103 Stories by Judd Bagley

Wikipedia’s Jimbo Wales unimpressed by Gary Weiss and his lies

It’s easy to see why Gary Weiss was the logical choice when proponents of illegal naked short selling sought a resolute apologist for their...
9 4 min read

Gary Weiss earns an F

Those who claim I was painting a larger conspiratorial picture are – not coincidentally – directly tied to a certain hedge fund manager or...
14 3 min read

The stories behind the Rocker and Gradient lawsuit story

Today, short-selling hedge fund Rocker Partners paid Overstock.com $5-million to settle the lawsuit filed against them in August of 2005. Rocker Partners also entirely...
338 28 sec read

SAC Capital linked to insider trading? Who knew!

As you encounter conversations on this topic in the days to come, it is a good opportunity to point out that Deep Capture published...
14 20 sec read

SEC brings another case against naked short sellers

Far from over, for Rhino Trading founder Damon Rein, the party is only mildly dampened.
11 2 min read

Congress prepares to bypass impotent SEC

YOU need to contact your US senators, encouraging them to co-sponsor Senate Bill 605.
85 42 sec read

Three short hours inside the SEC

And so it was with today's second and concluding session of the SEC's roundtable on securities lending and short selling: I expected the absolute...
22 4 min read

Eight long hours inside the SEC

(Washington, DC) The SEC's roundtable on securities lending and short selling got started today, and Deep Capture was there.
39 2 min read

The history of short-side stock manipulation

I need some input on the book I’m writing (more information on that here). I’m looking for the best, most colorful examples of post-1934...
56 58 sec read

A sweet tweet you might have missed

It's recently come to our attention that some of you are not taking full advantage of the Deep Capture Twitter feed. If not, then...
10 1 min read

Message from DeepCapture.com

At the time much of the content on DeepCapture.com was written, the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 was either on the verge of happening or had just occurred. In those days, emotions among this publication’s contributors were raw and, in an effort to get their warnings noticed and appropriate blame placed, occasionally hyperbolic language and shocking imagery were employed.

Were we to write these entries today, a different tone would most certainly prevail.

Yet, being a record of a pivotal time in our global economic history, we’ve decided to leave the rawness unedited, with the proviso that readers take the context of the creation of certain posts into account, and that those easily offended re-consider the decision to read them.