Letter to Vax-Hesitant Federals

To watch a video covering this idea, click here: “Behold: A Favor for Federal Employees

Hang on. Help is on the way. There is a hope, a bank-shot, and an opportunity for a bit of elbow grease from some of you.

If all goes according to hope, next week a federal class action lawsuit will be filed against the boss of a federal organization (not the DOD). The plaintiffs will be employees of that federal organization. They will be seeking Temporary Restraining Orders and permanent injunctive relief.

Here is the bankshot: I want to get it multiplied so the Secretary or Chair or Director of every federal organization is finding himself or herself or xirself staring down the barrel of a federal class action suit along with accusations of Nuremberg Code violations.

How do I expect to get it so multiplied? Through the magic of a global grassroots movement known as “Tore Says”.

Many federales likely know who Tore Maras is, but for the newcomers: she runs a podcast that has become a global top 40 political broadcast. In five broadcasts of three hours each per week, Tore discusses events from a perspective that the mainstream would dismiss as “conspiracy minded” (setting aside an ability to predict the future, as she demonstrates by taking clips from shows three years previously and playing them now). She punctuates her chapters with eclectic but tasteful music samplings. Across all channels her daily listeners now number in the low millions. Hundreds of chapters have sprung up where weekly meetings are held in diners, coffee shops, and city parks, for her fans to discuss her broadcasts. Of approximately 600 chapters, 300 are scattered in cities around the US, and 300 are scattered globally (yes, in Hamburg, Germany, yes, there is a coffee shop where once/week a group of people get together to discuss Tore’s last week of broadcasts).

Tore’s main social media is Telegram, where here channel “Tore Says +” has become what Austrian economists call a catallaxy. It is a self-organizing group building itself from the bottom-up.

Most impressively, Tore’s community has demonstrated the ability to do useful work. It was an accidental discovery: Tore was away from home and had a car wreck (or theft?), mentioned it on-air…. and her millions of followers self-organized a new Tesla to appear in her driveway. But it has quickly gotten much bigger.

Imagine a beehive in the center of which is nestled and guarded a queen bee (Tore). Among the chambers of the beehive are the aforementioned geographic chapters. But there are chambers for physicians, and industrial engineers, and a chamber for many dozens of lawyers (who work in law firms which would never handle cases as controversial as these). Like an enormous open-source software project but this one composed of volunteers of all stripes, the energies of this beehive exceed that of all but the largest lawfirms. It asks for a tiny amount of erg out of tens of thousands of people, and they deliver.

Over the last few months, , Tore has been conjuring and plotting with that group, and in the last three weeks it gushed forth:

  • 20 federal lawsuits challenging school mask mandates in 20 federal districts;
  • 48 state Supreme Courts lawsuits challenging vaccine mandates within the state.

These are serious lawsuits drafted by volunteer lawyers contributing time to a virtual law firm shielded within the hive. The canonical suit was drawn up collaboratively by lawyers volunteering from several big firms. Cells holding industrial engineers and physicians and scientists injected the most current scientific research into the cases. The cloning has been done by lawyers/paralegals within the relevant geographic chapters doing the research on varying state constitutional and legislative language necessary to localize the canonical suit. Shielded within the hive and with no more effort than a maestro makes whisking xir’s baton, Tore has built (or more precisely, around Tore has organized) a mass-movement with an open-source sophistication at which I marvel.

For her next feat, Tore will put that apparatus at the service of you vax-hesitant federals. Here is how it is going to work:

  • Early next week a superbly-drafted federal class action lawsuit will be filed on behalf of the employees of and contractors to a particular federal department, agency, or commission (I’m not saying which one, but even a youth would have heard of it).
  • Meanwhile, vax-hesitant federals are going to learn a bit about Tore World:
    • Her podcast (“The Tore Says Show”) can be found on Apple Podcasts here (and elsewhere);
    • Her main Social media channel is Telegram (consider downloading the app): Tore Says + ;
    • Her organizing channel is TTT Roll Call (“TTT” being a reference to “Time Traveling Tore”).
  • In the days ahead you will see created for you federals cells within the beehive that map not to geographic locations, but to your home agencies. You should join. You likely cannot create social media accounts under real names. That is OK. This will still work.
  • That first class federal class action suit delivered early next week will be duplicated within each of the cells (hence why you need to find the one relevant to your home agency).
    • There will be volunteer lawyers working from their cells (along with the engineers and physicians) to take the one class action suit, and localize it to the conditions and perhaps legal situation of each of your home agencies;
    • You vax-hesitant federals will be working to help them (that is where some elbow grease comes in), and also, will consider acting as plaintiffs in the the class actions to be filed. There may be a thousand bucks in court filing fees, but spread across dozens of you that should be manageable.

As far-fetched as this all sounds, I’ve seen it work. I watched Tore conjure this into existence over the last twelve months, and in the last three weeks I saw it generate and file 48 state supreme court cases and 20 federal cases.

The thing about “open-source” is that the crowd does the work. For vax-hesitant federals who want to avoid the clot-shot mandate, this is how you can do it with the fewest ergs of effort. This open-sourced network conjured into existence by Tore can deliver the lawyering, it can research and inject the latest medical, scientific, and legal research, it can do everything…. but be good, strong, smart plaintiffs. It needs a handful of you for that.

