Patrick Byrne A concerned citizen who has been hunting the oligarchy and Deep State since 2004. My actions forced me to abandon recently my 2,000 colleagues at Help them out by going to and making a purchase.

Essay Contest (Prize = 1 Bitcoin ): Final Round

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Voting ends on 12/31/2019 at 11:59pm Utah (MST) Time.

Only one vote per IP address is allowed per day. Multiple votes for a single entry by the same IP address will be removed as necessary each day.

After reviewing the votes, IP address log, and voting log, Patrick will make the final decision and award the prize. Please be patient for the results.

REMINDER: The final decision will be based on several factors, not just the highest number of votes, as we know this can be manipulated with technology. Patrick will make the final decision after reviewing the actual essay as well as the vote log.

Contest Ended
Total votes for the Contest "Deep Capture Final Round" : 3184

The rule of law has returned to the USA under Attorney General Bill Barr prompting our protagonist to come forward with information regarding his role in the Russian collusion scandal. High-level figures in government, including former FBI Peter Strzok, gave him direct orders to pursue a romantic relationship with Russian journalist, Maria Butina. Uncovering the ploy that she was being allowed to contact several political parties in 2016 including Hillary and Trump, she could subsequently be used to taint their images as an insurance policy. CEO of a multimillion-dollar company targeted by malfeasance, he’s called attention to financial market corruption by major players operating outside normal investment channels. SEC, the very group created to combat such activities, secretly enable those participants willing to turn a blind eye. Silent vindication would come in the aftermath of 2008 witnessing wall street and banking arrests with FED chairman Alan Greenspan admitting to systematic settlement flaws warned of years prior. Libertarian at heart, and understanding blockchain potential, he devised a fully accredited crypto-stock dividend to expose “slop” created through naked short selling. Approved and scheduled for deployment, he’s blindsided by fake ultimatums coercing his resignation. Liquidating his stock to achieve distance and transparency, proceeds are converted into gold and cryptocurrency, assets beyond market manipulators reach. Meanwhile, the dividend gets postponed and an investigation ensues by the SEC lead by none other than Melissa Hodgman, the wife of Peter Strzok… welcome to the swamp. Meet Patrick Byrne, and follow his continuing saga at DEEPCAPTURE.COM

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Financial Justice Warrior Patrick Byrne makes the first cut against the Wall Street Gang grain with a Dutch Auction rather than joining the IPO racket, earns perpetual malice for not falling in line. Despite not being a Good Ole’ Boy Byrne builds a successful company pestered by subtle efforts to pancake progress by those who stand to lose to the truth: the rules aren’t there to protect the public, they are selectively enforced by friends in high places. Government agencies spend years doing bare minimum to not disrupt the status quo, using Byrne’s talent while retarding his efforts in a bath of red-tape and circumstance. In a delicate game of Goliath and mouse Byrne spends years coordinating the creation of a brilliant new system to eliminate the sloppy settlement that enables the fraud playground to proliferate unexposed; blockchain opens the book that the SEC asked him to translate while buying Wall Street time to bail water. Rich crooks chop at the OSTK tree trunk lest the fruit grows. Impairing the company with smear and phantom shares distracts from the overarching plan which is to reinvent truth in assets. Detractors are successful in shaking the easily distracted, Patrick is persona non grata. While cooking a souffle containing a jail-break chisel, his Sous-Chefs failed to follow the recipe. Now Café Bazoomba is full despite the GSR dine-and-dash, but the executive chef has three Michelin stars for a reason and the patrons are salivating at what he can put on a silver platter.

