Steven A. Cohen: “That’s guilty! Guilty, guilty, guilty!!”


NBC: Billionaire Steven Cohen’s hedge fund could pay $1B fine in fraud case: sources




  1. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    I still remain in a state of surrealism when it comes to the legal developments of JPMorgan.

    When I first started accusing the bank of manipulating silver (and gold) prices five years ago, JPMorgan had a squeaky clean image as one of the heroes in the financial crisis.

    Today, it’s hard to imagine the bank doing anything on the up and up. And what are the odds that JPMorgan could do so much wrong in so many different lines of its business and not be guilty of manipulating silver and gold? Is it possible that JPMorgan is only aboveboard and legitimate in Comex gold and silver and not in anything else?

    I am still convinced that the CFTC and the Justice Department has incontrovertible evidence and proof that JPMorgan has manipulated silver and gold prices as I have outlined for five years.

    The only reason the government is not charging JPMorgan is because of the knockout blow it would land on the bank and, by extension, the financial system. But that blow is coming one way or another.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 26 October 2013


  2. From the beginning of time bad guys and good guys,good girls and bad girls.
    Many times some of each in all. Nobody is perfect all the time.
    It is my opinion
    that enough damage has been done.

    Our tinfoil hats look pretty damn shiny.

    I do not think it is necessary to kick anyone when they are down. Even if they deserve it. Jokes that hurt are not funny. From the beginning of time bad guys and good guys,good girls and bad girls. Many times some of each in all. Nobody is perfect all the time.
    It is my opinion
    that enough damage has been done. Our tinfoil hats look pretty damn shiny.
    I do not think it is necessary to kick anyone when they are down.
    Even if they deserve it. Jokes that hurt are not funny.

    You Patrick can look in the mirror and feel proud of your accomplishments.

  3. Congrats to Patrick and Deepcapture David Rocker and Stevie Cohen.. here’s to early retirement and maybe even some well deserved jailtime!!! The best time to kick a man is when he’s down!! LOL!! Where have I heard that statement before..hhhhmmmnnn!!!!

  4. To hilarious to pass up showing you guys!!! LOL

    SAC Confirms It’s Not Guilty Of Being Guilty Of The Things For Which It Admitted Guilt
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/04/2013 – 14:14
    Via an emailed statement, the soon to be jailed SAC logo (since nobody else is actually going to jail) proudly proclaims: “”We take responsibility for the handful of men who pleaded guilty and whose conduct gave rise to SAC’s liability.The tiny fraction of wrongdoers does not represent the 3,000 honest men and women who have worked at the firm during the past 21 years.”… aka the textbook definition of “just us” justice.

  5. WOW!!

    Exposing Wall Street’s Hidden “Code”
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/04/2013 – 18:47

    Having been the first to warn the world about the perils of high frequency trading nearly 5 years ago, when momentum ignition, layering and quote stuffing were still incomprehensible buzzwords to all but a select few algo traders from Citadel, GETCO and DE Shaw, and warning about such top-down systemic lock ups like flash-crash over a year in advance; as well as the bottom-up impacts of 20 year old math PhDs being in charge of market topology, our crusade from the micro has since shifted to the macro and the primary nemesis of all that is free and fair, the Federal Reserve. In the intervening years, traders such as Haim Bodek opened the HFT kimono even more publicly a few years ago. The following is a must-watch documentary for every investor and trader to comprehend just what it is (and who it is) that drives stock prices day in and day out.

  6. Cohen has not been charged with any crimes. The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed suit against Cohen for failing to properly supervise traders at his firm — and the 57-year-old mogul has steadfastly denied those allegations.

    While the probe of Cohen has yet to result in any evidence of crimes by SAC’s founder, two upcoming trials of SAC traders will not treat the firm kindly.

    In addition, six former SAC employees have already either pleaded guilty or were convicted in the ongoing insider-trading probe.

    Cohen and SAC are likely to see their reputations sullied with the Nov. 18 trial of former SAC portfolio manager Michael Steinberg, who is charged with insider trading in Dell.

