Memo to Woke Flag Officers of DOD: Re-Read AR 600-20

1–6. Command

a. Privilege to command. Command is exercised by virtue of office and the special assignment of members of the Armed Forces of the United States holding military grade who are eligible to exercise command. A commander is, therefore, a commissioned or warrant officer (WO) who, by virtue of grade and assignment, exercises primary command authority over a military organization or a prescribed territorial area that is recognized as a “command” under pertinent official directives….

b. Elements of command. The key elements of command are authority and responsibility….

4. To take all necessary and proper measures, under the laws, regulations, and customs of the Army, to promote and safeguard the morale, the physical well-being, and the general welfare of the officers and enlisted persons under their command or charge.

US AR 600-20

Recently data from Defense Medical Epidemiological Database (DMED) leaked and shows how abysmally you have failed your responsibility to look out for the welfare of the persons in your command. All the information you needed to make better decisions was available to you but you went along anyway, you woke pussies. When all of this is over no one will be working harder for peaceful reconciliation and forgiveness and moving on than I will be, except towards you flag officers. There exists a Uniform Code of Military Justice to govern your behavior, and your colossal failure to look after the welfare of persons under your command will be judged by the graphs herein. I note that immediately after the leak of this data someone began going through the DMED database from which it came and began cooking numbers, but that has tricked no one who follows this issue, and people who have gone further back in the numbers are finding that yes, the original claims of increases of as high as 10X are sustained when we compare 2021 with highest previous maxima.

After the whistleblower came forward with the data displayed on the left hand graphs, within hours the DOD “discovered” glitches in previous years’ data that reduced some (but not all) of the increases. However, once one starts cooking the books of any operation, other things stop ticking-and-tying, and it appears that those who have checked into it say that going back more than five years where they have not rooked the books, one finds that these tremendous increases shown on the left are in fact real.

To the men and women of the DoD, my heartfelt condolences. You must look at these graphs and feel betrayed by your commanding officers. I am sorry. Please hang in there. America will make it up to you someday.

To federal employees of Other Government Agencies: My condolences to you as a well. You will feel betrayed too, because these numbers apply to you as well. And I know anyone paying attention can see what is happening to public health in a way that cannot be hidden by cooking numbers in a database. Please do not get angry, but remember that your SES put you in this situation. I do not feel they have looked out for your best interests. Their obligation to do so may not be as complete as a military commander’s, but still. I respectfully suggest you remember to consider and think about how far you will take the orders of men and women who have failed you in this way: remember to ask if they are Constitutional and lawful.

Me? As a point of humor and metaphor only, I confess that for reasons that escape me I am put in mind of that most brilliant of all of Hannibal Lecter’s moments.


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  1. Needs proofing and correcting ASAP before sharing
    This is not VAERS it’s DMED
    s10x is not a number, etc
    Stop the movie scene when he pushes him off…more effective for wider audience

  2. May god help us all! I hope I live to see these people held accountable!

    I’m so thankful my husband and I had the foresight not to get these vaccines and even more importantly did not allow them to be given to our children!

    We were fortunate not to be in a position where our livelihoods depended on it. My heart aches for all those who put their trust in these people or felt like they had no choice.

    Please continue to fight the good fight, for only the truth shall set us free!

  3. OMG, do you believe (and repost) everything you read, with no attempt at fact-checking or looking at alternative explanations? I understand a lot of your fans do, but I honestly expected more responsible curating from you, since you know how gullible and selective they are at wholesale accepting any claims that fit their world view.

    And even if there is some slight increase in morbidity and mortality from the vaccine, the ONLY relevant comparator is not the previous year’s date, it’s what would happen to a matched control group if they did NOT GET VACCINATED. How can a guy with your education not understand this?