Thus, for any federal department, agency, or commission where a good enough handful of federals show up and join Tore World (as I call it), we can probably get the canonical class action lawsuit duplicated and localized within a week (insh’allah). Thus, if that is filed Monday, and if everything then goes smooth like butta, by October 25 there could be a federal class action lawsuit (seeking TRO and permanent injunctive relief) to block the vaccine mandate in your home agency, populated with the most up-to-the-moment scientific and medical research.

It ain’t much. But it’s all I got.

    1. We will uphold the constitution and defend our country until the last breath. We are writing history. Freedom is not free! In honor to all fallen heroes that defended our country overseas, now it is our turn to return the favor. We will fight this war from within with the mighty pen in on hand and the constitution in the other. We got your back! We the people will win this war!

  1. SCOTUS here we come!! Thanks to everyone helping in all the states!! Thank you Tore for being the best teacher and motivator!!! Thank you Patrick for doing all you do as well. God always wins!

  2. This is just what I needed to hear. I am a federal employee and I have a family member who is a federal contractor. I will definitely follow along.

  3. LOVE the collaborative, open-source effort resulting in relief (hopefully) for federal employees. Another area that I really worry about is all the college KIDS being coerced into jabs to set foot in the dorms, go to class, or even be enrolled. We are letting young people be forced to give themselves permanent health issues and not coming to their rescue. They are JUST kids and don’t have the where-with-all to stand up to these strong-armed tactics. Someone with more skills than I from the Tore hive may be able to help save some (though it is already too late for the many who have just given in and had the shot- perhaps help now can prevent boosters!).

  4. Until employers are not allowed to enforce these federal vaccine mandates, we need help with applying for exemptions. Suggestions of any kind are welcome.

  5. Let us at ’em! We have a Federal Employee who filed one of those Federal Law Suits against the mask mandates in school here. I’m sure he will be thrilled to hear this effort too! I will be interested to see if we can use it for our State Employees also! We are living in a lawless world. Tore says we are free on paper…. Let’s go to war with our pens in hand! DO NOT COMPLY! We will fight, and fight, and continue fighting! We have no choice in the matter.

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  8. You are completely insane. Please stop endangering everyone. You tanked overstock with your hair brained wastes of money but this is way more dangerous than anything you did there! Read the science and listen to the experts for once, please.

    1. 10.25.21 Sunday,
      Punky and I thank you for your comment Sian. You’ve done well in revealing what little you know, Young man, Young woman or Young ‘it’. I’m enjoying making this reply to either a troll, a useful idiot, someone who gets paid to surf sites to wreck havoc with b.s.. or am I replying to a bot.. an algorithm of sorts? If you’re human, do the proud bow forward, as you’ve been blessed to be here on this earth at this time to experience all of this! (smile) We’re living through what is probably the most important and revealing time in the history of our planet. Take advantage of this frightening but exciting time by doing yourself the favor of utilizing your own mind, your intuition and your common sense so that you can enjoy this show that they are rolling out before us. Because you’ve got those 3 magical gifts, your mental capacity and fortitude will hand you ‘all the tools’ to weather this tsunami. Then you’ll know what you’re talking about regarding the “science” of the gene therapy that they have mascaraed as a vaccine to make the patented and long planned experimentation seem more palatable for humans to unquestionably accept. Then you won’t have to get another ass kick by another black woman like me. (smile) Do the actual “scientific” research yourself, otherwise it’s just someone else’s story. Have your own story that you acquired thru YOUR own personal efforts & research. The info’s out there in an abundance if you know where to look. Otherwise your wasting your time putting out unnecessary and “empty” lies & insults against this man on his own site.. but then if you hadn’t insulted him, you never would have gotten this great response from me & Punky! (smile) If feelings of “emptiness” is what is encompassing your mind at this time.. that’s something to consider and work on with vengeance. Now is the time to be a powerful survivor not a weak victim. Fill that “emptiness” with the power of LOVE. Only you can do that for yourself. No one else. You’ve got to own it. This is all about your life now and how you are rationally going to be able to deal what’s coming, not just with what’s here now because things are going to get far worse before they get any better. This is a war against us as humans and they’ve come too far now to just throw the gauntlet down as they fall to their knees with tears and an apology. You’ll completely lose your mind if you aren’t ready and prepared for the rest of what they plan to roll out. Focus on maintaining your health and on doing actual research, not Elite conjured up media propaganda. Ever heard of the Tuskegee experiments on black Men for 40 years, where our govt infected the innocent victims with Syphilis, while happily documenting how they suffered and died?? No offense intended.. but you sound new here.. I mean on the planet. In other words, young.. which is a good thing. Punky and I are only telling you all of this for your own good. Now grab that soft warm teddy bear if you need to and toddle on over to your safe space. Then throw that damn teddy down and start doing your own research while you still can. It’s on you to develop the Armour of wisdom & knowledge to withstand this war. Have a great day! (smile) Pam&Punky

  9. We will uphold the constitution and defend our country until the last breath. We are writing history. Freedom is not free! In honor to all fallen heroes that defended our country overseas, now it is our turn to return the favor. We will fight this war from within with the mighty pen in on hand and the constitution in the other. We got your back! We the people will win this war!

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