Because our financial markets are so large and complex, and our financial markets regulator so captured and inept...we, the investigative bloggers, are stepping in...
Judd Bagley
3 min read

I’ve astounded even myself!

Last week, I dared to predict the number of then unreleased delivery failures in shares of Sears Holdings. The numbers are out...
Judd Bagley
1 min read

Cataloging Sears stock manipulation

Most of the examinations of stock manipulation published here on take place after the fact, the damage being done. However, we've became aware...
Judd Bagley
2 min read

Prepare to be astounded

I believe I can predict to within a few percentage points how many shares of SHLD failed to deliver during the second half of...
Judd Bagley
49 sec read

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At the time much of the content on was written, the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 was either on the verge of happening or had just occurred. In those days, emotions among this publication’s contributors were raw and, in an effort to get their warnings noticed and appropriate blame placed, occasionally hyperbolic language and shocking imagery were employed. Were we to write these entries today, a different tone would most certainly prevail.

Yet, being a record of a pivotal time in our global economic history, we’ve decided to leave the rawness unedited, with the proviso that readers take the context of the creation of certain posts into account, and that those easily offended re-consider the decision to read them.