  4. @Roberg Thats right! A 2500% increase over the previous year is really statistically insignificant. The fact that the data was manipulated the day after it was exposed isn’t troubling either. It certainly doesn’t mean someone was trying to hide anything. Of course I don’t know what else it could mean… Obviously you’ve received more than your allotment of Biden Crack Pipes…

    1. Whenever you see a massive anomaly like this, the first thing you do is check the data, to make sure there isn’t an error, or a change in collecting or reporting methods. Patrick knows this perfectly well, but because he’s on a crusade or maybe prepping for a run at office or has some other agenda, or just likes the attention, he’s choosing to avoid the obvious, prudent, responsible course, and go for the sensational headline

      1. On further consideration: you know, Patrick, if you’re going to repost controversial information that could affect the health and health choices of thousands, maybe even millions of people, and have no medical or health expertise yourself, and are a proven non fact checker – you didn’t even click the link in that Emma article where she showed where she got the stats on 1/3 of Republicans thinking the election was stolen, and instead made your own rushed and faulty calculation that you thought might prove her wrong – surely it behooves you not to go just on gut instinct and your sense of your own infallibility, and instead get somebody with actual expertise to vet what you are posting.

        I even imagine your guru might agree with me, about the importance of objective, independent validation.

      1. Do you know why Trump flip-flopped on his initial support of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine?
        Because Putin told him he wasn’t doing it to look for evidence of corruption involving the Bidens.

    2. One of my friends was crippled for 2 days after second jab.Another in hospital on Dialysis after jab.
      Glad I didn’t get the jab so I could avoid these “coincidences” and “anecdotal” problems.

      1. Sorry, at first I thought this was for Gunther, but I guess it was for me.

        Do I have a life? LOL One of the big disadvantages I have here is that I have a full time job, so I don’t have time to research and debunk ALL the bogus election claims or COVID misinformation that finds its way here. There is so much more I could be doing!

        Still, I am providing a public service. Some of the people inside this bubble need to know that outside their closed information exchange, most of the US (and most of the world) disagrees with them about COVID, the legitimacy of the American election, and probably a lot of other topics, and for pretty well every shocking and outrageous item that is circulated here, there is a clear and rational rebuttal, that of course is usually dismissed out of hand because it doesn’t fit the approved script.

        Still, there is slow progress. Patrick, for example now seems to have opened his eyes when it comes to Powell and Wood, two people he was perhaps initially taken in by, and hopefully nobody still thinks Trump will be restored to power before the next election in a Jesus-like second coming, as apparently many were convinced would happen last year (were you?). (I don’t claim any credit for these small changes)

        Although I am not American, what happens in the USA affects all of us, so I have taken on a modest mission of trying to make sure people in that country hear both sides of the story. My expectation is that if I continue in my determined and civil way to to be a bit of a contrarian in this space, at least some people will listen and consider. And hopefully, at least, the rest won’t be scared enough of different opinions, to try to shut me down.


        1. Dear Robert ….. I can actually do the many things I have to do AND independently evaluate for myself the barrage of info coming at me from ALL sides. THAT IS THE TERRIBLE MAGNIFICANCE OF the DIGITAL REALITY. The truth WILL SET US FREE, but It tales REAL EFFORT TO SORT THE SHIT OUT. How many would rather just believe CNN?

          1. Hi, Gunther, I was surprised you didn’t say Fox, but in any event, although I am left leaning, I am not a fan of CNN either.

            I wish everybody would be like you and “independently evaluate” the barrage, but unfortunately the other side of the “digital reality” is that a lot of people are only getting news and opinions they already agree with, and if they do rarely hear a different opinion, they automatically assume it’s wrong.

            Did you notice Deadheded, above, telling me “no one believes anything you say”? Why not? What if I’m actually correct? Doesn’t matter – they only believe stuff that fits with what they already believe.

            Still, I will continue to try to bring balance to the force. It’s a thankless task, I know.

  5. HONK! HONK!

    I usually hate to post anything from censortube,but in this case I want to send some goodwill to the heroic truckers and their supporters with some Honka,Honka,Honky Love by Honky Tonk Man 🙂

    Suddenly I had this vision of someone blasting this song outside the Trudeau residence 24/7. LOL

  6. TruthFreedomPeace Platform:

    Imagine there was someone running for President and Congress in your state that supported the following policy platform:

    1)Adopting an accurate,fair and transparent voting system, one where any citizen can verify their vote was counted accurately.

    2)Replacing the income tax with Fair Tax or National Sales Tax or nothing

    3)Securing the border,(Land,Air,Sea)

    4)Ending the phony war on drugs, which currently causes more crime,death,murder,gang violence,incarcerations,enriching criminals while millions of people still use illegal drugs anyway.

