My Response to Becky Quick’s Proposal: I Do

    Dear Ms. Quick,

    I am flattered at your invitation and accept with alacrity. Please let me know where and when.

    Warm regards,


    Update: to date, CNBC has been characteristically mum when following up on my offer to graciously accept Ms. Quick’s invitation.

    The PR team has made overtures to CNBC on the following dates, without any response:

    June 5                  Rebecca Quick and Joe Kernen

    June 16                Rebecca Quick and Joe Kernen

    July 10                 Kate (Farrell) Welsh, producer

    July 21                 Kristen Chang, segment producer

    July 22                 Karina Frayter, producer

    July 22                 Karina Frayter, producer

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    - who has written 226 posts on Deep Capture.

    I am a concerned citizen who has been focused on systemic instability since 2004.

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    23 Responses to “My Response to Becky Quick’s Proposal: I Do”

    1. Huck says:

      How the world has changed Patrick. Becky didn’t even sneer when she mentioned your name (This time) The last time I recall her mentioning you she appeared to be on the verge of vomiting.
      Still some things do stay the same. jimmy cramit still hates you. Oh well, his loss.

      • Oilwellian says:

        Of course Jimmy Thug won’t comment. He has said quite enough already.

        Jim Cramer: Shortselling the Truth

      • Fintas_1981 says:

        I found it of interest how Becky, Joe all had memory loss re their continued defense that Abussive nakes short selling was affecting Overstock as well as the financial system.

        Becky gave some referance to the BEARS were all over Overstock but failed to state it was illegal and it was allowed as OVERSTOCK was on the FTD for some 18 months if I remember.

        As this was allowed Cramer spewed his foolishness until his pants were pulled down on Jon Stewarts show with the help of DEEP CAPTURE.

        Charlie Gasporino showed himself to be more concerned with his job than truth as did many others.

        All this while Joe K did that PATRICK.. PATRICK WHO.

        Sorry guys but I suspect there reams of data out there to show your failure to simply say. PATRICK we were WRONG.. We owe you an apology.

        Yet PATRICK was right then and what have any done to fix the ongoing problem. NAKED SHORT SELLING is still allowed in the USA and it continues to be abused.

        So I’ll enjoy watching the show.

        And as for CRAMER well he almost became ill because he understands he’s best to keep his mouth shut or get more than a spanking from Patricks and other.



    2. completely unique says:

      walking through glue one needs a score
      card to keep up.chuckle.
      Patrick has such warmth and light.

    3. sidney says:

      Actually the other company Jim C. won’t comment on is Universal Display and roughly for the same reasons… as his miscreant hedge friends have him drawing away from his “buy” for the last 3+ years as they shorted it trying to get out of a failed fad bet against nano-tech leaving them with who knows how many unsettled naked shorts from the 1990’s/early 2000s that went sour as well as likely synthetically naked short it using every sho loophole they can find since SHO was enacted in 2008+…along with media Shills and bought out analysts and their long/short strategy of market manipulation. Sorry but UDC doesn’t have a clue as to what they are dealing with…if you really wanted to lead this ongoing campaign vs deep capture you might throw them a bone…and help them out.

    4. sidney says:

      I wonder if his peers @cnbc are finally on to his criminal connections, now that his SAC capital buddies/former bosses are having their families cry to judges for reduced sentences.

    5. Sean says:

      And the plot thickens….

      Ms. Quick, you better be careful what you ask for. And Mr. Kiernan (sp)your days to indictment are numbered you smug SOB. As for Cramer.. Bernie needs a new cellmate because Bubba is tired of him already.

    6. James Currie says:

      Dear Mr. Byrne,
      I to have been uncovering for many years. For six years we have been fighting for shareholders who have similarly been raped. I post here so I can multiply. This story is replete with insider trading, secret agreements, etc., that ended up with a 2 billion dollar asset for less that $50 million and maybe a lot lot less.

    7. John says:

      We are in a fight against Brookfield Asset Management for what we believe are oppressive business tactics, including excessive short-selling which led to death spiral stock trading.

      Go here to see more about our fight

      Glad to see Mr. Byrne carrying on his fight against naked short-selling and using the microphone to get the word out.

    8. Chris says:

      Can anyone tell me why Patrick / overstock has not re-filed their suit against Goldman?
      Seems like that just died when Floren screwed the pooch and sent out the unredact.
      That case is a slam dunk.

      • We appealed. And as a matter of fact, the Appellate Court of California just this week scheduled its hearing on that appeal for August 15, 2014. Both our appeal and the Motion to Unseal filed by The Economist, Rolling Stone, Bloomberg, and the New York Times will be heard the same day. Expect a decision within 1-3 months after that.

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    1. […] to me to appear on CNBC. I publicly accepted that invitation that very day (see my DeepCapture blog,“My Response to Becky Quick’s Proposal: I Do,” June 5, 2014). Since then, CNBC has refused to respond to emails or phone calls. I mention this […]

    2. […] me to appear on CNBC. I publicly accepted that invitation that very day (see my DeepCapture blog, “My Response to Becky Quick’s Proposal: I Do,” June 5, 2014). Since then, CNBC has refused to respond to emails or phone calls. I mention this […]

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