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Manipulating Gold and Silver: A Criminal Naked Short Position that Could Wreck the Economy

Naked short selling of gold and silver -- a threat to the stability of the financial system and evidence that our markets are rigged
183 10 min read

How “Activist Investors” David Einhorn and Dan Loeb Brought Their Special Talents to Bear On New Century Financial

Did hedge fund managers David Einhorn and Dan Loeb sabotage the nation's second largest mortgage lender -- and the American economy?
66 19 min read

John Paulson and the Greatest Pump and Short Fraud Ever

Short-side hedge funds pumped the economy so they could profit from its collapse
91 3 min read

New Evidence Raises Serious Questions About Kingsford Capital’s “Donation” to the Columbia Journalism Review

How a network of miscreant hedge funds keep unflattering stories out of the media
76 9 min read

SEC OIG Investigating SEC Complicity in Naked Short Selling

The SEC's Inspector General is investigating the SEC failure to investigate the things that Deep Capture has been investigating
81 1 min read

The Markit Group: A Black-Box Company that Devastated Markets

Did a little mystery company in London help hedge funds crash the markets?
62 7 min read

Did Hayman Capital Help Destroy Bear Stearns?

More on our favorite network of miscreants and the false media story that sealed the death of Bear Stearns...
31 6 min read

Roddy Boyd and the Bear Stearns Insider

A journalist lapdog tells a revealing tale about himself and a man at the center of the Bear Stearns debacle
80 6 min read

On Rolling Stone, Penson Financial, the Mafia, and Naked Short Selling

A gotcha video shows how naked short selling works. But the scary thing is, the Mafia already knows how it works.
76 5 min read

Rolling Stone Reports that Naked Short Selling Killed Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers

Leave it to a music magazine to cover the biggest financial crime in history.
132 2 min read