Interview with Doug Fabrizio of Utah PBS Station KUED

Doug Fabrizio of Utah’s KUER and KUED (our local NPR and PBS affiliates) did radio and TV interviews with me this last month. We had never met before, and he clearly spent time researching and preparing for our meetings. As a result, he asked intelligent questions and we had, I think, two good discussions on everything from Warren Buffett to development economics & Worldstock, school vouchers, Wall Street’s financial corruption, Catholicism, Zen, Daoism, Mormonism, and the new bigotry.

Here is the TV interview:

The link to the radio interview is in the post below.

Compare these to the puerile half-truth-loaded bickerings of CNBC and that ilk. It was great to deal, at last, with a journalist who is able to do his own research, think independently, and is unafraid of stepping away from the conformism that has turned financial journalism into little more than an ongoing cover-up.


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