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5,000 Words About An Obscure Bad Newswire Reporter

The ever cuddly Carol Remond (“I’m going to shred this guy to bits,” she said of Deep Capture reporter Patrick Byrne) has published yet...
1 19 min read

Short-Sellers Spin Themselves Silly, SEC Sounds Strong

After years of intermittently ignoring and whitewashing one of history’s biggest financial swindles, the Wall Street Journal today, for the first time, published some...
0 4 min read

We ♥ Jim Cramer

In “The Story of Deep Capture,” we noted that CNBC’s Jim Cramer is at the center of a clique of dishonest journalists (most of...
3 4 min read

How Naked Short Sellers and CNBC Bamboozled the SEC

You can bet that the hedge fund talking points were rolling off the CNBC fax machine last week, and really, the network did a...
2 6 min read

The SEC Declares Emergency, and Joe Nocera Yammers On

Naked short selling and phantom stock causes the SEC to declare emergency; Joe Nocera and affiliated journalists continue to deny there is a problem.
22 8 min read

A Scandal Unfolds, and the Media Mob Scampers

CNBC's Jim Cramer acknowledges that Patrick Byrne was right about naked short sellers
5 3 min read

JP Morgan CEO is Crazy, Too. Time to Subpoena CNBC

Certain journalists and convicted criminals with ties to hedge funds have suggested that we at Deep Capture are crazy because we believe some short-sellers...
2 1 min read

Vanity Fair Reports “Greatest Financial Scandal in History”

You read it here first. But if you don’t believe us, hear it from Vanity Fair instead. In the magazine’s latest issue, released today,...
3 2 min read

Did a CNBC Reporter Help Destroy Bear Stearns?

Mark Mitchell of Deep Capture shows that CNBC's David Faber and a hedge fund contributed to the collapse of Wall Street investment bank Bear...
8 9 min read