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The Illustrious Henry Blodget Thinks I Am A Very Bad Man, Part 1

For some odd reason, I've never wanted to kick Henry Blodget in the throat. I'm not sure why: there are plenty of Wall Street miscreants whom I could with less thought than I...
Patrick Byrne
11 min read

John Paulson and the Greatest Pump and Short Fraud Ever

Short-side hedge funds pumped the economy so they could profit from its collapse
Mark Mitchell
3 min read

New Evidence Raises Serious Questions About Kingsford Capital’s “Donation” to the Columbia Journalism Review

How a network of miscreant hedge funds keep unflattering stories out of the media
Mark Mitchell
9 min read

Yet another naked shorting disinformation campaign laid bare

Former business journalist Gary Weiss, who seeks to cover-up the threat and impact of market manipulation via illegal naked short selling, has made Wikipedia a major point of focus.
Judd Bagley
7 min read

Steve Cohen, the anti-Midas

This brings us to another interesting phenomenon: the startlingly high mortality rate of SAC-sponsored spin-off hedge funds.
Judd Bagley
2 min read

Hedge funds scurry to sever ties with SAC Capital

Hedge funds Third Point and Kynikos will find it quite impossible to delete all their correspondence with SAC, as DeepCapture.com possesses several of them which, it just so happens, implicate all three funds in...
Judd Bagley
5 min read

Wikipedia’s Jimbo Wales unimpressed by Gary Weiss and his lies

It’s easy to see why Gary Weiss was the logical choice when proponents of illegal naked short selling sought a resolute apologist for their repugnant practice.
Judd Bagley
4 min read

Gary Weiss earns an F

Those who claim I was painting a larger conspiratorial picture are – not coincidentally – directly tied to a certain hedge fund manager or his friends. The resulting stab at journalism (in name only)...
Judd Bagley
3 min read

The stories behind the Rocker and Gradient lawsuit story

Today, short-selling hedge fund Rocker Partners paid Overstock.com $5-million to settle the lawsuit filed against them in August of 2005. Rocker Partners also entirely dropped its own countersuit. This is a major victory for...
Judd Bagley
28 sec read

SEC OIG Investigating SEC Complicity in Naked Short Selling

The SEC's Inspector General is investigating the SEC failure to investigate the things that Deep Capture has been investigating
Mark Mitchell
1 min read