  7. Anon, please insert YET into your statement.. Cohen (No Mogul here just another petty criminal in my eyes)has not YET been charged with any crimes.. but he will be. You can take that to the bank.No one has yet to mention the companies and livelihood this man amongst others have destroyed so that they can drive ferraris and buy homes in the hamptons. These crooks should be put under the jails, not just in them!!! Mogul THAT!!!

  8. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    More and more, the manipulative and disruptive HFT and computer algorithms seem to be concentrated in Comex gold and silver.

    The otherwise inexplicable daily price volatility infecting Comex gold and silver would not be tolerated in any other market, especially stocks and bonds.

    I’ve come to consider HFT in gold and silver as existing solely for purpose of price manipulation.

    Claims that HFT enhances liquidity are nonsensical. True liquidity involves positions being transacted with the least amount of price change and volatility; HFT in gold and silver is designed to cause maximum price change first to then force position change.

    Gold and silver prices, even though they are severely depressed from the highs are more volatile and counterintuitive now on a daily basis than ever before. And the only reason for the depressed prices, high volatility and the counterintuitive nature is HFT.

    If someone wanted to create a more disruptive (to real producers, consumers and investors) market environment than HFT, it would be impossible.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler, 02 November 2013

  9. The entire Government is Captured.. not just the SEC.

    Guest Post: Congress Sells Out To Wall Street, Again
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/05/2013 – 20:00
    The U.S. House just passed a bill called H.R. 992 – the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act – that was literally written by mega-bank lobbyists. It repeals the laws passed in 2010 to prevent another meltdown like the one that crashed our economy in 2008. The repeal was co-sponsored by a former Goldman Sachs executive and passed with bipartisan support from some of the House’s largest recipients of Wall Street cash. It’s so appalling… so unbelievable… so blatantly corrupt… that you’ve got to see it to believe it…

  10. Patrick – For Christ sake can you please tell your readers why you have such a hard time posting on DeepCapture??

  11. Sean, Cohen hedge fund was buying or selling stocks they owned on inside information.

    Not for shorting stock or naked short selling which Patrick Byrne is trying to imply.

    BTW, how is Overstocks consumer fraud law suit coming along in California?

  12. Anon, I can see that your’e a big fan of Stevie the crook, or a former or current employee however that does not change the finality of this outcome. The truth of what this man an his criminal enterprise of a company has done to publicly traded companies that employed hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans will never be revealed, but the damage is significant. This man needs to be boiled in oil not revered by sociopaths like yourself. ” Just sayin”.
    Also to answer the question about OSTK suit in California I will take a shot.. OSTK is STILL open and running and profitable, without destroying people jobs and the global economy. How’s that for a suitable answer. Peace.

  13. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    It is not possible for a single trading entity to hold fully one quarter of any large regulated futures market and for that not to constitute an obvious market corner and manipulation.

    Please remember, U.S. regulated futures markets are supposed to be open and diverse marts with many hundreds and thousands of participants. It is the wide diversity of many participants meeting in an openly competitive environment that underscores the purpose of futures trading.

    In essence, and simply put, the whole thrust of U.S. commodity law is to prevent any one entity from holding more than 3% to 5% of any large futures market.

    This is what the CFTC staff proposal for position limits advanced.

    Yet JPMorgan held 25% of the Comex gold futures market on Oct 15.

    And if anyone suspects that the bank was hedging for clients, please be aware that roughly a year ago, JPMorgan held more than 20% of the Comex gold market on the short side. It is not possible for JPMorgan (alone) to have clients that needed to short hedge that much a year ago and to buy hedge that much today.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 02 November 2013


  14. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    Undoubtedly, JPMorgan will try to exploit the role it plays in market making as justification for its holdings being way above proposed position limits.

    The crooked bank will try to convince the CFTC that it is providing necessary liquidity to silver and gold; in essence, claiming that without JPM’s buying on sell offs and selling on rallies, silver and gold prices would be disorderly.

    This is rich – JPMorgan manipulates prices and then claims that if they stop their manipulation, prices would go crazy.

    I can’t help but think of the guy who kills his parents and then pleads for mercy because he’s an orphan.

    Will the CFTC buy JPMorgan’s bologna?

