How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 5: Agitation & Chaos (January 6 – 20)

What happened on the afternoon of January 6 is the worst thing that could have happened for the Freedom Movement. Millions of people had descended on DC to rally in support of those standing up for the truth: our national election was rigged. However, in the course of their protest, Goons stormed the Capitol. One woman was shot unnecessarily by police, and one policeman died in a way that remains unclear: (“Media reports have been conflicting — unnamed law enforcement sources initially told outlets Sicknick was bludgeoned in the head by a fire extinguisher, while others speaking on condition of anonymity countered those claims, arguing there was no immediate evidence showing that Sicknick suffered any blunt force trauma”, “A month after Capitol riot, autopsy results pending in Officer Brian Sicknick death investigation“, Fox, February 8 2021). Mainstream Media has increased the body count by including, for example, two police officers who, days after the attack, putatively committed suicide.

The same Mainstream Media that (over the course of 2020) described as “mostly peaceful protests” the actions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter killing 33 police, injuring another 700 police, and burning thousands of businesses, has portrayed these events at the Capitol as the greatest tragedy to hit America since Pearl Harbor. It is nice to know there is some form of Goonism in politics still objectionable to the Mainstream Media.  Myself, I eschew all political violence, not just ones convenient for me to denounce.

There are two ways to look at what happened on that fateful afternoon at the Capitol. I think they are both true, though which is more true is, at the moment, anyone’s guess.

The Party Line Explanation is this: splinter elements (200-400 people) of the millions of protesters decided to storm the Capitol. Given that this Party Line explanation has been repeated ad nauseum by a supine and obedient press, and is currently the object of an impeachment of a man who is no longer an officeholder (go figure), I will not spend time developing this interpretation. But I do not mean to discount it entirely, either.

The Alternative Explanation is more subtle, and runs along the lines of my story about Moldova explained in, “A Message to Militias Across America Regarding the Goon-Left and Agents Provocateurs (Not the Lingerie)”. This explanation holds that the events were engineered as part of a psyop to discredit those skeptical of the election result, and to justify a police-state-style crackdown by the Goon-Left on the rest of America.

What evidence is there to support this Alternative Explanation, that the ransacking of the Capitol was deliberately invited by those who would make hay from it politically? Let us review the evidence:

On January 12, an article from the Independent Sentinel (“Pelosi-McConnell refused to increase security! Capitol emergency began before Trump finished speaking”, January 11), appeared describing a Washington Post article from the previous day.

The Washington Post reported late Sunday night that the outgoing Capitol Police Chief, Steve Sund, believes his efforts to secure the premises were undermined by a lack of concern from House and Senate security officials who answer directly to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Mitch McConnell.

Then quoting from the WaPo:

Two days before Congress was set to formalize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund was growing increasingly worried about the size of the pro-Trump crowds expected to stream into Washington in protest.

To be on the safe side, Sund asked House and Senate security officials for permission to request that the D.C. National Guard be placed on standby in case he needed quick backup.

But, Sund said Sunday, they turned him down…

It was the first of six times Sund’s request for help was rejected or delayed, he said. Two days later on Wednesday afternoon, his forces already in the midst of crisis, Sund said he pleaded for help five more times as a scene far more dire than he had ever imagined unfolded on the historic Capitol grounds.

Besides the higher-ups preventing the police protecting the Capitol to increase their presence when asked, is there other evidence that suggests the occupation of the Capitol was to some degree invited?

In this clip (“Capitol Police Allow Protesters to Reach the Capitol”) police can, in fact, be seen inviting protesters past the barricades:

Then police stand aside and let the Capitol be assaulted (while patriotic bystanders ask them to stop it):

Here are patriots catching on to what is going on and trying to stop the Antifa/BLM agitators themselves:

Articles appeared the next day asking the right question: “Trump Supporters Pulled Violent Protesters Away from the Capitol Building When They Started Damaging It – Who Were These People?

Here one can clearly see someone inside the Capitol handing weapons to those outside the Capitol so they will be able to break their way in:

Then in this clip (“Capitol police open doors for the protestors. They stand aside and invite them inside”) police do… exactly what the title claims:

And this one (“Police open the doors of the capital and invite everyone in”):

“DC Capital Police Lets Protestors Enter and Storm US Capitol Building”:

Here is a policeman being “overwhelmed” with invaders. Does anything look staged about this?

And here is the famous Q Shaman with eight photojournalists. Anything here looked staged?

Here is an excellent “synch edit” showing a policeman taking careful aim and then shooting an unarmed (female) protester in the throat. She died.

If no video appears above, click here:

Interestingly, while the identity of the policeman who shot the unarmed female protester in the throat has been guarded by the media, there are unconfirmed reports that this is he:

If any rader has definitive information on that score, leave it in comments.

If one looks carefully in that crowd of protesters in the hallway when the female was shot, one spots this individual:

His name is John Sullivan, and he is a Utah-based Antifa/BLM activist (“Utah Man with a History of Organizing Violent Antifa, BLM Protests, Was Inside the Capitol”). Oddly, he organized a BLM rally an hour earlier that day, 11 AM, and tweeted about the existence of BLM Buses (“Utah Activist John Sullivan Organized Antifa Protest Near US Capitol Before It Was Stormed — Tweeted About BLM Buses in DC on the 6th): this is significant because there were later reports of buses being escorted to the front of the capitol in buses, only to have the first rioters emerge from them.

He was arrested for his actions in the Capitol that day, then released without charges once his Lefty political preferences were discovered.

Does that seem odd? Not anymore.

The Mainstream Media was originally allowed to discuss this possibility. On January 7, the NY Post published: “Two known Antifa members posed as pro-Trump to infiltrate Capitol riot: sources“.

Antifa Infiltrated Trump Supporters In Capitol, Evidence Reveals” (Christianity today, January 8, 2021).

For further interest, I suggest watching this 21 minute mini-documentary:

So was the storming of the Capitol a disgrace? Yes. Was it also engineered and/or to some degree staged?

Put me down as, “Undecided”. lol

On the 7th of January, five minutes after the Senate had concluded its business and selected Joseph Biden to be President, DNI John Ratcliffe delivered his homework assignment (which had been due December 18). He opened it up with a rather dramatic and unequivocal statement: that the the IC community that he was then overseeing delivered a rport that inadequately reflected China’s role in the US election, and notes that an accompanying Ombudsman’s report highlights the worst sin of which intelligence analysts can be accused: politicizing the intelligence product. DNI Ratcliffe’s letter (which the MSM has flushed down the Orwellian Memory Hole) is so shocking I am going to quote the first 50% of it:

Ratcliffe – Views on Intelligence Community Election Security Analysis

Ratcliffe claimed that he had not wanted to deliver the report any earlier because it would have “politicized” the Constitutional process of selecting the next president that was then occuring. He was another DC Republican concerned about “optics”. Call me “crazy”, but myself, I believe the correct analysis would have been, “I should deliver this report on time so that the Constitutionally-stipulated process for selecting the next President is fully informed, and if that includes that the election involved foreign interference, particularly from China, I have an obligation to make sure that is known to those involved in that process.”

Moving on….

Sidney had left before January 6, but after the events of January 6, Mike Flynn, the cyber-ninjas, dolphin-speakers, and I all prepared our goodbyes. We began drifting out of town to get on with our own lives.  Yet on the evening of January 7 I got a phone call at 10:30 PM, telling me that Mayor Giuliani was requesting my presence at his hotel. The intermediary said, “We are just about ready to hang up our gloves on this, but we want to talk to you about your ideas.” I put my shoes on and walked over to Rudy’s hotel. When I got there, I found 8 people waiting in a suite. Rudy was there, along with the Commish, Mediocrity, a smart lawyer, and a handful of others. I sat down in front of Rudy and they repeated the request: they were ready to stop, but wanted to see if I had any ideas.

As I started to answer Rudy began checking his phones again, literally fumbling with two or three of them again, reading his texts, etc. For the first time I did what I should have done two months earlier: I simply stopped talking. He said, “No no, go ahead.” I stayed silent and just stared at him. He said, “I can’t turn these off, I might get a call from the President.”

“Then give them to” Mediocrity, I said, indicating the person to his left, and surprising myself at my rudeness. Then to Mediocrity: “Keep an eye on them and let Mayor Giuliani know if the President calls.”

Rudy put the phones down and slid them to Mediocrity. Just as I began again to speak, Mediocrity turned and began having a side conversation with someone in the next seat, and again I folded my hands, stared at Mediocrity, and kept my mouth shut. I had reached the point where I was preparing to say, “Who do you assholes think you are? You call me at 10:30 PM, tell me to come to your hotel to share my thoughts, then don’t even have the courtesy to pay attention?” But as I opened my mouth, Mediocrity cut off the side conversation and faced me quietly. Everyone else in the room went quiet as well, and looked at me.

In two months of dealing with that group, it was the first moment that they conducted themselves in a manner that normal business people (or even, “normal adults”) would conduct themselves. I realized that for the first time I had Rudy’s full attention, and not only that, I could see that it was the first time I had been with him when he was the Rudy Giuliani I remember from 30 years ago, prepared to take on the Mob, in command, focused.  The silence stretched on as I thought, then said:

“These machines were sold to the public with a promise: as a fail-safe there would always be a paper ballots to use as a backup. If there was ever a time, now is the time. The FBI and CISA have both opined that our election came under foreign attack. We provided evidence of that as well. President Trump should find that there has been foreign interference, and on that basis send a federal force of US Marshalls, or National Guard, or DHS, or FBI, to examine paper ballots in the problematic six counties, and count them on livestream TV. If there are no gross irregularities, he should concede. But if he finds discrepancies of hundreds of thousands of ballots, as we think he may, he then has choices. He can recount the six states, or order the federal force to rerun the election in those 6 states. He might even be able to have it all done by January 20.”

There was silence. After a few seconds the Commish stirred to speak. I turned to face him as he slid his hand away from his mouth, and stroked his chin. He nodded slowly, and grunted, “Yeah. Makes sense.” Mediocrity lit up, and the new lawyer on the scene, on my left, spoke up and began exploring the advantages of it aloud. Rudy chimed in, and within minutes they had it all worked out: it was narrow so it was not too objectionable, it generated an answer, and depending upon the outcome, it gave a route to Trump. I stayed another 30 minutes as they bounced the idea around with a spark of excitement growing. Finally they said they would be working on details and maybe even calling the President, and I took that as my cue to leave. I said goodbye to them, and put my coat on.

As I turned to leave the Mayor came and shook my hand. Then he tapped my chest with his finger and said quietly, regretfully: “If only we had another month.”

Truly. I had watched two months slide by Mayor Giuliani and his team displaying no organization or progress. Watching them trying to get anything done was like watching half-a-dozen monkeys trying to fuck a football. But now I was hearing, “If only we had another month.” They could have had another decade and it would not have made a difference. They were the wrong people. Rudy, because he should likely no longer be handling complex litigation, he certainly should not be handling complex litigation regarding cyber, and because he’d rather spend his days doing podcasts. A former government employee who was so Mediocre we all came to suspect was sent as an agent of disruption, and others with their focus on a pot of cash that (at last report) was $300 million and growing.

I walked the snow-covered midnight streets of Washington DC back to my hotel, and finished packing for my departure.

The next day, the 8th, I checked out, experiencing yet again at the discontent I feel every time I have affairs that take me to DC. Discontent with people whose sense of accomplishment is so skewed (bureaucrats measure their output within the paradigm of thwarting other factions, not in anything that normal people would count as “accomplishment”), at the staggering cost to the country of DC, at the staggering wealth that has accumulated there (cf.,DC Suburbs Now Contain 7 Of America’s 10 Richest Counties,” Slate, September 2012). It has become Hunger Games without the archery. But there were people I had gotten to know over the previous several months, had grown to like and respect, and I had opportunity to visit with most of them individually and say goodbye.

I returned to my home in Utah by Saturday the 9th feeling under the weather, but intent on writing the story that you have been reading in these installments. By the next day I realized I had picked something up, and on the morning of Monday, January 11, I tested positive for Covid, as I had come to suspect. I took it easy for a few days with a fever of 101, still brushing it off, telling myself that, “On a Flu Scale of 1-10, this is a 2. They shut down the world for this?” I woke Thursday, January 14, feeling almost fine, with a temperature back under 100. I thought I was through it. But by afternoon I began feeling ill again, and within an hour my temperature was 105.4. I barely made it to a hospital, and when I did they put me on monoclonal antibodies due to risk factors too numerous and depressing to list. Dealing with that and the Covid Fog that followed cost me over a week.

Near the end of that, on January 20, on the day that Biden was sworn in as President, I got two phone calls from two different Trump White House staffers. They wanted to tell me a story before they left the White House for the last time. The stories they told me overlapped and matched in detail. I will relate it here.

On January 18, some loyal staffers had been visiting with Trump in his office for what was supposed to be a 10 minute goodbye. But the discussion had turned to the election, and before long Trump was rehashing the decisions he had made, wondering where he had made mistakes. The subject turned to Sidney, Mike, and me, and the plan we had brought the White House. Trump walked through it with these staffers for 20 minutes, I was told, before it clicked for him. “That’s it?” He asked angrily. “That’s all they wanted to do? Count paper ballots in six counties?” Trump excitedly explored the idea, saw how simple it would be, and even brought up the possibility that it might not be too late, with his last 48 hours in office, to cause it to happen. The meeting dragged on well over an hour, the two sources told me, and they left with Trump fired up about the idea, with instructions given to them that they should figure out that afternoon a way that it could be executed in the last two days he had as President. But an hour later their office got a phone call: the President had had further consultations with senior staff, had been dissuaded, and the younger staffers were instructed to drop the idea.

      1. Add to that the suicide of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent who was investigating the exploding car of Harrison Deal, Senate candidate Loeffler staffer and close family friend of Gov. Kemp. Byrne implied in a previous chapter that Deal was looking into Georgia voter fraud. I bet there are many more.

        1. That’s false. The agent wasn’t investigating Deal’s death, and his own death has not been called a suicide. That’s just more of the supposed “overwhelming evidence” of election fraud that you can come up with, when you make stuff up.

          1. He was, in fact, the lead criminal investigator for that area. So, that’s not far fetched….it actually makes sense.

            But, aside from that, are you saying there is no evidence of election fraud?

          2. Yes, no election fraud. It’s a huge house of cards built on supposition and circumstantial evidence and conspiracy theories. I’ve already mentioned quite a few unsupported claims made in these threads. The bogus mathematical report by the sketchy prof Steven Miller who is a theoretical mathematician who has never analysed messy real world data before and believes phone poll data is accurate. Do you know why some of the Republicans who requested ballots and didn’t sent them in told the researchers they never got them? Because they were too embarrassed to admit they didn’t bother to vote. Miller also allowed a false claim to sit on his google scholar page that he has authored 700 published reports. No. that is the number of mathematical reports by everybody called S Miller! The claim by Patrick that John Sullivan was released without charges because he’s a lefty. No, he faces 6 charges, but like many rioters was allowed to go home to await trial.
            And who says the Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent was the “lead investigator” in that area, or that the GBI was even investigating an ordinary car crash. Or that a 20 year old volunteer for Loeffler questioning the election results (if he even did) was so dangerous he needed to be silenced? Its all made up. It’s like “Arkancide” where if anybody who ever knew the Clintons dies, they must have murdered him. Or the claim that Trumps “food taster” died in Scotland. LOL

        2. This is perhaps the most incredible post I’ve read. I’m shocked at the low numbers. I am just finding it now. Patrick was perhaps a CEO but he’s definitely a writer. I laughed cried these post are so dead on! They are incredibly insightful! Trump rcvd more votes than any other sitting President. He won 2500 plus counties. Obiden won 455. The least ever. Obama won 820 ish. Watching it was a shock. 18 of the 19 Bellwether Counties went to Trump they dictate the winner. The explanation of the voting tallies was so simple. It’s sad he was not as persuasive yet Trump fought hard to win. He fought the left the right. Now he’s told his friends. Thank you Patrick. I am so thankful I found this site!!!!

    1. I have looked online extensively for proof that Ashli Babbit died. There are no obits, no social media, no pics other than what is sparingly circulated in media. What was the status of her hospital stay, and where is her body now?

          1. Supposed to be, like birth certs…passports…only as good as the controllers allow, change, alter, remove and replace…CGI et al

      1. She’s not alive. A close friend of Pete Santilli’s was a close friend of Ashli and her family – can’t be certain (escapes my mind at this writing), but may have even served with her in the military. He confirmed she indeed died, and has asked these rumors be put to rest for her family.

        1. Pete is not a reliable source of info. He was outed as disinfo years ago. Look at slow mo of the ‘shooting’ and it is easy to see it was staged. Look up her history to see who she is connected to. One of the most sloppy false/flags hoaxes/but then they are all sloppy. Sloppy by intention to keep everyone guessing? Or just wtf, ppl will believe anything so just go thru the theatrics and have lame stream and alt keep parroting the lie.

        1. ….but I could find nothing of her obituary, funeral home – nothing, and i spent probably an hour searching hmm..maybe I’m searching in the wrong place. I searched in San Diego, CA that it where I read that she lived.

    2. Most people don’t know that there was a second person with their gun raised when Ashli was shot. He was in the second doorway. If I had to describe him from the seeing him in Jason Sullivan’s video, I’d say he was a uniformed officer and black. Right after Ashli falls to the floor, one of the people that hoisted Ashli up yells at an officer that it was the cop in the second door that shot her. That person was shady though because he was with the group that entered via the white tent — which was everyone present when Ashli was shot, including Jason Sullivan. So take it FWIW. They only one present when Ashli was shot and I didn’t see in the white tent, was the guy with the fur lined hat. But several minutes before Ashli was shot, he appeared oddly from behind a line of police from an area where no protestors had been yet.

    3. Have not seen the explanation as to why the Georgia hand recount did not result in a shift in outcome if so many votes were flipped by hackers in China?

      1. The counted the bad ballots with the Good. Example if I had 10 one dollar bills 5 good and 5 counterfeit and I counted all the bills together I still have 10 one dollars bill and still 5 good and 5 counterfeit. Recounting good ballots for the bed you will get the same nunber everytime. All they did is recount them but didnt check to make sure they were all good or take out the ones they new were bad. They just counted the good and bad all together which changed nothing

      2. Because of the multiplicity of ways in which false votes were cast and counted, the very complexity of the deception makes clear its depth. The process by which this occurred is steadily being revealed, often at great great cost to the truth tellers. Mike Lindell’s documentary _Absolute Proof_ (posted at X22 report) clearly shows the listing of foreign interference with times, places and ID). May we all exhibit the courage it takes to tell truth in times of great deception!

      3. Numerous affidavits complained that many counters didn’t even bother to pretend to be counting and some even used the tabulators rather than count by hand, allegedly. The recount was done improperly, as pointed out by Mr. Pulitzer. Numbers were not allowed to be seen by anyone except the counters writing down the numbers on a paper they left upside down to avoid it being seen, then the numbers were called in to the SOS office. It was very opaque. All it would take would be for either Gabe Sterling or Brad Raffensperger to simply make up a story of near-perfection. With what we saw in the State Farm Arena video, it isn’t possible that the numbers matched.

    4. Mediocrity has to be Boris! It’s beyond obvious…I would listen to him on WAR ROOM and he would praise Rudy, but never mentioned Sidney or Mike or you Patrick and was always vague in his response…..No matter what I never thought we were doing enough!

      1. Boris, ugh! But Patrick referred to Mediocrity as “she/her” early on and the fact she summoned one of Patrick’s guys to her room – upon his arrival, her hotel room door was opened and she was standing in her underwear.

        Keep guessing. I’m thinking it’s someone we probably wouldn’t necessarily know.