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Before the great financial crisis of 2008, Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne sounded the alarm against stock market corruption in Wall Street about their embezzlement through defective stock settlement system. The SEC turning a blind eye enabled the bad actors to engage in what has become the largest financial crime of all time. In the Spring of 2019, Patrick Byrne again sounded the alarm, this time about Deep State political espionage related to the 2016 Presidential election. Byrne gained knowledge of corruption after becoming involved with a Russian national Maria Butina. In 2016, Byrne saw that Butina, through her personal charm and charisma, was opening backdoor channels between powerful figures in Russia and the major US presidential candidates of both parties. Byrne informed the federal officials about Butina and asked for advice. In retrospect, the feds were tracking Butina with the intention of using her as either blackmail against any future president or as a means to remove an unwanted winner of the election. Patrick Byrne made several TV appearances in August 2019 describing how he may have been used in a quasi coup attempt on President Trump. In August of 2019, the CFO of Overstock convinced Byrne that Byrne staying involved with the company made Overstock uninsurable. Patrick Byrne had to abandon his company and leave the country. The sun cannot be covered with mud, and the truth cannot be hidden forever. Dum spiro, spero.

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Twas the night before earnings and all through Wall Street, Nothing was stirring except SEC leaks; Shorts were hung by a dividend scare, In hopes that complicit brokers soon would be there; Longs also faced a grim situation, Would they receive a fair valuation; Butina, guns, banks, oligarchs, Cancer, Hep C, problems with my heart; Then FBI began making a clatter, Never had I so much on my platter; With the greenlight, I was off to NYC, With Maria again, in my suite; And, away to Asia I flew in a flash, In search of crypto investors laden with cash; Big shot Sonny Wu whose word is gold, Where’s he now? His ruse gets old; A Senate committee, my pleas will hear, Settlement slop financial collapse is near; With blockchain it will all be fixed, Exorbitant negative rebates will no longer exist; Someday they’ll all be paraded in shame, The judge will shout and call them by name; Now, Goldman, Merrill Lynch, Camelback cronies, No more ill-gotten commissions and fees; With government taboos in the past, Insider support needed to be recast; Abha makes sausage while Yamamoto joins the coup, Truth in journalism I continue to pursue; Hedgies raid pensions, savings go poof, Regulators sit by remaining aloof; And just when retail was turning around, Threats of no D&O forced me to step down; But I exclaimed as I flew out of sight, I’ll be diving in Asia but haven’t finished the fight; Bazoomba me? Someday, Bazoomba you.

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Patrick Byrne is the Magi of Market Reform. He has tried valiantly for almost 20 years to save our financial system. To appreciate the good guy (Magi) we must know his opponents. Well, start with the mafia, crooked brokers, terrorist and muckraking journalist and you are off to a pretty good start. The Miscreants have wealth, connections and authorities on their side. The Magi had the common people on his. This epic battle is ongoing. Why has the Magi and his faithful persevered? Simply because it’s the right thing to do. Patrick speaks often about his love of country. As one of the faithful I find this inspiring. The words of Edmund Burke ring loud and true today “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So how do we sum up the last 6 months when the Magi once again, put his life on the line? Same old same old. He is trashed by the media, ignored by the general population and laughed at by the Miscreants. However, our day will come and I believe it is coming soon. For the Magi has a master plan. One to be revealed soon. Once revealed, the population of the Earth will see good does triumph over evil. Why? Because truth will out. It is the order in God’s Universe. No matter how much people try to bury the truth it can’t be hidden. It waits to be unearthed. The Magi has a steam shovel and a will that can’t be beat. So be ready Miscreants, the Magi is coming for you. Good things come to those who wait. I’m proud to be on your side Magi. Winning the bitcoin who do wonders for me. The Miscreants have stolen all my money. The bitcoin will allow me to keep Alpo off my menu. At least for a while. Thank you for all you have done Magi.