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 06 November 2013


  15. Istand I read your posts about Metals manipulation and have no problem with them but I think one maybe even 2 per blog is sufficient. Not that this is not an important story because it is but. Right now 25% (4 of 16)of the posts are about that topic. Lets Focus on what the blog is about (Steve Cohen) please. Respectfully Sean.(Not trying to be a board cop either. Marv Eatinger was doing same with company called Daelco. It got annoying after a while.

    1. I agree with Sean’s comment.
      I also do not care about this “potential” one of many already confirmed crooked activities of JP Morgan.

      I have held OSTK since 2005. I was introduced at that time to naked short selling “technique” that these so called wall street investment professionals were using to make money illegally from following OSTK’s history. JPMorgan is just as crooked as SAC, the current evidence supports this and future evidence will also support it.
      That being said, this blog is about SAC not about JP Morgan.

      Istand should contact Deep Capture to do a story on JP Morgan and their stand up leadership, then there will be a dedicated place for all interested to post JP Morgan comments.

  16. Anon, I’m sure he did…. but I hope he bought a gold wedding band for his new cellmate “Bubba” because he is gonna need to buy as much friends as he can in jail!! LOL!!!

  17. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    I would have thought it would be crystal clear by now to the majority of precious metals observers (and not just subscribers) that gold and silver prices are rigged and artificially set on the Comex.

    The game is simple – big speculators that we call commercials (and are lead by JPMorgan) trick other speculators (mostly technical funds) into buying or selling futures contracts, by rigging short term prices through the means of computer algorithms (HFT).

    The commercials rig prices lower to induce the tech funds into selling so that the commercials can then buy and then reverse the process to the upside. That’s it; that’s the price rig.

    Proving Comex price rigging is the mechanical process of artificial pricing is easy; all you have to do is look at the government-published trading data in the COT and Bank Participation Reports.

    On big price declines, the technical funds are always the sellers and the commercials are always the buyers.

    On price jumps, the technical funds are always the buyers and the commercials are always the sellers.

    Because the commercials are always buying on sell-offs and selling on rallies, they appear to many to be operating legitimately.

    But when you glimpse slightly beneath the surface and see that the commercials control short term pricing, it should be clear that the commercials are nothing more than puppet masters; controlling how the technical funds will dance.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 09 November 2013


  18. Can you say “Smoking gun?” I know you could!! LOL
    Guess he’ll be looking to plea out now!!!

    SAC Newly Discovered E-Mails Turned Over in Martoma Case

    SAC Capital Advisors LP e-mails and other documents found on backup tapes from 2007 and 2008 and totaling 114,757 pages were turned over to a former fund manager accused of insider trading, his lawyer said.

    Mathew Martoma’s legal team received the “newly discovered” documents this week, the lawyer, Richard Strassberg, said in a letter today to U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe in Manhattan. Strassberg is seeking a two-week delay of Martoma’s Jan. 6 trial date. He said he needs the additional time to analyze the new evidence and prepare witnesses.

    “The documents — which were restored from newly discovered SAC backup tapes created in 2007 and 2008 — consist primarily of e-mails sent to or received from Mr. Martoma’s analyst, Mr. Martoma’s trader, and SAC healthcare portfolio managers,” Strassberg said in the letter. “Certain of these materials appear directly relevant to specific allegations made against Mr. Martoma.”

  19. Can anyone ever remember anything like this happening at the SEC..EVER?

    SEC Compliance Examiner Arrested For Non-Compliance, Misreporting Stock Holdings
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/21/2013 – 19:06

    Perhaps this should have been a “Humor” post but in possibly the most ironic news story of the day, New York-based SEC employee Steven Gilchrist was charged with three counts of making false statements regarding the nature of his personal financial holdings. As WSJ reports, the 48-year-old compliance examiner at the agency, allegedly certified that his stock holdings were in compliance with the agency’s ethics rules, when in reality he had held shares of six companies that agency staffers are barred from holding. The SEC is “very disappointed that an employee allegedly made false statements to conceal prohibited holdings after being told by our ethics office to divest.” Gilchrist, unlike Cohen, faces a maximum 15 year sentence!

