“Social media” refers to the portion of the internet generated by and for the masses: typically blogs, wikis and message boards.

The strength of social media: anybody can contribute.

The weakness of social media: anybody can contribute. There’s no mechanism to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Stock manipulators take advantage of this by using social media as a tool of disinformation. The posts you’ll read in this section seek to expose these miscreants’ attempts to mislead investors, regulators, and members of the traditional media.

The Hijacking of Social Media

Yet another naked shorting disinformation campaign laid bare

Former business journalist Gary Weiss, who seeks to cover-up the threat and impact of market manipulation via illegal naked short selling, has made Wikipedia a major point of focus.
Judd Bagley
7 min read

Sam Antar: PS And is that Mr. Goniff?

My dear Sam, Of course, you are always welcome to participate. Regarding my introduction to your questions… How do you like to be introduced? “Felon”? “Crook”? Or “Goniff”?
Patrick Byrne
1 min read

“Do I Live in a Synthetic Reality?” Do-It-Yourself Home Test

“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth.” – Morpheus to Neo, The Matrix It is the mission of DeepCapture to show you, dear...
Patrick Byrne
38 min read

Lecture on abuse of social media by stock manipulators

I recently lectured business students at the University of Texas, on the topic of abuse of social media by stock manipulators. I’ve merged the recording of the lecture with my slide presentation and converted...
Judd Bagley
12 sec read