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The Global Bust-Out Series (Chapter 5): Monzer al-Kassar, Model Citizen

Meet Monzer al-Kassar: global terrorist, narcotics kingpin, mobster, killer, mercenary, financial criminal, intelligence agent, and prominent oligarch known as "The Prince of Marbella" (his Marbella mansion pictured above).
Mark Mitchell
42 min read

Wall Street Journal Reports that Short Selling Fueled Panic

A Wall Street Journal shows that short selling fueled financial panic. But the story is much bigger than that.
Mark Mitchell
6 min read

Email Illuminates “Deep Capture” of the SEC

By some quirk of human psychology, it remains difficult for a certain segment of the population to accept the “deep capture” thesis – the notion that our nation’s regulatory bodies and parts of our...
Mark Mitchell
4 min read

The Naked Short Selling That Toppled Wall Street

The Wall Street Journal stated in a lead editorial last week that the SEC was “reasonable” to “clamp down” on naked short selling. Well, that was progress of sorts, though one wonders how it...
Mark Mitchell
12 min read