WATCH: Feds Launch Violent Coup Against the People

The Stupids Go Full Goon-Coup

A violent coup is being planned by goons in our federal government and the ShutDownDC organization. Their cabal has been infiltrated by pro-freedom forces. Behold two videos of the goons planning sedition. I am not entirely sure which is scarier: their sedition, or the realization that these room-temperature IQs are federal employees. Decide for yourself:



SS2384 Seditious conspiracy – If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, putdown, or destroy by force the government of the US, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each by fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

    1. The anti-American Stupids call a Hail Mary with their historical criminal legacies on the line. Appreciate your never-ending commitment for humanity! Patriots FTW Dr. Byrne 🇺🇲♥️✌️

      1. Wow! Hope that the President and his team will continue to work with you guys. Thank you so much for taking a stand and helping to save our elections and our country. I will let others know about your site. If there is anything that I can do, pls let me know.

  1. I simply cannot express how this feels, but it most compares to the day Snowden revealed that our worst fears were confirmed—or worse—and to the opportunistic response to 9/11. It makes me think libertarians have been cynical for all the right reasons, about just pretty much everything, including Cov1984.

  2. Yes I agree that the Rebublicans who are doing everything in their power to stop people from voting should be put in prison.

    1. Scary times I live in Georgia my wife received 5 ballots in the mail but votered in person…criminal what Pelosi did with ballots…millions sent…wonder how many Stacy Sorros Abrams…

      1. So what now? I feel so helpless. It’s been an uphill battle from 2016 to present. How can we, the Constitution loving Americans battle and win to keep the America we love? So sad what has become of our country.

    2. Republicans are stopping people from voting? What the F*&$ are you talking about? Typical leftist bullshit. Let me try to apply leftist logic, (if you can call it that), here and see if I can make any sense of this. I’m assuming you are referring to Trump’s stance on mail in voting being ripe for fraud and that the Democrats will likely take advantage of the opportunity to steal the election, so mail in ballots should not be used. Am I right? So in your mind this is converted into Republicans are trying to stop people from voting? I have no idea how one would arrive at that conclusion unless their mind was rot with bias or suffering from TDS. Either way it is rather insane. It isn’t hard to comprehend as it is rather straight forward. It isn’t ambiguous in any way. As it turns out Trump was 100% correct in what he said about mail in ballots. They are ripe with fraud and the Democrats did use them to try and steal the election. Those statements are now fact and any one who says differently is in denial.

      Personally I believe that anyone who engages in voter fraud or election tampering deserves to serve a long prison sentence no matter what political affiliation they have. So if any Republicans are found to have committed any such shenanigans, lock em up. It certainly won’t hurt my feelings but then again my brain isn’t rot with bias or TDS. I don’t have any party affiliation and that lets me see things more objectively. What I see is the left protesting (rioting) by burning things down, causing mayhem, assaulting innocent people, looting businesses and basically being over all shit heads. Those supporters of Trump on the other hand are peaceful, nonviolent, engaging, tolerant and don’t damage anything. Hell they even pick up the trash when they are done. Soooo…..

      1. A shit ton? What are you talking about. How many cops who beat the shit out of peaceful protesters have been arrested?

  3. WOW, This is scary and I hope that Bill Barr has this info and ALL these misguided people will be exposed and convicted of TREASON! She said it is a…”COUP”!!! They are teach people how to hide that fact…JAIL TIME COMING!!!!!
    I can’t even fathom that these people who are born in the United States and have benefited from that fact would consider being part of a GOVERMENT TAKE OVER…I am having a hard time believing that they really want a “ONE WORLD GOVERMENT” and hand the USA over to CHINA…eek…
    We need the MILITARY to step in and STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!!!
    Thank you Patrick for your spreading this! God Bless You!

  4. Someone please point me to any part of these videos that shows them conspiring to fix the vote or initiate a coup. All I see so far is unsubstantiated bullshit. I’m trying to get away from the liberal narrative but most of the narrative on the right is hyperbolic speculation. The right will believe anything conspiratorial, and the left keeps burying their heads in the sand. Truth is somewhere in between.

    1. What it shows is a group of government employees, paid for by the tax payer, conspiring to abuse their positions in government to obfuscate their duties. They are activists with a very leftist agenda that are acting illegally to forward their leftist agenda. That one dumbass in the first video goes as far as to implicate himself in leaking documents to the press that may or may not even be real. They are planning to use bureaucracy to impede what ever it is they are personally opposed to regardless of whether it is proper and inline with the Constitution. These people need to be removed from their jobs and not allowed to work in government again. So if the right believes in conspiracies that’s because this is a conspiracy in it’s simplest terms. It is conspiracy 101.

  5. i am 66 years old. I quite watching major media news a long time ago. My first Republican vote was for Ronald Reagan’s second term. In the early 80’s the midwest was in a depression. I watched Reagan return to fundamental American values and turn the economy around. Trump was Reagan on steroids his first term. There is no way he lost this election. America, we can’t go on not trusting our elections. It will take this country down.

  6. All I can say is I see no action from Barr and the DOJ on a any obvious crimes committed, Russian gate, Obama gate, Biden’s Ukrainian quid pro quo! , etc etc and now this .. so much sedition from top down !!! And treason! Nothing is ever done , Deep state too powerful, time for Trump to call marshal law with our military force and have a complete reset of are republic. Let the military tribunals begin and the liberty tree branch’s be used!!!!!

  7. Re: HSBC China bank bought the Dominion patents…. James Comey was/is on the Board of directors in that bank. I’m not sure if Trump lawyers are aware of that.

  8. Any clue where Barr, Wray and Haspell are? I was banking on Barr being one of the white hats, but I’m getting an uneasy feeling about where his loyalty lies. Your thoughts, Mr. Byrne?

  9. I have read several execution lists in the last 12 months, and Joe Buden and his son Hunter are on them, execution for treason and crimes against humanity (children). If you compare ohotos of Joe Biden in 2016 compared to 2020, it is a different person. I think Biden is replaced by a Clone or a Double. In either case, Clones and Doubles cannot legally hold office.

  10. God help us. Blatant traitorous acts surround us. The majority of our gov is selfish and treasonous. IMHO We the People MUST rise up. There is no time left for talk. It is unfortunate that while these people were planning their dirty deeds, many Patriots are plagued with defeatist attitudes. SMH ty for all you have done Patrick and co! God bless POTUS & Family, God bless America! God IS the only way out of this mess.

  11. Why do they all look like lonely ugly people needing relevance in there life. No one loves you so let’s join the other leftists morons to subvert the American people cause you know better. Sad

    1. Even scarier, look up the Transition Integrity Project; and the subject of Jeffrey Toobin’s infamous Zoom meeting.

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