  20. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    You don’t have to look far to see why gold and silver prices fell over the past four weeks – new technical fund short selling on the Comex.

    That’s a fact, Jack.

    And you don’t even have to accept my version that JPMorgan and other collusive commercials lured the technical funds into those short sales by lowering the price at key points, through HFT and spoofing.

    Let’s leave that aside and just look at the data in the COT reports and other indisputable facts.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler, 23 November 2013


  21. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    I’d peg JPMorgan at 80,000 contracts net long, based upon big net buying in the producer/merchant category of the disaggregated report, which flipped to net long for the first time in my memory.

    At 80,000 contracts net long, JPMorgan controlled 24.5% of the entire net open interest in Comex gold futures after spreads are deducted from open interest.

    Even more shocking is that JPMorgan holds 51.5% of all long gold commercial contracts on the Comex, the largest precious metals exchange in the world.

    It is not possible that these market shares do not constitute price manipulation.

    And as extreme as JPMorgan’s gold market corner is, I still get the sense that the bank is holding back a bit in buying more because its market share is so unprecedented.

    I’d like to see anyone try to defend it in legitimate free market terms.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 02 December 2013


  22. Harris threatens legal action over Curshen comments

    Former Senior Government Minister Dr. Timothy Harris
    St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN):  Former Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Timothy Harris is threatening legal action over claims that he was involved in the issuance of a diplomatic passport to a former Honorary Consul for St. Kitts and Nevis to Costa Rica, who was later charged for securities fraud in the U.S.
    “The fundamental questions regarding the sale of diplomatic passports remains.  That issue had never come up in relation to Jonathan Curshen; they want to fabricate that now,” Dr. Harris said.
    “I have passed the comments of Edinborough to [a] lawyer for action, and certainly I would serve notice to the media that…they may become complicit in aiding and abetting Edinborough in making these untrue, malicious unfounded and irrelevant to the discussion we are now having.”
     St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party Spokesman Austin Edinborough over the weekend suggested that the Prime Minister was not aware that Jonathon Curshen was issued with diplomatic passport, and was told after the fact, a claim that Harris denied Monday.   

    “To try to go back to an Honorary Consul appointed with the knowledge of the Prime Minister, issued with all that were required to perform his job by the Prime Minister, a man who worked extensively with the Ministry of Finance, officials in that Ministry, going on conferences with them, promoting the offshore services; so this is a man in the bosom of the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance at all material time.  To hide behind a cloak and to look for an excuse now is really laughable.”

    Edinborough, pointing out that Dr. Harris was Foreign Affairs Minister at the time, and Dwyer Astaphan former Minister now turned critic of the Prime Minister was responsible for National Security, made inferences of impropriety in the issuance of the passport to Curshen.
    The SKNLP spokesman charged that it was after the incident that measures were put in place to ensure that that did not happen again.

    1. I recall reading about stevie’s large art collection in the past and it mentioned some sort of shark display. I think it was in reference to his stock trading ability. Maybe a different display, fury and 4 legged is in order that would depict someone who provides info to save their butts, the mob has another term for it.

  23. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    Even though JPMorgan’s gold position is “only” 70,000 contracts, that is 21.7% of the entire Comex gold market (minus spreads).

    It is also more than 46% of all the long contracts held by commercial traders. There is no possible legitimate explanation that could justify JPMorgan’s outsized COMEX gold market corner.

    By any measure, this is a concentration and market corner of scandalous proportions.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 07 December 2013


  24. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    “The big surprise to me was in the Bank Participation Report on gold. I’ve been dithering the last few weeks trying to pinpoint JPMorgan’s long market corner in gold, varying between 70,000 to 80,000 contracts. My last guess was 80,000 contracts and, I was even expecting more privately. Unless JPMorgan has figured a way to put long gold contracts in a foreign subsidiary, the new BPR indicates the bank holds no more than 70,000 long gold contracts as of Tuesday. True, 10,000 contracts are only 12.5% off my 80,000 contract guess, but there was something else that jumped out at me.

    “Since Oct 29, the commercials have purchased almost 85,000 net contracts on the $130 gold price decline, thanks largely to net selling by the technical funds of a near identical 88,000 net contracts.

