Ivermectin vs. Japan’s Pandemic

Ivermectin works. They have known it works for well over a year. 200 members of Congress have been taking Ivermectin. But the hoi polloi is not allowed to have it. In some states, doctors lose their licenses for prescribing it.

Since when have the authorities had such strong beliefs about an individual medicine?

A glitch in the Matrix?
  1. Patrick-san, Konnichiwa
    I’m Japanese, and from my deep heart do not like the leftist woke shxx and police state.
    Well then about your analysis, what I have heard is that Japan’s government official and Merc are not so willing to use the Ivermectin, the former is controlled by CDC gangs Japanese agents and the latter is now preparing the almost same new drug priced high with another name, so there have been not much stock of Ivermectin in Japan to give it to patients all over the country. There are many stories why the infection was so drastically put off. Some doctors of immunology say that it is possibly because certain amount of people got Covid and the social immunity was achieved.
    I recommend you to contact and interview some doctors in Japan about this issue. …yet, actually doctors are tweeting that they can not say anything against official story of “Pandemic” and “miracle” mRNA vaccines due to the pressure from the above. Sorry for becoming too long. Sincerelly,

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