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Because our financial markets are so large and complex, and our financial markets regulator so captured and inept...we, the investigative bloggers, are stepping in...
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Evidence of murder at 383 Madison Ave.

Nearly one year after its original date of publication, my video, "Hedge funds and the global economic meltdown" has finally received its first bit...
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The future looks bright in Fresno

This short video clip was shot in a business class at CSU Fresno, where the basics of naked short selling were being taught. The...
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I’ve astounded even myself!

Last week, I dared to predict the number of then unreleased delivery failures in shares of Sears Holdings. The numbers are out...
44 1 min read

Cataloging Sears stock manipulation

Most of the examinations of stock manipulation published here on deepcapture.com take place after the fact, the damage being done. However, we've became aware...
16 2 min read

Prepare to be astounded

I believe I can predict to within a few percentage points how many shares of SHLD failed to deliver during the second half of...
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Podcast: Barry Ritholtz and a tale of two media

And just when I thought things couldn't get any more ridiculous, Barry Ritholtz showed up.
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Yet another naked shorting disinformation campaign laid bare

Former business journalist Gary Weiss, who seeks to cover-up the threat and impact of market manipulation via illegal naked short selling, has made Wikipedia...
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Steve Cohen, the anti-Midas

This brings us to another interesting phenomenon: the startlingly high mortality rate of SAC-sponsored spin-off hedge funds.
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Hedge funds scurry to sever ties with SAC Capital

Hedge funds Third Point and Kynikos will find it quite impossible to delete all their correspondence with SAC, as DeepCapture.com possesses several of them...
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