We’re #4 in the USA

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 6:11 am
Post subject: We’re #4 in the USA

Dear Overstock Client,

To me the brands of Nordstrom, L. L. Bean, and yes, even our competitor Amazon, stand for great customer service. They execute beautifully, and as a result their brands enjoy great awareness and loyalty from the public. Overstock now joins their ranks in setting the gold standard for customer service.The National Retail Federation and American Express recently conducted a study to determine which retailers in the nation, large or small, internet or brick-and-mortar, give the best customer service. Today they released their results: Overstock came in #4, beating over a hundred other retailers and trailing only Nordstrom, L. L. Bean, and (grimace) Amazon.

Overstock strives to create a flawless shopping experience. To us, that means offering low prices on a vast range of high quality products, processing and delivering your orders quickly, and wrapping it all up with fanatic attention to customer service. Your feedback is gold to us, so much so that our Customer Care department is boss to the entire company. Since we adopted this paradigm all of our internal measures show that we have indeed developed great customer satisfaction. But it is nice when the NRF and American Express say it too.

A year ago we did not score in the top 55. This year we reached #4. We are, of course, gunning for #1.

Your humble servant,

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