Liberalism, Social Justice and the Cryptorevolution

    Attention DeepCapture fans in the New York and New Jersey area: our own Patrick Byrne will be speaking at Rutgers University on Monday, February 22, 2016 at Hageman Hall, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, at 4:30pm (EST). The subject will be the philosophical underpinnings of the cryptocurrency movement and how it relates to liberalism and social justice.

    The flaws in the current Wall Street settlement system, and how they can be remedied by blockchain technology, will be included in the discourse. I’ve been present for pieces of what’s going to be presented, and it’s always a fascinating time. Hearing all the pieces brought together is something not to be missed.

    Liberalism, Social Justice and the Cryptorevolution, Patrick Byrne's talk at Rutgers University

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    7 Responses to “Liberalism, Social Justice and the Cryptorevolution”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Since every big bank on WallStreet is doing their own blockchain where does this leave Overstock?

      Small fish in a big pond is my guess.

      • Gerrie says:

        Great thngikni! That really breaks the mold!

      • http://www./ says:

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    2. MasonBrete says:

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    3. Edwardapats says:

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    4. Joe says:

      If you thought fiat currencies were bad for the middle class, wait till the governments start to use blockchain crypto currencies. We can see governments and all the multinational corporations salivating over this.

      At some point they’ll hit the “kill” switch and massive numbers of people will die of one thing or another they would not have otherwise if honest money was used instead.

      Just know that there is blow-back from this movement from a growing number of state legislatures opting instead for the money of the original US Constitution. When that hits critical mass it will spark the call for a Constitutional Convention over the matter, and crytpo currencies won’t be what is the focus. It will be REAL money.

      • Joe says:

        Since Overstock and its Founder are pumping the crypto bandwagon that is reason enough to not give them a dime of our money. It’ll be interesting to see if these comments post.


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