  1. Patrick,

    You might want remove the reference to the fire extinguisher in the first paragraph since there are conflicting reports about the cause of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

    “Media reports have been conflicting — unnamed law enforcement sources initially told outlets Sicknick was bludgeoned in the head by a fire extinguisher, while others speaking on condition of anonymity countered those claims, arguing there was no immediate evidence showing that Sicknick suffered any blunt force trauma.” (

      1. Stroke after being pepper sprayed, according to the family.

        “His eldest brother, Brian Sicknick, told ProPublica in an interview published Jan. 8 that Sicknick had texted him on the night on Jan. 6 to tell him he had been pepper-sprayed but felt fine. He told the outlet his brother was dead by the next night, after suffering a stroke.

        “He texted me last night and said, ‘I got pepper-sprayed twice,’ and he was in good shape,” Ken Sicknick told the outlet over the phone, as the family drove toward Washington, D.C., from New Jersey. “Apparently he collapsed in the Capitol and they resuscitated him using CPR.”

        The family later received word that Brian Sicknick had a blood clot and had had a stroke and a ventilator was keeping him alive, Ken Sicknick told ProPublica. Authorities have not verified his account, and Ken Sicknick has not returned a Fox News request for comment. “

    1. Why is/was a billionaire businessman allowing “senior advisors” to talk him out of his decisions? There must be more to it. First the December meeting to use Nat’l Guard to count paper ballots/apppoint S. Powell, then Jan 18 again. He knows they’re not on his side, not working for his best interest. So why would he allow them to change his mind multiple times? WHAT IS GOING ON? What is the real reason??

      1. I suspect that all the time DJT was in the Whitehouse, he never really understood the machinations of the federal bureaucracies.
        As a successful private businessman, it is difficult to wrap your mind around “how things work” in DC.
        Therefore, the dependence on DC insiders to help him along.
        At this point, they had finally worn him down, IMHO.

        1. Agree Handsome N Handsome…
          As a successful private businessman, I still think he has not yet internalized (fully) that how things work in DC = “BLATANT insubordination, and direct refusal to follow orders”… It is unbelievable how ridiculous this is… when the taxpayer pay all their salaries, and they are duty bound to follow the President’s orders as elected Head of the Executive Branch.

          ps. Apologies for the poor grammar, am hurrying to get these comments out – I don’t use a laptop, and my colleague wants his computer back ! 🙂

          1. Mentioned what, Real Pam ?
            I can’t respond to you because we are already four levels into this thread 🙂
            Hope you see this message !

        2. I worked for the Federal Government in management and have been billing them for work for the last thirty years on systems contracts. I do not know how they work and I do not know anyone who works there or who has worked there who can tell me the totality of how it works.

        3. He can’t understand how DC works, because, if private business operated in that fashion, the officers would be in prison. Better yet, the business would never get off the ground.

        1. You’re still going with that fantasy eh? Well I’ll sure be glad if you’re right. Meanwhile I have had my fill of that kind of stuff. Finally had my fill. And I was long-suffering too.

          1. Time magazine has posted the Corporate-Deep State confession to this cabal, stealing the election from the People.

            Geoffrey Britain sums up the tidal wave of rage and coming blood this way:

            ““now they have the Army protecting them in DC while the Democrats destroy the Republic.” CatoRenasci

            “Yes, 80% of whom the left’s leadership see as ‘disloyal’ because they rightly sense their loyalty to the truism that legitimate governance rests upon “consent of the governed”.

            “The purpose of the TIME article is that resistance is futile… that they have such control they can admit it and nothing will happen…” Artfldgr
            Pride and its cousin hubris, always precedes the fall.

            “To steal and then admit to the victim that you did indeed steal from them and then publicly gloat about the victim’s helplessness is to create a deep and lasting animosity, one impossible to mend.

            “Now that they possess the illusion of power, their delusions are becoming undeniable, even to their liberal enablers. Every day they are undermining their support, until like an avalanche it will ‘suddenly’ collapse.

            “An agenda that relies upon deceit has no basis in reality. A mirage that rests upon that enemy of reality, wishful thinking.

            “The left in its arrogant, righteous ‘certainty’ is courting a terrible reckoning.”

        2. Pam, I held out hope for as long as I could because there were so many obvious moves Trump could have made post-Nov 3 and didn’t (chief among them was to fire FBI Director Wray and appoint an interim director like, to pick a name at random, **Sidney Powell* who would have investigated the election fraud instead of covering it up). But, at this point I am forced to simply sit back and be stunned at how incompetent Trump was. I’m a nobody and even *I* knew and was warning my friends months in advance that the Dems were going to try to steal it – and even how they were going to do so. Raheem Kassam’s reporting was available for all to see, as was the fact that Soros had poured a lot of money in Secretary of State and AG races across the country. I assumed Trump and his team would be ready, but instead they seem stunned that it had actually happened! And, as Patrick has described, instead of going after the main issue (a forensic examination of the ballots), they had Rudy droning on and on about other issues that he could actually understand. By all outward appearances, Trump completely fumbled the response to the election fraud.

          Yet you’re still clinging to the idea that Trump is about to make a move. When? As every previously declared deadline keeps passing, the “trust the plan” people keeping explaining away why and either shifting the date further back or abandoning the idea that there should be a time limit on “the plan.” At what point are you willing to say, “If it hasn’t happened by this time, I was deceived and there was no plan”? March? 2022? 2024? I’m not being sarcastic. I really want to know.

      2. I honestly think they are blackmailing him. Remember right after he entered office he allowed Pence to throw Flynn under the bus. Then he started appointing NeverTrumpers to positions all around him. Bannon and others left.
        I was sick to my stomach. Rush Limbaugh kept saying he just didn’t understand these choices. I knew they must have something on Trump. Then the Stormey Daniels saga erupted. Remember how Melania glared at the President as she came in late to the state of the Union in her white pants suit? Everyone was texting each other “What’s wrong with Melania?” And then with that story out in the open, they obviously patched things up and Trump became unstoppable…for a while. But he has been acting the same way he did when he first became President again. Almost all of his appointees have been big government/establishment NeverTrumpers. Even his judicial appointments. Why else would he talk about how awful these people are around him and then suddenly back off each time. Why would he never release all the information that we’ve been waiting for? I believe they have something on him that would tear Melania apart and in turn hurt Barron.
        He has sacrificed so much. We would all forgive him but there’s only so much his family can handle.

        1. So why did nothing come out during all those investigations? They were desperate to get rid of him. They had to make things up. He is squeaky clean compared to DC swamp creatures which is why they couldn’t control him like they control each other.

          As far as releasing information, he declassified everything as far as I know and it’s being dripped out. I think a better strategy would be releasing the blackmail information on WHY so many in DC are controlled. If the public learns all the scandals, that person is no longer useful to the Deep State as a puppet.

        2. Yes, I agree. The Dec. 21 assassination attempt was very close and serious. Someone reliable told him the SS could not guarantee his life and that Melania and Baron were similarly at a true risk.

      3. I agree, & find Pres Trump’s decisions to hand over the keys to our Country without doing everything possible to save our Republic unfathomable. What happened to Sun Tzu, “Art of War”, master chess player, blah, blah? All one had to fo was listen to a show or two of Bannon’s Warroom to know Rudy, Jenna, & Boris were in way over their heads. They talked nonsensical jibber. Their daily interviews on Bannon’s show were cringeworthy. Pres Trump had the EO’s, he had the IA, & he had the military to do a recount, all at his fingertips. Yet, none of this was utilized. Anyone who has followed the death of America the past 2 years knows Lindsay Graham & Mark Meadows can’t be trusted further than you can throw them. Why didn’t Pres Trump listen to Gen Flynn? He went through hell for Pres Trump. The realization of all this was like a gut punch. It put me in bed for 2 days, with my head spinning. I keep reading we haven’t been abandoned. My only reply is BS; we were absolutely abandoned.

        1. Damn right we were abandon! It’s a a bitter pill to swallow but the sooner you realize this the better it is to change your tactics. DC is holy corrupt there is nothing honorable or sacred about that hell hole and the dirty disgusting acts carried out would make a billy goat puke! Myself I think Trump was in on the dog and pony show and he did his part to eviscerate American patriotic conservatism. Hope my conspiracy mind is wrong on him but have many a doubt he is the genuine deal. IMHO Trump shit the bed with a total half assed strategy. Nothing will change in this country for the betterment of the citizen until that God forsaken place no longer exist and that is a FACT!

      4. Trump put heavy reliance on lawyers like Pat Cipilone. I don’t know why he resisted all the good efforts by Patrick, Flynn and Powell. Was his life threatened? Family, children? Was he afraid our republic is far gone he couldn’t keep Trump out of jail? Was he compromised in some way. Mark Meadows, too. What was going on with him? He wasn’t acting like the the conservative we’d expected.

  2. trump was a poor judge of people from day one to the last day ..
    obvious, though q-fan 5d chess dolts always said “keep your enemies closer” ..
    in the end it cost trump the election ..
    no frankfurt servers, either, though that story is long gone

    1. Yes. He did not protect Mr Flynn and S Bannon. This made him very vulnerable. Too many missed opportunity.

      It is heart breaking.

      1. from Chapter 3
        “Ahhh, I don’t mean that. You know, Pat’s [Cipollone] a friend, and…” – DJT

        With friends like that…
        The man is either the worst judge of character ever or there’s something else going on behind the curtain.

  3. Welcome back from the land of stupid.

    I truly hope Trump is never President again after this.

    That’s despite the fact I know it was stolen from him unfairly.

    But, his response was absolutely abysmal in every way. He can’t criticize Joe for being a robot who can’t think for himself when it’s obvious Trump is precisely the same.

    And, Rudy.

    My god.

  4. I´m really surprised, Patrick, that you make no reference to Trump’s tweet calling Pence a “traitor”, when, based on everything you’ve developed thus far, Pence didn’t have even remotely the proof he would have needed to convince Congress and the nation, he had no choice but to do what he did.

    With that, Trump angered some of the Capitol protesters and made it easier for the provocateurs. It was a serious irresponsibility.

    Did your friends in the White House finally tell you what Trump did during the assault? He was totally missing, he didn´t declare if not until three hours later, and that he knew what was happening, he knew. Trump totally fell into the trap.

    1. Pablo, where did Trump call Pence a “traitor”? I mean, Pence IS a traitor, but where did TRUMP call him one?
      As for your claim that “Pence didn’t have even remotely the proof he would have needed to convince Congress and the nation”, Pence wasn’t called on to convince the Congress or the nation. ***The state legislators*** asked him not to certify their electors until they could review the election and investigate the claims of election fraud. All Pence had to do was say, “The state legislatures have informed me they do not have faith in their elections and they want to review them. To ensure that the voters are accurately represented before certification, I will not certify the electors until the state have concluded their investigations.” But, because Pence is both corrupt AND a coward (nicknamed “Pontius Pence” in Indiana while governor because of previous cowardly acts that betrayed voters), he signed off on what was obviously widespread, easily provable election fraud that put an unelected, corrupt China sock puppet in the White House.

  5. Brother (we are the same age), this series is one of the best things I have read in the last year.

    So interesting, so informed and so well written. Thanks for having written it. And for having done the things that made it possible.

    The conclusion is that it is possible that people who should know better get hoodwinked or simply don’t get the simplest things or are just sidetracked by their egos.

    And the result sometimes is Armageddon.

    Thank you, M

  6. If this is all true, it is supremely frustrating and heartbreaking. There is an unbelievable level of corruption in our government and our government is now run by people who stole the election. It is unreal to me that this is actually happening.

    1. William, I absolutely agree. Every installment from Patrick is completely compelling, and completely heartbreaking. What I want to know is: what can we do about it?? I’m sincerely hoping that Patrick will have some suggestion at the end of this saga.

    2. Things just get more and more unreal to me, too, William. Ao much so, I just feel like there is NO ONE to believe any longer. I listened to an interview last evening with Lee Stranahan investigative journalist on Pete Santilli’s show – EP 2312 (Brighteon). Lee used to work with Bannon & Breitbart. He’s saying that Steve Bannon, Posobiec (Navy Intelligence), Cernovich, Pompeo, Mnuchin, and others were/are working against the president even though it appears the opposite. Needless to say I was so angry I couldn’t sleep. Reading what Patrick and the team went through and then this….

      PATRICK, et al – have a listen. Info that may help fill in more blanks for you AND us, of course. Snipped: “Bannon and others have betrayed patriots every step of the way to discredit the movement. These guys have been involved in a massive disinformation campaign going on for the last 4 years.”

      Ever heard if a millionaire by the name of Jeff Giesea?

      Interview: (begins at the 1:00 hr mark)

      Stranahan’s site:

      1. I would take what Stranahan says with a grain of salt. He and Bannon had a big blow up years ago and it may have had to do with who took the helm of Breitbart after Andrew died. I never really paid that much attention. I just know there was bad blood.

        Steve is the alpha male silverback gorilla and once people realize that, things tend to go smoother, based on my own limited observations. Raheem Kassam has worked for and traveled with him for years. They are like an old married couple and occasionally, on War Room, laugh about screaming at each other over certain topics.

      2. Here is what I have come up with so far about how the January 6 event was sabotaged. I am still working on and adding to it, but have posted it so people get some idea of how the sabotage



        Chris Barron’s profile [as media proxy for the Trump campaign, a spokesman for Women for America First, and as chair of rightturnstrategiesdc] and his history [as a leader of Mainstream Republicans] show clear evidence of intentional subversion of limited government and anti NWO groups that form the base of Trump’s following. Why was he an advisor to the campaign and a coordinator of the single most important public event in the entire Trump presidency?


        Amy and Kylie Jane Kremer’s Position

        We find the same profile and history in the case of Amy Kremer, the other suspected saboteur, who with her daughter is the founder of Women For America First, a 504c foundation that does not need to reveal the sources of its funding.

        Kremer’s daughter Kylie Jane is the director of Women for America First and the permit for the January 6 event was in her name.

        Amy Kremer’s History

        Her mother is referred to as a former Tea Party activist, but further research shows that Amy Kremer is actually a liberal Republican or RINO with a history of subverting the Tea Party, just like that of Chris Barron.

  7. Thanks for writing this series. Its so frustrating to read but more frustrating to have been a part of I’m sure. I’m hopeful there’s still a way through via Sidney & Lin’s court cases.

    1. I have a lot more hope on AZ full forensic audit. Once this is done, the people of other 15 states should take action.

      1. I thought the Senate was angry because the audit company has employees also employed by dominion? Is that true?

    2. Three justices did not attend the inauguration. I see that as a lifeline they are throwing us.

      Two justices voluntarily administered the Oaths, while four others witnessed on invitation.

      But three good justice remained impartial and true to their Oaths. The justices that attended the inauguration should recuse themselves having effectively decided Joe was lawfully elected before hearing the election cases that were pending on the docket.

      All the lawyers in the remaining cases should motion for their recusal. Make it difficult for them not to. Judges that recuse themselves aren’t replaced…three could decide by majority.

      1. What are the chances of that happening? I hope the lawyers are aware of your what you have presented and will follow your great advise!

    1. Dear Patrick, I am reading your article from Australia.

      I have been amazed there is no term limit and age limit in America political figures. In Australia, our politicians leave public life around 70 as the oldest, no matter how good they were.

      Another thing amazed me is how America still allow corporates to contribute to political parties, there is also no limit on the amount. In Australia, we have amount limit and no corporate allowed to contribute. We also have voters register only at federal level and using only hand counting ballots.

      I love to see America remain a free country. We love America as our best friend.

      1. Weisen,
        The political leaders control if they have term limits or not, their salaries, their health care package, benefits. They love their power and will do anything to hold onto it. Up until a few election cycles we have a vote. With Dominion, and the election fraud I don’t know if we have that any more. Voting in representatives that support term limits and until we can gain control of the house, senate, and White House and have a enough representatives to make a law for term limits.

      2. The Supreme court made a bad ruling in my opinion. I agree that Australia has followed the right path with respect to contributions.

        Even so, Australia is deeply compromised by the globalist/big pharma cabal and it may cost Aussies millions of lives. How is it Aussies are being forced to get injected with dangerous and unproven gene therapies?

        Someone is receiving piles of cash to institute this.

  8. Patrick,
    Thank you for trying.
    Thank you for sharing this saga with us all.
    Thank you for caring.
    Especially, thank you for not giving up on America.
    It’s not about Trump.
    We’ll find a way to get through all this, or we’ll all have to learn new comms once assigned to our new Districts.

  9. Col. Phil Waldron said on Jan 12 that President Trump needed to declassify Hammer and Score card as well as lift a gag order on Montgomery. Did that happen? Also, Col Waldron said that the EO signed in September 2018 pertaining to foreign interference in the election should have been activated in October 2020. Did that happen? And how about EO 13595? And wasn’t another EO signed on Jan 5th 2021 pertaining to election interference? And what about the evidence of interference brought to us by Mary Fanning presented in Absolute Proof? What was President Trump going to do about all that? Melania grew up in a Communist country. Is Trump’s apparent hesitancy really related to wanting to protect himself and his family from getting JFKed?

    1. I wonder the same… Col. Waldron, Gen McInerney, Mary Fanning, Gen Flynn, Mike Lindell, Patrick, Sydney…there were so many true patriots who had Trump’s best interests (therefore ours) in mind and instead he chose to listen to those with ill intent. Garrett Ziegler said in a Telegram post that he was the one who let Patrick and crew into the WH that night. Per an interview, I believe he was also the one in Trump’s office 1/18 for the meeting that almost saved our country. Garrett’s accounts match what Patrick has said. He adds that Trump’s staff outright defied requests or slow walked them so that there was no progress made towards reconciling the steal.

  10. This is so depressing. I’m 53 years old and never dreamed I could witness such blatant fraud. The last year has been nothing but setup after setup to make damn sure Trump would not remain President. I literally haven’t left my apartment with the exception of getting grocery pickup. Have not spent time with my children or grandchildren for fear of Covid. But you know what…I MADE myself go vote in person because I thought my vote mattered. Sadly, it didn’t. I’m appalled and sickened to see whats happening to the Country. I don’t understand why martial law hasn’t been declared. Will it be ugly? Will people lose their lives? Yes but you know shat….80,000,000 patriots are ready to fight for it.
    Still sitting in my apartment which I still don’t leave. I want this nightmare to end. 🇺🇲🇺🇲😢🙏

    1. Candace, why are you afraid? It really hurts me that so many live needlessly in fear and do not know the truth. Your children and grandchildren need you, and you need them. Do not waste another minute isolating yourself from life and love. Why have you not taken this time, which is almost a year now to discover the facts and evidence about this massive hoax? You are only 53, and were brought up during a time very different than these, which should give you more common sense than most. There is no virus. No virus has yet, in 100 years been proven to exist via koch’s postulates. Read Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Mercola, Dr Michael Yeadon, former chief science officer of pfizer, Reiner Fuellmich and countless others. What kills people? Many things, but mostly ignorance and fear. We are witnessing a massive psychological op and warfare against the people. The pcr tests are also bogus. Kary Mullis the genius inventor of the test was very adamant that this was not for diagnostic use. It does not work like a pregnancy test. It amplifies pieces of rna. That is it. They have now turned down the amplification of the test,which is why there are less false positives, since Trump is out. We will find like beri beri and scurvy that this “disease” is not a disease, it is a result of lack of nutrients, you know the things we need to live and for our bodies to function at optimal level. Our world is unbelievably toxic and we suffer, yet do not seem to notice. It is unacceptable to have the level of disease do today. It is not natural. At your age Candace, you should remember what it was like before the medical cartel completely destroyed health and information.

      I can not believe how many people have no sense to read and learn for themselves what is going on. The fact that you cave to fear mongering is exactly how and why our Republic is in the danger it is in. I wish people would take responsibility for their participation in allowing our country to fall and wait for others to do things for them. We can all take back our country lawfully by remembering we are the masters, the owners of our republic and those corrupt pustules of filth occupying dc do not own us. They are our servants and are bound by oath to serve us. Our sheriffs need to be educated and supported to take out the trash lawfully. National liberty alliance dot org is a good source of information so the people understand what our founders gave us, and their caveats. Only we know the law, can we appropriately apply it. Lawyers are the worst when it comes to the law. They practice legalese, which i call the devil’s law, it is meant to deceive. Legal is not lawful. Lawful is of God and what our God given inherent rights, guaranteed by our founding documents are based on.