    ” Yet over that same period, JPMorgan actually reduced its long market corner in gold by 5,000 contracts to 70,000 contracts.

    “Let me state it a different way; Over a 5 week period in which the gold price was rigged $130 lower (by the commercials) and in which the commercials absolutely gorged themselves in buying 85,000 net contracts from technical funds, the largest gold long in Comex history didn’t buy a single contract and, in fact, sold 5,000 contracts. Huh?

    “To my mind, JPMorgan could and should have bought 20,000 to 30,000 gold contracts on the engineered price drop. Easily. Instead, it didn’t buy any, even though it is taking 95% of December gold deliveries.

    “When something occurs that is this outside expectations, it is natural to ask why. JPMorgan has accounted for more than 75% of the 200,000 gold contracts bought by the commercials over the past year. Why would they not buy more during the super-attractive buying circumstances over the past month? I think the correct answer to this question could be the key.

    “I can’t help but believe that the reason JPMorgan didn’t join in on the commercial buying festival is because its long market corner in gold had become too well known. I can’t know if the pressure not to add to JPM’s gold market corner came from regulators, the exchange or from within the bank itself; but something prevented JPM from adding when it was most advantageous for them to add long positions.

    Since I discovered the gold market corner in the first place and have been shouting about it from the hilltops, it’s possible the sending of my articles to JPMorgan actually woke them up.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler – December 14, 2013


  25. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    JPMorgan continues to take almost every gold contract issued for delivery in the Comex December futures contract and most of the silver deliveries despite being net short Comex silver, so nothing has changed in that bullish circumstance from [last] Saturday’s review.

    I think the fact that JPMorgan didn’t add to its Comex gold futures market corner over the past five weeks has emboldened the bank to continue taking virtually all Comex gold deliveries this month.

    By not adding more futures contracts at least JPM can put up some façade to show that it is not blatantly squeezing the market, even though that is exactly what the bank is doing.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 11 December 2013


  26. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    As was the case in August, JPMorgan appears to be starting to move much of the gold it has taken delivery of into its own Comex-approved warehouse, which is logical as why pay someone else for storage when you have your own facility.

    With more than 2,000 contracts still open in the December delivery month, unless JPMorgan starts selling those contracts, the bank looks set to take even more for delivery.

    I have to laugh (thru the tears) that while the regulators pass the much-ballyhooed Volcker Rule, which seeks to ban speculative proprietary trading by banks and take deep bows for their action, JPMorgan appears to be mashing a cream pie in the regulators’ face with their proprietary trading in Comex gold and silver.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 14 December 2013


  27. I stand, here goes some “On Topic” info that readers here may be more interested in.. you should try it sometime.

    SAC Capital Fund Manager Michael Steinberg Guilty Of Insider Trading

    A portfolio manager for one of the nation’s largest hedge funds who was accused by the government of cheating to boost sagging results in 2007 was convicted on Wednesday of insider trading charges.

    The verdict against Michael Steinberg in Manhattan federal court was announced only after he was checked by a nurse because he had slumped in his seat and appeared to faint when the jury first entered the courtroom.

    They should start the fire if they can’t stand the heat. Jail time is acomin for much more than this cheater/miscreant!!

  28. They should’nt start the fire.. correction of my previous post.. but you get the gist!! Whose crazy nowpeople? A tin foil hat anyone? LMAO!!!

  29. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    It’s really quite simple – a manipulated market is defined by a concentrated position; a free market has no such concentration of holdings.

    Let me make it more specific. For the past six years, one entity (JPMorgan) has often been the sole new short seller on every silver price rally of significance.

    This is how and why the silver manipulation has persisted. This is how and why the manipulation will end, namely, JPMorgan not adding to Comex silver short positions.

    I suppose it is possible that this crooked bank may find a way to disguise future additional Comex silver short sales, but barring that it comes down to whether JPMorgan shorts more silver or not as to whether the manipulation is terminated.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 18 December 2013


  30. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    The surprise is that JPMorgan has also taken, in its proprietary account, delivery of 1,930 silver contracts or 61% of the 3,157 total contracts issued this month.