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A concerned citizen, a patriot with a presage, and now, a nascent nomad. It all began at The Miscreants’ Ball in 2005 – a shocking call where Patrick Byrne analytically lifted a boulder to reveal a soiree of hedge funds, journalists and investigators – waltzing to the tune of “phantom” stocks. When the light cast upon the covetous creatures beneath – some of them fled, some even attacked – but most of them just dug themselves a deeper hole. Byrne had overcome cancer, founded an internet giant, and built an empire – but it was the unearthing of that rock that became the proudest day of his life. A recession, a decentralized currency, and an upset election later, Byrne has re-emerged. At the gates of a garden party full of oligarchs and hedge fund hoagies, he has shown up as an uninvited guest – intent to stay until no stone is left unturned. In his trials, Patrick has faced short sellers, billion-dollar bribes and even a honeypot foreign agent. He’s helped the FBI, reported to the DOJ, and been betrayed by the SEC. A necessary sacrifice at the Overstock table of his making – Byrne has come to tell his truths and lambast the lies. This service to his principles has forced Byrne to leave his country in pursuit of safety abroad. Hedged with crypto, gold, and more wisdom and experience to impart, he only asks of one thing – that we hear what he has to say, and perhaps meet him at the gates once again.

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Gaining notoriety for battling settlement process corruption on Wall Street, Byrne subsequently emerged at the forefront of Blockchain technology integration, garnering him attention from individuals in Russia seeing it as means to prevent a post-Putin power vacuum. Maria Butina, approached him on the behalf of Russian Oligarchs interested in him speaking in Russia and meeting with Putin. Byrne reported the contact to the FBI and received guidance contradictory to law enforcement objectives from top officials he referred to as “X,Y, and Z” (one of which was Peter Strzok). He realized that something unusual was going on. His company was launching TZero, and attempted to sell the retail portion to enable this. The SEC executed actions that made it difficult. This paired with a capricious buyer tanked the deal. Byrne was offered $1Billion incentivized in the form of making the SEC interference go away. He instead made a report to the DOJ, then gave a series of interviews. The CFO of Overstock convinced Byrne staying with the company made them uninsurable, and prevented the stock from reaching $50. Byrne agreed to leave the company despite learning of deception. He arranged to sell his stock at a pre-determined time with full disclosure to the board, and broke contact with them entirely to avoid insider trading. Byrne’s shares of Overstock sells, the digital dividend is cancelled/delayed by the SEC, stock prices take a hard dive, and further SEC investigations/lawsuits ensue. Consequently, the head of the SEC investigations is Peter Strzok’s wife.

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Patrick Byrne A concerned citizen who has been hunting the oligarchy and Deep State since 2004. My actions forced me to abandon recently my 2,000 colleagues at Help them out by going to and making a purchase.

52 Replies to “Essay Contest (Prize = 1 Bitcoin ): Final Round”

  1. Hey Patrick I can’t help but feel like my submission (titled ‘latest deep state executive summary’) wasn’t properly submitted, regardless I thank you for this opportunity to dive into your work and am grateful for what I’ve learned from it. Best of luck to the contestants and your(our) future 🙂

  2. IMO,Patrick should just pick the winner out of ALL the essays that were submitted based on which one he thinks would grab the attention of the average person,get his basic points across and motivate the average person to read further into his story.

    Too easy to manipulate internet votes.

  3. Patrick I would highly advise not picking the winner just from whomever gets the most votes. It is extremely easy to “buy” votes on the internet and with a whole BTC at stake people can easily pay their way to the top spot.

    Choose the one you like the most!!

    -from the guy who made this:

      1. I would love to make another one! I will see if I can “video-ize” my submission since it made it to the top 7. Or we could do an interview/chat on my crypto channel sometime if you’re interested!

  4. Patrick,

    I spotted a youtube video of a tarot reading someone just did for you. Interesting information you might find helpful. This woman has done readings on Trump, Obama and other famous and not so famous people. Seems quite accurate. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do private readings because she said it was too draining. You could comment anonymously on this video!

    1. Pam,

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It does seem like someone is trying to send me a message, does it not? It seems shockingly well-informed, too. And though it is wrong about one major guess, I admire it for having and taking such a strong POV.