      Patrick, I am glad you recovered, please look into building up your body naturally so you can heal. You are what you eat is and always will be true. Supplements, herbs, good, healthy foods are all mandatory. No wonder you got so sick after going to DC, the stress and the evil there would have made anyone sick.

      This nightmare will not end, until people demand that it ends and stop believing lies and come together to support each other and live the life God intended for us. It will never end by people thinking they can just keep their heads down and obey. Your silence is your acquiescence. They take it as their “mandate” to do what they please. Stop complying to unlawful orders. You are not bound to obey any laws that are unconstitutional and deny us our natural rights. Take off the masks, they are killing you.

      Biden can never be president for fraud vitiates everything. We do not need martial law, we just need to demand that our laws are upheld.

      1. Very well thought out and expressed, @Sovereign Ag

        Within the first few days of watching the election returns, I thought it was obvious that a recount of the paper ballots and/or forensic audit of the machines was Occam’s Razor. What deadly melodrama drama has been permitted because too many now confuse that with real life and civic duty.

        I am doing what Patrick did among the trained hysterics: folding my hands and remaining silent. @EthicalSkeptic has mastered this too.

        Do not let yourself be defined by others, and do not go to their territory of chaotic fakery. Stay with God and require others to align with you, or be left in their lurch. No animosity, but no time, life or republic to waste.

    2. Come out. Covid is survivable. Order from a farm supply store ivermectin. See for dosing info. It is both prophylactic and a curative. Or try these brave doctors for HCQ and other meds/preventives that work (take once a week, or a few times a month …)

      1. An American Frontline Doc – It’s all here in this excellent, short video (link below). This highly qualified physician herself admits what most physicians DIDN’T know about treating “viruses,” with antiviral meds like Ivermectin. Ask a rancher about Corona Virus. They treat their livestock routinely with Ivermectin.

        Watch and pass it on:

        PATRICK: Take care of yourself. And, thank you for all you do, did and will continue to do. I hope you’ll continue to appear on Internet talk shows, as you did, to have your story heard. It MUST be heard. You are a true patriot.

      2. Cat – thanks for the link about dosing with ivermectin, though you had a typo, I was able to find it.
        I buy a bottle every two years (that is its shelf life) to use for my dogs for preventing heartworm. I always have a ton leftover and share with my other friends for their dogs. I wondered about being able to take it but didn’t know how the dosing would work being liquid vs pills.
        Thanks again for passing along the info!

        1. There are several veterinary meds that are exactly the same as the human version but the prices are jacked up. I recall a story on 60 Minutes decades ago about an elderly couple who couldn’t afford their prescriptions and a vet friend sold meds to them. I’d suggest people search for their own meds to see if they are used on animals.

    3. Don’t let Covid keep you from what you love. I’m 59 years old, my daughter tested positive for Covid and I spent 10 days quarantined with her and never got it. You can be be with your family, just take precautions. I feel the same as you, I never thought I’d see such blatant disregard for the constitution in this country. I am ashamed of our government.

    4. I am in total denial what has taken place in America. So many emotions to process, but I am fired up, ready to fight and my eyes wide open.

      Pure shock!

    5. Candice, you can leave your apartment and you don’t need a face mask. It is only the vaccinated who suffer severe COVID. the scientific literature is filled with studies demonstrating ADE, antibody dependent enhancement turns a simple virus into a dangerous one. ADE is linked to flu vaccines and COVID gene therapy injections.

      The key to getting past COVID is no vaccinations, no gene therapies, good nutrition and fresh unimpeded air.

      Studies have shown most people dying from COVID were vitamin D deficient. get out in the sun, go walk in a park and enjoy the fresh air.

  11. It’s safe to say our paths will never cross. I believe there is always a reason why experiences in our lives play out like they do. It time, the reasons why are revealed by other events. Other times they are not. I find it absolutely incredible that you and other patriots are the ones that stepped up to expose a presidential coup that took place in the greatest nation on earth while all of our government sat gleefully by and did nothing as a coup unfolded. It is a very sad time we are living through. Ben Carson once said that he was sure that God chose DJT to save our republic. I agree with Mr. Carson. I hope that as a nation we survive this dark period in our history. To say thank you to you and your team and the others will never be enough. You have have quite possibly changed the trajectory of the nation with all the evidence you collected that proved a coup took place on November 3. I hope SCOTUS has the courage to use it as a reason to save our country from a quick decline into communism and prevent another civil war. Thank you Sir, JM

    1. William, I absolutely agree. Every installment from Patrick is completely compelling, and completely heartbreaking. What I want to know is: what can we do about it?? I’m sincerely hoping that Patrick will have some suggestion at the end of this saga.

  12. That is heartbreaking. It makes you wonder what Trump was thinking when presented with the plan. He was too overwhelmed to think clearly? Surely he should have given no credence to advisors who had served him poorly. It may have been too late to execute the plan, but it would have given the Supreme Court a chance to redeem itself.
    It is so tragic. The forces of evil were in full array, That is when God can clearly show His power. It is almost like Biden is His judgment against this country. May God have mercy and help us.
    Patrick, may He bless you and your team for your efforts.

    1. Dear Patrick, I am reading your article from Australia.

      I have been amazed there is no term limit and age limit in America political figures. In Australia, our politicians leave public life around 70 as the oldest, no matter how good they were.

      Another thing amazed me is how America still allow corporates to contribute to political parties, there is also no limit on the amount. In Australia, we have amount limit and no corporate allowed to contribute. We also have voters register only at federal level and using only hand counting ballots.

      I love to see America remain a free country. We love America as our best friend.

      1. OZ has also had the strictest Covid Lockdowns and you all gave up your guns. So we love Australia but wonder at you.

        1. I’m sick of having Americans tell us Australians “you gave up your guns”. You’ve got your guns. What are you going to do with them? What are you waiting for?

  13. So there is no military plan we are stuck with Biden for four years. So much for the art of war. Frick! the kids are never going to be rescued Pedo’s Are gonna run wild!

    1. We don’t know that there is no military plan. What would be the point in telling The Enemy to prepare ahead of time?

      1. Pam, do you really think there is a chance of getting biden and harris out of the White House?
        I sit back in disbelief that we voted for President Trump, he legally won the election and that fraud biden has been allowed in Our White House with the title of President! I am sick of hearing wait until 22 or 24! We will straighten out the voting process! No! No! No! We the People Voted and our Vote Matters! We can not allow this fraud to go on. I pray you are correct Pam, Oh God I pray!

  14. Your amazing thank you 😊🙏❤ Patriot. We all wished and hoped for a final miracle. We know it was stolden and I am not sure how to get over it. My heart bleeds for truth and for our Country. God Bless your efforts and God Bless the greatest President ever! Sending gentle Hugs

  15. Patrick,

    This has been such an amazing read. I wish there were more details in the latter parts. Why Trump rushed back to the White House on Christmas when things were leaking that he found something that would turn everything upside down, but even these glimpses into what happened have been a solid read. Please put together a book, I’d purchase it in a heartbeat.

    1. Yes, I’d like to know that, too. With people gather to worship him in Mar-a-Lago, what was so important that drew him back to the swamp land? And why was Pence’s little Jan. 6th escape to Israel canceled?

  16. I am absolutely shocked! It seems I knew much more about the problem with machines during that days from 4561 miles away Washington, than the president itself?! WTF? :O

    1. Trump knew the Dems would use machines and paper ballots to cheat. They were being spied on during the midterms to see which methods they employed. I think he didn’t want to declare war on China, knowing all the lives that would be lost. That is the big one! We are all speculating though.

  17. all of this seems to dismiss the military role so it seems odd…its pretty obvious the election was stolen because they wont look at the evidence and agressively go after anyoine that brings it up.this should mean it is the military whose job it is to correct this threat. that chain of people is unrelated to the people you are talking to and about. the dems must think trump is still president or they wouldnt be trying to impeach him. they also know if the foreign interference proof comes out they lose without all the “lawyer stuff” happening that you say cost trump the election. he would win by the election being null and void. so back to the same question. who controls the military?

    1. You are exactly right- this is just another part of the “optics” involved to hide the real plan that’s going on behind the scenes- in a true legit military operation- we the people will not know a shred of details or “leaks” -until it happens. Trump is not going out like this nor do I believe that he was so confused and surrounded by advisors that were thinking for him- that’s the most ridiculous part of the story that I cannot trust. The Military and Trump- have the truth and we shall wait for the reveal of what was really going on with President Trump from Nov 3rd- Jan 20th when the military operation is executed- you won’t have to read a tweet to know what’s really going on anymore- We will have “A GIANT Voice” and hopefully soon! Praying very soon- I appreciate Patrick’s efforts and evidence and patriotism- but It’s been in the hands of the Military the entire time! 1/20/2017 until present. Trust in God & The USA MILITARY 🇺🇸💪

    1. Those will likely be dismissed summarily in conference, just like the rest of them. We’re doomed. Cabal is so powerful, they even wrote an introductory article announcing their participation in all this IN PLAIN SIGHT!

      1. Hi Just Another Joe:

        Are you a lawyer ? or legal background ? Would love to hear more on your insight on why this will dismissed in conference ?


        ps. Have a decent legal background – but NOT a lawyer (yet ? ;))

        1. Non-lawyer here, but I have attended SCOTUS hearings and reported on them. It’s most likely that Roberts will quash these lawsuits in conference — he’s compromised — and at least five Justices will go along with him.

          1. This is the reason I say we need to reveal whatever the blackmailers know because then their power over the victims will vanish. Dark to light.

  18. Pat I hope you are feeling better post-COVID…a close call.Glad you are on the mend.
    Thank you for trying, for all you have done.
    It’s like a dark veil has descended over the US…or is it a Bamboo Curtain?
    As mentioned above, Melania would be well aware of what Communist regimes are capable of. She was born in Slovenia and I heard myself when I visited there stories about how in those days you could trust no one , that there was a culture of neighbors ratting each other out to curry favor with the authorities.
    I fear this is what the US has/will become under the New Stasi.

  19. Here in the Hague farmers have tried to storm the Binnenhof a couple of times. The army sealed it. We are arguably a leftist country where everything goes. Yet the Binnenhof was protected. The security at the Capitol was completely inadequate. With a mob like that with nowhere to go that’s inviting trouble. Pelosi and McConnel are the ones that failed in their jobs. They belong in prison imhop but like most politicians they pass the blame to their underlings, the executive people. So yes, mostly a psy-op.

    1. Chris Miller admitted in a very strange and strangely-timed Vanity Fair article that Trump asked Miller for troop fortification for the 6th and they ignored him. They were all apparently aghast that he would even suggest such a thing. They mocked him for it. What the bleep was Vanity Fair doing trailing the head of DOD for a story at the most explosive moment in our history in the last 150 years? And it was a VERY chummy, very dishy, very “in-the-club” kind of article. Sounded exactly like the crafting of a protective narrative to me, and maybe an alibi for one Mr. Miller at the most critical time of his career (who apparently thinks Pence is his mentor-daddy). That whole thing between Miller at Pence at Space Force’s first anniversary? Can we talk about how weird that was? And why does Miller not know how filthy dirty Pence is? The head of the DOD doesn’t know what a swamp rat Pence is? First rule of war is know your enemy. Miller was supposed to be this great patriot, but how can my aged dad in Indiana know that Pence is exactly what Lin Wood’s whistleblower says he is and the head of DOD doesn’t? C’mon, Miller. You’re waist deep in it, too.

    1. Nice roman, he should sell the rights 🙂
      those people are conspiracy maniac, they see “suicide” and “kill” and “accident” and conspiracy everywhere.
      He even claims he “BRIBED HILLARY CLINTON $18 MILLION”…
      Dominion will sue a lot of them to the ground.
      Well deserved !

  20. Thanks Patrick. Reading this in light of the new article in Time in which the collaborators describe themselves as a “secret cabal” of rich and powerful elites — it sure puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Especially when they admit how many of our nation’s institutions were in on the effort to control the election outcome.

    At first I was bewildered that they’d admit so much, but it’s clear that they felt the need to “confess” the portion of election manipulation that was technically legal — since that can provide plausible cover to deflect from the portion that was not. They must have seen that enough of the cat was out of the bag that they needed to fill in some of the obvious gaps in hopes of preventing further investigation.

      1. I’ve thought about this a lot. If I had the intention to steal an election, it would be necessary to rally people to a cause – If you think, the newest Hitler is about to seize power, what wouldn’t you do? Lots of people outside of the cabal would be needed to “fortify” against the landslide victory they saw coming, so you let them be heroes in their own minds. Tell them that they will be stopping a Hitler from taking over the United States of America. There are ordinary people out there that have more information. A lot has been shared via Affidavit, but there’s others that had a front row seat, probably with texts and emails that still think they helped save the world. What would motivate those people to come forward?

      2. Patrick, you know the answer to that, you must. 🙂 Are they that smug to divulge such information and expect to just walk away? Or are they afraid of something?

      3. I think it’s a case of admitting the process was flawed, but at least the outcome was a virtuous one? Orange man bad, after all. For the left, the ends justify the means.

  21. Thanks Patrick. Reading this in light of the new article in Time in which the collaborators describe themselves as a “secret cabal” of rich and powerful elites — it sure puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Especially when they admit how many of our nation’s institutions were in on the effort to control the election outcome.

    At first I was bewildered that they’d admit so much, but it’s clear that they felt the need to “confess” the portion of election manipulation that was technically legal — since that can provide plausible cover to deflect from the portion that was not. They must have seen that enough of the cat was out of the bag that they needed to fill in some of the obvious gaps in hopes of preventing further investigation.

    1. Good info, but given Trump passed on every other opportunity to stop the fraud, do you really think he’d act on this, at this late date?

      1. Well, he DOES have an impeachment to get through first. Perhaps he could look at this after. I agree- it even has legal precedent. One opined that such a case cannot be rejected on a procedural basis.

    2. Constitutional lawyer KrisAnne Hall addressed that when she appeared on QuiteFrankly’s show last week. I don’t remember details – but it was something to do with using a corrupt process to sort out a corrupt action or something. My take away was we should forget about it. Sorry, I can’t be more helpful but maybe she has something on her website.

      1. Very grateful for you bringing her to our attention. I hadn’t heard of her before. She has a great site – very informative. Thanks for sharing the link.

  22. OMG I cannot believe it. The last paragraph is especially infuriating. I truly believe Donald Trump is better served being the powerhouse behind the scenes and getting Patriots elected to House and Senate and President. The country needs and deserves people who can successfully defend themselves against idiotic attacks by the DS, someone like Candace Owens for example. I truly feel this great President’s character just lays him bare to attacks which made him less effective than he could have been. I love this man, but unless he can build a team around him that is truly with him, please spare us (and you) the heartbreak and don’t run in 2024, get someone who will take your council and support them.
    Patrick, I love the way you write. Thank you so much.

    1. 100% Agreed! Trump used a 9-iron for a three foot put, and missed bigly. I am 110% behind Candace Owens running!

  23. Thank you Patrick we LOVE you! You are true American HERO! Whole world is thankful for your great great work!

  24. God BLESS you, Patrick, for all of your personal expertise, hard work, time & money you put in to try to SAVE our republic!! While it’s been heart-wrenching reading the details of what actually transpired behind the scenes, America deserves to know the truth, so THANK you for taking the time to SHARE it!! You’re not only a brilliant man & a Patriot, but a very GIFTED writer!!

    With GOD, ALL things are possible, so I’m not giving up hope yet that your detailed evidence ends up being what SAVES us from being ruled by a compromised DICTATOR! THANKS again!!🇺🇸❤️


  25. Lingering questions: What in the Lindell video is accurate? Is Hammer and Scorecard real? What about Lin Wood, what’s up with him? Did anyone ever explain or do anything about Ruby and her crew? And what about all those citizens that testified at the hearings.. are they ok?

  26. Hammer. Scorecard. Italian confession given to Trump at Mara Lago on December 24, and yet, only seen by the world on Jan 6. Epic, last-minute personnel moves, SF command stood up under C. Miller and away from JCoS succession. Patrick, what is your opinion on what I just cited? Trump could not have lost with also Sep 12, 2018 EO in motion. All that remains now to consider is Trump was, Guliani and the keystone cops aside, blackmailed to walk away.

    1. or, something else. the only other things I have thought are: 1. repeated serious attempts on the life of those he loves OR 2. they were drugging him in his food or sodas. maybe BOTH

  27. I have felt the entire purpose of the fiasco at the Capital was to stop the debate and tv coverage of the challenges, and still think that. They had evidence, and the people were stopped from knowing about it right there. Easy to certify when there clearly was evidence covered up and unknown.

    1. This is exactly my thought and I have been telling others the same. After this DeepState-staged ‘riot’, everything changed and that was the purpose of it. Trump was our last hope to break the Deep State but it came short. America and the world will never be free from the chain of criminal and corrupt Deep State and bought-by-China politicians, especially since there is no appetite for CW2. I feel helpless.

    2. Those have been my thoughts all along. It would have been the first time “most” of America would have seen the evidence due to the Propaganda Media we have in America.

    3. I also thought it was a planned event to shut down hearing the evidence of voter fraud. After storming the Capitol, it became a crime scene, which should have been marked off with tape to preserve the area, gather finger prints, and conduct an investigation. Yet (following their planned script), congressional activity quickly resumed contaminating (not preserving) the crime scene and also shutting down hearing the evidence.

    4. Agree Virginia —
      And it is likely what is going to happen tomorrow when the impeachment hearings start//// If they get too,. shall we say colourful :), there will be a blackout, even of C-SPAN which I understand is tax-payer funded and therefore (required ?) to be broadcasting the House and the Senate at all times ?
      Let’s wait and see –

    5. Trumps IQ is well known. He is not a stupid man.He is not a naive man. He has excelled in a field and in a city that chews up and spits out the slow and weak. Why would DJT invite supporters to DC on the 6th knowing full well the DS would use it as a setup? No one is going to tell me he did not think that would happen. Its going to take looking beyond the obvious and I do not have the answer. The picture Patrick paints of our POTUS is a confused, elderly, indecisive old man. The last article he wrote…chapter 3 with the uber that was a datsun but then a toyota. I did not think uber let people drive for them with old cars? Your best yoga suit to meet the president? Either Patrick is talking in code (and i do believe there is code in this) and it has a purpose or he his stretching a few truths.

    6. i think the same thing. They were not going to allow the evidence to be heard. Remember the planted bombs that never went off. If they had failed in making the Capitol “invasion” happen. Those bombs would have exploded…causing an evacuation. Either way, the electoral count would happen without objections.

  28. Why does Steve Bannon prop up/promote Rudy (if sloshed and not on top of things) and have him as a guest on War Room Pandemic several times a week?

    1. Bannon is cosplaying General of the Deplorables (that army-looking jacket has to smell with him wearing it 6 days a week), but he’s like Rudy in that he clearly doesn’t understand the computer angle to the election fraud. His whole strategy, like Rudy’s, was to trust the state politicians to do the right thing if we showed them some standard election fraud evidence (dead voters, etc.) and pressured them. That strategy was a complete bust and anyone who has observed Republican politicians as long as Bannon has should have known it is NEVER wise to pin your hopes on the courage of Republican politicians.
      I also think that Bannon is too impressed by the Rudy of the past to see clearly that the Rudy of the present is someone else. “Rudy took down the five families!”, Bannon loves to say. Yes, he did….FORTY YEARS AGO.

  29. The only thing better than reading this would be to have the opportunity to personally view President Trump do the same/ and observe his reaction..

    In the movies /as you watch someone’s hand slipping from the edge atop a high structure/ I can say after reading this / my grip is but 2 fingers left/ but as the reality sets in/ they are slowly losing their strength..

    Thank you for this…

  30. I am interested to know about the military’s obvious role in its occupation of our nation’s Capital, the fence with razor wire surrounding much of our taxpayer funded buildings and monuments, as well as the uptick of military activity everywhere across the country.

