Gary Weiss, Psychopath & Scaramouch (Portfolio Magazine)

Summary – For over 10 years Gary Weiss (once a reporter with BusinessWeek, and recently, a columnist with Forbes) has been posting under fake names to confuse, distort, and hijack Usenet groups, stock message...
Patrick Byrne
17 min read

Fortune Magazine Stonewalls Exposure of Bethany McLean Perfidy

Summary – This post contains two emails I sent Fortune Magazine regarding Deep Capture’s work documenting an inappropriate relationship between journalist Bethany McLean and hedge fund Rocker Partners. If after reading this you agree...
Patrick Byrne
4 min read

Hedge Funds to Non-Cancer Patients: “You also die.”

Stock manipulators think not just cancer patients can die to pay for ski trips to Gstaad. They also think those suffering from various pulmonary and blood diseases can die, too. InterMune, Inc., is a California...
Patrick Byrne
50 sec read

Hedge Funds to Cancer Patients: “Die.”

Dendreon Corp. is a Seattle, Washington-based biotech company that researches treatments for cancer. Their approach is novel in its dirty work is done by reprogramming the body’s monoclonal antibodies (I happen to have heard...
Patrick Byrne
48 sec read

Ford Motor And General Motors (F & GM) naked short selling

Given that a couple million American jobs rely directly or indirectly upon the survival of Ford and GM, and given that they are running out of capital and are standing on the steps of...
Patrick Byrne
32 sec read

The DTCC’s CNS naked short selling residue

In a previous post I named various places where unsettled trades can accumulate: in the desks of brokers, in pre-netting among brokers, in the Continuous Net Settlement (CNS) system, in the Stock Borrow Program...
Patrick Byrne
2 min read

A Peace Sign for Wall Street

Greetings, and peace. As we Irish say, “I’m sorry for your troubles.” In today’s Salt Lake Tribune there is a story that is 100% correct: two years ago an elder statesman of the hedge...
Patrick Byrne
10 min read

Unsettled Trades: Jobs Destroyed, Firms Ruined, Pensions Looted

The proliferation of unsettled trades in a firm’s stock disrupts the market’s ability to find the true market-clearing price for that stock. As a result, a troubled firm that comes under such an attack...
Patrick Byrne
1 min read