Floyd Schneider: a paid stock message board basher unmasked

Because Gary Weiss was found to be behind the first real example of multi-ID message board bashing to be publicly proved, and because it was apparent from writing and posting styles that one person was making a large percentage of all bashing contributions to the Yahoo boards in particular, we concluded that Gary was generally responsible for most all of it.Well, as we’ve gone on to learn, thanks to more advanced techniques and a few golden tips, we were missing much of the full picture.

The truth is, lately Gary Weiss seems to be playing a decreasingly significant role on the various message boards where the likes of lamborghini751, cupandsaucerwithsugar, state_police_retiree, and bobobaloney once roamed.

And in many places where we long suspected Gary, we’ve instead come to discover Floyd D. Schneider, of Newton, NJ.

Gary: we’re sorry for accusing you of something you didn’t commit…as much as we suspected, anyway.

Floyd: we wish to express our deep disappointment in your decision to make a living out of lying.

Want proof?

Exploiting Yahoo’s Dissembler Sorting Algorithm bug (which we were sworn never, ever to reveal, so please stop asking) we determined that the following seven Yahoo messageboard usernames were tied to the same individual: strethoechasity, returnofstockdung, baloneymarch, zorro20934, china39846, charlesp0nzi, and floydtheoneandonly

Using Google, we found several legal filings, including this one, which make it clear that:

…“floydtheoneandonly,” “charlesp0nzi,” “thetruthseekercom,” are pseudonyms used by Floyd Schneider.”

It seems Schneider has been sued multiple times for making defamatory statements about companies in anonymous message board settings, such as Yahoo and Silicon Investor, and it’s been shown to our satisfaction that he did so for compensation and in coordination with hedge funds shorting the stock (or worse).

In other words, Floyd Schneider is the embodiment of the mythical “paid basher” you’ll find he spends an inordinate amount of time denying exists. In fact, he had been an associate of the convicted naked short seller Anthony Elgindy who, in one of the most famous posts on his siliconinvestor.com website, outted Schneider as a paid stock basher, severing their prior relationship at the same time.

Think about it…someone Elgindy (possibly reading this from his prison cell) considered excessively mercenary. Wow.

A more detailed analysis of Schneider’s posting patterns will soon follow, but here’s a quick summary of the companies he has most ferociously attacked in recent years:

  • Xybernaut
  • Matrixx Initiatives
  • Overstock.com
  • Novastar Financial
  • Escala Group
  • Cenuco
  • Hythiam
  • Lucent Technologies

What do each of these companies have in common? They’re all targets of the illegal market manipulation technique known as strategic failure to deliver, as manifest by their presence on the so-called Reg SHO Securities Threshold List, indicating chronic failed trades of a company’s stock.

To better understand that issue, watch this presentation.

  1. I admire you for your diligence. These crooks, and I do mean crooks should be brought to justice with the full extent of the law. The problem though is that the Government agencies that should be patroling these criminals are asleep at the wheel, just as they have allowed the home loan problems to mount. There are several Small and micro cap companies that never stand a chance against these preditory naked short, hedge funds. And there are many quality companies with very important products that can assist mankind that will be squashed because of the practices of these criminals. Keep up the great work, and lets take our investments back.
    God Bless

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  3. I’ve been watching the reports over the past, and the US (economically speaking) is completely tanking. But why does the value of the US dollar always rise?

    I thought that when the Fed printed more money, that would devalue the US dollar, causing it to drop.

    The only way that I can comprehend of is that perhaps other countries are devaluing their own currency so as not to kill their exports to the USA? (I got the that listening to a national debate on Canadian tv)

    Any opinions?

  4. I’ve been watching the groanings over the past, and the US economy is fully tanking. But why can the value of the US dollar continually rise?

    I (or at least my understanding ) is that when the Fed printed more money, that would devalue the US dollar, causing it to crash and burn.

    The only circumstance that I can think of of is that possibly other countries are devaluing their own currency so as not to kill their exports to the USA? (I got the idea listening to a national debate on Canadian tv)

    Any opinions?

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