  31. Patrick Byrne, Thank you for really trying to expose fraud to the Trump Team ♥. It’s a tragedy that message was not able to pass through his advisers, having Trump connecting the HUGE and few dots in time….. 🙁

    Another subject; You posted a 15 min videoclip of a Yugoslavien woman, who experianced balcanisation in the 90’s.
    Here is a 2 hour video of how West splitted up and ended the era of Yugoslavia ..

  32. You have a Telegram post with Air Force One in a video in the rain with the words “the storm is upon us” on January 22nd. You also talk about Mike Pence being a traitor at that time and also about a pedo being in the White House. So it is VERY clear you know a lot more than you’ve led on in your Deep Capture readings

  33. Patrick, you’re in a unique position to develop another strategy and organize its execution. Where there is a problem, there is a solution.

  34. I cannot even express how upset I am that he turned over the Whitehouse and our nation due to not wanting to just enact the eo and count the paper ballots!!! He didn’t need to have the rally. All he needed to do was enact, go count the paper ballots and continue living in the Whitehouse. It was so simple.

  35. Thanks Patrick! I’ve been glued to these excerpts that you’re given us, and all of them are very well written, very informative. Personally, I think Trump received a threat and that’s why he just let the clock run out! This guy refuses to lose at anything without raising hell, and he’s been doing it his whole life…. Sad day for Country! There will never be another fair Election now…. Watch and see what the Dems do the next 4 years….

    1. Trump has received threats his entire life including prior to his inauguration- threats on his entire family’s lives.

  36. Patrick, for what it’s worth regarding the insurgency at the capitol.

    There were multiple videos taken by people who were there who uploaded them to YouTube that evening and on the morning of January 7th (now removed) that clearly showed young men using the same exact tools that Antifa used all of last Spring and Summer during the riots in multiple cities to break open doors and fortified windows.

    The “tools” I refer to are a short 2′ segment of 2″ diameter lead or steel pipe with a half u-joint made of steel welded to the bottom of the segment of pipe to provide leverage as the person using the tool repeatedly plunges it into the window with as much force as they can generate.

    As soon as I saw that I knew those guys were “leftist goons” purposefully embedded with the Trump supporters in order to make it appear that it was Trump supporters violently attempting to enter the capitol building.

    In some of the videos you could see Trump supporters yelling at them to stop, and in other videos there were Trump supporters physically stopping them.

    The people who took those videos from their phones must still be in possession of them, even though they were quickly removed from YouTube. I’m pointing this out because the faces of the perpetrators attempting to break through the windows are clearly visible, and they look nothing like Trump supporters and looked and acted a lot like Antifa/Black Watch, Anarchist, types, who were well practiced at using the lead-steel pipe tools.

    So there is no doubt in my mind that the entire thing was a purposefully engineered PsyOp. Granted, there were also some Trump supporters who got caught up in the mob mentality brought on by the “all it takes is one asshole throwing a bottle” dynamic.

    1. I personally witnessed a man in a yellow shirt with a sickle-and-hammer image walking briskly AWAY from the Capitol, carrying a Trump flag. The crowd at the Mall that morning was cheerful and friendly. He was not…a completely different vibe.

  37. Trump’s a business man. When he hires people in business, they all want to work for the good of the company. In DC politics, most everyone works for the good of themselves and their personal political agenda. It sounds like at the end, the people around Trump were ready to move on to new jobs they already had in place.

    Thank you for the articles, Patrick. I look forward to reading more from you.

  38. Patrick:

    Thank you for your story. It seems that Trump doesn’t deserve the office if he cant place people in positions to do the right thing, as much as I hate the new administration. How can he fight for me and my family when he cant fight for himself?

    However I take issue with the whole “5 people died as result of the riot”. One was “trampled”, but there is no proof of that and no autopsy report. One had a heart attack while on the phone with his wife, another had a stroke while parking the van. Those are natural causes and make as much sense to include these as riot deaths as it does to include a 95 year old dying from cancer as “Covid related”.

    Sicknick is being used as a martyr when no one knows why he died.

    The only one we are certain died was an unarmed veteran who was MURDERED by Capitol police.

    So please dont include the natural causes deaths in the riot tally. Im sure, as they were obvious Trump supporters (having traveled to attend the rally) they would be mortified to have their death used as a way to smear their beloved President.

    1. Agree: 5 ppl were mentioned, but deaths described only 4, 2 of whom were natural causes, perhaps brought on by stress/excitement of the day, but natural nonetheless. Sicknick’s death was not the result of blunt force trauma, and is thought to possibly have been caused by a reaction to pepper/bear spray he encountered. Ashli Babbit was killed by someone inside the chamber. That person has not been identified nor charged to anyone’s knowledge. I have seen no details of a 5th person who passed.

      1. Yes, agree. One was a man of stroke, one was a man with heart attack, one was a woman whose family said she was trampled, but no one speaks of her at all, one was Sicknick, and the last Ashli. That is 5. Media recently increased the total as 6, including a cop suicide.

        My point is they make it seem a blood fest, when it was only one that bled, and she was murdered by Cap Police.

      2. Ashli was not killed. So many holes. Some vids still available on bitchute I think but most promptly scrubbed. Look deeper into this. Not that the DS is not capable of killing someone to make a point but this was carefully orchestrated to further taint the events that followed. The DS had so have this kind of event to ramp up the rhetoric even more. Do you honestly think it would be left up to chance?

  39. Patrick,

    Thank you for what you have done, what you tried to do and what you undoubtedly will do in the future.

    It is simply impossible to put into words the thoughts and emotions that ran through my head as I and likely millions of others read your account and I’m thrilled that you took the time and historically critical step of memorializing your journey, step-by-step, blow-by-blow.

    The reason that it is impossible to adequately express thoughts and emotions that ran through my head is that I’m not sure how to effectively capture the depth of the desperation, despair, disgust, the horror that would adequately describe my feelings toward the enormity of the total lack of and disregard of those who simply have no honor, loyalty, bravery or fidelity and who are so incredibly self-serving that I wonder if there is anyone left who is charged with honoring and protecting our constitution and thus our people and this great nation. I am unclear what we are left with but it is very different than what we were taught in school….at least what I was taught in school..that truly matters. Oaths clearly mean nothing to most and your account serves as a reminder that our government exists to serve us- there are times in which we must reign in and remind those who serve that they do so with our permission and for our purposes.

    What we have witnessed and what you have written about varies from unbelievably and disgustingly traitorous to undeniably and also unbelievably self-serving from the individual to the institutional level, stretching across all components of “our” government and including a significant majority of those who are in power. It also serves as a roadmap for those who aspire to enter public service as to how one reaches and retains their positions where power is exercised and the path is in direct opposition to what I and I suspect…now I know, millions believed were the attributes, the qualities, the motivations and motives of those who wish to serve and who have the capacity to do so at the levels that are required of leadership. Those who wish to and who do serve for noble and right purposes are clearly absent or nearly so, altruism is simply dead and buried in DC. This must change by whatever means necessary, of course we must do so peacefully if humanly possible.

    I refuse to believe that those who have been and currently are in “public service” in an entirely self-serving capacity will continue to control and direct us…the little people, from their places of power and influence in DC because there are still…for lack of a better, more descriptive term- patriots like you and millions more who are willing to fight and do whatever is necessary to serve and save our republic.

    The media and others would often tell us that President Trump held rallies in an effort to stroke his ego, to feed the caricature that they created. Because of your story and many others we now know that he did them for a number of reasons, perhaps one was to reassure himself why he did what he did- he was completely surrounded by forces unified in one effort, his destruction-and by extension the complete and total destruction of our country and all of its assets, power, people. A man who can still effectively fight and win in this environment is truly an American hero as are you for your efforts.

    Finally, it is critical and historically significant that you wrote this account immediately after experiencing it, stories change over time, even well intentioned accuracy is degraded, putting the veracity of the total in jeopardy. This work will stand the test of time and serves as a clearly articulated, a unique and enormously important lens for millions of Americans to view how we view the system, the parts, the people and how things we see on the news really play out.

    If nothing else your account serves as a reminder that any one of us, perhaps all of us can and should stand up and serve in ways small and large- every single person was created to serve in some capacity, we all have innate and unique talents that can and should be used as a force for good and any one or all of us can and should use what we have to make a difference. If our country ever needed all of us it is today.

    President Trump ran and won in part on cleaning up the DC “swamp”. Among his talents is a way with words, he is able to efficiently, accurately and vividly articulate reality with a word or two, maybe three. I have heard no more accurate description of the totality of DC than a swamp, a quagmire of nepotism, self-service, arrogance- the complete and total opposite of “public service”. You have just made the picture as clear as it has ever been.

    So thank you- I have and will continue to share your story with anyone and everyone who will listen as it is the most poignant, accurate and moving look at the inside that I can ever remember reading. You simply told the truth, what you did, saw, who and what you interacted with and you have eased my and I’m certain many minds because what we saw and what we were told was irreconcilable, it’s as if a huge disruption…a silent war was and still is playing out all around us and this is the first time that some of what is unseen makes sense. This brought the entire debacle into much clearer, sharper focus and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    1. Just to be clear- this is Patrick’s view of what he saw and what happened. Not being a fly on the wall, we cannot know what else was taking place at the time decisions were made, and why they were made. I look forward to one day hearing Trump’s account of what he saw from the seat he was sitting in. I think the most obvious thing was his statement to Patrick “Can you imagine what I could have gotten done in four years if I didn’t have to deal with this?”
      Put your self in his shoes. In private practice you can hire the BEST attorneys available to get what you need. In his position, he was stuck with the “lowest bidder”- as is always the case in government work. So, the people assigned to help him were either a)the lowest bidder- therefore questionable value b)somebody seeking access to power c) somebody actively trying to undermine him, and thus being paid by other sources. As he stated- any of those lawyers – if they were good – could earn multiples of their government salary working outside the white house.

      The other thing to consider is there were other paths of salvation taking place right under Patrick’s nose that he did not/ still does not know about. I hope that is the case. Various tin hat groups say there are.

  40. Thank you. Obviously, you were kept out of “the loop” re:Feb.19th Supreme Court Meeting??? You didn’t know that was an option or have you not gotten to that part yet? Or, since you worked so closely with SidneymPowell, do you know that it is a dead end??

    1. It is. I don’t expect the SCOTUS to overturn the establishment. It’s already acting like a rogue gov’t with all the anomalies and malfeasance and nonfeasance leading up to Jan. 20. They simply don’t care about the Constitution anymore. This is about preserving THEIR POWER.

      1. Dear Anonymous:

        Any further thoughts you can share on why you think SCOTUS don’t care about the Constitution anymore ? I have a different interpretation of what SCOTUS is (and has been) doing since Nov 3rd.


  41. Hi patrick

    I am not American, However i am one of DJT supporters, therefore i might be biased. I have continuously followed your story , Garret (Former white house staff) interview with monkeywerx, and Flynn latest interview. All this has a thread of how the white house was captured. We have also learnt the judiciary was captured (evident with the landmark cases which were considered by the courts). where i poke holes in the report is take GA. The hand recount would not really make any sense, simply because there were illegal ballots cast 1) after election night 2) the illegal mail in ballots. Any recount should be done post a forensic audit to discard illegal votes. don’t you think so

  42. Patrick, thank you for all you have done. As bothered as the average Trump voter is about this, it must be difficult to have the actually information and see it squashed, squandered and ignored. Julie

  43. I don’t understand. Trump had already agreed to count paper ballots from your meeting in December, when you and him had the meatballs. Then it fell thru. So why was Trump surprised about the counting paper ballots idea on Jan 18? Makes no sense. What am I missing??

  44. Thank you Patrick for your diligence in writing down your experiences. It’s truly disheartening to attempt to understand why President Trump gave into the advice, that for all purposes, served him no good.
    I believe in your earlier Chapters where you wrote Melania, former 1st Lady, advised to give up the fight for self preservation reasons.
    We now find our Nation being changed just like the Democrats have said, and I would imagine I am not alone in feeling that the Patriot Movement has been abandoned.

  45. I don’t understand. Trump already agreed (then canceled) to the “count paper ballot plan” in your December Oval Office meeting. So why was he surprised to hear the idea on Jan. 18? What am I missing??

    1. Bonny:
      From what I remember, Mr. Trump agreed to appoint Sidney Special Counsel, but nothing else. I doubt he would remember the specifics beyond the specific appointment (verbal appointment which I was surprised by).
      …………..(But then the Sidney role was sideswiped by Mark Meadows/Rudy et al….. )

      Hope that helps.

  46. I am still not convinced just yet that Trump is the incompetent and naive person that your word picture paints. I am willing to give it another few weeks, especially this week as this faux impeachment trial gets underway. There really is no chance of any Senate conviction, so I am curious why it’s allowed to continue. Why are the military still so present in DC and elsewhere in the US? What is all this info being put out there more and more often regarding human trafficking and exposing the election fraud? Too many unanswered questions still, which leads me to think there is still something yet to come.

    If not, and we get through March with the status quo and no revelations, then I will submit that it’s all been a hoax, Trump is incompetent and naive, and Patriots should gather together into “red” states and work on secession.

    1. I believe the same thing. Does everyone realize that the military are not cooperating with the fake President by not allowing him to fly in AF-1? Film of him in a make-believe WH signing EO’s that he doesn’t even know what they are for? And sites showing hard proof that the fake president is not really Biden but a clone? Are we to believe that the military is going to allow this to go on and on? I’ll give this another few weeks.

      1. I’ve followed the same info you have, and sadly,there is video of Biden walking to Marine One, getting saluted by military, then walking down the stairs and over to Air Force One, where he again is saluted. I believe this was yesterday. The video looked very staged as if “proof” that military is cooperating with Biden as it shows way too much of Biden comings/goings, with close ups of both vehicles as if to debunk what we’ve been told. If staged, then how is that done as it sure looked like Biden walked from WH across lawn to Marine One?

    2. I’ll give this time also – I don’t believe Patrick is keen on what the military is up to. I won’t accept that they will want deal with a fake President – indications of the Pentagon telling him that they don’t recognize him as POTUS; not allowing him to use AF-1. A fence still around the WH. The fake POTUS using a movie studio to sign EO’s he has know clue as top what they are for. And Congress wanting to impeach Trump? What for if he is not in office. Something is fishy.

      1. Everybody is saying the impeachment is a non-starter, so why would they still hold it? Who in their right mind would go into this knowing they are facing 45 R no votes? – consider this:
        – perhaps the 45 votes from RINO’s that it was unconstitutional were allowed because they KNEW the D’s had enough votes to keep it going?
        – Perhaps the murder turtle has been scheming with the devil for some sort of power sharing agreement if he can get enough votes to actually impeach? (an agreement that will quickly be tossed much to Mitch’s surprise)
        – Perhaps a fair share of those who voted RINO the first time are being made offers to secure an impeachment vote? And they already have canned excuses for doing so (Oh- I had an aha moment when they told me this one thing) Think Liz Cheney’s shifting excuses.
        – Perhaps we cannot trust any of them as far as we can throw them?
        Yes, these people really suck. And perhaps we are about to be showed as much in the coming weeks. One would expect any decision they make to be tossed by the supreme court. But then, I noticed their recent ruling on churches in California. WHO THE HECK are these people?

      2. Or maybe we have filthy dirty 5-star generals at the top of the military food chain who are way more in control than any DOD head and for whom the military is doing EXACTLY as they’re instructed. Those with big bright noodles on their shoulders should be able to look at what’s going on and deduce that THIS is what a communist takeover looks like. It’s always a military occupation with a puppet leader vomiting out criminal orders and terrorizing the populace. Reason would suggest that the insurrection is within the military itself. THAT’s where the war is.

  47. WOW brother! My kids and I will keep you in our prayers. Stay safe! We all are having to pay a heavy price. Thankfully, though, we are still breathing and we have a purpose.

  48. Something I missed
    Ion Sancho stars in HBO special on election cheating | Bill Cotterell

    The 90-minute documentary spans the country and the globe, following Finnish hacker and cyber-security expert Harri Hursti as he lays bare the tricks used by intruders to penetrate voting in 2016. It spans the United States from Florida to Alaska, showing how state and local governments use insecure and obsolete equipment for voter registration, casting of ballots and counting the votes.

  49. “Media reports have been conflicting — unnamed law enforcement sources initially told outlets Sicknick was bludgeoned in the head by a fire extinguisher, while others speaking on condition of anonymity countered those claims, arguing there was no immediate evidence showing that Sicknick suffered any blunt force trauma”

    The officer’s family has come out with the text messages from the officer saying he was fine after the incident. He later had a blood clot an stroke not related to the head injury… I will dig up the link later.

  50. This is such a let-down. There are many of us who thought this battle of bureaucracy and narrative was effectively our last stand against tyranny. It’s not. This isn’t going to look like a super hero movie, where the prayers and faith of all the people will empower a single hero to take on the world’s darkness. The evil we’re up against is so powerful that it took all of our prayers and faith to lift the veil for just a precious moment. Yes, it’s disappointing. Those grand narratives are important, but symbolic. Let’s not let our want for heroism keep us passive. We should not let this moment go to waste.

    The Final Battleground, and the only Constitutional and viable path to victory for “We the People” is States’ Rights. The 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the Sates respectively, or to the people.”

    Sibel Edmonds in Florida has proposed this platform, please take up this cause:

    > States-Imposed Fines and/or Ban on Unconstitutional, Anti-First Amendment & False-Info Social Media Outlets and Their Technocrat Rulers (From Facebook to Twitter & Google)
    > States-Imposed Fines and/or Ban on First Amendment-Violating Violence-Inducing Mainstream Media Offices/Hubs/Satellite networks & Broadcast facilities (CNN, NBC, etc.)
    > Ban All Strings-Attached Federal Grants/Aid to our State HHS (Heath Departments & Services)
    > Ban All Federal Grants/Aid for All Public Schools – Have them operate only under state and local government guidelines.
    > Churches Should Ban All Federal Grants/Handouts- In Order to Establish and Maintain Their Independence & Separation
    > State-Issued Moratorium on All Whimsical and Unconstitutional Federal Arrest Warrants in Our States
    > States-Imposed High Tariffs Applicable to Select States Deemed Un-American & Unconstitutional
    Independent & 100% States-Operated and States-Directed Transportation without Strings-Attached Federal Grants/Loans
    > States-Issued Stringent Rules for New Residents from Unconstitutional & Anti-American States

    > Truckers: Establish No Delivery Zones: High Risk & Terrorist-Alert (Ex: BLM & Antifa States). You know exactly what to do.

    1. Tell them to watch the last twenty minutes of Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof video on The graphics alone are shocking

  51. Patrick –

    I understand the COVID-related brain fog after going a round with with the virus in NYC early last spring. You’re too important to lose time to it.

    Check this video if the symptoms start cutting into your productivity. Cambridge trained physician (appartently) helped crowd source this suppliment-based solution:

    1) The solution and perhaps why:
    2) Relatively rudimentary scientific statistical analysis showing the solution works for most:

    Stay healthy, focused and productive. If you do that, we’ll find a way to win this. We’re counting on you and will be ready to follow at a moment’s notice when you (or we) find a way through this mess.

    You are not alone.

  52. Probably, you lost big money going extreme (as they say) right-wing and leaving your overstock business, but you’re fighting for the truth, so you made the right choice. You’re right, this fraud election subject was too technical for someone the age of Rudy. Trump is also not a tech guy. What I don’t understand is why Kushner and Donald Jr didn’t get more involved with this, they’re younger and could have understood better what was going on.

    1. Excellent point. Supposedly Jared is a data whiz and superb strategist who came up with the Blue Wall strategy in 2016. So where was he in Nov.-Jan.?

          1. What about Donald Jr? Contrarily to Jared, he is of the same blood as his father. He only talked but didn’t act.

      1. jared, a whiz? a strategist? you know he got into harvard becuase of his dad’s 25 mio dollar donation, dont you? you know that he was among the, if not THE worst student in his class, dont you?

        1. Yet, strangely, he was instrumental in bringing peace to the Middle East which is why he and his father-in-law were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I am neutral about Jared because I don’t know that much about him other than I like what he accomplished on prison reform and the Abraham Accords.