    5)Support IMMEDIATE pardons for Julian Assange,Edward Snowden and non-violent Vaccine mandate protesters and election fraud protesters & other

    6)Making generic drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine available over the counter without prescription.

    7)NO vaccine mandates

    8)Sound money $ .

    9) Request that all people in all states hold a vote regarding the issue of abortion.

    Remind everyone that many people object to abortion because a fetus is a human being and they object to them being killed in the womb for the same reason they object to that same human being being killed after they are delivered from their mother’s womb.
    Ask everyone to please stop killing innocent human beings in the womb.

    10)A new foreign policy where rather than military occupation in foreign lands, We The People worldwide unite behind and promote the principles of truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule and focus on winning hearts and minds.
    A worldwide effort to voluntarily help others in the hope that it will win over more people to these principles.

    Would you vote for such a person?I am not running for any office.

    The point is, achieving real change will probably require that people start making demands for the support of a list of policies that ANY POLITICIAN INCLUDING TRUMP need to endorse and publicly advocate for in order to earn the vote of the people,IMO.

    Please let any candidate that you are considering supporting know what policies are important to you and demand specifics for them to earn your vote.

    And of course it would also require making sure elected officials back up words with action after stating support for certain policies.

    This is why I believe supporting , promoting and rallying behind a platform of policies is MUCH more important right now than promoting individual politicians and their vague claims of “vote for me and I’ll make things better”.

    I would support an individual politician when they endorse and publicly advocate for a platform similar to the one above.

    Keep in mind that a platform like this could even become popular in countries worldwide because of the internet and I believe that many people throughout the world would support a platform like this.

    The keyboard is mightier than the sword.

    Below is the link to share this platform,if you agree.Thank You.

    1. OMG that video is awful. I don’t know who the first speaker is, but she is clueless. She thinks vaccines cause COVID, and not the virus. Never mind that the epidemic started way before the vaccine, which, I might add, was developed during Trump’s administration, and which Trump recommends that you get. The death rate from COVID has plummeted as the population has gotten vaccinated. The number of COVID cases went up with Omicron and the death rate was way lower than with Delta, mostly because the majority of people were vaccinated. How many of you know someone who got smallpox? It’s gone extinct due to vaccines. When was the last diphtheria epidemic? It used to kill whole families of children. But, vaccines. Know anybody in an “iron lung” or wheel chair due to polio? If you do they must be 70 or older, because after that we had a vaccine.

      And a gymnast developed an eating disorder? Like, when is that news? I’m sorry for her and her family but it has nothing to do with vaccines. The Gardasil vaccine is already starting to wipe out cervical cancer, one of the more important early killers of women.

      And does Patrick, whose own life has been saved repeatedly by high tech medicine, actually believe all the shit that lady was spewing?

      But never mind all of that. When I realized it was an 11 hour video, I jumped ahead to Patrick’s speech, and it was all over the place.

      If Buffett is the smartest guy ever, isn’t it maybe important to look at those “policy differences” he has with “us” ie. the people Patrick is addressing? Not just wave them off?

      And yeah, the rich are going to have to bail us out, because too much has been promised to the rest of us in terms of social security benefits, that aren’t properly funded.

      But wait – how did they get so rich in the first place? Did you know that one of the largest financial crimes in America is wage theft? That’s one way they get rich. Or what about repeatedly screwing contractors, which Patrick tells us is part of Trump’s standard business modus operandi? That helps, too. And what about stock market and banking fraud? Patrick spent the 2000s fighting that – but now he seems to have forgotten that these noble rich people who are going to have to rescue us from the failed social safety net, are the ones who broke entrepreneurs and ordinary investors by stealing their ROE in the first place, or colluding in the theft. And how did we get to where wages are low, housing and rents are skyrocketing, and people in mobile housing are suffering the scourge of predatory loans by companies like Clayton, owned by – wait for it – Warren Buffett? Was it “liberals”? Or because the rich have basically preyed on the rest of the public forever?

