Crossing the Streams

Allons enfants de la patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrivé!

The stirring opening of the French National Anthem (1792) comes to mind this morning: “Arise, children of the nation, the day of glory is at hand!” Setting aside its call to “drench the land in impure blood”, it seems germane to this moment. That is because I am setting aside my previous calls for patience and belief in our overtime strategy of “four-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust” to get into their end-zone by November 2022. Instead, I am informing you that there is a 30 yard pass being executed in one week that could score and win the game, and we need your help: the time you can make a difference has arrived.

There is a lawsuit being drafted by Kurt Olsen to be filed with the US Supreme Court on the morning of November 23 (Tuesday before Thanksgiving Thursday, nine days from now). It is encyclopedia, definitive, and includes far more material than has ever been made public. What was filed last December was the result of three weeks’ rushed investigation: what is being prepared now is the result of a year’s worth of investigation, and invokes a novel Constitutional argument that I for one find conclusive.

We want Attorneys General to sign it. There are 26 states with Republican Attorneys General.

Alaska * Alabama * Arizona * Arkansas * Florida * Georgia * Idaho * Indiana * Kansas * Kentucky * Louisiana * Mississippi * Missouri * Montana * Nebraska * New Hampshire * North Dakota * Ohio * Oklahoma * South Carolina * South Dakota * Tennessee * Texas * Utah * Wyoming * West Virginia


Next week Kurt Olsen, Mike Lindell,* a quant, and a white hat hacker of my acquaintance, are all making the rounds among these AG’s, walking them through the case and asking them to sign up for their states. Thus it is the states which are the litigants in this Supreme Court filing, but unlike the last time this was attempted (last December), this time we have the information that SCOTUS cannot turn away.

Your mission for the next 9 days is to encourage (PEACEABLY!) these 26 Republican Attorney’s General to review and sign up with the lawsuit that Kurt Olsen is bringing them. That’s it.

For a year I have been hearing from Americans griping, “But how do we push back?!?! How do we fight this?!?!” I have been counseling restraint, but I am counseling (PEACEFUL!) action, at last. If you live in one of those states or can get to one, you want to be sure that the Attorney General of that state knows that you think he or she should review the lawsuit that is being filed in SCOTUS on November 23, and join it on behalf of the citizens of the state that elected him. And yes, this suit is a winner.

You wanted a chance to do something, this is it. Get the 26 Republican Attorneys General to sign on. There will be opportunity for peaceful assembly to petition your government for redress of greivance… simply by signing on.

The last time I felt this good, it was about 6 PM on the night of January 5. We had a plan for the following day, January 6: General Flynn was going to speak about history and the Constitution, two scientists were going to explain to the public, the citizens, the world, and the Senate, why we knew the election was rigged, and I was going to speak about the need for peace in our assembly (having published “Jerry Garcia on Confrontation & the Main Asshole” that afternoon, and planning on telling the Moldovan story from the stage). Then the Senate would have met, and at least 12 US Senators were going to object to the electoral votes being recognized from half-a-dozen states, and Mike Pence was going to bang the gavel and suspend the meeting for one week to give the states time to have hearings, consider all evidence they wanted to, and recommit their electoral votes.

At 6 PM Eastern on the evening of January 5th, that was our state of knowledge. And I will maaintain until my dying day that the plan had a 50-50 chance of working, maybe better… until people stormed the Capitol.

And yes, every time I mention that people respond in comments, But it wasn’t us on January 6! Or it was us but we got played! We got suckered into it! To which I respond: that’s right. You got suckered. Don’t be suckers. MAGA cannot afford to have suckers on our side.

So in the coming nine days, when we rally to request of these 26 AG’s that they do their job, defend the interests of their citizens, the rule of law and the US Constitution, by signing up with this lawsuit, do not get suckered again. Antifa is going to show up in two ways:

  1. They are going to be dressed in black and try to antagonize you into fighting them on camera;
  2. They are going to be dressed in MAGA gear and try to encourage you to throw rocks, bricks, break windows, and storm government buildings.

Get it? Don’t be a sucker. Don’t fall for #2 (like you did January 6).

If you do not, I think we are going to win this. I think a lot of AG’s have had their fill of the Biden Regime, will appreciate the logic of this case, and after examining the evidence, will sign. I understand that my hacker friend has already left a couple Attorneys General dumbstruck by opening meetings with them reading them all their passwords and the passwords to their election systems. That tends to get their attention.

Everywhere I go people ask, “But what can I do?!?!” Now you know. It is concrete, vital, and here. This coming week. Get behind efforts to get those 26 Attorney’s General to sign this lawsuit.


*_Some day in the years ahead Lindell and I will be seated in front of attorneys, prosecutors, whatever, and they will want to question us for hours about our coordination this year. I will save everybody a bunch of time: Lindell and I know a lot of the same people, work with and through them, but our coordination is that sometime about 6 months ago we passed each other in a hallway at a conference.