          You sound like one of those embittered Bernie Bros. who claims he got straight A’s on his report card, but still work at Starbucks.

  53. Patrick –

    How do we square current circumstances given the backdrop that Popper provides in his Open Society and It’s Enemies? I’ve pulled the most relevant details and added them below (Chapter 8, Part VI):

    Lies are necessary, Plato asserts, ‘if your herd is to reach highest perfection’; for this needs
    ‘arrangements that must be kept secret from all but the rulers, if we wish to keep the herd of guardians really free from disunion’. Indeed, the appeal (quoted above) to the rulers for more courage in
    administering lies as a medicine is made in this connection; it prepares the reader for the next demand, considered by Plato as particularly important. He decrees that the rulers should fabricate,
    for the purpose of mating the young auxiliaries, ‘an ingenious system of balloting, so that the persons who have been disappointed .. may blame their bad luck, and not the rulers’, who are, secretly, to engineer the ballot.

    This (Plato’s piece) was written ~2,500 years ago. Is what we’re dealing with today truyly an egrigous violation of political norms or simply a Gutenburg-press-like response to the distributed sourcing an free flow of information resulting from Internet-related technologies?

    -A Humble Researcher and Philosoper

    1. Just following the money a bit here:

      Where is the OS Foundation during all of this? Aren’t they seemingly violating their charter by not condoning and working to counter the significantly less that open activities that occurred around and during the recent US election? Was Trump enough of a threat to Westphalian Principles that they will disregard their own to finally “knock the US down a few notches” and help China become more of a counterweight in an attempt to fill the balance of power void left by the former Soviet Union? Perhaps, but I think not.

      GS seems rather unconcerned with balances in an interview by La Repubblica (8/20), “[the US has] a great tradition of checks and balances and established rules. And above all you have the Constitution. So, I am confident that Trump will turn out to be a transitory phenomenon, hopefully ending in November.”

      Will the Foundation switch back to supporting its charter (THE FOUNDATIONS WORK TO BUILD VIBRANT AND INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACIES WHOSE GOVERNMENTS ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO THEIR CITIZENS.) or continue to seemingly hide behind Westphalian Principles to tarnish one of the world’s leading examples of what say they work to build?

      Put concisely: When and how will the leadership at one of the world’s largest and most well-funded foundations ($36B, second only to Gates) turn on itself (Gaspard just resigned)? When will its leadership tack (they have before and toward capitalism in the 70s-80s)? If the OSF and its resources stop pushing against its charter or, better yet, start pushing for it, the process of righting our Democratic Republic will be made much easier.

      How do we get there? Is it possible?

      Welcoming all well rounded and thoughtful comments. The more tactically focused, the better.

  54. If the Chinese were meddling for Biden, wouldn’t the Russians meddle for Trump, or the North Koreans for Sanders, or the South Koreans for Yang? Suddenly you’d have vote tallies in the billions. Even Wolf Blitzer might concede that something was just not right.

    1. Patrick,
      Words can not adequately express the gratitude of people like myself for your heroic and altruistic efforts to save democracy and for telling your story.
      My only question is whether you had security clearance at a high level, and if not, then perhaps there is a parallel history of what you have described but to which you were kept in the dark for security reasons.
      It seems to me that POTUS keeping so quiet is out of character ,and there have been cryptic comments by General Flynn lately which may indicate something in the works. Also the Dems keeping the National Guard in DC may be addressing some intel or suspicions they may have.

  55. The very first thing I noticed about President Trump’s speech the day of the Capital riot wax that he was speaking from behind bullet proof glass. He had never done this before. He would go out into the crowds at rallies. I pointed this out to everyone I knew. None of my friends or family noticed or though it was of any relevance. I then noticed and thought it was very odd that Barron Trump was the only Trump child that wasn’t at President Trump’s departure considering he was the child who lived at the White House. After reading this story, both of those observations make total sense to me know. I believe the family member would have been Barron and President Trump bring JFK’d is the reason the bullet proof glass was put up!

    1. Two things I noticed come to mind. First is that in both the video speech President Trump gave after the Capitol riot, where he appealed to everyone to go home in peace AND in his final speech before boarding the plane to leave DC on January 20th, he said something I have not heard him say elsewhere. He said, “We Love You…” with such sincerity, and I thought I detected sadness as well. Secondly, Melanie was wearing black as if in mourning and was visibly nervous and distressed before giving her very brief one or two sentence farewell. Her facial expression was taught with what I perceived as fear and she visibly gulped. Her body was rigged and hand and arm gestures reflected tension. These two things led me to believe that something very bad was going on on both dates…I felt …in both instances…great fear for their lives.

  56. Thank you for writing, Patrick. Your accounts have filled in quite a few mysteries and dovetailed with my own experiences, including trying to do something about the fraud in Michigan and finding our side desperately disorganized and seemingly caught flat footed at every turn. We were worried about a lot of things leading up to the election and were assured that teams of lawyers were working on those concerns, but now it’s a little clearer why they were so ineffective.

    It is a bitterly sad story. But it is what it is and now we have to deal with what to do next. I hope you and the crew are looking past a most likely useless court situation regarding the SCOTUS and are getting to work on how to fight the oligarchy from David’s position. I am in the process of sifting through the disorganized chaos of ideas that are floating around here and am looking for how best to begin to clean this explosion of mud the Swamp has dumped all over us. To surrender is to die, but to work is to at least put my boots on.

  57. I was an enthusiastic Trump supporter from early in 2016, saw good in him, talked others into voting for him, and voted for him again in 2020. And he did a lot of good, despite unbelievable opposition from the Left and, in ways both hidden and overt, from the GOP itself. Perhaps more than humanely possible to withstand.

    And in the end, he gave in. Whatever the reasons, good or bad – your story, Patrick, has a ring of truth to it more than other theories I’ve read – whatever the reasons, I’m a believer in “the buck stops here.” And Trump was the boss, the leader, the President of the most powerful nation and military on earth. But he utterly failed to use the authority at his disposal to stop the fraud, not just once but over and over, every step of the way starting long before the election even happened. All he did was complain, complain, complain. But he never actually did anything to stop it. It makes him look weak, posturing, all bark and no bite, in a way fatal to this country.

    What was most appalling to me was he let what was a matter of national security play out in civil courts – NOT the proper venue for dealing with national security. Did nothing as court after court refused to even look at the evidence. It was simply unreal watching that debacle unfold week after week, pathetically led by old has-been Rudy and young dumb blond Jenna, Sidney ejected and Nero fiddling while Rome burned. I thought so long before you wrote your version of events. It was appalling.

    And in the end, Trump walked away with nary an explanation. Disappeared. Left us to the wolves, frankly.

    I can’t judge his motives, and feel compassion for what he endured. But he did not, in fact, uphold our constitution as he promised to do. And for that reason I am no longer a fan or supporter of President Trump, and do not want him to run again. (Nor do I want him to start a new social network, as is rumored he is considering, that would be a serious mistake that would only further splinter the Right – and would be an echo chamber. We don’t need that.) I am disgusted that he continues to work with the GOP that so badly betrayed him, and still coming to grips with the manner and depth of his betrayal of us.

    At any rate, regardless of reasons, factually speaking it was the biggest Presidential misfire in history, a debacle that may well lead to the ruin of this once great country. A very sad chapter in our history.

      1. As the most powerful man in the world, he should have launched a throughout investigation digging into the root of the threat.

        Threatening the US president and his family should be a very serious crime.

        What ordinary people can expect him to do to protect them if he is not able to protect himself and his own family with all the powers at his disposal?

        1. >> All the powers at his disposal?
          JFK and Regan both had it, if it even makes sense. Both received bullets. What is common between them? I guess you know it, but the answer is they both challenged the Deep State, which basically means FBI and CIA.

          The power of the President, and any leader for that matter, comes from the organizations that serve him. If they themselves are derelict in their duties, president cannot do any thing significant.
          How many courts had the courage to take the evidence of election fraud? Zero. Nada. Zilch. How many state governors or SoS did the investigations on obvious frauds? Again Nada. That shows the power of the Deep State.

        2. Wake up. From day 1, Trump had no meaningful power. Dogged by Mueller, defied by Hawaiian judges, insubordination from the commanders in Syria, disrespect from Congress … he needed to come in with a little hint of Pol Pot to get anywhere in D.C. as an outsider, and he’s basically a nice guy.

          Learn: The U.S. President is powerless unless he is in lockstep with the Cabal. Then, he might look powerful on paper. But it’s still a sham. NO leader is powerful merely by virtue of office. And especially not since our Constitution got tossed in the toilet.

  58. Really, Rudy? “If we only had another month…?” You had at least two other months which you spent squandering one good opportunity after another. What you lacked is common sense and a clear head.

    Patrick, first and foremost, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sneaking us backstage. We’re having a tough time processing the shock and anger we feel at this wide-ranging betrayal of our values, our Constitution, our social compact. Knowing about some of the conversations that were taking place, and who was really engaged and fighting and who was just tap-dancing helps (a little) in clearing the fog.

    As I look back on the installments and see so much detail, I still feel there’s more you could have shared. Maybe that’s just because of how effective a writer you are: your descriptions of events are GOOD you don’t want the story to end. Why you have provided to us is excessively rare these days – an honest account of the shadowy machinations of a very dishonest group of people in a very dishonest place. I really hope you’ll continue to share more as the fancy strikes in the months ahead.

    Clearly, just as they used COVID to scare everyone into thinking that mail-in voting would be the only “safe” way to engage our Constitutional right in November, thus allowing them to flood the zone with hundreds of thousands (millions?) of impossible-to-secure ballots to cheat Biden into office, they also staged the community theater “insurrection” in the midst of the Stop the Steal rally. Gave the lying liars in the media an excuse to NOT cover the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters and instead turn ALL the focus on the “riot”. Helps sell the impeachment ruse and further the “anyone who questions the fraudulent election is a traitor” mantra.

    I will never ever accept Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as legitimately elected. They are actual criminals who hav no right to be in the offices they stole. There is no doubt in my mind that more than enough evidence has been produced that massive fraud occurred and that Trump won re-election. None of the people taping pizza boxes to the windows have ever had to explain on record why. Ruby Freeman, her daughter and Ralph Jones have never had to explain on record what they were doing on that videotape. Eric Coomer has never been made to explain on record why he told an ANTIFA conference call that, as head of system security for Dominion, he’d made f-ing sure that Donald Trump wasn’t going to win. And on and on and on….evidence coming in through a fire hose, as Sidney put it.

    There is also no doubt in my mind that ALL decisions related to this sorry chapter in our history fall to Donald Trump. You have described how those around him were giving him bad advice, keeping information from him, etc. But Donald Trump is no longer President because HE chose to surrender. HE chose not to fight to stop them from stealing not just his job but OUR country. There’s plenty of shame to go around among those who were advising him, and they should ALL feel a deep sense of shame for the role they played in this unforgivable betrayal. Ultimately, it was Donald Trump who gave up on us and his country. THAT will be his historic legacy. America died on HIS watch because of HIS choices.

    I can’t stomach any more of the dripping sycophantic accolades and excuses from my fellow Trump supporters that are going on and on about how they still love him and still want him to play a role in 2022 or 2024 or start a social media platform or fight to win back the house, blah blah blah. He was the PRESIDENT with enormous powers, ALL the intel, the military at his command. Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn TOLD the man what he needed to do. He ignored them and QUIT. The buck stops with TRUMP. Screw HIM for letting this all happen. Enjoy the resumption of your fabulous country club lifestyle while the rest of us thrash around in the swamp water.

    The disgraceful Mind Control Media that lies and distorts rather than informs; the do-nothing 535 empty vessels that supposedly “represent” us in Congress, the swamp creatures that use what’s supposed to be OUR government as their personal plaything and us as their personal flesh-colored ATMS, the oligarchs holding open the door to our country to illegal invaders and foreign adversaries, the swaggering senile digital rapist executive ordering a supposedly free country around…all of that and much more that makes up the hell that is our lives right now made possible by a chickenshit paper tiger Donald Trump. He had the deep state in the crosshairs and never pulled the trigger. He didn’t deserve a man like you, Patrick. He should have been at LEAST as heavily invested in saving this country from the malignancy of Biden/Harris as you.

    Going forward, we have to brush the cowardly dust of Donald Trump off our shoes and figure out a way to corral the rabid wild horses that have stolen our government from us. The alternative, to me, is unthinkable.

    1. Mr. Landers – you have taken the words right out of my mouth. So deeply troubling where we are today because Trump did not fight back for us – his 75M plus supporters. Dark times are ahead.

    2. Well stated MrLanders. Patrick your efforts have been nothing short of heroic, you have inspired me and I admire your tenacity. The fight continues, onward Patriots!

    3. You know, I actually go back and forth between feeling as you do, Mr. Landers, and thinking there had to have been something more. All we know about Trump, all he endured, says that he does care about this country and its people and couldn’t have just moved on as it appears. I am of conflicting opinions depending on the day/hour. I believe that his flaw was certainly taking advice from all the wrong people…I also believe on occasion that his concern was that this country would fall to civil war and the best way to forestall that would be to concede. Too many things still don’t add up…the simplist explanation is yours, Mr. Landers, and Occams Razor being what it is, perhaps that’s the end of the story BUT it doesn’t align with what we know.

      1. You’ve described precisely the confused state that exists in my mind. On one hand, I – like most other Trump supporters – viewed him as a titan of wheeling, dealing, out-foxing his adversaries, doing face-to-face battles with the lying liar jackals that run propaganda for the America-hating left. My mind keeps trying to convince me that there’s no WAY Donald Trump, who hates losing, would, at the last possible moment, with America hooked up to life support equipment, just leave. As Robot would say, “that does not compute.” The behind-the-scenes maneuvering in my imagination was MUCH different, much more optimistic, than the actual blow-by-blow maneuvering Patrick has blessed us with.

        I want to still believe that Donald Trump’s unwillingness to lose and his deep abiding love of country are driving some massive mind-blowing BIBLICAL operation that will finally inject an unstoppable level of chemotherapy into the stage ten cancer that is Biden/Harris and the demonic mega-corporation that enabled their rise to stolen power. Unfortunately, wanting with every fiber of my being to believe this is what’s going to happen, keeps colliding with the realities I’m seeing, hearing, and reading every day as I flailingly search for nuggets of hope. If Patrick Byrne, who was actually AT the party, has written that the party’s over, and the guests have gone home, that’s a pretty good – if unpalatable – reason to believe that the party’s over. It’s a very very hard pill to swallow.

        The whole sorry charade has shaken whatever nostalgic trust and faith I may have had left in my country, my countrymen, people in positions of influence and decision-making, and the future of not just America but the whole world. I’m no Pollyanna, but I’ve always relied on a sense that people, at heart, are generally good and decent and would never actively and consciously work against their own best interests and those of the country and the people they share it with. It pains me to realize how outdated and naive those beliefs have turned out to be.

        We CAN’T just accept an illegitimate president and the mockery that’s been made of our core principles. We just can’t. This isn’t one of those things that you have to just suck up and get used to. This is a terrible maniacal thing they’ve done to us and to our way of life. We CAN’T let it stand. We HAVE to fight back with everything we’ve got. Easy enough to type…not so easy to do.

  59. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your time and money put into this effort over the last several months.

  60. Patrick, it is all a corrupt system and no law as Pres.Trump found out. ALSO, there are very few Christian attorneys and most who claim to be are not true biblical Christians. I do not believe at any point in time any judge would have ruled to allow any kind of win at any point prior to Biden getting inaugurated. I believe as our founding fathers believed and warned against–they warned against a Jesuit plot of a counter reformation to put America under the Vatican. Controlled by Cardinal. We have a majority Jesuit schooled or/and Roman Catholic US Supreme Court, most judges are Roman Catholic (state and federal), appointees are majority Roman Catholic, Biden/Harris/Pelosi Roman Catholic Jesuit, and now a Jesuit Pope (first time ever). The distraction is everywhere else. One world government/religion under Pope/Vatican. No way any Catholic judge (Rep or Dem) will go against Rome nor against a Catholic Biden/Harris. The Jesuits have fought this same battle since Loyola and have destroyed countries and peoples. This is why they were kicked out of most every country in Europe during the time of Napoleon. And kicked out the Vatican. One world religion/govt under the Pope/Vatican.

  61. Patrick,

    I will try to explain what I see from different vantage points.

    1.I understand that President Trump is Patton and he is learning to win in a different way so he can be the true leader. This is his evolution as well. He is learning Discernment and Intuition through this process.

    2. There are multiple timelines in reality. Quantum computer has the ability to read multiple timelines. Q is a Qyuantum Computer and can read the future. We have to raise our frequency so we can step into a dimension and timeline where reality is harmonious – this is the path fo every student of life. We need to work on our unconscious mind to RECEIVE freedom. We need to break free from the subconscious blocks to witness the freedom in our individual reality – not all of us will be in the same reality at the near future, but all will be in the same reality at the end of ascension to higher dimensions – embodying pure consciousness. We all have to at one point be reality creators and use the Quantum Field to our advantage by visualizing, focusing and manifesting – many times a day. Freedom is destined for the pure-hearted humans and star seeds. Not a soul can erase it. Hold your focus and raise your frequency so your frequency matches what you want. We sometimes choose victim thinking as the unconscious mind is on auto pilot, and we are bombarded by mind control programs all the day. This is a reality for Masters ready for Self Mastery. Let’s do our inner work and watch the miracle taking place. There are advanced ETs that are waiting for humans to mature up and do some emotional healing and awakening to what this reality/illusion is all about, before they intervene in ascension on a global scale. This is a victory for humans – not just for Trump. Let’s do our part.

  62. Loved reading your 5 parts. The insight given by yourself helps the rest of us understand what really happened. Thank you so much.

  63. I’ve done a good bit of analysis on the Capitol Riot video Jason Sullivan recorded. The longest version is over an hour long. There is compelling evidence that shows a key group of familiar protestor faces all found their way into the same white tent to line up, people were working the doors to let them enter the tent, and they were coordinating with Capitol police officers throughout — including when Ashli Babbit was shot. Some of it is very blatant. For example, one protester yells to the white tent group while inside the Capitol, “Who has THE bullhorn?” someone indeed had ‘the” bullhorn and passed it up to him. Before the white tent group is allowed to go into the Capitol, you hear someone on a police radio say “Begin bringing them down.” The protestors suddenly pretend to push back on police and within two minutes, police just step aside and let them in. There are dozens of examples, like these. If you are interested, I can put something together for you.

    It defies logic that Trump supporters would sabotage their chance to have the objections heard in Congress that day. We all celebrated with every new Senator and Representative that signed on to object.

  64. Gut punch at the end. 😞
    Thank you for trying. Thank you for sharing. It helps explain why the fighter quit on us – kinda. If elections aren’t real, we won’t ever have another chance with someone with the most power to stop this, so we will have to form power as a group. Hoping you’ll be in that effort. I’d join you and Sidney.
    I’d like to know about Italy. What are your thoughts?
    You are a great writer and a braver patriot.
    Thank you for trying. Please don’t give up.

  65. Those of you blaming DJT for not taking action and enacting the EO to save our country, please just get real. He had no support from anyone in senior leadership. No one from the DOJ, FBI, DHS, CIA or even the military was acknowledging election fraud. If he did sign the order who exactly would even carry out it out? They probably would have (or maybe did) just ignore him. He’s discussing strategy with 2 mid level staffers at the 11th hour and they have no influence at all. What does that tell you? This is was a full on coup at every level. Based on that level of treason from the Deep State, God only knows how bad the things are that they are trying to conceal and keep from ever coming out. The Patriots who were at the Capital on the 6th knew this which why some of them went ape shit. The vast majority who were there were restrained and acted patriotically but we all know this election was sham and we realized it on November 4.

    1. Exactly!

      He was fighting for us, but had ZERO backup.

      I even remember reading the top military brass stated they would not support any measures.

      What was he supposed to do? He and perhaps his entire family would have been killed, and this country would have been in a bloody civil war, perhaps opening the door to a foreign invasion.