      Any other such things you wish to bring to my attention, feel free, Pam.


  5. Whoever posted “The Return of the Magi” is definitely spamming votes – 480 votes with only 188 views?

    1. The first day or two is when most votes will usually naturally show up as a function of how many people someone actually knows and can solicit a vote from (like a bell curve), after that all of these entries with hundreds of latent miraculous votes are fraudulent. Non-profits usually employ polls like this and they are spammed routinely in the same manner.

    2. TBH, there’s a LARGE group behind him, we as O were NSS’d to death. We’ve been fighting this corrupt market for close to 2 decades now, some of the members as much as 25 years.

      So no, its not spamming, its a bunch of patriots from all over the globe! 🙂

      1. You are conflating some diamond stock shorting case victim population with votes in a contest.

        Sorry but you, the thirsty author, have no online presence to correlate with an astronomically suspicious amount of votes and you should be ashamed of using a VPN and private browser to scam Byrne out of a bitcoin, posting in the comments section ex post facto to try and paint some bogus picture justifying your behavior. You need followers and traffic to spread a message like that and get engagement, which you don’t have, no one is falling for that.

        For shame.

  6. What happened to your Twitter account? Is this another sign of potential doom and gloom – or more of a strategic move?

    1. @PatrickByrne

      Someone had suggested I use “PatriotByrne” as it had the right number of letters and almost the right spelling. I found out I can just use PatrickByrne and have switched.

  7. Patrick, Your vote system has been compromised and is being rigged by several immoral participants. I’m sure you will find voting for the top entrants all come from the same hand full of IP’s.
    You should reconsider rewarding this behavior.

  8. Thank you for hosting this contest, and furthermore this site and your story. I have found myself captivated by your stories having found this place in 2019… and realizing the depth at which you delved into the belly of the beast since before our “great rescission” I read your recent stories as they dropped and even though writing isn’t necessarily my strong point I put my heart into my essay and feel proud that it made it to the final cut, more-so that it was read by my peers, and you. Happy New year and may the good guys be victorious.

  9. Patrick, Return of the Magi voters are legit. We’re a group of your supporters who have also been NSS’d for years & are sick of the fraud. Thank you for taking the helm in this battle.

  10. Patrick, I can’t help but notice that Return of the Magi was removed and it makes us as shareholders feel like someone is trying to block our cause once again. We are 50,000 strong that were naked shorted and want our justice too! Please consider reposting Return of the Magi

  11. I already left one response. It is 12/31 9:11 PST
    My “Return of the Magi” post has been leading the contest for weeks. Now while leading, it has been taken down. This is the second time this has happened. Also it says you can vote once a day. I have been unable to vote the last 3 days. Many others have told me the same thing. What is going on here?

    Steve Oldepro” Walker

  12. The markets are manipulated, now even Byrne’s contest is manipulated.
    I’m deeply disappointed Patrick Byne.

  13. Hi guys.

    Some have noted that the terms on the context were somewhat loosy-goosy. That has a benefit, too: it leaves me room to act with some subjectivity.

    A lot of people put a lot of effort into reading and writing these summaries. Unfortunately, IP inspection shows that there has been a tremendous amount of gaming of voting (not a surprise with 1 BTC on the line). So I am going to have to decide subjectively which I think is the best summary. Decision soon.

    1. Hi Patrick, thank you for all you are doing! Appreciate you turning me on to Hernado DeSoto, am doing asset management work in a similar vein (open source approach, mission driven company). Tried to reach out to you via Mr Pettway, not sure if note was forwarded. If you’re interested in a dialogue regarding asset management, please reach out. My email was provided in the “Seventeen Shades of Grey” submission (hope you enjoyed the Grateful Dead reference). Peace and safety to you in 2020, and ty again for all you’re doing! Respect.
      PS, in case you didn’t know, Maria landed a git with Russian RT news agency, seems to have landed ok. Probably a tough topic to bring up, just throwing it out there..
      PPS, this whole thing is much much bigger than most realize, way beyond the 3 names you cited, they and #44 are just puppets, so please use care and watch your six!

