Paradigm-Quake Caught on Camera

A screenshot of CentipedeNation (which I recommend to pro-freedom readers) caught the moment. Look at the photo above, left half versus right.

On the right:

In three weeks Ivermectin eradicated Covid-19 in Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state of 250 million hence comparable in population to the USA (See “I’m a Real Doctor not a Medical Doctor” for background);

New Zealand “Covid Zero” policy has finally been renounced by the government in the face of growing popular pushback (the policy has proven muy fascistico and did not stop the current wave).

On the left, Tony Fauci is doubling down. He is not sure if Americans will be able to start gathering by Christmas, and he wants to remind people that, “There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.” That “greater good” being devised and defined by… people like Tony Fauci, who is doubling down on the epidemiological theory that has been surrendered by New Zealand and utterly falsified by Uttar Pradesh. But sure gives a lot of power to people like Tony Fauci.

This only looks like an authoritarian coup: You must go along, because science.

  1. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that what you’re doing isn’t going unrecognized. From just a face in the crowd, but I’ve followed your “exploits” on Wall Street long before you got involved in this stolen election.

    Great work Patrick! We really appreciate you giving your time and money to this cause. Your determination to push that first domino over in AZ should be an example to the world. Lots of people talk a good game, but you clearly put your money on the table. A floodgate has now been opened that wont be able to be closed. Masses of people all over the world are awakening and mobilizing to take back their natural born freedoms. We’re going to win this one. Liberty is not the default position, tyranny is. Liberty must be guarded and fought for at every turn. We’ve stood silent for far too long while the evil spectre of communism has swept through our places of work, our academic institutions, our media, and our very government which is supposed to represent we the people. We will continue to do our part in rooting out this evil to the very last person who would do us harm so that our grandchildren shall grow up with the freedoms bestowed upon them by the grand architect of the universe.
    I leave you with the words of another great patriot, not unlike yourself, whom providence placed on a timeline so he would intersect destiny. “I find money, some way or other, it goes very fast; but I think I can reflect that it has been spent with satisfaction and to my own honor.” …John Hancock
    Great Book “The Deep Rig” I read mine twice (it was a short read) and enjoyed it, then passed it along where I thought it would have the greatest impact.
    Thank you, and Keep up the great work.

  2. A place for those fired by the hospitals to go and work on real science and health care needs to be founded.
    Real professional doctors and nurses doing real research without gag orders or control.

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  7. Patrick, I’m Tom Leiber from Aurora Illinois. Ive watched you since Trump woke up American’s that our Media lies to us.
    I’m a Contractor now for 8 years and was a Mortgage Broker for 20 years up to 2008.
    I’m so proud of you for your work and your caring for Humanity! I have shut down my business after my wife got fired one week after her 30 year record of being a Loyal Employee, she was let go. She received 6 months pay and her 401k Plan all hers. Now we are both unemployed. Here’s are issue. Are whole family is here! We had a second home in the Tampa area 2 years. Illinois politicians have bill right now they are voting to make vaccines mandatory and they can break down your door, and give you the JAB! I’m going on record, filing a police report with both Aurora & Naperville Illinois a criminal complaint against this Tyranny. If you don’t see it, please demand an autopsy on my Body! Thank You for Showing and Proving the Truth! I researched the Patents, I followed the Money. So Many Patriot shows opening for Humanity. For God. Our kids are being brainwashed and adults believing anything from MSM. PERIOD!
    I stand with you now! I’m law suits, I’m filing Criminal Suits with Police videos on my phone, I’m calling for the immediate termination of Biden, and order the USA Patriotic Military to carry out this mission. The people that sacrifice everything for our freedom, our constitution as written, and our Bill of Rights! Period! Thank You Patrick for helping with my evidence to go on record! You are a True Patriot! And Thank all those other Patriots Muffled and Hidden to come forward too. Let them know, without them, we have nothing! The USA is BIGGER than anyone Human Being! The USA effects every country in the World, Period! For the People! We the People Own the USA, not 38 Sark Shadow Globalists. Gates was mentioned directly today! I’m filing a criminal complaint with my local law enforcement tomorrow! I suggest all Americans do the same! Do Not Take a Vaccine Shot! Ever! Stop! Please! Call me anytime at 331-444-7380 24/7 and I will wake up if I can to tell you to run from the shot, and take as many people including strangers with you! They have threatened Doctors, Strangled funding to Hospitals and many idiots are choosing the wrong path. LibTard cities are going to suffer the most losses. I live in Illinois and see it daily. I’m scared and pissed off for the first time in my life, and I know in my heart that’s it’s the right thing to do. That’s it! I’m Tommy, love all of you, and Thanks Patrick! “Your My Boy Blue!”
    The Hammer is coming down! The people have had enough! We the people are fixing this now! Updates tomorrow morning. Help me be able to send these videos and documents. I’m 56 10/23 that morning at 10:39AM.

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  9. Setting aside the “Stakeholders” motives for censorship, propaganda and increasing government authority over the citizens of the world, science tells us that herd immunity will never be reached by Mass Vaccinations.
    Patrick, look to Geert Vanden Bossche the Belgium world renowned virologist and microbiologist who pleaded with the WHO, CDC/FDA, other world health organizations and leading scientists last March ’21 to stop the vaccinations. He put forth what all virology 101 students have known forever, “You don’t mass vaccinate in the middle of a pandemic” especially for a coronavirus. Coronavirus vaccines have all been tried and failed, never getting past animal studies, the animals died.
    He predicted the virus would mutate to a more infectious variant, it did, it’s now called the “delta” variant.
    His remedy is EARLY TREATMENT as also proposed by another world famous virologist, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines from the Salk Institute back in 1987. Both these guys have pushed vaccines for decades, they are not anti-vaxers, just the opposite. They understand what is going on but are now being attacked for speaking out against the pro-vax narrative.

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