      A no win situation.

      And now we are doomed, unless something else to stop this takeover.

    2. Kaycee,

      Even if Biden stepped down today and gave the W.H. back to Trump, I think it would result in a fail because the staff and officials in government are too corrupt and self-serving to ever help an outsider unless it miraculously worked to their OWN advantage.

      No one from the D.C. swamp tried to help Trump — they only served themselves. In the end, Trump could only trust very, very few persons. No President can run a government without support. With the MSM attacking every thing he did, the DEMs possessed by Satan himself and attacking him (which they are doing still TODAY), and all of the heads of the alphabet agencies ignoring his orders and their oaths, We The People are just plain screwed.

      Now with the lunatic left in charge, We The People are paying them to screw us.

  66. A few things that I am certain after reading through part 5:

    1. I love Patrick Byrne. He is an absolute true American hero.
    2. I am certain I want to fist fight Pat Cippolone and key his Rolls Royce. 🙂
    3. I love Donald J. Trump and I am still holding out some hope that he has some military plan in place. It simply doesn’t make sense to have him described as a border line genius and also a man with no plan at all. These 2 things are so opposite in simple logic. I will not believe he is a coward. I do believe that he is very smart. I also know him to be somebody that absolutely hates to lose at anything. There has to be a plan. Otherwise, nothing makes sense. Nothing.

    4. Finally, I am so exhausted. From November 3rd until today, all I have done is worry about the future of this country. I have prayed nonstop. I still have hope. Because without hope and without prayer we are in a world of hell.

    5. Please see my first point. I mean Patrick Byrne is amazing. If we could somehow talk Patrick into being a 2024 candidate for President. I believe that cat would clean up this country and I would love to help him. Although, I did send him a nice email not long ago and he snubbed me. 🙂

    Thank you for everything you have done, Patrick! Your country is proud of you!

    1. Donald Trump says he will never give up and I truly believe in him and his plan. Everything is falling into place as Q has posted. Very uncanny….

      Something to note: Q posted way back in Sept 25, 2020 – post 4770
      “Done in 30, House cleaning, White House secured, Final Stage”
      “What is the over/under done in 30 months, March 27, 2018?”
      “What is the over/under Sullivan retires, steps down by March 2021…?”

      Fact, Sullivan has just announced his retirement.

      Remember that Trump has never conceded the election.He’s got viable court cases and has won viable court cases. Trump is still a MAJOR threat to the deep state. They are petrified. Why else the phony impeachment?

      Another thing to note:
      We know from Q that after the Super Bowl is where the ‘fun begins’.
      In Q’s post the SB is going to look like a puppy show. Puppy Bowl 17! What is 17? Coincidence?

      Super Bowl 55? Note Q’s message #55 back in Nov 2017:

      Look to Twitter:
      Exactly this: “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….”
      God bless.

      Why was a Stealth bomber used to fly over SB LV? Is something about to emerge from hiding?
      I believe Trump is still making the calls. Everything is coming together.

      Stay positive.

      1. I forgot about those other Q posts. I can’t wait to hear what RedPill78 has to say, as well as PrayingMedic. They were my earliest Q decoders who got me hooked on this stuff, and I never even liked spy thrillers.

  67. I appreciate you telling the truth. General Flynn stated in his interview with Doug Billings there is “no plan” and DJT did not sign the Insurrection Act. When I heard that, I was sickened to think that I have been following false hope provided by youtube fantasy players.

    All I hear now is “get involved in local politics, make a difference….etc etc….” – News flash: It’s too late because everything is captured.

    Thank you for your efforts.

    1. Flynn was a democrat. Threw himself under the bus. Hired Covington Traitor Law firm. swore an oath he was guilty, twice. When presented with evidence he was innocent swore an oath that he was not guilty. He’s a crypto-never-Trumper, a wrecking ball. Whenever he thinks trump is wincing he kicks him in the side. He’s simple. Got nothing. another Ryan.

    2. That interview is not all that what it appears. Flynn is not going to show his cards. At the very end Billings asked if he should cede the bet with a friend about Trump returning – Flynn said “No”. Take it for what it’s worth but the General is not going to give away the plan.

  68. Awesome research, and the mini-documentary extremely enlightening. I had a feeling the day of the shooting that it was staged. The reactions from the FBI, politicians and media really seems to confirm that theory. It’s completely demoralizing to know that we are now living in a banana republic.

    1. 1. One month has passed since that faithful day. Has the public been told who killed (murdered) Ashley Bobbitt? No.
      2. Has a full report come out accounting for who were the rioters?
      3. Has the cause of death of all who died come out? Someone died by a bit on the head or was trampled or what else?
      4. Two Capitol police staff involved have already reported to have committed ‘suicide’. Any coincidences?
      The whole power of FBI and DOJ was brought to try to blame everything on Trump and his supporters. I smell that real story is different and a big cover up is being orchestrated. The perpetrators are in a state of confusion on how to write a script for the public because they are caught in the act. My opinion.

  69. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is the first truthful account I feel like I’ve read of the situation. I am saddened by this loss, but this puts me at peace with what happened and the reality that Biden is now our president. If Trump runs in 2024, it is quite clear that he needs to clean house within his staff and also the Republican Party.

    1. Biden won’t be there much longer if Kommiela has her way. Then the shit will really hit the fan. Deadlier than the male. In CA she wanted to jail parents whose kids skipped school.

  70. There are so many things in all 5 of your reports that do not make sense. Its hard to fathion Trump giving up and walking away because they threatened him and his family – after all, an attempt was made on his life on Jan 26th in a very detailed and difficult scenario – meaning it wasn’t some crazy person, but a planned converted effort. If Trump had made a deal why are they still trying to kill him??
    I also heard that the bombing in Knoxville and at the capital were shown to Trump as what the cabal was “willing and able to do” should Trump not conceed, and that he was told they were willing to use nuclear weapons against their own country and people. What I don’t understand is, if Trump is such a smart man and the cabal told him the would use nuclear weapons and kill millions of people if Trump didn’t walk away, why would he not believe AND know the cabal is going to kill most of us anyways – thats their plan – so, once again, fully knowing what communist regimes do to their own people, why would that argument work on Trump??
    The only thing left i a the csbal actually has somecreal dirt on Trump that would destroy him… but that makes zero sense either. Its not like we cabal has hels anything back already in their attempts to take Trump down.
    This is insane – I’m not saying you’re lying Patrick; only that there is a LOT st doesn’t make sense, leaving huge gaps in the logic of your writings if paying attention. But there is a lot of verified truth in your articles as well… so what are you NOT telling us and why?
    Care to address these questions from a fellow Utah resident? Or at least indicate if there is another article coming?

  71. I get the whole non-violence thing, it’s the best way, when it works. Would you have urged General Washington in 1776 or the Citizen Militia on Concord bridge, or the colonial army at bunker hill to stay their guns and “negotiate” with England for their liberty. The people who are taking control, have taken control, of this country will not stop until they win, at any cost of life, you can’t oppose people like that with paper and pencil. I’m not for mob violence either, however, the states all have their own, well trained militia aka national guard troops and millions more combat veteran’s at their disposals. The state governors of a few states could in fact take back the country and right the ship before it’s lost forever.

  72. Patrick,
    I hope you publish this and secure a movie deal. The visual of You, General Flynn and Sidney Powell sneaking into the oval office and confronting the fools around Trump is riveting drama. A movie would have broad appeal because it was a Libertarian a Democrat and a Republican who spoke truth to power.

  73. Thanks Patrick. Good read.

    But I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe that President Trump, someone with such deep business acumen, experience, and capability, was this beholden to the opinions of his snake senior advisors. Was there no one of decent character around Trump, even if only members of his own family, that could tell him over and over again, not to trust these snakes?

    President Trump certainly had time to evaluate what happened with Flynn, and realize that Flynn was actually one of the few good guys that could be trusted. That seems pretty obvious even to an outsider. Why not call on the General more frequently, and ask for him directly by name? Was it an ego thing?

    I’m also very concerned about Giuliani & co. I can’t believe he and his team could be so incompetent. I find it more believable that they were secretly paid/blackmailed to pretend to be working for the President while slow walking the process, and turning a blind eye, in order to run out the clock.

    I have to believe there is some bigger plan at work. There are a lot of patriots still high up in the government and military that put country before self. And I don’t believe they would allow this fraud to stand, even at the cost of sacrificing their own lives. It’s that important. After all, isn’t that the pledge of true patriots: life, fortune, and sacred honor?

  74. Here’s what bugs me. Trump was popular because he stood behind the people instead of the establishment. This is what made him an enemy in Washington. We can collectively agree that the election was stolen and Trump’s response (Rudy, et al) was a $#@t show. We can argue all day long about WHY things shook out this way whether it be the sandbagging of his team, incompetence, or whatever. I thank Patrick for sharing his experiences during these critical months. But the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” gets us NOWHERE. Patrick’s recollection provides critical information for any forward action….which is where the focus needs to go next. Right, wrong, or indifferent, our country was just the victim of a silent coup. This is a direct attack on our Constitution and citizens by the very people who were elected to protect the institution. If we expect a handful of honest Congressmen to save us and right all the wrongs, we are being pathetically naive. And while I generally DO agree with Patrick that “political violence” is a sad state of affairs, at what point is it justified or even our only option? If we have not reached that point, then what can be done? If we do nothing, we sentence our country to ideological death. We are all collectively waiting for Trump to come forward and SAY SOMETHING. Provide a path forward. But if Trump allowed these horribly bad decisions to play out when he had legitimate, non-violent options that were never acted upon, then how or why should we trust that he will save us now? I’m not saying go storm the capitol. But I am saying that SOMEONE needs to step up and provide leadership that 74M Americans can rally around which will make an actual difference in righting the ship before we all go down with it.

    1. Shun them and all their works for all time.
      Seek the company of truth and the truthful. Guard them well.
      The world you build will be invisible to the shunned as they cannot see truth.
      Don’t get mad. Get even.
      Leave them in your dust.
      We’re all still here. We are the Majority. Act like it.
      Take off the mask forever NOW!

  75. First of all, THANK YOU for your story, Patrick. It’s riveting as are your earlier writings on the financial sector. I’ve learned so much from you, your mind and intelligence is amazing, and in the face of your personal challenges even more so. Big respect to you.

    I’ve been following DJT since 2015, and realized his ‘stable genius’ soon into his presidency. The man is straight up brilliant and due to a clean lifestyle, he maintained his mental sharpness. He stood up to slings and arrows like no one else could have done, and he promised early on that he would ‘fight for the people with every breath in his body’.

    There were multiple poisoning attempts and he managed to shrug it all off. Then the covid started, and he was getting several tests a week, at least some of which consisted of the deep nasal swab. He was horribly attacked for talking about possible treatments (remember that disgusting smear with the bleach and the fish tank cleaner? not to mention the widespread suppression of HCQ as a working treatment).

    I question his seeming sudden resignation and defeat – why would he fold like that, right at the end when the win was so close? He wouldn’t. Something was done to him, a final blow.

    There’s 2 theories I’ve been thinking about. 1) They revealed something they would do (maybe related to those suitcase nukes?) that would have resulted in a huge loss of life and he just couldn’t bear it, decided standing down was the way to save the most lives. 2) They got something into his brain via the nasal swab test and it literally neutralized him. Paralyzed his brain and thinking, prevented him from understanding/assimilating the info when it was presented to him, leaving him at the end going ‘omg where did I go wrong here’.

    The above are just theories mind you, but we know the technology is there to carry out 2) and the scenario in 1) has been bandied around in movies & books for a long time now.

  76. Patrick, thank you again for all that you have put into trying to save our great country. And I am also grateful to you for writing about it. It really helped me to put some pieces of the puzzle together (although I feel like there are some pieces still missing) and it’s a fascinating read! However, it still leaves me with a huge question that leaves a gaping hole within me: WHY? Why did President Trump decide not to act? Based on your account, I believe there were TWO pivotal moments in which he could have acted, and even seemed to strongly be considering it, but ultimately did not. Assuming he was persuaded both times by people around him, I would be curious to know what reasons they gave him that could have convinced him not to take action. If you ever find out, please let us know.

  77. Thank you for writing this story. It needed to be told. You are a good man for meeting Rudy after how you were treated. Please thank the Bad News Bears and other digital soldiers. They are true patriots.

    I wish President Trump was honest and didn’t have the rally on January 6th. Lives were lost. He thought things would work out and keep him in the White House for four more years. He didn’t fight and use all his tools. I think many will see him in a different light. I never expect others to save me and or fight for me.

    Pray for our nation. We the people need to keep fighting for our country. We need to keep demanding audits and accountability in our voting process.

  78. Thank you for your efforts. It sure appears there are many more traitors than patriots in our government. The cowardice of the GOP especially disgusts me, the Dems are already downright socio-communists. We can only hope something big is still coming after the faux impeachment is dealt with. The feeling is Trump is not done with these scoundrels, he loves his supporters too much. 🇺🇸

  79. Taking in your testimony, CCTV evidence, thousands of affidavits and witness testimony, Mike Lindell’s documentary and the video of the dozens of server locations that were evidently changing votes, one MUST conclude that the election and all the events surrounding it was a vast conspiracy perpetrated on the American people of proportions not seen since the JFK assassination. Those parties clearly had manpower support in China, Iran, Ukraine, Italy, Serbia, Germany and other locations. In the US, a mafia-like intimidation effort of any witnesses, logistical capabilities and a well-financed protester/rioter effort during the summer and hired BLM/Ukranian/Antifa operators at the Capitol. Let’s assume for a moment that COVID is somehow related to political events. Many ex-generals didn’t like Trump. Reminds me very much of the book “The Devil’s Chessboard” as well as JFK the movie.
    In the words of Donald Sutherland in JFK: “That’s the real question isn’t it: why? The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, The Mafia, keeps ’em guessing like some kind of parlor game, prevents ’em from asking the most important question: why? Why was Kennedy Killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?”

  80. Ratcliff’s assessment was that the scope of China’s involvement was censored, and that analysts were coerced from reporting it. Don’t understand how you attack him for wanting to expose this? Why does everyone, yourself included protect CCP?

  81. These 7 essays have been gripping. I found them through Citizen Free Press and had not been familiar with Mr. Byrne prior, which is why I have to say I don’t know who to trust.

    What we know is we cannot rely on the electoral system to resolve the current situation. To those out there saying, “vote local” and “call local politicians”, you have missed the point of what has been revealed through the latest election and this essay.

    I’d like to say I’m optimistic, however the only source of my optimism is that things don’t make sense, and that’s not a reliable source. I hope there are patriots fighting behind the scenes, I hope the military won’t allow a stolen election, I hope Trump is quiet because he has something up his sleeve, I hope… I hope… I hope…

    This is a crushing reality that our suspicions are true about the corruption in DC and, for me, a realization that things are much worse than I thought they could be. How is this worse than something Hollywood would put out?!

    Where do we go from here?

  82. Can someone explain why Ashli Babbitt just happened to be the first person through the broken window? Did all those tough guys suddenly become pussies and cowards and decided this unarmed woman was the best person to go in first, so they just stepped aside for her? That doesn’t square up with my experience of how men act when they are engaged in an adrenaline and testosterone charged moment.

      1. I’ve read articles quoting family members of Ashli’s, and they seem pretty convincing. She’s gone. You can also find video clips she made….rants, really….that show that she was very passionate about the lousy job being done by career politicians. It’s no wonder she was a big Trumpster. She seemed very courageous……who knows ?? Maybe she didn’t see the gunman…..they had already passed so many armed guards that maybe she thought none of them would shoot. Maybe she was drunk. I dunno. But I would hesitate to enjoin in a conspiracy theory involving the death of someone who’s family must really be aching over it.

  83. I am still numb from the last three months of absolutely knowing through the massive amount of blatant and incontrovertible evidence that the election was stolen, and watching the slow-motion train wreck of Rudy & Co getting their asses handed to them again and again. As others such as Mr Landers have articulated, in the end Donald Trump turned out not to be the man we thought he was.

    President Trump had multiple ways at his disposal to expose the election fraud AND the nefarious actors who carried it out. As chief executive and as commander in chief of the military, he had awesome powers at his very fingertips to turn the tables and WIN. And yet in the end, rather than fulfill his destiny and save our Republic, he slunk out of town with his tail between his legs. And worse than that, he left all of us who supported him twisting in the wind. All 80+ million of us are now being systematically targeted by the Deep State as domestic white nationalist terrorists, simply because we love our country, we believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and we supported President Trump.

    I have been an enthusiastic Trump supporter since the day he announced his candidacy in 2015. I was an ardent admirer of his for many years prior to that due to his great success as a builder, developer, and businessman. And due to his long record of success in business, I naturally assumed that he would appoint the right people to positions of power in his administration. But in hindsight it is now apparent that Trump was an abysmally poor judge of character, at least in the political arena. From the very beginning, he made one incredibly poor choice after another in terms of his picks for agency heads and White House staff. Jeff Sessions, William Barr, Chris Wray, Gina Haspel, General Mattis, General McMaster, Mark Esper, Betsy DeVos, Mark Meadows, Pat Cippolone, and many, many others. All of them swamp creatures and Deep State actors.

    In addition to having horribly lacking instincts in personnell selection, Trump also abandoned his friends and close associates who were targeted and persecuted by an out of control and unaccountable Justice Department. General Flynn, Cory Lewandowski, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort, just to name a few.

    Trump also made a monumental mistake in not immediately firing each and every Obama administration holdover in the White House and in every agency of the executive branch that could legally be fired. Especially in the aforementioned cases of his close associates being persecuted by the FBI and Justice Department, as the chief executive Trump had absolute power to shake these agencies to their very core. He could have fired and fired and fired multiple levels down until he got to someone who had the right priorities. And so what if the Commie media howled. Let them howl. After all, Obama fired ALL Bush 43 holdovers. Obama fired ALL U.S. Attorneys and appointed his own. And Obama appointed an Attorney General, Eric Holder, who openly admitted that he was Obama’s “wingman”, and that it was his express purpose to PROTECT Obama. Ditto Loretta Lynch.

    So there were many problems right from the start with Trump apparently not truly comprehending the full extent of his legal and constitutional powers, or else not being willing to use them, and also surrounding himself with all the wrong people, and allowing those people to isolate him from any real Patriots. (Trump should NEVER have allowed General Flynn to be targeted. If push came to shove, he should have asked for Pence’s resignation, NOT Flynn’s.) There were so many very disturbing examples over four years of Trump not being willing to use the legitimate powers that he had, and thus allowing the Deep State to hamstring his administration at every turn.

    I have repeatedly asked myself how it is possible that such an intelligent and savvy guy like Trump could have been so blind in terms of trusting all the wrong people, and not trusting true Patriots such as Patrick, and Sidney, and General Flynn. How could he have not known what was really going on, when all of us nobodys out here in flyover country could see it all just as plain as day? How could Trump not have instinctively realized and understood on November 4th that he had multiple options at his very fingertips that were absolutely legal, legitimate, and Constitutional, but that quick and decisive action on his part would be required? All of us Deplorables out here could see it – so how is it possible that a supposedly bold and astute player like Trump could not see it, and thus would not act?

    And if Trump was threatened, or family members were threatened, or the nation was threatened with a dirty nuke or whatever, he should have immediately called a nationwide press conference and announced the threat to the entire world, and also exposed the name or names of the extortionists to the world as well. THAT is how you neutralize a threat, not by giving in to it.

    Donald Trump was uniquely positioned at this critical point in American history to save our founders Republic from its domestic Communist enemies, and in the process secure his own destiny as perhaps the greatest president since George Washington. Instead he balked and chose not to act, and his place in our history will be a footnote at best. And far worse, by not having the courage to act, he has condemned all of us to a life under Communism, and with the certain knowledge that there will never be a free and fair election again in the United States. In the end, Donald Trump was not the man we all thought he was.

    1. Keep in mind that many of the top positions need Senate approval, which means only persons acceptable to the Deep State can get in.