    This is a surprise because JPM is not only net short COMEX silver futures, but the above-the-law crooked bank dramatically increased its manipulative silver short position in the latest COT report.

    This raises a separate concern that JPMorgan may be shorting COMEX silver futures contracts to artificially depress the price so that it can pick up real metal on the cheap.

    I’m sure no one reading this would put this illegal motive beyond JPMorgan.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 14 December 2013


  31. Unfortunately I was unable to find a venue with any reference to the unconstitutional sales tax issue. This is being posted the day before Christmas Eve when many are trying to avoid the black hole of taxation that heads into the toilet of political corruption.

    While Patrick Byrne tries to appear that he is on a crusade to clean up markets in order to bring the country back to some semblance of a constitutional republic, his Overstock Corporation is collecting sales tax on California and other residents of other states, including those states that are the center of political corruption, New York and Illinois.

    So why does Byrne not move his warehouses out of those states in order to avoid what would then be the unconstitutional collection of those taxes? Apparently it’s the simple fact that this would entail the loss of sales, constitution be damned.

    Here’s what the US Constitution states:

    Article I, Section 9

    No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.

    No Preference shall be given by any Regulation of Commerce or Revenue to the Ports of one State over those of another; nor shall Vessels bound to, or from, one State, be obliged to enter, clear, or pay Duties in another.

    It has been discovered that California, for example, ignores the Commerce Clause by collecting sales tax on out of state vendors, as does a list of other states for which it collects sales tax from vendors such as Amazon. The rest of us are held hostage to deep pocket corporations who find it much easier to collect this tax than to do what is right. Compare that to what many were convinced was their duty to exhibit their patriotism by joining the military, with the consequence that they came home in body bags in one or another of the military industrial complexes current hugely profitable foreign wars.

    In our search of the deepcapture website one person who replied about the illegal nature of the sales tax got a very nasty reply from Byrne. That matters not to us. What matters is whether those who have “standing” show enough spine to stand up to the tyrants in the Federal Government and state houses. This could take the form of civil disobedience by refusing to collect this tax based on what the Constitution says, which could create short term losses. The PR value would most likely more than make up for that. This would create enough public support to rid us of these efforts to nullify the Commerce Clause through the efforts of the criminals in the brick and mortar crowd that apparently are now allied with large e-tailers. This, obviously, will morph into sales tax collection from ALL e-tailers, regardless of size, completely nullifying the Commerce Clause.

    This criticism is not to minimize the efforts of Byrne to expose wrong doing in the financial markets. On that point as well as on the sales tax issue the core problem is either missed or deliberately avoided. Fiat money has a way of encouraging every sort of corruption imaginable by ignoring what is stated in our US Constitution about what money should consist of. There are those who will try to argue that this is not possible in our current world where “plastic” is a medium of exchange. That is merely a straw man argument that modern technology could find a way to accommodate the US Constitution’s monetary requirements.

    If the Federal Reserve Act was not renewed, as it should not be today after 100 years, there would be many less issues of corruption to deal with in the financial markets.

  32. Gold / Silver Manipulation Update:

    For 30 years, the price of silver has either stagnated over long periods of time (years) or actually declined; only to experience powerful bursts in price more extreme than in any other commodity. On five separate occasions, in 1987, 1997-98, 2006, 2007-08, and in 2011, the price of silver doubled in a matter of weeks or months.

    I suppose many would contend that this price pattern is normal in silver without giving it much further thought. I would agree it is normal price behavior for silver, but for a very good reason – that this proves silver has been manipulated in price.

    Let’s face it – silver, like any metal, is produced and consumed 24/7 on every single day of the year and decade. Further, silver is one of the oldest metals in human history and is truly universal in recognition and awareness. With that background, why should it be normal for the price to stagnate for years, only to erupt and then collapse again in remarkably short periods of time?

    What legitimate free market forces could possibly explain the highly unique price pattern in silver? Save your time and energy and the use of your grey cells – there is no legitimate explanation. There is an explanation, all right, but it sure isn’t legitimate.

    – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 18 December 2013


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