  14. Dear Patrick,

    Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

    It seems like it was a lot of work and effort to digest all your articles and create a concise summary. Why do not you give 1 BTC each to 7 finalists?

    1. Seriously? It is an extremely generous contest to begin with, and it is not like he owes any of the submittees anything.

      The world of “everyone gets a prize” is one that encourages mediocrity. I think him subjectively choosing his favorite is ultimately the best course since it is his Bitcoin, afterall.

      1. I agree with the previous poster. Or, he could just split 1 BTC into 7. He gave them their word, and in return the posters gave their time.

      2. I agree with the previous poster. Or, he could split 1 BTC into 7. Patrick gave them his word, and the posters gave him their time in return. All 7 gave their time, so why not split the price into 7?

      3. Patrick could reward all 7 finalists. He could split 1 BTC into 7. Patrick gave them his word, and the posters gave him their time in return. All 7 gave their time, so why not split the prize into 7?

  15. I agree with the previous poster, Patrick should reward all 7 finalists. He could split 1 BTC into 7. Patrick gave them his word, and the posters gave him their time in return. All 7 gave their time, so why not split the price into 7?

  16. I agree with the previous poster, Patrick should reward all 7 finalists. He could split 1 BTC into 7. Patrick gave them his word, and the posters gave him their time in return. All 7 gave their time, so why not split the prize into 7?

  17. Patrick should reward all 7 finalists. He could split 1 BTC into 7. Patrick gave them his word, and the posters gave him their time in return. All 7 gave their time, so why not split the prize into 7?

    1. How does a contest equate to “he gave his word so now he must reward everyone?” What about everyone else that didn’t make the finals because a couple of contestants rigged the voting? Did they not work just as hard? This wasn’t a contract for labor, and you treating it like you are owed some sort of compensation just because you entered a contest is at best childish. I would go into more colorful detail, but I respect Patrick and his work too much to flame on his site.

      Bottom line: Life isn’t fair, suck it up buttercup, and be thankful you had a chance to win at all.

    MAKE IT SO –

  19. Patrick, why not give 1 BTC to everyone who comments on this site?

    kidding, I’m kidding….. just joining in with the people who believe in “free stuff, more free stuff”

    I hope that you have a relatively great Happy New Year, given all you have been through. For 20 years “lashed to the mast” you ought to allow yourself some play time…..

  20. Patrick, why not give 1 BTC to everyone who comments on this site?

    kidding, I’m kidding….. just joining in with the people who believe in “free stuff, more free stuff”

    I hope that you have a relatively great Happy New Year, given all you have been through. For 20 years “lashed to the mast” you ought to allow yourself some play time…..

  21. Hi Patrick,
    You don’t have a “Contact Us” page so I’m posting here, hoping you’ll see this.
    Know anyone at Overstock Cares who could help?
    I never have any luck with these requests (

    My Request to Overstock Cares:
    “When RSVP holds a fundraising event, it typically includes a raffle. Our volunteers frequently spend their own money to provide the prizes. (Not to mention other needs, like vet care, supplies, food, etc. They do so much!) Most events have 20+ prizes valued at about $25 each. If we received a high value donated item, we might have a separate raffle or silent auction. If Overstock can offer ANY donations, we would be most appreciative! We are a small, all-volunteer group providing outreach services to pet owners and animals in need since 1996.”

    Overstock Cares Reply:
    “Hi Susan,
    Thank you for submitting your request to Overstock Cares, the philanthropic arm of dedicated to bettering our community and helping those in need. We are unfortunately unable to assist with this request. For more information on Overstock Cares and our policy, please visit this page:

    Thanks again for reaching out. We wish you the best moving forward.

    Overstock Cares”

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