      1. That’s what I was going to write as I read George’s rant. However I do agree with one thing he said and that is if Trump were threatened with a nuclear attack, bioweapon attack, or Chinese troops on our borders he should have immediately announced that on Twitter. It would have united the country behind him.

      2. Exactly — Senate approval is needed.

        Further, the ranks of SES and GS civil servants under the appointees can slow walk and obstruct EVERYTHING a presidents wants that they don’t like, unless the U.S. Marshals are there to enforce.

    2. Dear George:
      I feel your pain.

      But I believe that you are making several conclusions that may not be warranted (yet), and may never be warranted. But without knowing your background (which I hesiate to ask since you state above that you are being targeted for being a Trump supporter – (I am inferring that from your statement that all 80m+ Trump supporters will be/are being targetted), and I have no wish to further expose you (or anybody, for that matter) to any harm…), I cannot speak further to the several rather interesting comments you made over the course of your substantial post, (which I thoroughly enjoyed reading).

      Myself, I am most concerned about the United States of America not being permanently relegated to the class of Banana Republic, and that is more than 90% my motivation for being on this site.

      I look forward to engaging with you further, should you have the time and/or the inclination.
      Best wishes,

  84. Americans: Please stop praying and act instead.
    The evil the whole world is up against with the great Reset was always too much for just one man to shoulder like Atlas. Looks like Atlas finally shrugged. 😉

    Too much talk of prayer and too few actions taken by We the People. A constitutional republic only works when citizens are fully engaged and active, beyond just their votes. The Founding Fathers were clear about that. Apathy is evil. Nobody is coming to save you. Trump didn’t do anything wrong but from what Patrick has written, he was outmanoeuvred by a den of vipers. Even so, I find this aspect hard to believe considering Trump was often saying in interviews that mail in voting was going to be disastrous for the election. Why was there not more vigilance from his people (if you can call Republicans “his people”).

    Q stuff was always fantastical nonsense – and I believe it was swallowed hook line and sinker by Christians/Evangelicals because they already believe in mythic fairy tales like “being saved” by one man etc. I have nothing against Christian culture whatsoever, in fact it has great value, I’d take it any day over what the Left has on offer, but supernatural assertions stroll into the realm of childlike silliness. Providence is one thing – man acting in accordance with virtue and reason, therefore expecting the best in life, but all this “praying for deliverance” is pure helpless defeatism and keeps people apathetic because it makes people feel as though they’re doing something, when they’re not.

    Patrick Byrne acted, and for that I salute him. Same goes for Sidney Powell, General Flynn and Maria Zack.

    1. In your Godless world, who gets to decide what constitutes “evil”? I hope you understand why that’s a problem.

      1. The deep state is a cuck/soy/liberal/neutered/beta/sackless/Orwellian euphemism for the New World Order, which has from the start been the nemesis of Christendom.

        Men of the world who were also men of the spirit fought it long before the secularists……..
        Commander Guy Carr comes to mind.,theorist%2C%20who%20was%20accused%20of%20being%20an%20anti-Semite.

      2. Morality and beliefs about evil predate Christianity. Greek philosophy took the topic seriously. Evil is that which is anti life and human flourishing.

  85. If you guys actually think Trump rolled over and you are just taking what Patrick is saying word for word and as fact (evenly looking back as these are written from his point of view in that time frame) the I have a bridge to sell you. Do you REALLY think that’s that? That we are accepting a stolen presidency with a lunatic who will forever ensure election outcomes that favor our communistic downfall? You don’t know Trump.

    Patrick had written previously that Flynn hadn’t seen Trump in many years. Lolololol!!!! Ummmm, no. That is just what Patrick was being told AT THE TIME.

    Threats on Trump and his family have existed prior to his presidency… this time is no different.

    Instead of taking these entries word for word, just think for a minute. Look back at Patrick’s social media entries. He admits “the storm is coming” on Jan 22nd. Just open your eyes…

    1. Although personally I don’t have much hope that Trump’s stolen Presidency can be restored, I just found this piece of advice from Trump in a speech in 2011 explaining how he had achieved success: “Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe it.” I can only wish he is planning to do this.

      And then I found this interesting article that came out today.

      Some hopium is probably good for the spirit.

      1. This quote from Pompeo is something we should do:
        “James Baker taught me that tinpot dictatorships look stable, until they’re not. Have to keep the pressure on Maduro. Appeasement will only embolden his criminal crew.”

        The Biden regime is a tinpot dictatorship. Have to keep the pressure on of exposing all the corruption and broken campaign promises and lies. Drip, drip, drip until it becomes a flood. Even his voters will be disillusioned soon enough and maybe wistfully wish for the prosperous Trump days.

  86. Thank you, Patrick. Please consider telling this story in book form and in a documentary with all allegations of ballot, voter, election, and machine fraud and supporting data provided. The American people need to know what happened. People who drink the MSM koolaide need to be enlightened. We need your help.

    Not for Trump. Not for the Republican Party. For the Republic and the American people.

    1. You need to watch Mike Lindell’s Absolute Truth documentary on Plenty of all the different kinds of fraud exposed including the Chinese hacking voting machines in real time with documentation to back it up. I’ve always thought that was the biggest bombshell of all. Unprecedented. Foreigners controlling our election.

  87. Patrick,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I hope to meet you in person some day and shake your hand to thank you.

    Your story is so infuriating. So frustrating. I can only imagine how you felt being somewhat on the inside.

    Millions of us, on the outside, did what we could. Researching, compiling and sharing information, donating time and money… all to fight against what was happening. Many will say it was all for nothing. I disagree. We learned what they did and how they did it. We should never forget.

  88. I’m looking at the Wooz News video. WTH? If she was shot in the neck, why wasn’t the flag damaged? If she was shot in the neck, why wasn’t the flag covered in blood? If she was shot in the neck, why didn’t anyone remove the flag to apply pressure? If she bled out, why does she still have color? People turn grey as they bleed out. People turn grey when they die. WTH?

    1. THIS!!!!! And those observations are just for starters. I continue to be amazed that ppl cannot see the shooting was a hoax.

  89. I strongly suspect that when all the evidence is reviewed, the cops will turn out to have done the best they could to limit the damage. There is that one cop who people claim is waving protestors onto the grounds, but to me he looks very focused on one spot. I think it more likely he was beckoning a fellow cop to joining him in falling back. That video also seems to be edted -what was cut out? The cops that walk away from a breached barrier are doing so after the breach, when it was too late to stop it.

    And the woman who was shot “unecessarily”??!! Seriously!!?? That one, entirely justified shooting probably saved many protesters/rioters, and police lives.

    And this whole “Antifa made me do it” excuse is kindergarten stuff. You _know_ who made them do it, and your own hands aren’t completely clean, either.

    1. I watched the shooting on video. See if you can find it, probably not on youtube. This was a young, small sized woman climbing through a transom over the top of an interior door. The cop — we don’t know if it was a cop — could have just shoved her back or punched her in the face. Instead he shot her point blank. First degree murder. Oh, well, maybe he will feel remorse and commit suicide.

      Go back to Twitter. Your ShareBlue friends are lonely.

      1. I meant entirely justified. She was climbing into a secure, barricaded, bulletproof area where it is believed elected representatives were sheltering from a mob, many of whom had said they were there to “hang Mike Pence”. The same mob killed a cop and injured many more. How many more did you want to die? As I said above, that one shooting probably saved a lot of other rioters lives.

  90. Excellent, if depressing, interview with White House staffer Garrett Ziegler on Monkey Werx US channel. He talks about Patrick’s visit and about the snake pit that is DC. He made a couple of good points about why Trump did what he did and the mistakes he made.

    He doesn’t think the military are in charge and doesn’t trust the Joint Chiefs. He also suggested, as many here have, that we have to get involved on the local level with the voting process. We are the majority and our votes were stolen or ignored. We need to adopt the bullying tactics of the Left!

    1. Hi Real Pam,
      I watched the interview too and I don’t see how voting local is going to do anything. Haven’t we learned about fraudulent elections by now!?!? I’m just hearing the vote cheer too much. We had poll watchers, surveillance on the computers, heck all the fraud has been documented down to the local counties, so what is getting involved in local elections going to do? How will those not get stolen?

      I don’t want people to think voting is the answer. And I’m shocked I have to write this given the essay we’ve been reading- voting didn’t work and will work less as time goes by now that there are no consequences.

      I’d like to give you and all of us patriots a solution but I’m sorry I’m struggling with that as I don’t have power, and without power it will take time.

      I like your other posts and think you contribute some great points!

      1. Voting local will definitely work if you are in a pink or red area — to purge the RINOs who are ESSENTIAL to achieving steals (see: Georgia). If you are in a blue or purple area, one avenue is to register as a pretend Dem (instead of a Rep) precinct chairman and fight for heavy reform from within the Dem wing (but really, as a Patriot and Trump supporter).

        How to get involved, see:

        And get the book:

        How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again — Daniel J. Schultz

        1. How do you purge a system through voting when voting is compromised? We’ve seen the evidence that even small counties in battleground states and down ballot fraud was taking place. So if local is important to the patriots and a key to taking the country back why would it Ngo unnoticed by the swamp?

          I’m starting to think the people telling you to fix the voting fraud by voting are in the CCP. Einstein’s definition of insanity is….

          1. “All politics is local.” People should worry about improving their own neighborhoods. We had an uptick of crime and filth from progressive policies which allowed bums to live on the sidewalks. Residents held a meeting with their city councilman. As if by magic, vagrants disappeared. Of course, they had moved on to other neighborhoods where residents were passive. It also helped that the city councilman was coming up for re-election.

            People with kids should go to school board meetings to protest the propaganda their kids are being taught.
            These people can be shamed and bullied and will back down because it’s unexpected. It shows them that we are watching.

          2. I should have been clearer: Gettinv involved in local politics CAN turn the ship around. See: FLorida. See the links I provided.

  91. This posting going to turn out to be a house of cards. Most of those videos will likely end up demonstrating the opposite of what you claim. That the people handing weapons out through windows, were rioters who had already broken in. That only person remotely connected to antifa was the sketchy self- promoter John Sullivan that neither side wants anything to do with. The rioters themselves are clear – Trump, not antifa or Pelosi told them to do it. That the video purportedly showing the cop beckoning the crowd in was edited to conceal that he was calling a fellowofficer to fall back. That any cops who opened doors did so to avoid themselves or rioters getting killed.

    We already know that the one black cop who bravely played games with rioters, was luring them away from the senate and vice president. How disingenuous of you to suggest that was “staged”. I hope you are cringing with embarrassment at that bit of wrongness. If so, I assure you, you have a lot more cringing to come!

  92. To those of you who have turned on Trump by just reading this, I have to question how you can be so sure it is all true or maybe just one person’s view? Everyone has their own interpretation of events and usually, not everyone agrees. Possibly the story all true but shouldn’t you wait to hear both sides of the story before you decide and condemn Trump? Every story has two sides! Just a thought.

    1. I’ll take a stab at this, as one who has “turned on Trump.” As politically astute as I like to imagine myself to be, in the aftermath of the stolen election, I still found myself gravitating to sources of (oh how I hate this word…) “hopium” from individuals like Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward, and from nameless anonymous sources that sure seemed to have a lot more “insider” scoop than I did. The surreal experiences of the last three months short-circuited my well-developed sense of right and wrong, fair and unfair, real and imagined, good and evil. I can’t even fathom being a politician willing to literally steal the highest office in the land and begin dictating the parameters of how millions of other people live just by signing my name to documents, knowing in my head and heart that I am not a legitimately elected president. I just couldn’t do it. Joe Biden has no problem doing it. That’s how he’s built. He’s evil on a molecular level. Chief among my beliefs as my head spun from the unbelievable nature of our situation was that Donald Trump, the street fighter, the world-class negotiator, the mogul, the alpha male, the ego on steroids, the man with the plan, the architect of the Art of the Deal, the promise maker, the top dog, the outsider, had everything under control. He was releasing just enough rope for all the bad actors to hang themselves. Even when all the outward evidence and events pointed to a puzzlingly impotent response, I was SURE that stuff going on behind the scenes that I didn’t yet need to know about, was going to lead to ultimate vindication, justice and victory! And I waited in excited anticipation to see signs of “the plan” being implemented…the “kraken” being released…the “storm hitting. And each time, anticipation gave way to disappointment, leading to LESS faith in the next anticipated event. Kept waiting for the Emergency Broadcast System on my phone to sound the alarm, followed by Mr. Trump announcing that the military had arrested all the players in the Deep State, including Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, both Clintons, Rice, Biden, et al. I was going to run to the TV and watch the live coverage of the mass perp walk. But my phone never buzzed. The next thing I knew, Donald Trump was wishing us well, wishing the “next administration” good luck, and was winging his way back to his pre-swamp fabulous life in sunny Florida where he can pretend the last four years of sweet misery never happened. This wasn’t the script I thought we were following. This isn’t supposed to happen in America. We’re supposed to pick our leaders, not have them brutally thrust upon us against our will. And thanks to Patrick Byrne, we got to have some of our unanswered questions answered. We got to eavesdrop on the chaos at the top. My whole world view has changed in just a few short months. And I can’t help but think that Trump had from November 3 to January 20 to assemble a team to prove what tens of millions of us already knew. Plenty of time. He had tremendous power as President. He had good people like Patrick and Sidney there to guide the steps that needed to be taken. And Donald and Melania flew back to Florida. I can’t imagine any scenario that now puts them back in the White House, or puts our nation back on a moral trajectory. They’ve let too much time go by. It would have been much easier for them to prevent the steal than to overturn it. These are smart people. They knew all of this and more, and made their choice. To me, the betrayal is unforgivable.

  93. “The Central Intelligence Agency openly protected Chinese efforts to undermine American institutions. CIA management bullied intelligence analysts to alter their assessment of Chinese influence and interference in our political process so it wouldn’t be used to support policies they disagreed with—Trump’s policies. It’s no wonder that protecting America is not CIA management’s most urgent equity—the technology that stores the agency’s information is run by Amazon Web Services, owned by China’s No. 1 American distributor, Jeff Bezos.”
    —Lee Smith “The Thirty Tyrants”.

    Mr Byrne,

    Please read Smith’s analysis…… you’ll see what Ratcliffe knew……… the stolen election is the beginning of the end of America, unless it can be completely exposed and restored to We the People.

  94. Patrick, you write “The Unspeakable” (title of truth and why they murdered JFK).
    My God, we are now in the gap, in between past and present, curtains down, clarity and recognition you and General Flynn and Sidney went above beyond and nuclear to save our Nation. Answers lead to more questions. In the end it was a bridge too far for PDJT, they I mean DCEliteCabal had blown it up. I’m grateful to you forever. God Bless

  95. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I would advise Trump to release all the blackmail material on all the politicians who opposed him. You know he has it all. Especially the pedophilia. Then most if not all of them will be voted out and/or arrested. Even serial murderers consider pedophiles the scum of the earth.

    1. I would place more bets on pedophilia becoming normalized.
      My horrible fear is that the pedo hunter part of Q is really a way to desensitize people to talking about pedophilia, under the guise of condemning or hunting it…and talking about it repeatedly normalizes it…
      I have always wondered why Trump supporters called themselves “pedes”…there is an explanation involving a centipede, but I wonder if that isn’t just a cover story.

      1. lila, the term pedophilia should be revisited. if you call a 15 yo (usu girl) a child,… that’s one thing. but from the developmental perspective that is when your and my grandfathers and grandmothers used to bear progeny.

        you do know that a guy who “scores” when 15 complains only of his palm swelling the next day, dont you? from too much high fivining.

        there had to be some cut off age, but putting it @ 18 is absolutely plain stupid. there is zero justification to put a man behind bars for doing what is natural. ask any normal man if a 17 yo beauty is physically attractive.

        and yes, this is an anonymous forum. and i am 100 % not interested in ladies under 24 or so… but ot follow the media narrative… and avoid science is plain stupid.

        1. You forgot that people died a lot younger in ‘olden days’, too.

          Being able to physically procreate at a young age doesn’t mean a boy or girl is emotionally mature. We have seen enough news stories about much older men and women preying on teens. It messes them up mentally. Let kids date their own age as there is less chance of exploitation.

      2. I disagree. Most people, including me, thought pedophilia was the aberrant behavior of a few, just like incest. Q wanted us to know it is more widespread than anyone knew. I fail to see how hiding this information benefits anyone except pedophiles who can operate in the shadows. Should we not discuss rape because it normalizes rape? These taboos are finally seeing the light of day. The Trump administration was behind record arrests of child traffickers and pedo rings.

        However, I do agree that some people see pedos behind every tree and in every innocent interaction with a child. That is damaging.

        I’ve never even heard Trump supporters called pedes! I’ve never seen or heard that word, period. Are you sure you don’t mean Pepe (the Frog)?

  96. Thanks Patrick for all you did. Snowballsbbmj “The Dendreon Effect”
    Sad to say, China now owns the first immune therapy for humans, Provenge.
    Criminals won that round. They did the same with this election. Best wishes,
    and thanks for shining the light. Maybe enough people will start to see. Snow

  97. Patrick,
    It’s been a long and titanic struggle since 2004.
    Be careful of things you post that you haven’t vetted very, very carefully.
    Be careful of how you state things. Don’t be pressed to publish too much too fast. If something isn’t right, they will attack.
    Defamation traps abound. You know that.
    You have a target on your back and with any misstep, your vulnerability to a greater strike increases. Don’t fight fire with fire, although it might be a temptation.
    Pray, even if you don’t believe. You need it.

    1. If praying worked, I would have won the lottery by now. Praying to a God that may or may not exist, but probably doesn’t, is not going to solve this problem. Any God worth praying to would not have allowed someone like Joe Biden to have been born in the first place, let alone steal a nation’s presidency simply for the purpose of destroying it with his pen. These are real-world problems that require real-world solutions.

      1. Prayer is not mental focus to get what you want. That’s mind power.

        God is not the guy who gives us the stuff we want when we ask for it.
        That’s Santa.

        The real world was created by God and presumably he knows more than we do about it.

        Prayer and hiring cyber ninjas are not mutually exclusive.

        I wasn’t suggesting prayer to fix the election fraud.
        I was suggesting prayer to fix us so we don’t become like the thing we fight. Monsters, abysses…you know.

        Nietzsche isn’t especially famous for being an atheist….

        1. Prayer is whatever someone thinks it is. I happen to think it’s talking to yourself out loud. God, again, is whatever anyone perceives he/she/it to be. You have never met, seen, or heard God. All you know of God is what other mortal beings have taught you. And which God you believe in is largely determined by which geographic location you’re born in. Not everyone believes the real world is created by God. If it’s true, he’s not a terribly effective designer, considering some of the monumental horrors perpetrated by his star creations over the millennia. As for using prayer to fix US, you may have a point there. I’m not convinced prayer HELPS, but I also don’t think it hurts.

          1. Thank you Lisa. You ARE my sister. In Christ. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t bother about an election that is only more dramatically and obviously controlled than previous ones.

            This is about much more than an election, Trump, capitalism, or even the American republic, which died a LONG WHILE BACK, although people don’t realize it.

            We are all scattered now, without shelter, under a gaze, blank and pitiless as the sun…

  98. Discovering your writings on how Trump surrendered his job to a criminal, Patrick, I’ve been watching some interviews and speeches of yours. You are an impressive guy, to say the least. The personal obstacles you’ve faced alone would be enough to make many of us hide in the shadows waiting for a merciful death. I was particularly interested in your Kibbe on Liberty interview talking about how Obama set in motion many of the events we’re all having to endure right now. Obama and his minions planted the seeds for this nation’s destruction as much, if not more than any previous dirty administration. Trump clearly should have – on day ONE – fired any Obama holdover that he had the authority to fire. The remnants of that affirmative action hire of a president were a malignant tumor on the Trump/MAGA agenda. I have no doubt Donald Trump knows things about Obama that, were he to make them public and press the issue, would put Obama, at the very least, behind bars for life.

