupt environment). Once the Biden regime is neutered (actually they are neutering themselves) one can expect a pull-back on the feckless, reckless policies they have unconstitutionally initiated.

    (anyway, I hope)

  23. The right approach would be to repair this crooked election.. And do it methodically as you have demonstrated with all the pieces falling into place And preventing any civil unrest and violencestate by the problem I have with This painstaking method method is at the end what makes you think they will give up their ship they are ship what makes you think they will simply walk away these gorillas will never stop They will use antifa, black lives matter and anyone else they can put in front of them, there will be violence Either Way… So what are you preserving you are giving them another 14 months to destroy this nation I don’t know if it will be reparable in 14 months.. Do we take that chance?

  24. Trump is part of the cabal. He pushed the vaccine through. He’s been photographedwith Klaus Schwab at the WEF. He is one of them. A trojan horse

  25. Thank you for the article. I think that a call for peace is never tedious.
    I am going to start with something that I anticipate most people reading this will not like. I am not a Trump supporter. I would strongly prefer to not see him back in office. I am (by my definition) a patriotic American. (If it makes you feel better to call me names, or say that I am unpatriotic, because I am not a Trump supporter feel free – it won’t be the first time…) I also want to see free and transparent elections where ALL voices across the country count so that EVERYONE trusts and believes the results.
    Reading through the responses, I am saddened by the number people that did not rule out civil war, or do not find it objectionable. If we descend to the point of civil war – there are no winners. If there is a civil war – the USA is NOT exceptional.
    The idea of civil war makes me question if we might be better off dividing. This is an outcome that I DO NOT WANT TO SEE. Today is the first time that I have imagined civil war. But, it may be preferable to a large number of casualties.
    I know that there are people that have a different opinion and point of view from me. People that I may strongly dislike and find objectionable. I accept that. But I am not willing to harm or kill anyone over a difference in opinion.
    I am a patriot and I want to see this nation thrive. But, as much as it pains me, if I have to choose between mass casualties (from either side) and dividing the USA – I choose to avoid mass casualties.

  26. Patrick. I appreciate this but why were you not at the symposium to share about this .25 audit and why are you implying you are for federal elections if you are going down this statement of how we should follow the constitution? Have to tried to stop others from claiming Trump’s return? Have you offered solutions to give states real elections?

  27. Jan 6th smells like FBI/CIA. Lots of footage after Ashli’s fall from door area, no blood, people acting bazaar at best. No frantic assistance to save her. Weird.
    Lindell needs an Oscar for his film! [not holding breath]

    Trump needs to step up and seize what is his if it was stolen. We should declare war on China if they stole it for their bought & paid for Biden family. Afghanistan is full of lithium, watch Joe’s buddies swoop in and make mining deals with Taliban or just take the country. Well done Joe.
    I really Hope Steve Pieczenik is telling the truth on the watermarks & the military.

    1. Bob Hughes in Patrick’s movie, The Deep Rig, explains that paper is identifiable. So, yes, ballots can be identified by paper. And, that unauthorized/illegal paper was used in the voting. You might watch, or revisit the movie, if you have not seen it. It’s free.

  28. Ah Patrick. You are a Patriot among Patriots! We can’t thank you enough for all you have done and are doing. Patriots want a peaceful solution. If there is ‘noise’ somewhere to the contrary, perhaps those are the color revolution goons at it again. (Or our three letter agencies stoking the flames.) However, there are some historical court cases where an election vote was found to be incorrect. Both senate positions, if I recall. In one case, a new election was held. In the other case, the rightfully elected candidate was placed in office and the wrongful candidate given the boot. There is some legal precedence, then. Just not at the Presidential level. Let’s let the audits and the facts be revealed, let’s see if the courts do their jobs. But we should NEVER expect anyone to acknowledge blame, foul play, or even ignorance. There are peaceful ways to separate, just like in a marriage. It might be helpful for some of us to think through options. Perhaps even a constitutional amendment. We cannot survive another round of fraudulent elections. End of story.

  29. Government Instituted for Common Benefit
    That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the
    people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which
    is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety, and is most effectually secured
    against the danger of maladministration; and, whenever any government shall be found inadequate or
    contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and
    indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to
    the public weal.

  30. Even Stalin would tell you (as long as they control the counting mechanism), this 2022 plan will fail. Why have any confidence in an election system that has been questioned since the days of Plato (2,400 yrs ago). In his Laws, he proposes: “We must devise a system of balloting such that the masses, when disappointed, blame their own bad luck rather than the elders, who are secretly to engineer the ballot.” Certainly not proposing violence, but mass non-compliance desinged to bring this government to its negotiating knees might not be a bad option?