Lindell said: “Hey Pat. So you’re gonna be the ground game, I’m the air game?”

I replied: “Yeah sounds right Mike.”

Behold, that was the sum total of “coordination” between Lindell and me. We’ve cross paths a few times since then, calibrated for 30 seconds, and moved on. It’s a beautiful relationship, that takes so little tending to be so productive.

Yet as I said, we know some of the same people, and keep track of each other’s moves through them. We met yesterday, and agreed it is time to “cross the streams“. You great citizens have your moment this coming week: those 26 State Attorneys General should be hearing from Mike Lindell, they should take the meetings, review this case, and sign up for it.

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    1. Ther is no petition. Our job is to contact your States Attorney General and encourage him/her to stand up for your rights as a citizen of your state. I’m sure you can email or call they’re office.

    2. There is a petition on Frank Speech that you can sign, letting the supreme court know that you insist they take the case

  1. We had a first amendment right to be at the capitol. We also had an obligation to voice our opinion. it probably is helping because it highlights the abuse that these people are inflicting on us. Maybe you are right and that if we were not there you would have succeeded. I think the dems plan was already in and pence is a traitor. We have the same vector. Vietnam vets were spit on and called baby killers because they fought for their country. Rittenhouse is called a misguided individual because he wanted to help his community.
    And Patrick, Thank you for fighting the good fight. Your not perfect but your pretty dam good. hmmm, if I left an ‘o’ out of good maybe you would be perfect.

    1. notify. look into local rlli8es. they are springing up organically. Follow Tore Says + on Telegraam where there are rooms that work this out state by state.

  2. I love that you guys are going to be able to present this to the Supreme Court!!
    I am from Ohio and am certainly hoping that AG Yost is signing on.
    I do believe that you all have conjoined in bringing the best evidence to date regarding the 2020 Presidential Election. I also believe that nothing else matters until that which was stolen from The People is returned.
    And, I am truly grateful for all of your hard work and persistence in getting the truthful facts of what happened and how it happened to the forefront.
    However, I have only one concern. I remember when Texas and the other states presented their lawsuits earlier to the Supreme Court, they were denied. The Justices said that the states lacked standing. And the only way that they would have standing is that the states’ legislatures would have to bring the lawsuits, as they were the only ones who would have standing.
    Please tell me that the states’ Attorney Generals would have the necessary standing to bring this lawsuit or do we have to wait for the Supreme Court to rule on that again?
    I am on pins and needles until this wrong is righted and believe that you guys have the goods to prove it!
    This patriot gal stands behind you 1000%! Go get ’em! WWG1WGA

    1. Can we expand with other petitions? Also can we include democrats? I know it would be hard but
      just one democrat could make a difference. I would like to overwhelm.

    2. Hi, would like help in understanding why you feel State AGs lack standing but State Legislatures do ? Is this from yhe SCOTUS ruling on the same matter ? Or established SCOTUS thinking ? Or a fundamental tenet of our Constitution in the domain of Federal vs State power ?

      Any thoughts welcome,

  3. How to contact the AG’s:
    Click on the links Patrick gave us to each Republican AG. Each person has a website that has contact information. Come on, these people get tons of petitions…call them, email them, mail them. Leave messages with their staff. Insist they take a look at Lindell’s case and support it.

    1. 1. Ther is NO petition.
      2. Read the article.
      3 unless you’re an attorney and understand league ease there is no point in reading the case.
      4.Mike and Patrick have been fighting, and funding I might add, for us this whole time!! The least we can do is CONTACT YOUR STATES AG AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO SIGN ON TO THE LAWSUIT THAT MIKE WILL BE BRINGING TO THEM.
      5. Thank you for your time. 🙂

      1. that is complete BS, everyone should read the case. You don’t have to be a lawyer to understand the law. It is you BAR members that have been lying to us for years. You BAR members don’t even deal with the REAL law and all you do is make more conflict to get more billable hours in court. We the PEOPLE are not persons or personnel.
        “The word “person” includes individuals, children, firms, associations, joint adventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business trusts, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations, and all other groups or combinations.”

        The Bar members fool you into thinking our courts have jurisdiction over us, or that our Governors have power over us. They do not and if you know how to use our 51 constitutions properly you can win.

  4. It appears not many AG’s offer their email address, you have to send it to staff or by snail mail. I’ll keep searching for the best method.

    1. Sometimes snailmail is better! Especially when they LOTS of letters! We mailed our AG (Ks) and when we sent them, they were in RED envelopes! Our Representatives all knew about the “RED ENVELOPES”. It worked well!

  5. I’m guessing that Lindell’s team has already contacted each of these AG’s. It’s now up to us to contact them and respectfully encourage them to sign on.

