The Halderman McGuffin Money-shot

Res ipso loquitor. “The thing speaks for itself.”

Behold the “Halderman Initial Declaration” of J. Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Submitted in a federal court in Georgia on August 7, 2018 in the Curling v. Raffensberger election case, and thereafter sealed there by Federal Judge Amy Totenberg (yet recently supplied to me explicitly in my capacity as a journalist at and publisher of, this website, whose journalistic excellence won numerous awards voted on by the public at large in 2008-2009).

But for those who need a little more backstory to understnd how explosive this is, may I respectfully suggest my October, 2021 essay, “Curling v. Raffensperger and the Halderman MacGuffin“.

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  1. Patrick,
    Absolutely love that you are shedding more light on Curling V. Raffensberger and declarations contained within the case. However, this has been a publicly available document for sometime ( We are all extremely interested in the full 25,000 word report being unsealed but CISA continues to drag their feet with two status reports issued to Judge Totenberg that have no substance to them whatsoever. Extremely frustrating!

    One thing you should look at in this case is the deposition of Chris Harvey recently released in a redacted form. Two things to note of interest:
    First is that the line of questioning overall is heavy around the QR code (which is interesting given the EAC’s investigation findings in Tennessee recently released)
    Second is that a Dominion employee attempted a smashdown of the adjudication records in Jenkins County, Georgia but the elections supervisor did not allow it (Page 153 of the deposition)
    Chris Harvey Deposition:
    Warmest Regards from your penpal in writing,
    Robert T.

    1. Sorry had to stop reading this partisan trash article when they referred to 2020 election concerns as “Trumps Big Lie.” As a journalist myself, I hold myself to a higher standard. I’m sorry Patrick’s post and subsequent link either bothered or offended you, but what you have delivered here wouldn’t be acceptable in a freshman level journalism course.

      1. Thanks – I always have to ask if you’re my favorite anonymous poster – it would be great if some of you anons would use a nickname. I agree that starting off mentioning “the big lie” is inappropiate, especially if you’re hoping to persuade people who don’t agree. I’ll look for some other sources as well.

        Aside from that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

        1. On reflection , it sounds like you didn’t read it at all, so as a journalist, how do you justify that? Surely there must be articles whose politics you disagree with, that you still might need to read in order to understand and report on different points of view or different sides to a story?

  2. 3 Months. Do you know how you are going to feed your family in 3 months? Have you sourced your local farmers? Have you thought about what part you will play in the rebuild? All of our supply chains are breaking down. New, local businesses will pop up to fill the voids. I recently read this:

    3D printing manufacturing hubs could transform cities
    ” Imagine a city that doesn’t have to rely on factories several hundreds of miles away to supply the needs of its residents. This self-sufficient city could become its own manufacturing hub. Now, researchers from Cardiff University have found a way to make that happen.”

    We need to have plans to rebuild after the revolution, otherwise we just become Libya.

    If we want to have a free, modern society, after food and shelter, we must have reliable, affordable electricity. Realistically there is only one current solution that could work with a city wide grid:

    “Gasifiers are not a new technology. During WWII, gasifiers were used to power over a million automobiles, as well as everything from cooking stoves and generators to tractors, boats, trains and airplanes! During the oil crisis of the 1980’s, the US Government produced and distributed plans for wood fuel gasifiers that could be made at home.”

    If we can establish a reliable grid then we can govern by block chain. If we can remove human intervention from 40% – 60% of government regulation on all levels, the corruption would be reduced by over 90%.

    We don’t need the government to have any control over our monetary creation. We don’t need government to have control over our land and transfers there of. We don’t need government for most of what we let them do.

    China, the WEF and all of the “leaders” on their side are all in, they have pull the trigger and there is no turning back. There is no way to stop the coming collapse, only to manage it.

    Lets not let this great opportunity go to waste. We the People may not have instigated this great reset, but it is just what we need, if we root out all the corruptions and build properly regulated capitalist systems.

  3. On review, it looks like Patrick has uploaded a 24 page document entitled “Haldeman Initial Declaration” (2018), along with another 60 or so pages of appended newspaper articles and reports by others, intended to provide context and background. This is almost certainly NOT the more detailed report sealed by the judge in 2020 to prevent potential vulnerabilities from becoming know to malicious actors. FACT CHECK, PATRICK!!!!