    My only concern is that the goons have likley out flanked us in this arena. Gen Flynn, any thoughts or insights?


  31. Important preface to my following questions (the questions being academic, not asked with any intent of promoting violence): No one with functioning hearts and brains wants any kind of war, riots, or violence of any kind.
    I’m new to Patrick Byrne’s work. I’ve read and heard enough to know that he has a PhD in political philosophy, that he writes as an academic and also as a person who is spending time and money on election issues. He entertains difficult issues and questions.
    In light of the fact that the USA and it’s governing documents were created by educated, intelligent men who supported armed combat in order to gain the freedom to start a new country, how do people decide when the system has gone off the rails? If fascists are willing to lie, cheat, break laws, and use the freedom of a constitutional republic to destroy it, when do patriots reasonably conclude that the system has imploded? These are currently academic questions that are being discussed. I hope we find some answers that prevent violence.

  32. If we have a plan, they have a plan to pre-empt it. Just look at the updates to the election machines, destroying all evidence — then they will say we have no evidence. While we may plan to restore integrity, what is their plan to foul that up? They will have plenty of time and the seat of power. Everyone has to keep fighting for integrity, for sure, but as the landscape changes, we will have to judge what is in our best interest. Is the Afghanistan situation and the border just screw-ups or is there some scheme brewing behind them, another de-stabilizing catastrophe on the way?

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  34. It puzzles me why you or anyone else would want Trump to run in 2024 at such an advanced age and with so much baggage when someone who is clearly better in a every way and far more capable and who can run on a record of success and genuine leadership is available in De Santis. Hopefully Trump has the decency to bow out and endorse DeSantis for the easy win rather than run against him and fracture the effort to defeat Harris.

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  36. Few things are more destructive than a kinetic civil war. It should be strenuously avoided. However this election needs to be completely audited, and those opposed should be exposed as tryants. If you can’t quickly and effectively audit an election, you did not have an election.
    It’s almost incomprehensible that we would allow our elections to be processed by machines made in China with software that has never been line by line audited. This is how a country can be captured by another country without firing a shot. This is how election officials can truthfully say they did not see any fraud.

  37. Constitutional remedy is being taught to the people. The remedy is peaceful and orderly.
    Do you know what happened in Michigan a few days ago? As you will see in this video, it intersects with what you saw in Dec in DC. Affidavits, Affidavits, Affidavits. https://youtu.be/OGbWc8k-Bgo
    People with Constituition-based solutions getting stuff done are NOT the ones being propped up right now by anyone other than God himself. People with Constitution-based solutions are being suppressed.

    All the rallies are useless if there is no plan that brings results.
    Affidavits written in the proper jurisdiction with the American people standing in their power.
    Not in inferior standing.

    This is what’s up.

    This is what is winning audits.

    This is the strategy that works.
    It is based on the ConstitutionS (including those of the 50 states).

  38. Section 4 Article 4 of the US Constitution: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.

    and the Executive Order 13848 Executive Order 13848
    —Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

    There’s an affidavit that went to President Trump with the direction on what President Trump was to do.
    Those lawyers didn’t like what this affidavit said.
    Ask Stacy Burke who the affiant was, he helped her to write it and she made sure to get it to President Trump.
    Talk to that affiant.
    Watch the audits come in Connecticut, North Carolina, Utah, Maine and Pennsylvania.

  39. I see a reference to Jovan. If this is Jeffry Philyaw, that seems concerning. While a person can certainly change their name, picking two to inspire trust by awarding themselves a Pulitzer and by taking J Hutton likely from “EF Hutton a name you can trust” has to raise some flags. Looking then and finding a treasure hunter who wrote a book about loving money and seeming to leave a trail of people behind in worst shape than the started kept the flags up. Maybe he’s what Lindell seems to be…a decent misguided person likely like most of you. That said, I recommend you check digital convergence before you send him any of your info. All, have a good day.

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  42. What a brilliant idea to spend the next three or so years litigating moot points using B- and C-team lawyers in a legal system financed and physically controlled by the enemy.

    There’s no voting or litigating our way out of this. We can’t keep doing the same things, day in and day out, then expect different results.

    And no, we need no Civil War, Mr. Byrne; just to bring the national security state, including the FBI, to heel.

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