  6. What about Virginia? . We have a Republican AG to be inaugurated in January. We showed the world that we have had enough, and flipped blue Virginia RED! ! The terrible DEms are in power until that time. Mark Herring, the incumbent, lost. Is it effective to ask the incoming AG to promise support (He attends our church.) , in the event that such a request will fall on deaf ears for the outgoing AG, Herring. Not a chance that Herring will sign on to this–especially now that he lost.

  7. I am over the moon that you are taking this to the Supreme Court!!!
    I am from NY and am wondering what NYers can do, since we do not have a principled AG.
    I believe you are bringing the best evidence to date regarding the 2020 Presidential Election. I also believe that nothing else matters until that which was stolen from The American People is returned.
    I am truly grateful for all of your hard work and persistence getting to the truth of what happened, and how it happened!!!
    Many of us non-lawyers pray that the states’ Attorney Generals have the necessary standing and patriotic strength and fortitude to sign onto this suit to bring it forward for all Americans!
    If the 2016 election wrong is not righted AND the Integrity in our Elections guaranteed, we have lost OUR GREAT COUNTRY.
    I truly believe you have ALL you need and MORE to win this fight and SAVE AMERICA and this patriot stands behind you 1000%!!!🇺🇸 ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙

  8. There is no provision in the constitution for this to have any effect on the past election.If you and Mike Lindell are successful in convincing the supreme court that thee actually was fraud whitch I believe there was would there be another election and would there be another four year term?I dont see the feasability of this whole subject matter because John Roberts has said that he dont want his court to be politicized.

    1. I’ll go one step further. No matter how many state AGs sign onto this, SCOTUS will refuse to hear it. Roberts will refuse. The three liberals will refuse. There’s four right there. Now all Roberts needs is to convince one of Barrett or Kavanaugh to refuse, and he might even get both (IIRC didn’t he get both back in December?), and that’s it. No hearing, no briefing, no argument, no case, the end.

      Even if you clear the long odds of getting the case heard, there is no remedy within SCOTUS’s power to grant, as you have pointed out. Even Byrne has admitted this, by saying that constitutionally, Biden is POTUS and there is no mechanism to reverse that outcome.

      The best you can say for this endeavor is it will leave a historical record for those who come after us as they try to discern what happened in these tumultuous times.

  9. Guide to Peacefully Protesting:

    1) Learn from past mistakes

    2) Always assume the opposite side will use all previous tricks as well as new one

    3) Always stay in large peaceful groups

    4) Always have several people live-streaming to a service that saves your stream indefinitely and allows you to download them – they can be used in court

    5) Report all violations of the law immediately plus record them. NOT prosecuting people who break the law is NOT an option

    6) When recording those breaking the law be sure to get a closeup of face/eyes, as well as top to bottom video – criminals can often can be identified later using public cameras before they mask up.

    7) If you have multiple groups be sure to have at least two people in each group in a live chat so you can stay in touch/co-ordinate

    8) Have lawyers ready to petition police/sheriffs and local judges – does not matter if you get results same day – most of the time legal relief and charges will come later

    In the end don’t play checkers when the other side is playing chess.

    If you cover all your bases, you will always have the other side in Checkmate!

  10. I am a casual reader of Pat Byrne. Everyone is tell me how important this is, yet there is no information on what in the hell you are talking about. Your communication on this issue is abysmal. There is no link anywhere to information about this world shaking lawsuit. Lawsuit about what? What do we get if we win? What compelling arguments am I to present to my state AG?

    Pat posts these videos and assumes everyone is up to speed. He needs to begin every video with a quick summary of what in the hell he is talking about. What is the lawsuit about? Why is it necessary? What is compelling about it? Where can we read it? The comment from Lisa that we do not need to read the lawsuit because we will not understand it is completely ridiculous. If I am going to lobby my AG to sign on, I want to know exactly what I am asking him to commit to.

    Without better clear, crisp communication to people like me who are inclined to support this effort, this is doomed to failure.

    1. Well said, and I completely agree with you. Everyone does this, it’s not just Patrick. I’m sure there are many of us who want to show up and fight alongside you but have minimal time to spend researching/hunting down the info to be able to participate from one or more other websites. A little prewritten paragraph with all the gory details to get me there and prepared would truly be helpful, and my guess is that the effort would quickly reap big benefits.

      I also agree with you re: the need to have access to the pertinent documents. Do not assume I am too dumb to understand anything. We will never tolerate things kept from us again.

  11. I’m in AR and sent an email to our AG Leslie Rutledge asking her to please review and sign up for the lawsuit by Kurt Olsen this week. She replied back immediately and asked what the case is about. Should I simply reply and say “election integrity”?

  12. Right to assemble.—The people shall have the right peaceably to assemble, to instruct their representatives, and to petition for redress of grievances.

    It is our DUTY as one of the People, to instruct or elected and hired SERVANTS on how to conduct the peoples business. We do this using Notices and Affidavits. Just like the one that Sidney delivered to Trump in that late-night Whitehouse meeting Patrick was in.

    I have let the groups across the country know about this and we will be supporting this.

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