    A few more facts should be noted: Haldeman himself, doesn’t think the voting machines were actually hacked, only that they hypothetically could be. Also, his report was compiled before the 2020 election, and the judge did make it available to the opposing lawyers in the lawsuit and to a government security agency. Also, Haldeman was hired to write the report, by a liberal group.

  4. (I have had the experience a few times on this site, where I post a comment, and wait a while – even a few days – and I don’t see it, so I repost it, and then the original magically appears, so apologies if these comments are redundant.)

    What Patrick has uploaded is a document entitled “Halderman Initial Declaration” which is a fairly general, non-detailed discussion of various ways voting machines might be hacked, accompanied by 60 pages of newspaper reports and magazine articles by other people, providing some additional context. But all of you know that, because you have read it, right? I’m not the only one to actually read it, yes?

    Anyway, I am pretty confident this is NOT the sealed report Judge Totenberg has only made available to the parties’ lawyers and a national security agency, for fear malicious actors could use it to actually hack the machines, something Halderman himself does not think has actually happened yet. He only thinks it could happen. Nothing in the report uploaded here, as far as I can tell, gives hackers any leg up.

    So yet another example of shoddy reporting and non-fact-checking (and perhaps gullibility??) by the once crack journalist Mr Byrne.

    Did you get it from Tore, Patrick?

  5. Patrick, I don’t know why you would promote Prude in GA, he is a completely corrupt individual. Kandiss Taylor is going to win the Gov race in GA so you better start paying attention and start helping the cause. With Ron in FLA and Kandiss in GA the South will rise again, this time for everyone’s freedom.


  6. Been blocked from you group but Patrick you need to contact Kandiss Taylor at She has over 60k active volunteers in here campaign and only got 40k votes. It is her supporters that are not letting the election get certified. Please reach out.

  7. James Madison: Four Steps to Stop Federal Programs
    Writing in Federalist #46, James Madison provided a 4-step strategy to bring down federal programs, without waiting on the federal government to limit its own power.
    They are:
    1. Disquietude of the people – Madison expected the people would throw a fit when the feds usurped power – even using the word “repugnance” to describe their displeasure. That leads to the next step.

    2. Repugnance and Refusal to co-operate with the officers of the Union – Noncompliance. The #1 dictionary of the time defined repugnance as “disobedient; not obsequious” (compliant). If you want to stop the federal government, you have to disobey them. Madison also suggested that people would perhaps directly refuse to cooperate with federal agents. This is an approach we preach here every day at the Tenth Amendment Center. James Madison apparently knew what we know today. The feds rely on cooperation from state and local governments, as well as individuals. When enough people refuse to comply, they simply can’t enforce their so-called laws.

    3. The frowns of the executive magistracy of the State – Here Madison envisions governors formally protesting federal actions. This not only raises public awareness; executive leadership will also lead to the next step – legislative action.

    4. Legislative devices, which would often be added on such occasions – Madison keeps this open-ended, and in the years soon after, which I’ll cover shortly, we learn how both he and Thomas Jefferson applied this step.

  8. Patrick, as we head into what seems likely to be a very hot and catastrophic Summer, you’ve gone silent.

    In particular, I’m curious as to your views about what have become of both your Sting operation within the FBI’s Operation Snow Globe, and to Snow Globe itself.
    Also, you mentioned that, had you agreed to play along, “they could’ve made you a billionaire” or words to that effect. I always assumed that the likely vehicle for such a bribe, or “opportunity for personal enrichment,” would have referred to’s rolling up of various blockchain and cryptocurrency software tools, and their potential to become part of some international secure digital security, but that’s just speculation on my part. Speculation enhanced by the SEC’s subsequent investigation of Overstock’s press releases concerning those tools and their invigorating but temporary effect on Overstock’s share price, especially with Peter Strzok’s wife’s leading role within SEC Enforcement.

    Durham’s investigation paints the FBI 7th floor as over-riding “not-well-grounded” determinations by underlings to launch and keep alive Clinton’s whole Russiagate narrative, while the Sussman verdict demonstrates that even the ordinary DC jury pool is fine with all this corruption, such is the culture of our nation’s capital city.

    Can’t you or your friend Marina sue those bastards, and force discovery to confirm your allegations? Or produce a documentary or thinly veiled fictional account of the whole thing? Or file complaints in International Courts of Criminal Law. I understand Deripaska was also solicited in 2016 to provide false testimony to support the same FBI team. There must be others who can corroborate, forums for disclosure and broader dissemination.

    Looking forward to future posts

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