    As for the big question, “what do we do now?” I get that many believe getting involved at the local level is a start. The timeline is the problem. The best-case scenario is that good people manage to get elected to school boards, councils, boards of supervisors, legislatures. That takes time. It’s a slow-moving train. The decisions that are turning our nation into something unrecognizable are happening at a much higher level and at a rapid pace. State legislatures are ridiculously worthless. They consist of dueling tribes, each convinced the other is nuts and crooks. You may go there thinking you’re going to rock the place and drain the swamp, but you end up becoming another comfortably numb cog in the machine, just happy to have a good-paying job with great benefits and a little celebrity prestige. Plus, our election systems don’t appear terribly trustworthy. Expecting anyone to fix the system without a lot of pushback is like continuously staring at a pig waiting for it to bark.

    Did Trump surrender because of a dirty nuke threat or because he was sure he’d be assassinated? I doubt it. If he did, shame on him. His duty is to his country. He swore an oath. If the deep state is really THAT powerful or diabolical, then we don’t have a country anyway, so a President must have the courage to face such threats head-on. Reagan didn’t quit even AFTER he got shot. We have to choose between the specter of a dirty nuke or living under an asshole like Biden’s thumb? Some choice. If Trump was threatened, he should have held a press conference and named names. He should never have let the bastards scare him away. His surrendering because he fears shedding his blood for his country dishonors the millions of men and women who have done so before him, and the many who are likely to shed blood BECAUSE of his surrender. His trolling detractors used to refer to him as President Bone Spurs. Did they judge him correctly?

    If all the current chatter about “the storm” and “the plan” (that is STILL going on, though the date of its implementation keeps getting changed….) turns out to be just that – chatter, we are left with very few good clean painless options. I don’t think any of us just want to shrug and say, “oh well, I guess this is just the way it is now…have to learn to live with it and get used to a ‘new normal’. I don’t think any of us will EVER stop saying that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are two criminals who did NOT win the election. Yet, there they are, sitting with their criminal asses in the top two jobs in our government, being fawned over by the drooling lying DNC stenographers occupying the spaces where newsrooms used to be. If we’re going to right this obvious wrong and get RID of them, it’s going to take organization and planning. It’s going to take leadership and a chain of command. It’s going to take courage and time. It may require sacrifice. It may even require dying for the cause. Who, in this day and age, is willing to do that? Die for their country? If we did take up arms, who would we be shooting at? Who would be shooting back? Whose side would the military be on? Whose side would other countries, our allies, be on? A bloody prolonged revolution to regain our rightful place in the leadership of our government is terribly unappealing and isn’t automatically necessary. We have other options. We don’t have to just learn to accept a fraudulently installed President.

  99. Pat, please do a piece with Pillow guy. His video is awesome, but us data guys gotta see the details of his IP addresses which I have yet to see. EG, what command do the logs says happened upon each login. Was it sqlite3 db change? or what?

  100. Can we not forget that Patrick used to run ops for the FBI. What I am saying is, that there is a method to the madness and information left out, that might skew the picture. I am not suggesting that these fantastic articles are misleading or disinformation. However, they may be a means to an end; That’s all I am saying.

    1. Many don’t know that Trump helped the FBI arrest a lot of mafia in NYC and Atlantic City. I believe that is when he and Rudy became friends. So if you think there is “a method to the madness and information left out” in Patrick’s story because he was an FBI asset, remember that fact.

      If Trump is weak and a coward why are the Dems and elites trying to destroy him, his family and their business? What are they afraid of? Why does his silence unnerve them? Think logically.

  101. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for sharing these details with us. I only have one question. When you, Sidney and General Flynn had your impromptu meeting with the President, did any of you ever ask him, “Why Rudy? Why does it have to be Rudy?” Just wondering. Thank you again.

  102. Please re-check your information on Ratcliffe. I believe he didn’t receive the documentation when he was supposed to. He was on Maria Bartiroma (on Dec 6th) saying “we’ll see who is in what seats and whether there is a Biden administration” (I have it recorded on my phone in case it disappeared) – I believe he was one of the good guys.

    [Ratcliffe claimed that he had not wanted to deliver the report any earlier because it would have “politicized” the Constitutional process of selecting the next president that was then occuring. He was another DC Republican concerned about “optics”.] <- Durham said that – I think.

  103. Thank you for part 5 Patrick, an interesting, sad read.
    Since 2016 the democrats and the left have been in overdrive, then in 2020 they escalated the violence intent to divide the country. Maybe this is bigger than just the USA. We experience the same here in Australia although not yet on the same level but BML and ANTIFA are active here and our unions are thugs, the far left greens seem to support antifa. The media are spokes people for the left in most cases. Although I havent watched the news for five years so that may have changed but I doubt it.
    My guess is the UK also experiences the same thing.
    Anyway I think this is bigger than DJT, he needed to be out of the way to let what ever plan “they” have, to continue on. I think we are seeing the beginning now, no services unless you have vaccination cert. I wonder if they are keeping DNA results from PCR tests. It wouldnt take much to tie them together. Then maybe implement a digital currency that is tied to biometrics. Pretty sure that would be a Bill Gates wet dream. Already our PM has spouted the “Build Better Bigger” ecconomic forums catch cry.
    So glad I live in the bush.

  104. The shooting of that woman was so _obviously_ a FF that one’s doubt-meter needle never inched above zero for even a fraction of a second. The establishment has conducted so many of them that many living men and women are immune to them. They can take their BBB and shove it, and, no, one is not referring to “Build Back Better”, one is referring to their means of control of “public” “servants”: Bribed, Blackmailed or Brainwashed.

  105. How is it that I thought I was so plugged into what’s happening in election fraud and didn’t realize that HBO, of all places, has produced a documentary – Kill Chain – about how ridiculously easy it is to hack voting machines and manipulate data? I learned this thanks to Patrick Byrne’s posts about it elsewhere on this site. As I stare at a mountain of evidence that’s already been presented that they cheated Trump out of his re-election, it turns out there are more mountains.

  106. So essentially our votes do not matter. The Deep State now has total and complete control of America. They will cheat to win. No point in ever voting again because meh 😒 our votes simply do not matter. We couldn’t vote them out if we tried. I honestly believe we kept not just the White House but the Senate AND the House. And that many are still in office only because of election & voter fraud. America has finally fallen. It was always about infiltration not invasion & that infiltration and subversion of America began in early 1900’s w/Rothschilds sending Paul Warburg and others over to create The Establishment and to get ‘progressivism’ starting, which became liberalism which is now openly Marxism. The Deep State is so entrenched in all areas that it probably can’t truly be defeated. We are too divided. Just as they’ve planned. A house (nation) divided cannot stand.

  107. Patrick, your story explains a lot. Thank you. If we’re lucky, someone capable will try to pick up the pieces. That someone should not be President Trump. Whoever it is, I hope you and General Flynn will be involved.

  108. Dear Patrick,
    Thank you for a fascinating account of the circumstances surrounding the fall of President Trump. At the end of the day, it is the Lord God who raises kings up, and who removes them. Daniel 2.21. Surely judgment has come to this once great land.

  109. Thank you, Patrick. I believe that had Trump tried to follow through with your recommendation, the states involved wouldn’t have allowed the national guard to be used that way and/or the House would have impeached him and the Senate convicted him for being a dictator. The uni-party wanted him out. The election was rigged by Dems and China, Repubs in on it. Good idea in every way except how it would be played politically.

    P.S. You are right on about bureaucrats

  110. Re: The video–For those with 21 minutes to spare, I suggest watching this mini-documentary:

    I urge you to take this rubbish down.

    The maker has got to be related to the video sleuths who helped us analyze all the co-conspirators at the Boston Bombing.

  111. Trump is one person. All of these elected and appointed officials took oaths of office. Point the finger at the governors and secretaries of state for their crimes. Georgia – it is on tape. Pennsylvania and Michigan – yikes. No state investigation or prosecution. In Illinois, Gov. Ryan (and former SOS) did get prosecuted and did 6 years. The 2020 criminality was at the state level (but probably planned at the national level by Democratic operatives). Why isn’t Ruby Freeman arrested in Georgia? The State Farm convention center tapes show the criminality. She admits rescanning ballots. She would sing like a canary.

    Bill Barr is a traitor.

  112. The bottom line — The outsider named Donald J. Trump, exposed the deep state & media.
    So, they destroyed him!

    The end.

  113. Okay, I watched only a bit of the supposed 21 minute “documentary” Patrick posted last in his article, and it was enough to see it is complete BS.

    FIrst of all, any “documentary” that has a driving beat for its soundtrack clearly doesn’t stand on it’s merits and needs to rely on psychological tricks to try to convince people.

    They have one person claiming he was paid to act as a protestor. You know usually who pays people to act as protestors? The organizers (ie. Pro-Trump people) who want the rally to be larger.

    There is some unknown woman claiming that there were people calling the shots who might have been fake, or stage directors, but they include a clip of “bullhorn/pinkhat lady” who turns out to be legit Trump and QAnon fan. Not antifa, not paid and not fake.

    They refer to the Capitol riot as a “simulated riot” and show a security training manual for teaching riot control in a simulated setting, that describes various parts are to be played. Yeah – a simulation is a training exercise, that helps you learn how to deal with the real thing. At a simulation, which probably some of you have participated in for your own schooling or work training you have actors and trainers and trainees playing roles – duh! You don’t wait until there is a real riot to teach people riot control! This was a REAL riot, not a simulation.

    But of course there is a furious effort to pretend it didn’t happen or that the hundreds of Trump supporters who broke into the capitol were the victims. Right…

    Never mind all the rioters who bragged ahead of time or during the riot, that they were going to “storm” the capitol or hang Mike Pence – that’s gotta be a leftie lie right?

    Nope, It’s Bart Simpson “I didn’t do it!!” or “Antifa made me do it”. It’s pathetic. The documentary is trash.

    Patrick says he’s “‘undecided’, lol”.

    Well, at least he got the “lol” part right.

    1. RoberG:
      I wonder about folks like you – you think you are going to influence anyone here ? Your second paragraph gives it away. (Actually, your use of the word “supposed” in the first sentence gives it away ;))

      I presume you voted Biden ? 🙂

      ps. Lest you dont understand from the above, I think Biden would be intellectually challenged (and most likely unable) to light a candle, poor chap ! 🙂

      1. I don’t see why I wouldn’t influence people here if I present reasoned arguments. There’s actually a lot of dissent in these threads – people now wondering if Trump sold them out or even was a deep state candidate himself, or if Patrick is somehow stringing them along, so yes I think people are open to new ideas. I’m simply trying to challenge what I think are false claims and beliefs.

        I’m actually surprised you reacted to my use of “supposed” in describing that documentary. Even if you are a fan of Trump, I would hope you would equally and critically appraise both propaganda against him, and propaganda for him. The documentary is very poor quality propaganda. As I point out, the fact that police have a training program involving simulated riots, is completely normal and there is nothing suspicious about it. Health care workers who learn CPR on dummies, pilots who train on a computer flight simulator (yes “simulator”), soldiers who learn with video games, and so on, are all learning a skill in the not-real world, that will help them manage in the real world, with less chance of catastrophic errors. So police learn riot control tactics in simulated riots involving actors and coordinators and so on, to try to prepare them for real situations – not to train them to do more simulations!

        Yet right at the start, the video announces that the riot is a simulation, and goes through the manual as it if is something sinister and hidden. The video dentifies so-called actors with no proof that they are actors. And even that one guy who confesses he is a paid protester – there’s no mention of who paid him or why, or even if he’s talking about Jan 6 – that video could be years old for all we know. A real documentary film maker would have told us who the guy is and who paid him to do what, exactly. Was he paid to storm the capitol, or just bulk up the march to make it look like Trump has more support than he does? And they imply “pink hat/bullhorn lady” was some kind of fake organizer, when in fact she is an identified – and arrested – Q-Anon and Trump supporter, Rachel Powell. So that part was clearly fakery by the filmmaker, not the deep state.

        And all the dialogue about “medic” and other nicknamed rioters seeming to pick something off the floor, or taking one glove off, or tapping someone on the back, is meaningless. Honestly, did you actually understand what he was saying, or did it just sound like he must be on to something, reinforced by the dramatic music – because to me it sounded like nonsense, reinforced by the dramatic music.

        And Ashli Babbit is a real person who is really dead. I suspect the family might sue him, although maybe not if they just want put this all behind them, or not have her essentially dragged through the mud for her role in this. She was a veteran, a Trump supporter, has past charges for violence, and is dead. You heard it here, and you will again.

        I think any echo chamber ought to have a few naysayers to give an alternate view. I’m actually not in the US so didn’t vote for Biden. I’m quite disappointed they didn’t have better candidates, but I would have voted for him over Trump if I were eligible I would have preferred Bernie or Warren, as they would actually work for financial reforms to protect you from corporate hegemony.

        I first came to Deep Capture years ago and was greatly impressed by Patrick’s anti-naked short campaign, but honestly I think he is coasting on past laurels. His analysis of the Swedish response to the pandemic was quite flawed for example, as I point out elsewhere. Their second wave isn’t larger than their first, only because their first wave was massive, and multiple times the size of other Scandinavian countries, and I doubted his assertion that their death rate has dropped to zero, and it took 2 minutes to learn that they report their deaths to WHO 2-3 days after they happen, so that the last 2 days are always falsely reported as zero, and then corrected as the actual information comes in, much like the counting and reporting of legally mailed ballots.

        Anyway, this is all intended in the spirit of honest and open debate.


        1. Thanks for your response, RoberG.

          I was curious of your motives, and you state it clearly…you *would* like to change peoples opinions through reasoned civil debate…
          Excellent !

          The marketplace of ideas and independant, free thinking is free and open to all.

          I disagree with many of your conclusions, (including your analysis of the Covid in Sweden), but that shouldnt stop us from having civil debates.

          And of course , i disagree with your “central” conclusion that there was no fraud in nov 2020.

          Patrick turned out to be right on Naked short selling….it took several years for it to become clear (and it STILL has not been cleaned up).

          It will take years for the general public (yourself included) to see the fraud of 2020.

          I say that not because i think Patrick’s reasoning is perfect, or what i blindly follow/agree with, but because too many elements that i have independantly analysed seem to be pointing in that direction.

          In fact, if I had the time and the money yhat Patrick does( but i dont ::( (yet ? ;))..although i have been building my business these two decades now)….but i digress 😉

          Anyway, in that scenario outlined in the preceding paragraph, i would have created my own site and laid out my reasoning for all the world to see.

          Obviously, one short comment will not suffice (and I have neither the time nor inclination to write longer comments than this one) – so I will take your leave for now.

          It is late at night, and I must get a good nights sleep/ready for work even though it is Sunday tomorrow.

          Good luck and keep your mind open (unless you think you already know it all ;))

          Cheers and best wishes,

  114. Pat, you eschew violence and yet the following exchange, corroborated by several witnesses, occurred in your first meeting with Trump: Then Byrne chimed in: “There are guys with big guns and badges who can get these things.” Herschmann couldn’t believe it. “What are you, three years old?” he asked.

    1. corroborated by the fake news?


      fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice. and get caught on a video? shows that you are a moron!

      not my president!

  115. I am not an American – I am in a *s**t hole country – and I’m not sure I like Americans a whole lot.

    But no matter how what I feel or felt, America was EXCEPTIONAL and DJT was clearly vested in bringing back that star power back to the USA.

    This steal – IN BROAD DAYLIGHT – has made a mockery out of American Exceptionalism and I cannot express how sad it makes me. I’ve given up on my country, but even in my “dislike”, America was a beacon of hope, a bellwether.

    Now, I feel a deep sadness at what has happened for Americans but also for the rest of the world. If this travesty can happen in America, the Land of the Free, what hope for the rest us?

    That said DJT is not a giver-upper and I remain tentatively hopeful.

    Thank you, Patrick for all that you did and all that you do.

  116. I am not an American – I am in a *s**t hole country – and I’m not sure I like Americans a whole lot.

    But no matter how what I feel or felt, America was EXCEPTIONAL and DJT was clearly vested in bringing back that star power back to the USA.

    This steal – IN BROAD DAYLIGHT – has made a mockery out of American Exceptionalism and I cannot express how sad it makes me. I’ve given up on my country, but even in my “dislike”, America was a beacon of hope, a bellwether.

    Now, I feel a deep sadness at what has happened for Americans but also for the rest of the world. If this travesty can happen in America, the Land of the Free, what hope for the rest us?

    That said DJT is not a giver-upper and I remain tentatively hopeful.

    Thank you, Patrick for all that you did and all that you do.

  117. Thank you, Patrick, for your astonishing, inside account that echoes a Shakespearian tragedy or a compilation of them. Your efforts at the time also deserve tremendous praise.

    Kelley Eidem

  118. DJT did not lose the White House, the DNC stole it. Now we have our first illegitimate President with Alzheimers.

  119. Patrick, thank you for the reports. The pages should be put into history books so a future society won’t be doomed the ours was.

    I feel the frustration. Trump allowed his lawyers to scare him away from saving our republic. I’ll say what you were too kind to say: Trump committed and epic blunder.

  120. Someone asked how DJT could have been so fooled to let Nov 4-Jan 20 go by without taking effective action. I have one idea. Remember at the beginning (early 2017) when Rudi wanted to be Secretary of State and would take nothing else. Ivanka and Jared were reported to have objected that he did not have the energy for the job–maybe a tactful way of saying what Patrick Byrne observed. Knowing Rudi for so long in his superpower years, DJT did not have the perspective to see what others saw.

  121. Too many moving pieces. The videos in this story line display fractional anomalies injected by the Dominion Systems software, but then we talk about fake ballots… Which is it? I’ve also seen the CNN videos where 20,000 votes are removed from Trump and assigned to Biden after a single update/refresh. How are votes totals subtracted from a candidate? None of this was ever investigated and Trumps team seemed to be part of the problem. Now Patrick is mysteriously under investigation by the SEC. Well, America was screwed long before Trump came into office, now at least they’ve opened the proverbial komona and let anyone with critical thinking skills see just how corrupt Washington DC is. We need the States to start taking power back as the Federal Government is a closed and secret society that cares nothing about this country or its citizens..

  122. …bureaucrats measure their output within the paradigm of thwarting other factions, not in anything that normal people would count as “accomplishment.” The absolute best description of how DC works. A powerful statement, honored to have read it.

  123. Pingback: Auribus Arrectis
  124. I think it is too late. We didn’t get an investigation, because the DC people are too corrupt. They don’t make the news, they make up the news. The only way to save the intact nation is for someone to clean house and come in with 100,000 people who have never been in DC. Shut it down. Problem is, the people there are like stage 4 cancer. Anyone with 2 braincells knows there were 15 million too many ballots minimum and ballots were manufactured, not with live people, but with names off voter rolls.
    Trump had the wrong people, namely because finding the right people would require going through 50,000 DC people to find 10 honest ones. Hard enough to find a lawyer you can trust, but in DC, it is hard to find one that isn’t going to back stab you while they loot you. Look what happened to General Flynn. Had that law firm been a home remodeler, they would have put the whole crew in prison and cleaned out their accounts.

    America needs to ditch this USA nonsense. The USA is cooked, because it is being run by corrupt people. Look how the DNC rigged 2 straight nominations to put in low character crooks. Look how they whitewashed election fraud a tinhorn would be embarrassed to have to employ. Is the IQ of the US public so low they buy this crap? Time to break it up to save the country, to steal one from the destroy the village to save it quote.

  125. Utah let John Sullivan out of jail twice. Back in July he organized a BLM protest in Provo, everyone that came was from out of town.
    An older man was shot in his truck on his way to Home Depot through his window trying to make a right turn.
    His bail was $7000 that is the sort of bail for shoplifting.
    Then let out again after Jan 6th in two days.
    things that make you say……..Mittens!

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  127. John Earle Sullivan has decided he is going to wear makeup and change pronouns. She still has he channel on YouTube. She was for Kyle being found not guilty. They seized the money he made. Though I wonder if she is honestly choosing her new found identity or if it is a clever ploy to avoid charges. Time will tell. I wonder if they seized Jade Slacker’s money she made too. The Alexander gentlemen that was part of “stop the steal” is suing Poleosi.

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