Deep Emancipation

Rejecting a $1 Billion Bribe

See note at end: Your vote needed. I know the origin of the Russian Collusion story from its inception in July 2015 (it did not start in July 2016: that is a cover-up), and...
Patrick Byrne
10 min read

Come Grade Journalist Matt Yamamoto’s $1,000/Year Gibberish-Sausage

I do not normally take the time to respond to most pieces that get written about me, let alone ones that are a month old, but some weeks ago in a tweet I dismissed...
Patrick Byrne
6 min read

Brennan & McLaughlin on Deep State

Nothing has made me feel better about my decision to do what I did, than watching these two men here. Well then Brennan, I had “a higher calling” too, you maggot.
Patrick Byrne
7 sec read

Maria Butina & I, Part III: Betraying Maria

I will disclose nothing more than I disclosed in television interviews two months ago. However, I will tie things together in a way that will help the public comprehend what is going on in...
Patrick Byrne
14 min read

When the SEC Leaks, Is the Result Insider Trading?

My intent in this piece is not to ask whether or not employees of the SEC trade on inside information. That’s easy: they do. This fact has been documented by finance academics and published...
Patrick Byrne
24 min read

Reflections on Barack H. Obama

In the early 1990’s I became acquainted with Brad Jefferies, and told Brad that he should be the first Black US president. Brad was a man from what one would call “a disadvantaged background”...
Patrick Byrne
10 min read

“Who is Patrick Byrne?”

I had nothing to do with this, and knew nothing of it until it popped up a couple of weeks ago. That said, I think the maker captured his subject well, if I say...
Patrick Byrne
8 sec read

Conspiracy Theorist Bill Moyers: “Deep State Hiding in Plain Site”

Fifteen years ago we learned that one of the techniques of the yuck-yucks is to de-normalize heretofore ordinary concepts. So it now goes with, “Deep State”. I wish to remind people that Trump and...
Patrick Byrne
11 sec read

Reflections on Donald J. Trump

Because of my revelation of Deep State matters, revelations I hope are going to be verified and carried further by legitimate federal authorities someday soon, there are those asking me what my attitude is...
Patrick Byrne
21 min read

What is the Deep State?

One can almost hear the agitprop machinery grinding its gears in an attempt to both mask and denounce the simple concept of “Deep State”. It reminds me of what they tried to do with...
Patrick Byrne
7 min read