      And the Milgram experiments? As far as I can tell, Patrick added that to his talk just to flatter the audience into believing they are the 32% who wouldn’t hurt anybody, or submit to authority. To my knowledge, Milgram didn’t look at whether more liberal or conservative people were more likely to submit to authority in his experiment, so there’s no reason to assume that the attendees at this event would have been the good guys in that laboratory. However other research has suggested that conservatives do tend to be more conformist and deferential to authority than liberals, or more likely to support authority-based entities like the police and military, and Patrick himself said he was always an admirer of the military, which is a totally do-as-your told-and-don’t-ask-questions organization. And Trump’s whole shtick is authoritarianism.

      Yet Patrick seemed totally unaware of the contradictions in his own presentation.

      Not impressed.

      1. And then Patrick goes on to give a heartfelt and completely undeservedly glowing introduction to accused fraudster Terpsichore “Tore” Maras-Lindemann, who, according to North Dakota courts, bilked GoFundMe donors out of money for a promised Christmas charity concert in Minot, North Dakota in 2017 and spent the money on herself, falsely claimed the Bank of North Dakota was sponsoring the event and used their logo without permission, has falsely claimed to be a medical doctor, running a medical laboratory, claimed to be a 22 year naval intelligence veteran when she actually served less than a year, and was supposed to be a secret star witness for Sydney Powell’s “Kraken” revelations. Now that Patrick seems to have woken up to Powell being a grifter, surely he can’t take Tore too seriously? But nope – there he is telling the crowd what a spectacular person she is.

        I honestly don’t understand what is going on with him. Contains a copy of the fraud findings against Tore in North Dakota in 2017

  7. “The death rate from COVID has plummeted as the population has gotten vaccinated. The number of COVID cases went up with Omicron and the death rate was way lower than with Delta, mostly because the majority of people were vaccinated”

    Please tell me you’re trolling
    1) The COVID “death count” has been a joke (and heavily politicized) since the CDC allowed “probable” deaths to count and hospitals were given financial incentives for high death counts….SINCE the beginning (March 2020).
    2) Do you know how viruses mutate and tend to get weaker (but easier to transmit) over time, right? Yet you make that asinine statement as if jabs are solely responsible for Omicron’s lower death rates. Didn’t you read about the typical symptoms (mild) in S. Africa once it was discovered? And you question Patick’s reasoning ability? No wonder you like and believe “fact checkers.” You’ll fall for sophists in a heartbeat.
    3) What about the sudden increase in non-COVID deaths that insurance companies and others have discovered in recent months. Could they maybe due to….you know what? Oh wait, doesn’t fit the narrative! Scratch the Occam’s Razor solution!

      1. Feb. 24 Wall Street Journal. Shouldn’t be hard to find. And it doesn’t support the narrative that these are still COVID deaths, which should be greatly decreased if that jab worked so well.

        1. It actually was hard to find as it was first published earlier than Feb 24. I don’t subscribe so I can’t read the full text, but from similar articles I learned that the surge started in May 2020, so I think we can all agree it wasn’t due to the vaccine, at lest in 2020, as hardly any Americans started to get vaccinated until 2021. And you are correct about the COVID death rate – what I should have said is that the death rate in active cases is coming down.

          This site shows how much more protected you are (from COVID) if you are vaccinated:
 – that means that many of the excess deaths in 2021 are COVID deaths, mostly among the unvaccinated.

          If, as you say there’s some other cause than COVID that contributed to the surge in deaths starting in May 2020, what do you think it is? There are a few possibilities – deaths actually due to COVID that wasn’t recognized, deaths due to other diseases aggravated by COVID, deaths due to inability to access heath care because so many people sick with COVID were taking up health care resources, deaths due to some hidden unrelated cause(s), and finally, deaths due to lockdown measures. The last one is a valid concern, of course, but we don’t know how big a portion that represents.

  8. RoberG, the more you type, the more rope you offer for your own noose (figuratively speaking, of course). It’s hard to believe someone could be so programmed, but here we are.

    1. I’ve noticed that a lot of people here tell me I’m wrong, but don’t seem to back it up with any solid evidence. Certainly these reports, which were the first to come up in a google search, suggest a surge in deaths started in 2020, which would correlate with the COVID virus itself, not the vaccine

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