Bloomberg TV's Special Report "Phantom Shares" (later nominated for an Emmy for Investigative Journalism)

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:43 pm
Post subject: Bloomberg Television


Bloomberg Television has produced a shocking 25 minute exposé showing how Wall Street rogues are exploiting a crack in the system to steal tens of billions of dollars from Americans. The Bloomberg piece starts by talking about Overstock (I make a brief appearance, as a guy just trying to be a good citizen), but goes on to describe a wildly illegal scheme that hurts thousands of companies and millions of Americans with stock accounts. This may turn into a financial scandal that makes Enron look like a Sunday picnic.

Bloomberg News is arguably the most highly-regarded and trustworthy news service in the US. Please tune in to Bloomberg Television today, Friday April 6, at 11 AM ET or 4 PM ET (or simply watch it online at


Patrick (Humble CEO)

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